Monday, April 30, 2018

Israel Gunning For War Against Iran: Insane Failed Used Furniture Salesman Who Is Also Israel's Prime Minister Gives Ridiculous Presentation Claiming Iran Falsely Has Nuclear Weapons!

Well.... After yesterday's rant, I decided to take a bit of some "rest and relaxation" for the rest of the day hoping to unwind and recharge for what could be a busy week for myself..... Little did I realize, like most everyone else, that the psychotic and insane state of Israel decided to launch a missile strike last night against targets in Syria claiming that they were attacking "Iranian installations"!   We may in fact have just been pushed to the edge of a major regional war in the Middle East thanks to these sick freak Jewish bastards...

First, I want to play a little bit of "catching up" on what has been happening since that Israeli strike against Syria last night..... And I want to turn to several articles from my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes the great blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at Her first report about this horrendous and diabolical Israeli missile strike at targets in Syria is at the link here:

Penny has followed up her original report with this one that states that we may indeed be on the brink of a major regional war between the psychos in Israel, and of course the peaceful nation of Iran...Here is the link to that report here:

OK,  I have not gone over all of the assessments of the damage inflicted by the psychos in Israel against targets in Syria...But needless to say, I have been stating for the last few years that the insane state of Israel is hell bent on getting a nice little war launched against Iran and to see the STUPID American government obediently do as their Jewish masters want and do all of the fighting for that sick and twisted state.....

It is apparent that these missile strikes were absolutely 100% coordinated between the psychotic state of Israel and of course the American military..... And what is now happening is the US is of course waiting for a "response" from Iran which they will then use the Jew spew media to falsely claim that "Iran attacked Israel" and thus get that nice little war against Iran off and running.... It is a sick and twisted game, and I can only hope that the Iranians do not fall for this trap...

Meanwhile... My fellow Canadian truth seeker that hails from the wilds of British Columbia, Greencrow, has been all over this heinous attack as well with her own reports.... And I want to present the first link from her website at, that covers the first reports about that strike, here:

OK, Here are the links to several subsequent reports from Greencrow's website here:

It is indeed most interesting how the psychos in Israel, and especially that failed Lithuanian Jewish used furniture salesman, Benyamin Miliekosky aka Netanyahu, is out there ranting and screaming to high heaven that 'Iran is to blame' for this missile attack... That raving lunatic even released a "slick" video presentation to the world where he is once again trying to (falsely) claim that Iran has "nuclear weapons" and that "Israel has the right to defend itself" from nonexistent Iranian "aggression".... Here in fact is that video presentation, and for my readers own health get ready to puke:

I actually watched this entire video,and honestly I had a hard time trying not to vomit... This failed used furniture salesman is a raving lunatic that has no real evidence at all of any Iranian "nukes" and instead tries to sell the world that a war with Iran is necessary to save his own shitty little state that should not exist in the first place!

Honestly, this "video presentation" by that lunatic Miliekowsky is as bad as when he went in front of the UN some time back with his pictures of bombs that looked like they came from a Looney Tunes cartoon....  And this lunatic is expecting people to swallow this crap?

And finally, I want to present a most interesting link to an article from the Moon Of Alabama website, at, that shows that something much bigger is behind this criminal Israeli missile strike... Here is that link here:

OK,  I do agree that what the Israelis are presenting is not only outdated but absolutely the most ridiculous and laughable assertions about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program imaginable..

I am indeed perplexed by this action by Israel at this time... Yes, these psychos are hell bent on a regional war and again to have the US do all the fighting and dying... And honestly considering how mentally insane they are, they do not give a crap if the war spreads into a world war between Russia and the US for they are stupid enough to actually think that they will survive and be in control of what is left of the planet when it is all over....

One other thing that is not discussed and it may have something to do with this push for war against Iran.... The Iranians formally about a week and a half ago stopped trading their petroleum exports in US dollars and switched over their entire Oil trading to Euros..... This action has been almost never discussed anywhere in either the Jew spew media or the alternative media, but it is terribly important and I will explain why...

