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Northerntruthseeker Rant For Monday, July 16th, 2018

Yes, it is Monday... And better late than never, here comes my weekly rant...

As I said a few articles ago, I am still heavily into the whole home renovation gig, and this project is progressing along slowly..... I have basically gutted out an entire basement and now that the drywall is in place, I am getting a new drop ceiling installed.... It is one heck of a lot of work and is proving to be more costly than I had originally estimated.... It also has been exhausting and I find myself at the end of the day without any energy for sitting down and typing away at this blog... I again want to thank everyone for their patience, and I am hoping that once this project is completed within the next few weeks, I will be back at my usual writings here at a daily basis....

I have also decided to take a break from the renovations next week and will be taking a short vacation starting this coming Saturday for a week.... That does mean that next week's rant will be canceled, but the one for the weekend of the 29th of July should be a go..... I need that break, definitely, and am hoping to get some much needed rest and relaxation....

Well... Where to start... Today, US President Drumpf is meeting in Helsinki Finland with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and there is indeed a lot on the agenda..... The war hawks in the US want Drumpf to try to push Putin hard on his "aggressive" stance towards Europe and especially Ukraine, but to me that is so ridiculous considering that it is NOT the Russian Federation that is acting "aggressively" to anyone, but rather the US and of the course the criminal organization called NATO.... It will be interesting to see what is actually discussed in today's meeting, for we have seen finally the real fiasco the meeting in May between Drumpf and North Korean Premier Kim Jong-un turned out to be and this one as well may be more hype rather than actual decisions....

I also found it interesting that we find that ultra criminal psychotic Prime Minister of the criminal state of Israel, Benyamin Mileiwkosky aka "Netanyahu"  having a private "meeting" with US President Drumpf just the other day in regards to Drumpf's meeting today with Putin..... Yes, Mileikowsky had his meetings over the last month with Putin in the hope of having Putin turn his back on his alliance with Iran and to not intervene when the criminal US/Israel/Saudi "alliance" does actually launch their long planned war against Iran.... And now Mileikowsky met with his slave, Drumpf, to demand that he push the same demands on Putin in Helsinki that Russia gets on board for the destruction of Iran......If this is indeed the real agenda for this Helsinki meeting then this does show once again the proof that Drumpf is indeed nothing more than a poodle and a shill for criminal Jewish interests.... I for one do hope that Putin continues his support for the peaceful nation of Iran by saying "Nyet" to this agenda, rather than allowing these bastards to destroy another innocent nation for the criminal state of Israel.

I said last week that the criminal organization called "NATO" is and always was a sham, and I let the facts presented speak for themselves.... And just the other day I got wind of some information that the criminals over at Lockheed Martin were ecstatic that Drumpf has been forcing his NATO "allies" to up their share in the cost of the organization by putting more money into their own defence budgets... The reality is of course that Drumpf's demand for the US's NATO partners to pay their 'fair share' for the organization is nothing more than a  push for those nations to buy even more US military hardware.  Yes,  this means of course that criminal corporations such as Lockheed Martin will make billions in profits by the sale of their weapons to these nations..... What this proves is that I was right in stating that the nature of NATO these days is not for defence at all, but for the sale of US weapons..... And when it comes to this laughable assertion that NATO is still around to "prevent" the Russian Federation form attacking Europe? Well, I find it absurd for the fact that anyone can see that is has been NATO that has been the real aggressors as they continue to build up their forces along the Russian Federation frontier for what could possibly be an attack by NATO against Russia itself....

Well, now that so called "rebel" held territory in southwestern Syria has fallen to the Syrian government forces, and threat of criminal Israeli "intervention" turned out to be a dud, I hope that the SAA and their Russian and Arabic allies turn their attention northward on the US led 'rebel' held area known as the Idlib pocket.....There is of course the fear that when the SAA goes on the offensive in Idlib, that the Turkish army that is supporting the so called 'rebels' there will intervene and we could potentially see a direct conflict between Damascus and Ankara taking place.....But the facts are that with the Russians supporting Damascus, and the Syrians having every right under international law to liberate their own territory, the Turkish threat maybe just another moot point.....  I did find it also interesting that the Kurdish SDF forces that are in control of the massive Omar oil field on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River across from the Syrian liberated city of Deir ez-Zor may have reached an agreement to have the Syrian government forces take over the oil fields in exchange for a possible deal of sharing the profits between the Kurds and the Syrian government.....Yes, in spite of the Kurds in control of those fields, they do need some expertise and equipment for restoring the facility, which Damascus can provide......Could this be a step towards a possible reconciliation between the Kurds and the Syrian government?  We can only hope so, for the Kurds are possibly realizing that any "alliance" with the criminal US is NO alliance at all!

I have been patiently waiting for any new updates on the kangaroo court trial in Germany for both Monika and Alfred Schaefer, for the ridiculous and most ludicrous charges of "inciting hate" for nothing more than Monika's fine video entitled "Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust"..... To me, this entire "trial" has turned into a farce since it was finally launched in late June, for the prosecutors have NOTHING at all to try to find the defendants guilty of.... Yes, Germany has the most insane 'hate crime" legislation for anyone who "denies" the "Holocaust", but so what?   Monika made her video in CANADA and not in Germany, and all it does is ask the questions that everyone, including the Germans, should be asking... If the "Holocaust" was so factual, then it should be open to scrutiny...If it was a real event, then it will easily survive any scrutiny and any questions.. BUT instead we find the criminal Jewish pricks putting out their "hate crime laws" in so many nations that demand that anyone that even questions their so holy "holocaust" get put away in jail!  To me, this simple fact that this "holocaust" cannot survive without these type of laws, states clearly that there is something horrifically wrong with the entire "holocaust" narrative, period.... The saying that "truth does not need laws for its support, only lies do" is very telling when it comes to this "holocaust" and its supposed "facts"..... This again shows how the entire "trial" of these two most innocent individuals in Germany is indeed a farce and a real travesty of real justice..... BUT the simple truth here, readers, is that the German so called 'system of law' is stuck and cannot admit that they are wrong here.  Therefore, Monika and Alfred will indeed be found "guilty" of their 'charges' no matter what defense they present.... It truly is a Kangaroo court and shows how Germany has fallen under the yoke of criminal Jewish control....

And one fact cannot be overlooked in that farcical 'trial' in Germany, which is the absolute lack of any support from the criminal Trudeau regime in Ottawa for these two innocent people... They are Canadians are they not?  So where in the hell is the Canadian government in coming forward to support them and to call on the German government to release them immediately?   This absolutely flies in the face of that freak Justin Trudeau when he claims that his government will support all Canadians no matter their race, creed, etc, etc... So where are you, Justin you freak when it comes to Monika and Alfred Schaefer languishing illegally in jail in Germany?   What this proves is how the Jews do control Canada and how Justin Trudeau is nothing more than a Jew sock puppet...

OK, My being a huge soccer fan, I was a bit disappointed in the final outcome for while I was doing my renovations at my home yesterday morning I did indeed have the World Cup final up on the Talmudvision in my basement.... I honestly wanted to see the small nation of Croatia be a 'world beater' by handing France a defeat in the final, but the reality is the French squad was too strong for the Croatians and it showed..... The 4-2 final could have actually been a lot worse, for IMHO the French actually let up a bit towards the end and played a defensive style that made it impossible for the Croatians to close the gap......  I also want to hand it to the Russians for putting on quite a show and showing the world how a World Cup tournament can be done properly... There was almost ZERO threats by so called 'terrorists' at this World Cup and we saw zero protests anywhere in the cities that hosted the event......And all of the rhetoric pushed by the Jew spew media about the 'evil Russians' and how this tournament would be a "dud" and a "failure" for the Russian Federation were proven to be duds as well.... I can only say congratulations to the Russians for a fine event!

