Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Genocide Of White South Africans: We're All Boers Now! Slow Motion Genocide Of Whites In South Africa And What You Can Do About It

I last reported about the genocide of Whites in South Africa in last weekend's rant... I for one am deeply disgusted that the Black majority government in South Africa is absolutely going all out now in their ignorance and stupidity for wanting to see every single White still living in South Africa murdered or sent fleeing out of the nation for their lives.... It is disgusting and of course NOT covered by the Jew spew media that wants to see whites exterminated everywhere across this planet!

I was sent the following video a short time ago, and I absolutely want to share it with my own readers here... This one comes from Youtube user "Red Ice TV" and is entitled: "We Are All Boers Now: Slow-Motion Genocide In South Africa And What You Can Do About It" and is narrated by Steve McNallen who actually witnessed the horrors in South Africa for himself... It is a must see by those who need to get up to speed on the TRUTH about what has been happening in South Africa and I have it right here for all to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It is so amazing that these days we always are bombarded by the propaganda pushed by the Jew spew media with their claims that whites are "oppressing" blacks... But as shown in this video, the reverse is absolutely true in the formerly free nation of South Africa..

I do wonder how long this video will stay up before the Jews behind "Youtube" decide to have it removed for telling the truth about what is happening in South Africa against the whites?  I can guarantee this will not last long on Youtube and I do recommend that people download it and make copies for posterity...

With the recent reports about how the South African government has been forcibly seizing ALL White South African businesses and especially the farmlands, it is shocking that there has been little outcry from across the globe about these atrocities and how the blacks have been going absolutely insane in their attacks on innocent whites... It is therefore no wonder that we find the whites now fleeing South Africa to save themselves from this ongoing genocide..

Yes, this is the bitter truth about South Africa and not the bullshit that is pushed by the liars in our media... South African whites are leaving and with their exodus from that nation, the nation is becoming a cesspool since the blacks can not operate the nation properly... It was the whites that built South Africa into the modern industrialized nation that we have seen until recently, and now that they are leaving the nation is rapidly becoming a third world nation much like what happened in Zimbabwe after the government there forced the whites out as well....

I will be following the events in South Africa more closely and will follow up this report with more articles in the near future.... Stay tuned..

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Posted on February 15, 2018 by Indian Gentile

Cyril Ramaphosa has Chabad backing and CHABAD blessing

Jacob Zuma the PRESIDENT of SOUTH AFRICA resigned on the night of Valentines Day 2018

His replacement is Cyril Ramaphosa and he is THE DARLING of SOUTH AFRICAS JEWS So the Valentines day coup is in a sense pretty appropriate