The US economy has been in free fall for decades and the US dollar has only been kept alive due to the fact that the world's major Petroleum exporters have  been forced since  1973 to do their oil trading exclusively in US dollars... This is in fact the "Petrodollar" scheme and it has basically kept the worthless US dollar alive for some 45 years now...  But many nations are now beginning to turn away from the forced usage of the US dollar for their reserve currencies, especially when buying or selling Oil, and have begun to switch to other currencies.... The facts are that if nations stopped trading their oil in US dollars, it could be a disaster for the US government, as many nations would no longer keep US dollars as their "reserve currency" primarily for the trading of oil..... The result could see a massive devaluation of the US dollar which could lead to full economic collapse of the US itself...

The US has in fact launched several wars of aggression in the past to make sure nations are forced to continue to trade using US dollars.... ONE prime example of this criminal US action was in 2003 where Saddam Hussein had switched Iraq's oil trading from the US dollar to the Euro and the US response was to invade and destroy Iraq itself.... One of the first actions by the American occupation in Iraq was to switch Iraq's oil trading back to the US dollar!

Therefore, the Iranians moving away from the US dollar is a disaster for the US, and could signal other Petroleum export nations to do the same.... I therefore could indeed see the US now pushing for war on Iran to force the Iranian nation back on the Petro-dollar much like they did to Iraq... It therefore does make sense for the US government now to back up Israel and plan for a massive new war against Iran just to save their economic necks....  But would the US risk a world war just to force Iran back on the Petrodollar???

I am going to try to do my best to keep up on this new and dangerous situation in Syria.... And again I want to thank my fellow Canadian friends, both Penny and Greencrow, for their articles and takes on this situation.... Well done, ladies!

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 29th, 2018

It is Sunday once again... And better late than never here is my weekend rant..

First, the temperatures here in central Canada are much much colder than usual for this time of year... The average daytime high is well BELOW normal with overnight lows still in the -5C range... Daytime highs are not much better with temperatures in the mid teens celsius, when in previous years they have already reached into the mid 20 celsius range.... And I just read this morning that my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny has had SNOW in southern Ontario to boot!   Yes, this is absolutely due to the fact that SOL is now in a solar minimum and has NOTHING to do with the fraud of "Global Warming" at all..... I for one would surely love to see the bastards behind the Global Warming scam try to claim that this year, 2018, will be the "hottest on record" as they have wrongfully claimed for each previous year in this decade alone..... But the real sad part of all this is how the crooked and abysmal Trudeau regime in Ottawa will still push forward their "carbon tax" swindle on the Canadian public under the false pretext of "saving the planet from overheating"..... Honestly how gullible and stupid have the Canadian people become that they will fall for this "carbon tax" garbage without any resistance at all??

OK, I have indeed been so terribly busy these last few days  with so many issues and other concerns on my plate.... That and having my mother still in recovery in a local hospital has put one heck of a strain on my health that when I get home late at night I am absolutely wiped out..... I figure some much needed rest and relaxation is once again needed and I may take a break from writing at this blog once again soon.... I will let everyone know if and when I do take a "short vacation" to re-energize....

Well, I was out and about the other day and I stopped at the local Tim Horton's coffee shop in the morning to see if some of the regulars that I used to hang out with were still there... And luckily a few of them were indeed enjoying their morning cup of coffee and were glad to see me and of course asked me to join them to do some 'catching up'.... Well, the conversation of course turned to world affairs and politics, and one of them asked me how I knew that the North Korean fiasco was indeed that ..A fiasco and a bust... I told them flat out that the evil ones in control of the world would not allow for a "nuclear war" to take place on the Korean Peninsula that could have led to a world war for the fact that they are still busy pillaging the last vestiges of wealth out of our nations and were not yet prepared to "pull the plug" and allow the entire world to either get into a major conflict or a complete world wide economic collapse... Instead I pointed out that I was right that the conflict was a dud and that it was for one purpose only, which was to sell weapons to US client states in Asia..... The fear mongering did its job well in getting leaders of those client states so paranoid that they went out and bought BILLIONS of dollars of brand spanking new military hardware and advanced weapons for a war that was never going to happen.... Basically the entire Korean fiasco was for the US military industrial complex and their weapons and business was indeed good for these pricks....