Well.. I guess that is enough for the moment... There is of course a lot of other topics that I could have touched on, but I decided for this week to keep this "rant" short and sweet... I will of course close it off with my usual "last minute tidbits" to touch on a few other key issues that I want to give my two cents worth to........ The "trade war" between Canada and the US is now in full force, and I am still watching and waiting to see if there is any real effect up here on the Canadian economy.  To me, this "trade war" is so ridiculous and IMHO we have two overgrown children making up our governments arguing over semantics.  It would be so much better that both the US and Canada just sit down like adults and actually hammer out some deals rather than have this "trade war" spat.......I see that the wicked witch of the west, Hillary "Killary" Clinton is out there now making the rounds and bashing President Drumpf at every chance she can.  Yes, this psycho is indeed about to announce her run for the 2020 US Presidency, and I do hope everyone in the US suddenly does not forget about how truly evil and criminal that bitch really is........ And why isn't Hillary "Killary" Clinton in jail?  News came out last week about her being the one who colluded with the Russians, and not President Drumpf, and yet there she is still a "free" woman.  Honestly that bitch does need to be in pinstripes and behind bars for the rest of her sorry ass life.....I saw a new startling report where so called "Sandy Hook Elementary" was indeed closed during the alleged "shooting" of December 14th, 2012.  That again proves that the Sandy Hook shooting was nothing more than a staged event and nobody died.  It also once again vindicates myself and others that have said for years now that this fiasco was indeed a set up and a farce!..... I found the reports that Iran has threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz if it faces an oil embargo most interesting.  This could indeed trigger the war that the US/Israel wants, for the straits are an international passageway under international law, and closing the straits could be labeled as an act of war.  I do hope the Iranians are smarter than this..........Honestly, why are the British people not up in arms and wanting their criminal Prime Minister, May, arrested for her refusal to abide by the terms of "Brexit"?  What should be apparent is how May is nothing more than a Rothschild poodle who will do everything possible to destroy Brexit to keep the UK under criminal Rothschild controlled EU enslavement......I saw a startling report that claims that some "50000" children are now dying annually in Yemen due to starvation, thanks to the Saudi/US war of destruction.  I would say that number is actually 1/10th of the real figure, which is so revolting.   Yes, my American readers, you should all be disgusted and ashamed as your government continues to support the Saudi war of genocide against another innocent nation.........Anyone else notice that the "Novichok" bullshit "poisoning" in the UK has now fallen to pieces as proof has come out loud and clear that the Russians had nothing to do with the entire fiasco?  But here we still have the UK government pushing hard to still try to blame the Russians for their own stupidity.  As I said before, it is like a drunken gambler trying to raise on a busted flush........I saw the report last week where apparently the US centre for Disease Control (CDC) never conducted any tests for over 32 YEARS concerning vaccine safety for the public at all (!).  But why am I not in the least bit surprised? The CDC did not give a damn about its 'vaccines' as they administered them to the gullible sheep out there, for they were only concerned about profits, and to use these "vaccines" to destroy the minds and bodies of their victims!  Wake the fuck up people and NEVER EVER take a 'vaccine', period!..........Is it not amazing how we never hear about how these illegal migrant workers flooding into our nations are responsible for the massive growth of crime in our nations?  A coincidence?  I think not!  The reality is that our nations can ill afford these criminals coming into our nations and screwing up our societies royally.  The best option is what I have been saying for years now: Ship them all back to the hell holes they came from!........ I got an interesting and obnoxious comment last week where the "commentator" claimed that because I do not believe in the moon landings, I am automatically a "flat earther".   This is exactly what the laughable 'flat earth' bullshit that we see out now is all about; which is to try to destroy the entire Apollo hoax community by labeling us all as 'flat earth believers'.  I do hope people are not this gullible as to link the two together!...........And finally, in the wacko world of Kardashian insanity, apparently skank #2, Khloe, is in 'couples therapy' with basketball star, Tristan Thompson, due to their entire farcical "marriage" being on the rocks.  My advice to Tristan is simple: Run, get away from these skanks and trollops as soon as you can, and never look back!  Better that than having him permanently destroyed by Kardashian insanity....

More to come


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Israel Did 9-11: OK, The World "Knows" That Osama Bin Laden (CIA Operative Tim Osman) Did 911- So Why Isn't There Any Evidence?

I have been doing some renovations in my home for the last while.. And yesterday while I was doing some drywalling, I turned on the Talmudvision in the background and of course the Jew spew news channel that I had on was spewing a lot of crap about the bullshit NATO meetings in Europe and one of the "analysts" that the bullshit Jew spew new network had on started harping about the fraud "war on terror" and he went off on a tirade about how the world has "changed" since the "terrorist" attacks of September 11th, 2001 and he also spewed that the world has to keep involved in the bullshit "war on terror" to "prevent" another "Osama bin Laden" from appearing today...

My ears started burning when I heard that crap, and I figured that I would get around to doing a new article on the September 11th, 2001 attacks that were most definitely created and run by the criminal Jewish pricks and to show further evidence once again that Osama bin Laden was NOT involved in that attack but was indeed the "patsy" selected to take the fall for that Israeli masterpiece of murder..

Well, lo and behold, but just earlier today the website "Truth And Shadows" at, came out with a brand new article that is an absolute must read by everyone... It is entitled: "The World "Knows"Bin Laden Did 9/11- Sp Why Isn't There Any Evidence?" and I have it right here in its entirety for all of my own readers to view for themselves.. I absolutely do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


The media continues to show no interest in the lack of evidence against bin Laden.

Saudi ‘monster’ pronounced guilty by government decree

“A lie told once is lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”—German propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels

By Geoffrey O’Neill (Special to Truth and Shadows)

He is arguably the most notorious person in the 21st century.
The world takes for granted that Osama bin Laden was the architect of the “terror attacks” of Sept. 11, 2001. But why was this man singled out for this horrific crime? How did we learn of his alleged guilt? And what is the evidence used to support his guilt?
These questions are critical because the allegation against bin Laden led, less than a month later (on Oct. 7, 2001), to the launching of the Global War on Terror with the invasion of Afghanistan. The mission, called Operation Enduring Freedom and ordered by President George W. Bushand was supposedly intended to capture or kill bin Laden.
This is what we know about the claims of evidence against bin Laden:
Just hours after the World Trade Center towers were destroyed, a man by the name of L. Paul Bremer appeared on an NBC affiliate in Washington D.C. Less than a minute into the interviewwith host Jim Vance, Bremer mentioned bin Laden as potentially being the mastermind of the event. It appears that the bin Laden myth was created at this point, and it soon went viral.
Who is L. Paul Bremer, and what was he doing in Washington at the time?
Bremer, like Bush, is a graduate of Yale and, like Bush, is also a member of the notorious Skull and Bones fraternity. After leaving government in 1989, he became managing director of Kissinger Associates, a consulting firm owned by Henry Kissinger. (It’s worth noting that Kissinger was the original choice to head the 9/11 Commission.)
In May 2003, following the introduction of “shock and awe” in Iraq, Bremer was named director of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. Without question, he was a Republican insider. He was supposed to be on his way to New York City, to his office in the North Tower of the World Trade Center on Sept., 11 but his plane was diverted due to the events of that morning.
In addition to speculating in the interview about bin Laden’s complicity, Bremer said that “terrorists declared war on the United States, and we declared war on the terrorists.” What was this supposed to mean? Would it follow that the United States would have carte blanche to invade any country anywhere if a terrorist or terrorists were thought to be living there? Would that include Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, or France?
Bremer also said, “We can’t throw away democratic freedoms and civil liberties that are the heart of our society.”
But those liberties were not thrown away; they were taken away by Bremer’s colleagues in the Bush administration. This happened through the passage of the Patriot Act, the creation of the Transportation Security Administration, the spying on Americans by the National Security Agency, the prosecution of whistleblowers, and the stifling our 1st and 5th Amendment rights. The list is long.
Bremer continued: “There will be consequences. In fact, I hope the most severe military consequences we can come up with.”
In this he was prescient. Using the justification of 9/11, the United States invasion of Afghanistan was followed by the invasion and destruction of Iraq, the bombing of Libya into the Stone Age, the arming and aiding of Saudi Arabia in their mission to destroy Yemen, and the instigation and perpetuation of the Syrian horror. Add in drone wars and proxy wars in God-knows-how-many countries, and Bremer must have swelled with pride over the level of carnage.

Bush names bin Laden

On the evening of Sept. 11, President Bush addressed the nation from the Oval Office of the White House and said this: “Today was the Pearl Harbor of the 21st century. We think it’s Osama bin Laden.” For the second time on that day we hear the name bin Laden from a national bully pulpit.
Without a shred of evidence to support their claim, two high-profile government officials, speaking to Americans, put bin Laden in the crosshairs. He instantly became America’s public enemy number one, guilty by government decree.
The accusation was further reinforced by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who appeared on the BBC the morning of 9/11 (even before the buildings came down) and pointed to bin Laden and al-Qaeda as likely being behind the event. He called for the U.S. to launch an “operational, concrete war on terror.”
Before the dust had settled from the destruction of the towers, Bremer and Bush, along with Barak and the worldwide media, implicated bin Laden without offering any evidence. A little more than a week later, on Sunday, Sept. 23, Colin Powell made it official. With host Tim Russert on Meet the Press, Powell named bin Laden the architect of 9/11.
Russert asked Powell for evidence, and he responded: “We are hard at work bringing all of the information together, intelligence information, law enforcement information. And I think, in the near future, we will be able to put out a white paper, a document that will be able to describe quite clearly the evidence we have linking him [bin Laden] to this attack.” He told Russert he would make it available to him once it was completed.

