Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Global Warming Scam: Get Ready, Canada... You Are About To Be Royally Fleeced By The Fraudulent Upcoming Carbon Tax Swindle!

Living in Canada, I am so pissed off these days that most of my fellow Canuckleheads are too brain dead to realize how badly they are about to be fleeced with this upcoming "carbon tax" scam.....I have already written hundreds of articles over the last ten years showing how the entire "Global Warming" pretext is a massive fraud and how our governments are willing to play their own citizens as suckers by imposing fraudulent "carbon taxation" on these gullible idiots.....And now up here in what used to be the "free" nation of Canada, the criminal Trudeau regime is about to force their "carbon tax" on Canadian citizens that will cost each person up to $1000 extra per year in a tax fleecing!

Well, my fellow Canuckleheads, I have the goods on how badly we are about to be fucked by the Trudeau regime with their "carbon tax" fraud and scheme.... For according to the following article that comes from the Financial Post website, at, the news is not good for my fellow Canadians as we are about to be royally screwed by our own government through a new "tax" that will give back absolutely NO benefits to Canadian citizens at all... .Here is the link to that article here:

OK, WHY am I not in the least bit surprised by the facts presented in this article?

I have been saying for YEARS now that this "Carbon Tax" is nothing but a CON, and that any "revenue" generated by this fraudulent "tax" will NOT be going to some type of programs (which do not exist at all) for somehow "saving the planet" from human beings pouring out Carbon Dioxide into our atmosphere... All that this "tax" is for revenue that will go into the general coffers of the criminal Federal government in Ottawa that will disappear into the endless money pit of waste....

And, for fuck sake, WHERE is the outcry from my fellow Canadians in all this????  I have seen so many dumb ass idiot Canuckleheads that are oblivious to the reality that is our world and the troubles that we have, and are instead mesmerized by their smartphones and of course their stupid and idiot "social networks"..... I can only shake my head in disbelief as to how little these idiots know about what is really going on in this country and will sadly just grumble when they are hit by this new and most disgusting "tax".....

The facts are once again that the Trudeau regime is going to get a massive new amount of revenue from this fraud "tax" that will cause so much misery for every Canadian, and I can guarantee they will only use it for wasteful and retarded "projects" that will have no benefit for most Canadians.... And just wait, for this may only be the "initial" stage for this taxation, and what is to stop the Trudeau regime from raising the threshold over the next few years to generate even more revenue?   All they need to do is to state that the "carbon tax" "per tonne" level of taxation is "too low" and has not halted the "Global Warming" problem, and the sucker Canadians out there will stupidly agree to "raise the level" of this tax without any question!

Yes, readers... If I appear to be supremely pissed off by this fraud, you bet!  I am like other Canadians and can ill-afford to be fleeced by an extra $1000 per year in fraudulent taxes!

More to come


Update, August 2nd, 2018:  At least Jim Stone is not fooled by this Carbon Tax fraud at all... Jim in fact sees what I see, in how they will all start with this "small tax amount" and then slowly but surely raise it to an outrageous level that will destroy our lives!  Here is Jim's report from his JimStoneFreelance website at, here for all to see for themselves:

August 2 2018


How does $4,100 a year for an average family in Ontario sound? Sort of like CHA CHING for the globalists.
What was that I heard a while back, about a camel getting it's nose in the tent? Yes, they started out small with a tax that would go un-noticed, and now are making their move - ballooning it into a monster that will fund the world government with a tax that rivals income taxes. That's how the globalists will get the funding they need to slam Western civilization into the sewer. There's little question that the carbon tax is likely funding the third world invasion of Europe.

Folks, the writing is on the wall - They really are pushing a monster in Ontario, and will eventually devastate the world economy with this tax.

They could not push through their own income tax, and found another way to accomplish something that will probably be even worse. Where income taxes generally leave the poor alone, NO ONE will escape the carbon tax, which won't effectively touch the rich AT ALL, but will definitely suck the life of the New World Order straight out of the pockets of the poor.
What else would anyone expect from the billionaires and trillionaires that are pushing this crap? You did not expect them to give, did you?