And now we have Kim Jong-un being the one making peace initiatives with the leadership of South Korea and seeking a final closure to the 68 year old Korean War with a proper peace treaty to boot.... I for one would love to see the Korean conflict end and have South Korea finally send the US forces still in their nation packing.... BUT I am not in agreement with Kim's proposal to have peace on the Korean peninsula by giving up his nuclear arsenal... Kim wants an agreement with the US stating that he would indeed surrender and end his nuclear ambitions as long as the US agrees to NOT invade North Korea... My advise to North Korea would be to never give up your nuclear arsenal, for the US government can not be trusted to abide by an agreement for no nukes = no invasion.... We have all seen what has happened to nations such as Iraq, and especially Libya, where those nations basically gave up their weapons of mass destruction to seek peace only to see the US and NATO never abide by their part of the bargain and instead go ahead and attack!  It would be fool hardy and the biggest mistake for the Koreans to surrender their one deterrence against American aggression...  I for one would again welcome peace in Korea, but a real peace and one that does not have US interference attached...

Well, the fraud "chemical weapons" false flag" fiasco in Syria has unravelled as expected... ALL evidence and proof now shows that the alleged "chemical weapons" attack in the town of Douma was indeed a massive set up and hoax perpetrated by those fraud "White Helmets" clowns and US backed operatives.... Therefore that cruise missile attack that we saw on the 13th of April was completely unjustified and was launched under false pretext..... What therefore must happen is the US/France/UK group of criminals should indeed be brought up to The Hague Netherlands international court on charges of war crimes for their illegal and unjust attack on Syria...... The Russian government actually went to The Hague last week to state their case against the US for their missile attack in Syria and even presented the witnesses at that hospital that have all come forward and shown clearly that the 'chemical weapons" attack was indeed a fraud...... It is surprising to see the Jew spew media of course avoid any reporting of these hearings, and it should be obvious as to why... The Jew spew media has been used as the main propaganda tool to sell to the gullible idiots out there that the 'chemical weapons' attack was real and now that the burden of proof shows otherwise, rather than come out and report to the world that they made a mistake they are just avoiding any reports on the fraud at all...... I for one want to see the US pay dearly for its stupid and illegal attack on Syria and be charged for war crimes.... But will that happen?  Even with the tribunal in The Hague finding the Americans guilty, there will be no real punishment thanks to the US power of veto in the UN Security Council and how the American government continues to have so many other nations wrapped around their evil fingers...

I have been watching the continuing advances of the Syrian government forces (SAA) as they continue to achieve victory after victory in wiping out each and every pocket of fraud "rebel" resistance, and I have found these achievements to be painfully slow..... It did indeed take the SAA one heck of a long time in destroying the East Ghouta pocket, and at present the SAA is still battering away at removing the smaller 'ISIS' held pocket just south of Damascus.....But the SAA and their Russian allies have been fighting against these "rebels" using what ever means possible to protect any civilians from harm while these fraud "rebels" have been using civilians as not only human shields against the SAA advance but have been murdering these same civilians with no regard for human life... That alone should tell everyone exactly who the real criminals are in this war in Syria, but again the Jew spew media continues to try to portray Assad's forces as "butchers and murderers"..... It continues to irk me about how badly the American public are indeed being kept in the dark about exactly who the real evil is in this war to free Syria!

One thing that I did notice the other day, and is reported over at the Southfront website, is how the US backed "rebels" in eastern Syria are now planning to launch an 'attack' against the last vestiges of US backed "ISIS" forces on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River..... I read the report and all I could do is laugh.. .Once again we are going to see a "propaganda stunt" where we have US backed forces "attacking" other US backed forces.... Honestly, I had hoped that people would have gotten the message by now that these "attacks" are indeed massive frauds and are only happening to continue the illusion that the US is in Syria to "fight ISIS"...... It is just too bad that so many gullible people continue to fall for this crap all the time....

Well... I am like so many others in still trying to make "heads or tails" of what exactly happened in Toronto earlier last week with that "van attack" that allegedly has killed 10 innocent people and leaving a further 13 injured..... Yes, there is so much numerology that seems to be tied in with that attack, including the number of victims =23 which also equals the date of the attack... And of course we have this "attack" taking place on the same day as that coup in Armenia where a 'bloodless' uprising has seen the sitting President, Serzh Sargsyan, step down from his office....  AND lo and behold, but the supposed van "attacker", Alek Minassian, is supposedly an Armenian immigrant to boot......Besides the fact that all of the press releases showed a bald headed man as being the driver of that rental truck while Minassian has a full head of hair which of course the Jew spew media wants us all to overlook, we are supposed to believe that this man, with no previous record of doing any harm anywhere, suddenly decided to rent out a van and mow down pedestrians on Yonge Street?  And to top that all off, we have the criminals at that crooked 'social media' outlet, Facebook, so quickly release information on Minassian's "Facebook page" that allegedly shows him planning for such an attack.... I absolutely do smell a set up here, and from my own perspective see a carefully planned attack that was indeed carried out by someone else (with a bald head of course) while Minassian was indeed set up to take the fall.....  The bigger questions still arise as to why?  And why that attack in Toronto of all places?   So many questions still to be answered and I will continue to search for the answers.....