Fleischer slams the door

The day after Powell’s promise, the New York Times devoted a front page article to the evidence that it believed was forthcoming, citing statements by government officials that “the evidence reaches from the southern tip of Manhattan to the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan.”
But the same afternoon, Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer met with the media and said Powell’s statement of a white paper had been “misinterpreted.” There was no plan to release the information. “It is classified.” 
A reporter had the audacity to ask, “Is there any plan to present to the public evidence so the average citizen, not just Americans but people all over the world, can understand the case against bin Laden”?
Fleischer’s response was predictably condescending: “In a democracy it is always important to provide the maximum amount of information possible. But I think American people understand that there are going to be times when that information cannot immediately be forthcoming.”
On one issue, Fleischer spoke truthfully: the white paper was not immediately forthcoming. In fact, it has never been produced. No white paper exists in the public domain containing forensic evidence linking Osama bin Laden to the 9/11 attacks.
The arrogance, hypocrisy, and disregard for human life of this man and the entire Bush administration cannot be overstated. American troops were about to be sent to war. Many would die or be seriously injured for life. Afghan civilians, considered collateral damage, would be killed in large numbers as always happens in war. Yet no soldier, American citizen, or Afghan citizen was allowed to see the evidence cited to justify why the United States was about to invade one of the poorest countries in the world.
It gets worse.
The NATO alliance was formed following WWll, ostensibly to protect East European countries from naked aggression by the Soviet Union. Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which states that an attack against any member nation is an attack against all member nations, was invoked for the first time on Sept. 11, 2001. And it wasn’t a small NATO country that needed help; it was the United States of America, the most powerful country in the world.
On Sept. 12, 2001, NATO Secretary General Lord George Robertson summoned the North Atlantic Council to meet in Brussels. All 19 members agreed that the attack on the U.S. was an attack from abroad. All Robertson needed to invoke Article 5 was the responsible party with evidence to wage war on the perpetrators. He soon got what he needed, or so he thought.
U.S. State Department representative Frank Taylor met in secret with all NATO representatives on Oct. 2, 2001 and provided documents that supposedly contained “clear and compelling” evidence of bin Laden’s guilt to the Secretary General. After the meeting, Robertson met with the press and predictably said the evidence provided by Taylor was classified. In all, 29 countries joined the U.S. in the invasion of Afghanistan, including Britain, France, and Canada. They joined in the invasion of this tiny impoverished country based on “evidence” that the public could not see.
It gets even worse.

A revelation from the FBI

On June 5, 2006, investigative reporter Ed Haas from the Muckraker Report noticed from bin Laden’s Most Wanted Page on the FBI’s website that he was wanted for several crimes but not for 9/11. He eventually spoke with Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity of the FBI and the exchange went like this:
Haas: “Why is there no mention of 9/11 on Osama bin Laden’s Most Wanted web page?”
Tomb: “The reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Osama bin Laden’s web page is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11.”
Haas: “How is this possible”?
Tomb: “The FBI gathers evidence. Once evidence is gathered it is turned over to the Department of Justice who then decides whether it has enough evidence to present to a grand jury. In the case of bin Laden he has not been formally indicted and charged because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11.”
So how does this work? Bremer, hours after the towers were destroyed, blamed bin Laden. Bush, later that day, blamed bin Laden. Powell days later on national television claimed to have solid evidence of bin Laden’s guilt. Taylor supposedly turned over “clear and compelling evidence” of bin Laden’s guilt to the head of the NATO Alliance a few weeks after 9/11. Yet, the chief law enforcement agency in the United States, the FBI, admitted years later that they have “no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11.”
It should also be mentioned that a “confession video” by bin Laden was found in Afghanistan in December 2001, which was immediately used to bolster the claim of bin Laden’s guilt. The video was soon debunked by a leading expert on bin Laden, professor Bruce Lawrence of Duke University, who called the tape “bogus.”
This also begs the question as to why, if authentic, the tape was not used on bin Laden’s Most Wanted Page in the FBI file. One also has to wonder why this evidence, unlike all the other evidence the Bush administration claimed to have in its possession, was widely disseminated to the public while the rest remained classified.
And it gets worse yet!

Bush refuses to show proof

The evidence presented to NATO by Frank Taylor was in document form and immediately classified by U.S. and NATO authorities.
Before the U.S. began bombing Afghanistan, the country’s Taliban government offered to extradite bin Laden pending receipt of evidence of his guilt. But Bush refused the offer.
Could Bush have avoided the Global War on Terror by turning over the “clear and compelling” evidence in the Frank Taylor documents? The simple answer is no. There was no evidence to turn over.
The State Department documents were declassified in 2008 with little fanfare. Dr. Niels Harrit, a former professor of chemistry at the University of Copenhagen—now a researcher and writer active in the 9/11 Truth Movement—found them, and in an article on the Global Research website exposed them for public scrutiny.
According to Harrit’s assessment, “There is absolutely no forensic evidence that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated from Afghanistan.” He goes on: “Only a small part of the introductory text deals with 9/11. The main body of the text deals with the alleged actions of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the nineties.”
There isn’t now, nor was there ever, any evidence to connect Osama bin Laden to 9/11!
An addendum to the story, and certainly red meat for conspiracy theorists, seems to make the government’s case against bin Laden even more contrived. In a segment on NBC Nightly News with Dan Rather on Jan. 28, 2002, foreign correspondent Barry Peterson, standing in front of a military hospital in Pakistan, reported that bin Laden was getting a dialysis treatment on Sept. 10, 2001, a day prior to 9/11. According to Peterson, “He [bin Laden] arrived at the hospital in Rawalpindi under heavy security provided by the Pakistan secret service (ISI).”
If the report is accurate, it would be reasonable to wonder how an NBC News crew tracked down bin Laden while George Bush with 19 intelligence agencies at his disposal, never had a clue about his whereabouts.
We might also ask why Pakistan, an ally of the United States, didn’t turn bin Laden over to U.S. authorities after escorting him to one of his hospital visits. And we might wonder how bin Laden commuted from the mountains in Tora Bora to a hospital and back three times a week for kidney dialysis treatments.
And, years later, we might wonder why there is not a shred of evidence that supports the claim that bin Laden was killed in a Navy Seals raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2, 2011, as was reported and heralded by the Obama administration.

Public enemy number one

In a press conference at the White House on Sept. 13, 2001, President Bush said, “The most important thing for us is to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority, and we won’t rest until we find him.” It is important to note that by that date the government had still not declared publicly that there was evidence against bin Laden. He was guilty by decree only.
On March 13, 2002, less than seven months after the beginning of the Global War on Terror, justified by 9/11 and the accusations against bin Laden, Bush said this: “I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care. It’s not that important. It is not our priority.”
Then, in a speech delivered to a group of military officers on Sept. 5, 2006, Bush compared bin Laden to Lenin and Hitler. He said: “The world had ignored the writings of Lenin and Hitler and paid a terrible price. Bin Laden and his terrorist allies have made their intentions as clear as Lenin and Hitler before them.
Imagine if Winston Churchill had said that, “I really don’t care, it’s not that important, he is not our priority” when speaking about Hitler during the Battle of Britain? The absurd comparison to Hitler and the disparity, going back and forth from monster to afterthought and back to monster when speaking about bin Laden, in my view, speaks volumes.
Most citizens of the United States are decent and law abiding. Most pay their taxes willingly in a timely fashion. Most try to raise their families and teach them the difference between right and wrong. Most Americans are patriotic. Most would never harm anyone unless provoked. Most have integrity, decency, and values. Many have worn the uniform and taken an oath to serve and protect. So is it inappropriate to ask why our government and the press treat all of us like children? The bin Laden story is a testament to this along with the entire Global War on Terror, a complete fraud that has caused so much devastation to our reputation in the world and to the lives of millions in the Middle East and elsewhere.
If there is no clear, compelling evidence against the alleged mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, would it be fair to say that the Global War on Terror in its entirety, including the invasions, the bombings, the drone strikes, the millions killed, the tens of millions of refugees, all of the families destroyed, all of the despair and loss of hope the United States has brought to bear in so many parts of the world, is a fraud?
One would think.

NTS Notes:  Lets be perfectly clear here... Tim Osman aka "Osama Bin Laden" had absolutely NOTHING to do with the Israeli attacks of 9-11 on America... He was absolutely 100% innocent of that crime against humanity, and was selected long before the actual attacks to be the "fall guy" for that Jewish mass murder of innocent Americans....

It is so sad to me that to this day the majority of the dumb down American sheep out there still have the belief that the September 11th, 2001 attacks on America that killed over 3000 innocent US citizens was done by this ridiculous "terrorist" group known as "Al Qaeda" and was somehow masterminded by prime "terrorist" Osama bin Laden.... It has been almost 17 years now since that Jewish mass murder and I am so startled even to this day about how badly Americans have been brainwashed with lies...