NTS Notes: I could not agree more with Jim's assertion... And again, if Canadians are really this stupid, then this nation is truly FUCKED!


greencrow said...


I've been saying for years that the "carbon tax" is just an extortion fee charged to nations by the Deep State MIC. My theory is that those white military jets that spread chemtrails...aka coal dust/carbon all over the Western world need to be paid SOMEHOW...and that if nations DON'T pay the extortion fee/carbon tax... then they will be visited upon by extreme weather [droughts, heatwaves and floods] and nasty geological events [like "earthquakes"] which are also black ops like HAARP etc.

I like this theory and I'm sticking to it. It makes more sense than the "official story" of why we need to pay a "carbon tax".

Adrian Chetwynd said...

Why do you still trust Jimmy?

As far as I am aware, he was "taken out" at least a couple of years ago and since then "he" has been spouting Jewish lies and promoting all of the jewish "fear porn" that "he" can lay his hands on...So do you dare you place a bet with me that I'm wrong about him?

And do you believe that NASA has been to the moon because Jimmy does?
I think not, so please wake up.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have my differences with Jim Stone, especially when it comes to his love of Drumpf and his support of the moon landings lie..

However, he is like so many others for he does put out some truth ... It is those truthful comments and articles that I focus on and not Jim Stone's weaknesses.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow, I have been all over the Global Warming bullshit for well over a decade...

The carbon tax fraud is so horrific, and especially since Carbon Dioxide is NOT a so called greenhouse gas but is actually a coolant.... I am of course a man of science and my specialty was in chemistry... Carbon Dioxide does not absorb heat in the infrared spectrum of light which is a requirement for it to be a "greenhouse" gas.... It is molecularly all wrong for such a requirement and its wavelength is also all wrong....

BUT the criminals needed something to put their fraud "tax" on, and since they could not tax methane which they originally intended to do, and they could not tax water vapour, they are hedging their bets that humans are too stupid for their own good and will fall for this "Carbon" bullshit.... And so many gullible people have indeed fallen hard for it!

Northerntruthseeker said...

And Crow... For magical man in the clouds' sake.... You are supposed to be on vacation.... Your comments could have waited until you got back to port next week!

Penny said...

Hey North
apparently there's a change in the agw lie- but no matter it's still our fault
and ya know we'll have to pay!

greencrow said...


Rather than try to "herd the cat" (moi) why don't YOU answer the question...Do you or do you not believe in man made manipulation of the weather/extreme geological events by way of cloud seeding and/or cloud manipulation and HAARP technology?


Northerntruthseeker said...

I do believe that weather is being manipulated...But that has nothing to do with this AGW man caused "global warming" nonsense... They are two different factors and should not be overlapped or linked by any means...

greencrow said...


I disagree. The AGW is being USED to mask the weather manipulation. Muddy the waters...smoke and mirrors, etc.


Northerntruthseeker said...

You have the right to disagree... I still have found NO proof that AGW is real, other than to be a lie being forced on the gullible public to get them to surrender to fraud taxation and possible enslavement....

And again, it leaves the fact that weather manipulation via a large number of different technologies such as HAARP is real and is indeed happening right now....But I look at this as another issue all together...

greencrow said...


The Perps, using cloud seeding and HAARP technologies, create rainclouds and then push the rainclouds around the sky...inundating some countries with rain and, by denying clouds to other countries--causing heat and drought--such as Iran. The countries/geographical regions that are being denied clouds/rain get unusually hot--and their populations/media start talking about "global warming". BC is now in the midst of an unprecedented dry spell and heat wave. Every morning I see chemtrail fake "clouds" in the skies. People are starting to refer to "global warming" but, as long as we see fake clouds in the sky how do we know whether it's just a normal weather pattern, so-called "global warming/climate change" OR, weather manipulation?

We just don't know anymore. But there's one thing for sure. Weather manipulation must cost the [Deep State] government a ton of money. Who is paying for it? We know the answer to that question...we are. I say it's through our taxes...same as all their other extortions, boondoggles and outright thefts.