It also seems most interesting that there is now an almost total media "blackout" on any new reporting on that Skripal "poisoning" case in the UK... Apparently the criminal May government in London is trying its damnest to bury the story and to basically prevent any more independent investigations into what exactly happened to Skripal and his daughter... These criminals are also refusing all requests from the Russian government to find out the truth behind that fiasco, and we can understand why... If fully independent investigators were to go over to Salisbury UK and take a close look at exactly what happened to the Skripals, they would clearly see that the Russians are indeed innocent of any crime and that the real perpetrators are the British government and their agents in MI5 instead... It would indeed be a black eye for the May government that could indeed lead to that government being toppled.... Therefore it is better for these criminals to continue their "blackout" of events and to continue to sell the bullshit that it was the "Russians" that did the crime!

Anyone else notice that to try to keep the British people from looking at the Skripal case more closely, we suddenly find all the news in the UK going gaga over both Jew Princess Kate giving birth to her third child as well as the son of Major Hewett, Prince Harry's upcoming nuptials to American Meagan Markle?   I for one look at this as nothing but pure fluff and diversions that have happened and conveniently at the right time to divert the British people's limited attention spans away from what their own government has been doing crookedly across the globe and in their own nation.... And about these "royals"?  Honestly I could not give a horse's crap about that "family" of misfits, swindlers, and murderers... Starting from the evil bitch whore that sits illegally on the British throne, Elizabeth May Battenberg, all the way down to the inbred and brain damaged siblings, the whole lot are rotten to the core.. .I have said for decades that the British people should have gotten rid of these criminals and became a republic.... That is better than to have these eyesores continue to be unearthly wealthy while the UK falls into extreme poverty and bankruptcy....

Well... I did catch one little tidbit from Jim Stone's website last week where he laughed about the fact that he made a mistake with his reporting about an incident in the US where a person walking on a beach in Florida accidentally picked up several pieces of glowing rocks which subsequently made him sick and hospitalized... Jim's original report stated that the pieces came from "Fukushima Japan" across the Pacific..... Jim's subsequent report stated that NOBODY caught onto his mistake for the simple fact that Florida does not border on the Pacific Ocean and therefore the pieces could not have come from Fukushima.... Well HELLO JIM, YOU ARE WRONG... For anyone can check my last weekend rant where I specifically stated that Jim was in error and because Florida is not on the Pacific Ocean those pieces of material on that beach could not have come from Fukushima....Yes, I would surely love to have someone send an email message to Jim stating that I absolutely found his mistake and that he is wrong that "nobody" discovered his error!  I surely did!  Take that, Jim Stone....