Yes, there has been ZERO evidence to this day that CIA operative Tim Osman did the September 11th attacks, and yet we still find criminal US government officials and criminal Jew spew media bullshit "experts" still harping the lie that he "did it" to this day....

I do wonder myself what it will eventually take for the American sheep to wake the fuck up and realize that they have been so severely lied to  and that the Jewish criminals were behind the 9-11 attacks?   When that day comes, I do hope there will be hell to pay for these monsters...

More to come


The Kangaroo Court "Trial" Of Monika And Alfred Schaefer In Germany Continues: An Update, Finally!

I put in my last article here at this blog that I have been a bit annoyed that very little updates have been coming my way in terms of the kangaroo court "trial" of both Monika and Alfred Schaefer in Germany... But I may have spoke too soon, for no sooner than right after I put up my last post that contains that important video summary of the first two days of this farcical "trial", I FINALLY got a major update sent my way.... I want to share that information with readers here..

Here is that important update concerning Monika Schaefer's "trial" in Germany that contains information about her day in "court" yesterday, July 13th... And I do want to thank none other than Alfred Topham and John Kaminski for forwarding this information.. Here is that update:

Arthur Topham
Publisher & Editor
The Radical Press
“Digging to the issues since 1998”

Subject: Trial of Monika Schaefer at Munich, day 6.
From: Richard Edmonds <>
Sent: July 14, 2018 10:38 AM

On the sixth day of the trial of Monika and Alfred Schaefer at the Munich court, 13th July 2018, Monika Schaefer gave her personal statement. Translation made by R. Edmonds.

Monika Schaefer read out her personal statement, which according to the judge is usually not permitted. But the judge accepted that Monika dos not speak German perfectly, hence he decided to make an exception. Monika related how she became engaged politically and how she felt herself deeply drawn to Green politics. She campaigned many times for political office. That had all continued till she had learnt that Israel's wars were being justified by false claims. There-upon she left the party. She had learnt very early to think for herself.

She had made the video herself. Once she had made the film and put it in the public domain, she then felt a feeling of relief and felt freed from a heavy burden. She had always held her parents under a general suspicion, but now she knew that there was nothing to reproach them with, because History was quite contrary to what we had been told since 1945. This was this reason why she had apologized to her mother.

As a consequence of the success of the video, she had lost many friendships; and a campaign of ritual defamation commenced against her. For example, in a small newspaper of a town with five thousand inhabitants, readers' letters started appearing, written by readers from quite other districts, who would not normally read the news-paper. These readers' letters served the purpose of defaming her. At the beginning, she had to force herself to go to her front-door. However when one deliberately and with conviction breaks such a taboo, because one knows that the official claims regarding the period 1933 -1945 are a shabby lie, then such ritual defamations are easier to bear. Every attempt had been made to intimidate her. For example, she always rides by bicycle, and one day at the traffic lights a car had sped away from her throwing the sand of the street against her. Also attempts had been made to ruin her financially. Not a single student from her locality came any more to take instruction on violin-playing. A regular witch-hunt was organised against her. This witch-hunt had split the community in which she lived. Whilst many had turned away from her, on the other hand, many others whom she did not know had come to her; and they could not understand what was happening. In July 2016 a new local law gave permission for music to be played in the local park close to her. A licence for this was needed, but this licence was refused to her. Finally her brother had made the offer, that it was better to come to Germany, if the situation in Canada should become too dangerous for her.

The judge asked, why she had made a video rather than chosen to write an article. Also he wanted to know why she had given advice as to where information on the subject could be found, for example referring to the video about Ernst Zundel or “Questions about the HC.” Monika replied that she herself had found the sources very helpful in order to understand everything. She wanted to invite everybody to learn more in order to understand what had really taken place in the period of 1933 to 1945. In reply to the question from the judge, why she found the lie so shabby [threadbare, seedy, mean], Monika declared because the intention was that the guilt feelings should continue for ever. The fact that she was in prison proved that.

                                      F I N I S.

NTS Notes: Is it not amazing?  A simple video produced by Monika in CANADA created all this uproar and gave the criminal Germans their "right" to have her seized in Germany (Not Canada) for simply putting up this video that questions the entire "holocaust"?   Does anyone else see the problem here?  Or am I again missing something?

And again, we can see by this statement how that simple video has indeed caused the Jewish pricks to do everything imaginable to destroy her life and her livelihood in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.... It is revolting to see how low and how despicable some people can be...

And yes, this Kangaroo Court in Germany is trying everything imaginable to have her found "guilty" meanwhile the moment she was arrested on the bullshit charges of "inciting hate" she was already "guilty".... The entire "trial" is indeed nothing more than a farce...

I of course live in Canada, and I cannot directly challenge the "history" of the so called "holocaust" of the second World War... To do so would have myself in a Canadian "kangaroo court" on the trumped up and bullshit charge of "inciting hate".... Such is the nature these days of "Canadian freedom of thought and speech" that is nothing of the sort....  I therefore leave it up to each and every individual to do their own research into that part of our history and come to their own conclusions.. .I also ask them to do that research with an open mind and to understand that there is no harm in questioning authority and challenging our so called "history".... People do need the truth...

More to come


The Kangaroo Court "Trial" Of Monika And Alfred Schaefer In Germany Continues: Video Summary Of What Has Happened (So Far)

* I have just had a most exhausting day doing major home renovations.... But I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel as most of the major work is now done in terms of drywalling and repainting... Now comes the fun part of getting the new decor put into place..... I will be a bit 'late' once again tomorrow in getting my weekend "rant" out due to the need to get a bit of rest.... I want to thank my supporters and other readers for their patience with me!

I have been keeping track of that insidious and most ridiculous kangaroo court "trial" of Monika and Alfred Schaefer and have been trying to get every update that comes my way up at this site for everyone to read.... It has however troubled me deeply over these last few days that there has been NO new news on the status of this farce.... I hope that everyone does understand that I am doing my best, and the moment something new comes my way, I will have it posted almost immediately..

Meanwhile... I just came across the following video from the Vimeo online video site that gives a great summary for those who want to be brought up to speed about the status of this farcical "trial", and I do definitely want to present it here for everyone to see  for themselves.... Here is that video, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The Inquisition of Alfred and Monika Schaefer - Part 1 from NS VIKING on Vimeo.

NTS Notes: A pretty good summary for those who need to be 'caught up' on what has been happening in Germany in regards to this "inquisition" of both Monika and Alfred... And yes, it is an "inquisition"...

I also searched "Youtube" or as I call it properly "Jew tube" for any videos concerning the truth about this farce, and there are none that I could find... But why am I not surprised?  Youtube aka "Jew tube" has been censoring the truth and instead giving people bullshit and ridiculous "videos" filled with nothing but lies and falsehoods for a very long time now..

And again, this "trial" is definitely a "kangaroo court" fiasco where these two defendants, armed with the truth that should have them both freed in an instant, will be found "guilty" no matter what they present... For once again, in Germany and other nations that are now under the Jew yoke of enslavement: "Truth is no defence"....

More to come


Friday, July 13, 2018

Is NATO A Con Game? (Honestly, Is This A Trick Question?)

I have been saying for several decades now that NATO has long out lived its usefulness... It was created in 1948 under the "fear" of this "big and bad" Soviet Union (which was unknown at the time to be funded and operated by Wall Street) being this ominous "threat" to the planet... The whole goal at the time was supposedly to unite all of the "weaker" nations of Europe under an alliance to prevent the "evil" Soviet Union from marching into western Europe and therefore to dominate that entire continent..... But unbeknownst to many of those involved in this "alliance" was the fact again that the Soviet Union at the time was fully financed by American (Jewish) bankers and was in reality a threat to no one and was being used to create this "threat" as a means of fear propaganda... Basically, for those that do need a wake up call, NATO in itself was therefore created and run for decades as nothing more than a scam and a means to sell American weapons to their supposed "allies"....It was indeed created out of fear propaganda and actually outlived its usefulness after the Soviet Union collapsed all by itself between 1991-1992..

The question then arose after the collapse of the Soviet Union: "WHY is NATO still around if the Soviet Union is no more?" and for the last two decades the propaganda was still out there that NATO was "needed" to prevent a "new Soviet Union" from ever being recreated (!).... And after 1991, rather than nations quitting the entire organization and thus reducing NATO's power in Europe, the organization has expanded into Eastern Europe and right to the doorstep of the Russian Federation itself....

It also became apparent that after the fall of the Soviet Union, NATO began to become more and more nothing more than a tool for evil and criminal Rothschild interests, especially with NATO being injected into foreign lands such as Afghanistan, where NATO forces are there to this day to protect Rothschild interests in Opium shipments out of that nation to markets in Europe!  NATO today is absolutely NOT what it was originally intended to be and more and more today is nothing more than an offensive force and not for the "defense" of Europe!

