Saturday, August 25, 2018

Diversity Is Strength? Bullshit! Diversity Is Destroying Our Nations!

When I finished doing some work in my basement yesterday evening on my renovation project, I decided to turn on the Talmudvision to watch a few sport reports and to see what I have been missing in the world of sports for the last while... I only use the Jew propaganda machine aka "TV" or what should be properly called "Talmudvision" for sports and try to avoid the Jew spew media propaganda bullshit at all cost..

OK, I was scanning around the sports channels, and I happened upon a Canadian Football League game that was in its second half from Montreal Canada, and I could not help but to notice all of the players and coaches on the sidelines wearing these T-Shirts with the slogan "Diversity Is Strength".... I had to do a double take and shake my head... How can anyone with any critical thinking skills put up with this "Diversity is strength" hogwash?   What I saw and what millions of Canuckleheads were witnessing was pure propaganda bullshit and nothing more than brainwashing when they saw these messages about "diversity"....

I have long understood the true nature of this "diversity" push that we are being brainwashed with... It is nothing more than a planned program to WEAKEN our nations by somehow doing the "guilt trip" once again on the white Caucasians that built our nations.... There should be NO such thing as "diversity", period, as the true measure of every race and every person should be their skills and merits and not to be based on race, colour, or religion.... I have been fighting for years with the writings here at this blog to try to get people to understand and be aware that all of this "racism" and "diversity" is being forced upon us by the Jewish  power elite criminals that want to weaken us all and to destroy their major opponents to their want for world domination which is of course the Caucasian race...

Well... Just today I came across a most interesting article that comes courtesy of a fellow truth seeker, Canadian Wildflower, who of course has his/her website at, and is written by none other than Henry Makow, from his website at It is entitled: "The Truth About Diversity" and is an absolute must read by everyone that wants to see how this "diversity" is again nothing but pure bullshit and propaganda that is ruining our nations.... Here is the link to Henry Makow's article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I agree with much of what Henry Makow states in his article... My only point of contention is of course how he calls the criminals responsible for this crime against humanity everything else other than JEWS..... BUT everyone that reads this article can see the fingerprint of the tribe everywhere as Henry states...

Lets face reality here... This "diversity" is just another of the Jewish weapons for world domination and a method of destroying our nations.... These criminals absolutely want to see the whites in our nations made into a minority, for again it has been the whites who built up our nations and have indeed been the major stumbling block stopping their lust for world control.... Destroy the whites and very possibly nations will fall like dominoes to their "new world order"...

I again have never been fooled by this bullshit of "racism", "diversity", "feminism", etc etc... I have the critical thinking skills to look through these mirages and see the real game being played here.. Hopefully there are still those out there that have the same courage to not back down and accept these twisted ploys.....

And about this "Diversity Is Strength" bullshit?  I hope that my other fellow Canadians will either turn off their Talmudvisions when they see that sickness in play, or are willing to take a stand and alert other Canuckleheads about the truth about this scheme and to not be fooled...

More to come



Greg Bacon said...

"Diversity is our Strength" is the Talmudic line of BS Americans get 24/7. It's not, it's tearing this nation apart, just what Jew Inc wants to implement their JWO.

Ask the Native Americans about diversity. but you'll have to travel to remote parts of the US to find them, where we moved the survivors of our genocide, to the shittiest land in the USA.

Ask the people of South America about diversity, but ask in Spanish, since their native language got diversified out of existence. Ask the Aztecs..oops, they got diversified out of existence.

Go back to the Byzantium Empire and read up what happened to them when they had a declining birth rate and decided to let in a million plus aliens. They were diversified out of existence.

Anyone who blubbers out "Diversity is our strength" is either a traitor or an idiot...or both.

Greg Bacon said...

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DISH kept jacking up the monthly charge while lowering quality. And makes you pay for channels you'd never watch, like the Bible Thumping ones and those fucking reality shows, which I hate. My money was going to the KarTRASHians? No fucking way.

Had to upgrade my ISP to Wi-Fi, but even with that, I'm saving about $40 a month and get to watch what I want, when I want.

Their apps have tons of docs, which I like to watch, movies going back to the early 1900's--although those are difficult to pull up. And some of the most recent releases.

They've got plenty of sports apps and you can always hook-up an antenna to your TV to get local channels.

Check it out, you'll be glad you did.