Now we fast forward to this week, and the meetings in Europe between US President Donald Drumpf and his supposed "NATO partners"...... I have looked at the news coming out of these supposed "meetings" and I again have to ask the big question as to what is the purpose of NATO today other than to project power aggressively against the Russian Federation and other weaker nations..... It does lead to the big question about what this "alliance" is truly all about and whether or not it is a massive con game?

I came across the following article from the Investment Watch Blog website, at, that asks the same questions that I have had for decades about the nature of NATO today and whether or not this "alliance" is even necessary other than to be used aggressively against the Russian Federation and other nations that may be in the way of criminal Rothschild interests.... I want to present here the link to that article, that is simply entitled: "NATO Is A Con Game" for everyone to read for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments about this article to follow:

NTS Notes: I agree with many of the facts presented in that Investors Watch Blog article, but once again the author does miss the key ingredient in this con game, which is the fact that NATO is now being used as a weapon of "power projection" and has indeed been used as the Rothschild's own "hit squad" to subdue nations that stand up to their criminality... Libya in North Africa is one of the major examples of the usage of NATO to brutally subdue and destroy a nation that stood up to that Jewish criminality.

The underlying fact is that NATO is indeed a massive con game... It is for one purpose and one purpose today, which is to be used as a force against the non-existent "threat" of the Russian Federation..... It is also being used by the US Military industrial complex for the sale of massive amounts of weapons to supposed "allied" suckers....

IMHO, most of the "member nations" of this fraud alliance would be better off to quit the "alliance" and say no to the idea that they have to commit more money to keep it alive.... The way forward for real peace in Europe is to not have this "alliance" using saber rattling against the phoney "threat" of invasion by the Russian Federation that absolutely does NOT exist..

More to come


The Kangaroo Court "Trial" Of Monika And Alfred Schaefer In Germany Continues: Letter From Monika In Prison

Monika and Alfred Schaefer are now entering the third week of their so called "trial" in Germany on the ridiculous charges of "inciting hate" and "Holocaust denial"...... I have of course put up every update that I have received so far concerning this farcical kangaroo trial thanks to the efforts of Lady Michel Renouf who is in attendance for this fiasco..... But at the moment there are now updates on the trial itself....

However, I was sent the following important piece of information thanks once again to John Kaminski that has been forwarding what information he has received to myself and many others... And I do want to share this information with my readers  here....

This one is actually a letter that Monika sent to her sister, Barbara Nowak,dated July 1st, 2018.... I want to present that letter right here for all to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


Dear Barbara, thank you, dear sister, for your long and wonderful letter and envelope with Elvis stamps in a heart. I notice details. Well that one would be pretty hard to miss -- haha – unless I was a dullard. And if I was a dullard, I guess I wouldn't be in prison for speaking words.

I must tell you, so you don't think I'm a slacker, that your letter took exactly 8 weeks and a day to reach me from when it was postmarked! I used to say that the average time for mail one way in and out of prison was about a month but now I would put the average at 6 weeks. Pretty bad eh? It leads to slow conversations. Maybe that's the equivalent of the slow food movement and I like the slow food movement so maybe the slow conversations are a good thing? Having just reread your letter before responding I'm kind of in free flow here, inspired by you.

Me too, I am totally into organic real food and have always grown veggies wherever I could. I grew up in a family of seven, five children, in a big city, but we were like Urban Farmers. Huge vegetable garden, fruit bushes, some small apple and cherry trees in the yard. The family would go berry picking in the river valley, we could walk there right from our home and pick saskatoon's, chokecherries, rose hips and I can't remember what else. We live really near the Storyland Valley Zoo. You should ask Alfred to tell you the story of how he used to talk with the seals. It was funny. Speaking of funny, you can probably imagine this without me telling you, Alfred had us in stitches a lot when we were growing up. (In case that is just a local expression, “in stitches,” that means we laughed a lot. Very fun and funny.

I love the image of you and Dolly singing to the dudes (?). That is just Priceless. Speaking of images, although that was a mental image, yes you can send me a few pictures but not too many. There is a limit of 20 pictures in the cell and I have my limit but when people send me a few more, then I can trade them out and send the excess into storage. So if you sent three or four pictures in a letter nobody gets in a sweat. I wonder what the storage looks like. Stuff keeps getting sent there, that people try to send me and I cannot have. I will need a few wheel barrels or a pickup truck when I leave here. People send stuff and I can't have it, how sad. It's pretty strict around here. Oh and you mentioned internet, definitely not! I wonder if people are trying to send me emails. Oh dear, I dread trying to wade through thousands of emails when I get out. I will probably just have to delete all and start over as it will be too overwhelming.

Very interesting that you got persecuted by the doctors for breastfeeding. When I had my daughter, breastfeeding was encouraged but the actual support to do so was not that great. I became a La Leche League leader and did that for a number of years in my town. I learned a lot about the industry of baby food, formula, etc. Boycott of Nestle ever since.

The hot water just got delivered through the little hatch in the door. I feel so special here, getting room service like that! Now I am going to enjoy my cup of coffee, knit and listen to music on the radio for a bit. That is my early morning routine I'll be back.

An hour later... I love that part of the day. Come to think of it, there are many parts of the day that I really enjoy. So you see, they are not getting me down. I am sure that you would be the same. You wouldn't waste very many minutes or seconds on self-pity and you would get right to work on becoming creative and using the time well. 

On the subject of being well, I want to add that I certainly couldn't do it alone! Just like you said about the karaoke coming from God, I too feel I am being guided and helped by spirit and that includes all the loving energy thoughts and prayers coming from many many people including yourself. Thank you also for the Bible verses, and the Elvis lyrics. We used to sing the German folk song Muss I Denn, around the campfire when my dad's best friend came over from Germany and visited us one summer with his wife and two of his many children, they did that twice with different children the second time. He belted out those folk songs and we sang along and just loved it.

Well, my dear, it has been lovely spending part of my morning with you. Let's do it again sometime, yes? I'll put the kettle on... We are the birds flying free in this picture love Monica.

NTS Notes:  I for one am glad that Monika is trying to keep her spirits high....It still troubles me that she has had to endure this hardship on ridiculously trumped up and bullshit charges..

It does show the censorship in full gear in Germany when they purposely delay any mail from reaching Monika in her prison cell....And I can guarantee the bastards are in fact reading every piece of mail before Monika is able to read it herself!

I am of course going to continue putting up here every piece of information that I receive concerning this farce of a trial..... It is important for all readers to get the real truths about this situation and not the bullshit that the Jew spew media tries to fill their heads with....

More to come


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Updates On Syrian Situation: Final OPCW Report Shows Definite Proof That Douma "Chemical Weapons" Attack Was A False Flag!

Yes, I am once again playing 'catch up' with what has been happening in our sick world... This is of course due to my projects on the go and my inability due to lack of time to sit down, surf the internet, and come up with articles at this blog... I am stuck with having to write articles when I have the time!

It has been a while since I last filed a report here about the real situation in Syria... And that is indeed long overdue....I have been doing my best in updating the ongoing war for the freedom of the Syrian people through my weekly 'rants', but a full article to cover some key issues is overdue....

First, I want to share the following article that I came across from the Russia Today online news site, at, where apparently that after almost one full year after the key city of Al Raqqa was "liberated" by the US "coalition" forces along with their Kurdish "allies", the city is nearly a ghost town where the survivors are still digging up the corpses of the victims of that brutal US led slaughter to this day!  Here is the link to that report here:

I read that report, and to me, I am so disgusted....BUT this report should indeed be a "reality check" for those idiots out there that still believe blindly that the US is in Syria to "fight terrorism"... The reality is that the US is still illegally operating in northeastern Syria for nothing more than the establishment of an illegal "Kurdish state" and to work with the Kurdish criminal forces to "ethnically cleanse" cities and towns in their path of onslaught.... Al Raqqa is today the best evidence of this brutal act of genocide where the city was purposely destroyed to cleanse it of its Syrian civilians!

And as a comparison between how the US has "liberated" Al Raqqa and basically left it to ruin and death, we find a different story in the key northern Syrian city of Aleppo, where now a full 2+ years since it was truly liberated and restored to the Syrian people by the good guys, the Syrian government forces and their Russian/Arabic allies, the city is open and truly free where the people are happy and thriving!  Here, for example, is a short video through Russia Today showing what Aleppo is like today:

Yes, here we have proof once again of the fact that when the US gets involved in any war on foreign nations today, they leave nothing but destruction in their path.... The comparison between Al Raqqa and Aleppo today is all the proof that anyone needs.

And... I came across the following report via the Duran website, at, where apparently the OPCW has FINALLY come forward with the truth that the so called "chemical weapons" attack that supposedly happened on April 7th was indeed a fraud and a massive false flag for nothing more than to try to vilify Bashar al-Assad to lay the groundwork for an American attack on Syria itself... Here is the link to that report here:

Honestly, I and others in the real truth movement knew from the word go that this Douma "gas attack" was indeed a fraud, and we did our utmost from the time of that incident to alert everyone to not fall for the garbage that the Jew spew media was portraying... Now we all feel vindicated for our efforts..

However, due to the dumbing down of the American sheeple and the inability of the majority of Americans to see reality from the crap that the Jew spew media fills their heads with, this report will not be seen by most Americans... I have watched the American Jew spew media over the last few days since this OPCW report came out to see if they would put out a report on these findings, and I found ZERO reports on the Talmudvision!   But of course I am not shocked at all, as the criminal Jewish pricks that control the media want to continue to cloud the minds of Americans from the truth to prepare them for wars for Israel...

And about the ongoing situation in the real war in Syria by the Syrian people to free their nation from the US/Israel/NATO scourge, I do want to present the latest update on the Syrian war thanks of course to the Southfront website, at, dated just yesterday, July 10th, 2018... Here is the link to that report here:

Yes, the facts are clear that the last vestiges of any US backed "terrorists" or equally laughable "rebel" forces left in southwestern Syria are now on the run and the entire area will indeed be cleared up within the next week.... And with that, the SAA can now concentrate on cleaning up the eastern desert area of "ISIS" and finally turn their attention to the Kurds in northeastern Syria as well as that last remaining pocket centered on Idlib in the north...

The facts are that this Syrian war for their freedom has gone on for way too long, but the light is now at the end of the tunnel for the Syrian people.... I for one will be celebrating when the Syrian nation is finally free of outside interference and control..

More to come


*Update July 13th, 2018:  Global Research in Canada has picked up on the crimes against humanity committed by the US and their "coalition" when it destroyed the city of Raqqa.... Here is the link to their report here:

Yes, it is so sad when even Amnesty International shows clear evidence of genocide in Raqqa.... It was indeed absolutely a genocide of innocent civilians and NOT this "fighting terrorist" bullshit that the US continues to claim!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Kangaroo Court "Trial" Of Monika And Alfred Schaefer In Germany Continues: Latest Updates On This Farce!

I am still deep into major home renovations, and have little time to sit down these last few days to surf the internet... But I finally got a bit of time this afternoon to post an article or two here at this blog!

I have been waiting patiently for any updates on that ludicrous and truly criminal "trial" in Germany for both Monika and Alfred Schaefer who of course are sitting in that kangaroo court on "charges" of "inciting hate".... And thanks to Lady Michel Renouf, who has been attending this "trial" in the court audience, we now have the following update for all to see...

I also want to thank John Kaminski of course who forwarded the following report via email to myself... And without any further adieu, here is that report here:


SCHAEFER TRIAL, MUNICH, Germany, Thursday, DAY #4, July 5, 2018

Report From the Right End of the Horse

Press correspondent for The Barnes Review and American Free Press, Lady Michèle Renouf writes:

This imprisonment of ordinary citizens asking legitimate questions, will no longer be ignored by the citizens. 


As explained to me by Scientist of Law Sylvia Stolz: The “Muppet Show” trials (as defined by Defendant Alfred Schaefer) in Munich are occurring in the Germany of today which technically is still without a constitution – for the Basic Law (Grundgesetz) is NOT a State Constitution (Verfassung), since the Federal Republic (Bundesrepublik) is not a State.  
Sylvia pointed out that Professor Carlo Schmid (one of the most important constitutional advisers in the development of post-1945 Germany) described the Basic Law to which he was a signatory in 1948 as not a sovereign State constitution, but rather as “Organisationsform einer Modalität der Fremdherrschaft” – an Organisational Form of a Mode of Foreign Domination.  Prof. Schmid explicitly stated that the German people were not sovereign, and that the Basic Law was precisely that – a Basic Law not a Constitution: a transitional holding mechanism of rules and regulations. Thereby the Federal Republic is not a State.
Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz was arrested as an alleged war criminal a few days after the signing of a military capitulation. Thereby no Head of State (as Dönitz was for the  German Reich) signed a peace agreement and thus Germany is still a victors’ occupied country. 
This Basic Law was imposed on Occupied Germans by the “victors” – the Western Allies – following the senseless inter-gentile World War 2.  German Citizens were not consulted on this in 1948, in the way German citizens had been democratically consulted in 1933. And so, unlike previous wars, there has never been a negotiated peace treaty with the still-valid German State (Deutsches Reich from 1871) whose authority survives although its on-going existence remains disdained by the Occupying “victor” Allies since 1945.  This is the key to the case the Schaefers are opening in their quest for all to grasp – this, as it were, holding law cornerstone, which they would like to see fall down. 
The important implication of this trial is pertinent for us all worldwide.  Apart from a Japanese reporter who came with me for the first day or so of the Munich trial, there was no British or English-speaking reporter on the spot – nor seemingly any other, not of the mainstream media, which means perhaps no foreign journalist will risk handling this topic in Germany because the laws are so ludicrously dangerous.  An unwary foreigner raising an arm publicly in a greeting could find it clapped in handcuffs!  Now a crime is a gesture, thought, opinion, word, insignia rather than a brutal act, anti-social swindle, or property theft. This case requires international eyes.
In England, an ex-soldier with an “exemplary record”, Jeremy Bedford-Turner, has been given a 12 months’ custodial sentence for publicly and peacefully informing his fellow citizens at a demo that one exceptionalist-identifying people warrant a “vigilante” police force paid for by the general taxpayers.  Trained and empowered by the genuine police, this “community service” operates on our streets in imitation uniforms, vehicles, and equipment – the only difference is their cars bear the Jewish word Shomrim instead of Police, and their focus is on protecting one select component of the citizenry in Britain’s unelected “multi-culti” experiment. Bedford-Turner allegedly said: “All politicians are nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing to a Jewish tune.”  
A State’s law and its law-enforcers are supposed to be for all.  The Volksverhetzung para.130 law under which the Schaefer Siblings are being tried in Germany is imposed upon one sort of opinion and insignia mode and not upon all unpopular political and repellent fashion modes. Attorneys are generally reluctant to defend politically “incorrect” citizens for the real fear of being prosecuted themselves if they seem to act “too well” in the interests of their clients.  Such attorneys who do risk defending their clients by arguing for their case must dance on the wire.

Trial Session: Thursday, DAY #4, July 5, 2018

Yesterday’s trial session saw Monika describing herself growing up amidst a well-blessed family even as she mentions that there was a certain stigma about being German after the war (which I can confirm as equally true in other former British dominions like Australia and New Zealand).   These siblings each showed themselves and their family history as far from any cases of what the Prosecution would wish to present as damaged hate-filled personalities.  Monika had presented herself as a former Jasper Park ranger, an environmental activist as a spokesperson for the Jasper Environmental Association, and had run as a candidate for the Green Party in Alberta, Canada. Currently a musician, a violin and viola teacher, she sees herself in essence as a peace-loving “social justice warrior”.  At university she studied Natural Law.  Since making her pacific video on German soil, belatedly to her mother: “Sorry Mum I was Wrong About the Holocaust” –  in Canada, Monika Schaefer has suffered social exclusion and cruel ostracism. Her case did not attract much mainstream media attention, either in Canada or in Germany.  She lacks, perhaps, the notoriety of the late Ernst Zündel, convicted of similar charges by a German court in 2007. Yet Ernst Zündel who spent two years in solitary confinement in the Toronto Detention Centre + a further five years in Mannheim Prison in Germany, emerged still declaring to me in my Telling Films “Unbowed” that “thoughts are free”.  
I, and my international Winter Solstice 2017 guests, plus those who may view that 11 minutes’ private film about her “The Good Comrade” – – will happily confirm that being in Monika Schaefer’s presence is life enhancing.
She spent much naturally generous teaching time in showing a young guest aged nine the fundamentals of the piano and violin.  The same applies to her convivial and generous-spirited brother who likewise seems gifted with natural teaching disposition to foster intellectual enquiry.  The Prosecution will have an impossible task to convince, to the contrary, anyone with a respect for truth and justice …yet that contrariwise will be the goal of the Prosecution.  The law concerns incitement with malicious intent. These siblings are all about educational intent, and like their parents, evidently are prompted by light-hearted civic-mindedness.
Here is a photo spoof intended to illustrate the mocking fun Alfred means to make about the ludicrous criminalising of the Roman salute which in his case he says he is indicating how high his dog can jump!
Curiously, and perhaps not unrelately, Thursday’s session begins with the aggressively theatrical arrest of  a spectator in the public gallery.  An unnamed man is pointed out by the Judge who accuses him of insulting the Prosecutor yesterday on his way out at the end of the day.  (Legal expert Sylvia Stolz points out to me that this Prosecutor is not a ‘State’ Prosecutor because the Federal Republic has no State status in law, for the Basic Law is a holding law since today’s Germany has no Constitutional sovereignty.)   The unnamed man was said to have told the ’State’ Prosecutor that she should be ashamed of herself and experience prison from the inside. It’s a citizen’s harmless opinion – and was not made during the proceedings but afterwards – yet the exceedingly enraged judge ordered the man to spend 4 days in prison for his passing aside.  With the tone of “off with his head!” the shouting judge’s behaviour was reminiscent of the playing cards Queen in Alice in Wonderland.  He then turned on Alfred whom he accused of shaking his head into his hands.  The judge seemed set upon strategically goading an hysterical atmosphere but Alfred did not rise to it, stating only that whatever he said in reply would be “twisted and weaponised” into seeming quite contrary to his character.  
The histrionic judge required a brief recess to collect himself.  The Prosecution will have to wind up Alfred if there is any hope of portraying this good-natured man as “aggressive” in order to fit the “menace” charge.  (I witnessed this very technique with the judge at the trial in London of Jeremy Bedford-Turner who like Alfred, is good-natured and prompted by civic-conscientiousness not malice.)  RA Nahrath called for a two hours’ interruption in which again to draw up a complaint about the bias of the leading judge. From 10 a.m. to noon the session was duly suspended to the purpose. When the trial resumed RA Miksche submitted his statement regarding the judge’s partiality, and was told the issue would be considered next week.  
The session proper began with the screening of Alfred’s first film to show the commencement of his political awakening. Earlier the judge had tried to limit the viewing of Alfred’s video to the single frame where there appears the banned emblem of a swastika.  Alfred succeeded to insist the court view his entire 63 minutes’ video – The Gatekeepers of 9/11 – Controlled Opposition” .  The facile cherry picking of the judge who had simply wanted to point to the swastika at minute 23 would have meant missing the point that at that period in 2013 Alfred was what he called  “75% still indoctinated with anti-Fascist left-leaning sympathies”. Indeed in this first film, Alfred is using the swastika and referring to fascism and to Goebbels the propagandist in an entirely derogatory politically-correct manner!  This film is in English, with German subtitles.  
In this film (at minute 23) the sole purpose (in line with Alfred’s beliefs in 2013) of displaying the swastika is to draw an equivalence between Zionism and “nazism”, as differentiated from Jews and Germans.
Two professional translators will be given the task of producing German subtitles for the court, for each of Alfred’s films. 
Following the screening, the Prosecution claims Alfred has deployed no facts to simply project upon others his own fantasies.
In “The Gatekeepers of 9/11” Alfred focuses on his former hero, famous linguistics professor Noam Chomsky.  He describes the correspondence he had with Chomsky over 9/11 and the scientifically-discredited consensual opinion concerning why the third tower (‘Building 7’) collapsed, though no one even claims it had been struck by a plane.  Alfred cites Russia Today who interviewed Jon Cole (of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth); Elizabeth Woodworth (of; and Dr Graeme Macqueen (Eyewitness Research) who relies on 118 witnesses which include the first fire-fighting responders.  Alfred was prompted to write to his hero Chomsky after being “disappointed” with Chomsky’s “denigrating and dismissing” the status of the scientists, architects and engineers as a tiny bunch of “people who spend one hour on the internet and think they know everything”.
Chomsky’s recorded attitude towards those scientists whom he denigrates as unserious reminds me of The Holocaust Industry author Norman Finkelstein. During a 2006 television discussion between two guests – Finkelstein and myself – the self-promoting ‘political scientist’ disdained all participants (which included university professors) at the Teheran Conference 2006 (an all-sides, open debate on ‘The Holocaust – A Global Review’) as only “kitchen-sink people”. In his film Alfred says Chomsky displayed “evasive behaviour as well as denigrating the vast community of architects and engineers and other concerned citizens” as a mere “small, isolated clique – your problem, not mine”. The film continues with his being interviewed by Christopher Bollyn. The correspondence Alfred pursues with Chomsky is at no time anything other than respectful and cordial, never aggressive: even as Chomsky accuses him of “insults”, Alfred thanks him for “taking up so much of his precious time” to correspond with him.  There is no basis for the Judge’s contention that Alfred was aggressive and disrespectful towards Chomsky.
Alfred’s two questions to “each and every one” of his viewers are:
1) When did you become informed about what really happened on 9/11?
2) What did you do with the knowledge?
These questions do not seem “incitement” to violence; rather they are “incitement” to intellectual enquiry.
Alfred questions Chomsky about his “denial” of the evidence that the official version of 9/11 depends on asserting facts that are scientifically impossible – that “are only possible if you believe in magic”.
This brings to mind the incident during the 1980s Toronto trials of Ernst Zündel.  Canadian Attorney Douglas Christie cross-examined the doyen of “Holocaust” historians Dr Raul Hilberg.  Christie asked whether this eminent academic can produce any form of written order to carry out industrial, mass homicidal gassing of Jews.  Dr Hilberg replies: “I am at a loss.”  Hilberg repeated his view that the “Holocaust” had been achieved by “an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus-mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy”.  (He had first used these words in a lecture in 1982, and research for Zündel’s defence team by Prof. Robert Faurisson, a specialist in precise documentary analysis, had given Doug Christie the devastating material for his revelatory cross-examination.)
President Bush’s “Homeland Security” czar Michael Chertoff (a dual U.S.-Israeli national) is highlighted in Alfred’s film.  Chertoff “allowed the crucial evidence to be destroyed” – physical evidence from the 9/11 scene, such as the buildings’ steel structures – rather than allowing it to be properly analysed.  “Nearly all of this crucial evidence wound up being hastily chopped up into small pieces in New Jersey scrap yards and shipped to China, where it was melted down.”  Alfred describes this as “a clear case of the criminal destruction of evidence”, for which Michael Chertoff (“the son of an Israeli Mossad agent, Livia Eisen”) was responsible.
Side-lining of evidence is standard practice in German courts.  For example I witnessed the trial of Germar Rudolf, the Planck Institute chemist who had gone to Auschwitz following the pioneering example of U.S. execution technology expert Fred Leuchter. The evidential exhibits which Germar wished to present to the court in support of his case were in themselves disdained by the court as contravening the doctrine that orthodox “Holocaust history” is to be deemed “manifestly obvious” (“offenkundig”), hence escaping scientific scrutiny – any dissent being condemned as criminal heresy.  Yet another example of where an attorney defending a case can face prosecution if appearing to “defend their client too well”.
In the manner of a schoolteacher giving “a lesson”, Alfred concludes: “one very positive thing about 9/11 (every cloud has a silver lining!) is that it has rekindled interest in other strange events of the past, such as Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, which some people are not even aware of”.
Specifically addressing “my Jewish friends”, Alfred said “you are completely innocent of wrongdoing; you have only been deceived and brainwashed like almost all of us were.  And now that you know, it is of utmost importance to reach out to your friends and neighbours [to inform them] before they come to you”.  Yet the Judge accused Alfred of insulting Jews.  It is likewise clear in the film that Alfred speaks in polite, non-threatening terms when, under the heading of “Chomsky Stumbles” he expresses his disappointment that “Chomsky places tribal instincts above his sense of humanity”. 
The overall accusation seems to be, that Alfred’s behaviour and his videos are the product of an inherently aggressive nature, and that in his videos Alfred supposedly makes threats against people who have a different opinion.  As evidence of the effects of this alleged “aggression” the Prosecution has pointed to the behaviour of the man in the public gallery who spoke after the close of yesterday’s proceedings to the Prosecutor.  Obviously this little drama was being deployed in order to present Alfred as a very aggressive person, despite the evidence of this film that Alfred is clearly of a patient school teacher’s disposition.
During the trial session on Thursday July 5 the judge clearly tried to corner Alfred with this: he accused Alfred, after the German version of his video
Ende der Lüge” (“End of the Lie”) was shown, of making threats in his video. Alfred answered, that there is a difference between threatening and warning.
The judge asked him to explain this and Alfred gave a perfect example without hesitating. He said: if you want to swim across the lake on a cold winter’s day
I will tell you that you should not do this, because you will drown. This is a warning, not a threat!  Frau Schaufer, Alfred’s wife, told me that “The judge began playing around with words like “freiwillig”, which means voluntary, or not “freiwillig”. Even I couldn’t quite follow his train of thought. How should Alfred.  The language Alfred mainly grew up with – at school, university, in his jobs and in everyday and social life – is English. One can clearly notice this, when he speaks openly in German. He is not as fluent and eloquent as he is, when he speaks openly in English. He is not familiar with the subtleties of the German language”.
The explanation by Alfred during the trial, about the difference between a threat and a warning, appears to have something to do with his current arrest, though I do not understand the circumstances.
I heard two non-political locals from Munich with whom I got chatting in a cafe say they would not dare take an interest in the trial because they must show their passports to obtain entry to the public gallery.  This they feared might put them on some watch list even though they are in no way party to the issues.  Terror.  I am sure that if citizens in England were legally obliged to submit to revealing their identities before showing an ordinary curiosity about the goings-on in our courts, that many of them, too, would shy away from attending any politically related trial.  Terror, the ‘lynch’-pin of a police-state.  All Alfred is trying to teach would seem to be that legal and ‘State’ prejudice against political free-will to hold and advance an opinion is no longer to be ignored by the citizens.
The same is true of Jeremy Bedford-Turner who said to his fellow citizens, “did you know about this?”.  This is public need-to-know. Curiouser and curiouser is this “first the verdict” conduct in “Muppet Show” bewilderland. Heresy fear and persecution avoidance was foreshadowed so aptly by the Monty Python sketch when the Pavlovian trigger response to “Jehovah!” releases a barrrage of stones upon the offending heretic.  This response is no longer restricted to satirical sketches.  I have had my house windows literally stoned repeatedly by Antifa simply for my Telling Films which attempt to record these Trials and tribulations of the likes of the late attorney Manfred Roeder and the late publicist Ernst Zündel. On such occasions these stonings occurred to mark the death of these, in fact, harmless international peace-through-open-debate warriors.
RA Nahrath has succeeded after asking the Court to have all Alfred’s videos translated into German.  This means that the Trial dates are now extended into August. The case continues on Thursday July 12thFriday 13th, Monday 16th, plus dates to be announced in August.  

Friday afternoon update, July 6th 2018

New police raid during thought-crime trial in Munich of Canadian-Germans Monika and Alfred Schaefer
Alfred Schaefer seized in Police raid at his home

At the home of Alfred Schaefer he and I had just finished watching and discussing matters re his videos he was succeeding to screen in full in the Munich courtroom …and then his wife laid table for lunch after I removed my laptop …and so I went to wash my hands. I then heard Police, a
t 2 pm, knocking on my bathroom door announcing their arrival. It was as if one were suddenly in a nightmare Hollywood movie about a police state action! At first I thought maybe high-spirited Alfred was playing a joke. On opening my bathroom door, there stood 2 armed officers awaiting me.
I handed over my passport; they said they’d come to arrest Alfred. I saw 5 of them handcuff my host.
Taking with him the little packed cheese lunch his experienced wife swiftly made and handed to one officer for her husband, Alfred was hauled away for reasons the police declined to explain to me. Possibly it was about something he had perhaps said when yesterday he had duly turned up at the police station, as he has to do twice per week since he is out on bail. Whatever this “crime” was, he’s again in a police cell now. His wife advised that I and HH should disappear asap in case police returned knowing now that we two were there, easy to haul in for good measure. Vot a business. Cat and mouse – but at least valiant Frau Schaefer made sure we each retrieved the cheese!

Sunday update, July 8th 2018 

Yesterday the magistrate decided that Alfred has to remain in custody in Stadelheim Prison in Munich until the next day of his trial begins, which is Thursday July 12th.   Alfred is now ‘next door’ to Monika!  On Thursday the Court will decide upon Alfred’s freedom again, whether he is to be allowed to sleep at his home during his exhausting Court appearances or returned each night, inexplicably, to a cell.  He is no ‘flight risk’.  The accusations made against Alfred, which led to his latest arrest are (as far as his wife can see) is that there is “a danger of suppression of evidence” and that Alfred “would try to influence people who are involved in the proceedings”.  Which “witnesses” should he be allegedly “influencing” no one knows.

Monday update, July 9th 2018

Readers might expect that Alfred and Monika could seek protection from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – adopted by the United Nations in 1966 and supposedly in force since 1976, protecting basic human rights such as freedom of expression.  Article 19 of this Covenant states “Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference.”  It continues: “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice.”
The third paragraph of Article 19 then qualifies these rights by accepting that they can be restricted, but only by laws which are necessary “for respect of the rights or reputations of others” or for protecting national security, public order, public health or morals.  Article 20 goes on: “Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.”
There are obvious problems and potential contradictions here, and it is not surprising that there have been attempts to clarify the Covenant’s meaning.  The UN’s Human Rights Committee has periodically issued commentaries for this purpose, and in 2011 the Committee’s “General Comment 34” offered some hope to criminalised dissident historians and others by stating: “Laws that penalise the expression of opinions about historical facts are incompatible with the obligations that the Covenant imposes on States parties in relation to the respect for freedom of opinion and expression.”  A footnote referred specifically to the case of the French revisionist historian and expert on documentary analysis Professor Robert Faurisson.
On 22nd December 2011 Prof. Faurisson wrote to the Office of the UN High Commissioner asking whether the so-called Gayssot Act of 1990, a French law specifically designed to target Prof. Faurisson by criminalising sceptical enquiry into “Holocaust” history, contravened Article 19.  He pointed out that France was “a charter signatory to the 1966 Covenant but a country which, nevertheless, sentences peaceable citizens to imprisonment for their writings on history.”
In particular, Prof. Faurisson drew attention to the admonition in the UN Human Rights Committee’s “General Comment 34” that “a law may not confer unfettered discretion for the restriction of freedom of expression on those charged with its execution.”  He suggested that French law had done just that:
“With respect to paragraphs 35 and 36 I submit that France, in its checks on public expression of views on history under the Gayssot Act, has failed to “demonstrate in specific and individualised fashion the precise nature of the threat” to the rights and reputation of persons or to public order (Covenant, article 19) purportedly constituted by utterances and writings contravening the said Act, and has failed as well to demonstrate “the necessity and proportionality of the specific [restrictive] action taken, in particular by establishing a direct and immediate connection between the expression and the threat.””
Almost seven years later Germany’s courts continue to ignore this human rights Covenant.  Though Monika Schaefer has been held in prison for the past six months, there has been no attempt to demonstrate any precise threat, or any incitement of violence.  Monika’s video is entirely non-threatening and pacific in its presentation, whatever one’s estimation of the “Holocaust”.  Instead the German courts (in their customary fashion) rely on an “unfettered” general prohibition of certain historical opinions, in complete disregard of the Human Rights Committee’s warning.
The UK courts are by no means perfect (as we have seen in the recent prosecution of Jeremy Bedford-Turner), but the German law and German courts are far worse.  In the UK it would be necessary to demonstrate either that the “criminal” words were “intended” to stir up racial hatred, or that “having regard to all the circumstances” they were likely to do so.  Additionally the words must be found by the court to be “threatening, abusive or insulting”.
In Germany the courts hold that in and of itself “Holocaust denial” is a criminal incitement.  There is no requirement to prove intention or likelihood to stir up hatred; and no requirement to prove that the words used were “threatening, abusive or insulting”.  The expression could be entirely mild: so long as the content involves “Holocaust denial” it is deemed criminal in Germany – despite the failure of courts or legislators to define exactly what they mean by “the Holocaust”.
In the case of Alfred Schaefer, prosecutors in the present trial are seeking to bundle together a series of videos and present Alfred as “aggressive” and threatening.  So far he has succeeded in playing the entire “9/11 Gatekeepers” video to the court, which cannot reasonably be viewed as aggressive, but prosecutors are persisting with their strategy of piecing together rhetorical expressions excerpted from different videos and speeches.  This is an effort to criminalise a broader range of dissident political expressions, some of which are not covered by the “catch-all” prohibition of “Holocaust denial”.
The outcome of the Schaefer siblings’ trial will have vital implications for the liberties not only of Germans but of all visitors to European Union countries.
“No surrender”!
Michèle Renouf

NTS Notes: Honestly, NOTHING surprises me any more when it comes to the criminality of these Jewish scoundrels.... They are hell bent on having both of these most innocent people railroaded and found guilty... Which is why this truly is nothing but a "kangaroo court" and a complete farce...

I must also applaud the efforts of Sylvia Stolz for her input into this "trial" for she once again will probably face more "charges" for simply helping out with the defense of Monika and Alfred.... It is indeed disgusting how low the German nation has fallen...

I will be honest here.. Even though the defense has brought forward and will continue to bring forward some major evidence that shows the innocence of Monika and Alfred, they will of course be found "guilty" no matter what... For once again it all comes down to the fact that in modern Germany , "The truth is NO defense"....

I will continue with many more updates as they come forward.. So stay tuned...

More to come