OK I figure I have rambled enough.... So much has been going on in our sick world that I usually cannot cover fully in these rants, and once again I will touch on those other matters right here in my usual 'last minute tidbits'...... I saw an interesting report last week about another 'suicide' of another doctor in the US that has been working on Holistic medicine and real cures for diseases such as Cancer.  Has anyone else noticed that we now have some 90 or so of these doctors "mysteriously" dying from "suicides" over the last decade alone?  Simply put, someone is definitely murdering these doctors to prevent their research and findings from coming out to the world.........Well, the American political scene continues to be a circus, with the Jew spew media in the US of course concentrating on the troubles of US President Donald Drumpf while avoiding the criminality of the US and its illegal wars world wide.  Yes, this is pure fluff and distraction to prevent the gullible American public from seeing how truly evil their government is............The Houthi forces in Yemen continue to lob a lot of missiles against targets in Saudi Arabia, and who could blame them?  The criminal Saudis continue to launch airstrikes against civilians in Yemen (a war crime of course) while they continue to try to starve the Yemen people to death.  This is why I do support the Houthis in their want for freedom against such pure evil........... And speaking of the Saudis, has anyone else noticed how they tried just last week to force the nation of Qatar to send some troops over to Syria, and the Qatar government told the Saudis to go fuck themselves.  I say good for the nation of Qatar in standing up to such evil themselves!.........I continue to see horrific reports about black South Africans killing innocent White South Africans, and the Jew spew media refuses to even report about this ongoing genocide.  I do support the need to get the whites out of South Africa as quickly as possible and lets see how the blacks are at running that nation themselves. I guarantee that they will destroy that nation like they did to Zimbabwe after they sent the whites packing there.....OK, I am still wanting to know what "incentives" that criminal leader of France, Macron, got in return for his sending French forces into Syria to bolster the illegal occupation by the Americans along the northern bank of the Euphrates?  I can guarantee that Macron has not committed France to an  illegal war without getting something back in return from his Jewish masters..........NO new reports on Monika Schaefer's illegal incarceration in Germany by the "thought police".   If and when there are any new updates, I will have a report at this blog almost immediately.... And I am still wondering where the outcry is from the Canadian public about this Canadian citizen sitting illegally in a German jail on false charges?  All this shows is how the Jews are indeed in full control of Canada as well.........I thought this was a joke, but supposedly there is a report coming out of the US that psychotic Nikki Haley is the "most popular" of all American politicians today!  Yes, either this is a joke, or the American people truly are this stupid and ignorant.  And yes, there indeed is a fear that this psycho will take a run at the US Presidency in either 2020 or 2024..........Anyone else notice that 6 months after the original "JFK files" were to be released for all to see, the US government has stated that so many have been deemed "too sensitive" for release and will never see the light of day.  Of course this is expected, for if the American people actually did find out what happened to JFK, their own government would be tarred and feathered and there may indeed be a long needed revolt by the people........ I see Manchester United won today against Arsenal by the score of 2-1 and thus Arsenal is doomed to land up in 6th place in the table.   Honestly, the sooner Wenger retires and some fresh blood takes over the organization and does some serious house cleaning, the better....... Again, I may not be a huge Ice Hockey fan, but I am glad to see at least one Canadian team still alive in pursuit of the Stanley Cup.  That is the team from Winnipeg that plays in the smallest rink in the entire National Hockey League, and all I can say is "good for the Jets"...........And finally, I figure I would give the two bit whores and skanks in the Kardashian clan a pass for this week.  Honestly, I am still searching for a better target than these idiots, but each week their ludicrous stupidity and antics outdoes anyone else.  America is indeed almost totally fucked, but the American people for the strangest reasons still love their Kardashians..

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Toronto Van Attack: Interesting Revelations About This Incident, Was It A False Flag?

I am back... After spending the last few days taking care of personal business and of course visits to my mother, I figure I would spend this evening surfing the Internet and try to "catch up" on so many things that I have missed over the last while....

When the city of Toronto suffered that horrendous "attack" down Yonge Street where a rental van had mowed down some 23 people leaving at least 10 dead, I thought that this one had to be the "real McCoy" and that there was no way in hell that this was a "fake" or a "false flag" in action...There were too many supposed witnesses present and all evidence presented at the time showed it to be real and not fake... But since that time the inconsistencies have piled up that should have everyone, and especially the good citizens of Toronto asking a lot of hard questions...

I first want to turn to my fellow Canadian truth seekers, both Penny who comes from near the "centre of the universe" aka Toronto itself in southern Ontario, Canada... And of course Greencrow who hails from the wilds of southern British Columbia.... Both of these ladies have done their homework well and have now stated that not only has this 'van attack' have so many hard questions to ask, but Greencrow has even gone as far as to state that this one is just another 'false flag' attack like so many others that we have seen elsewhere around the world!

First, I want to present the links to a few articles from Penny about this 'van attack' from her website at This first one shows how the criminal Jewish pricksh have been using the fraud "social media" network called "Facebook" to sell the idea that this Alek Minassian was indeed a 'nut job" by planting as much damning information as possible on this man's supposed "Facebook" page... Here is the link to her article here:

OK, Penny knows how I feel about "Facebook" and how I see that fraud "social media" network as nothing more than a massive spy operation being used to collect as much information on innocent people and to use that "information" at a later time to destroy said individuals.....  I therefore do not put it past these psychos behind that fraud "social media" network to have a bogus "Facebook" page all ready to go to sell the world on the idea that Minassian was a "psycho".... It does fit their purpose.

It also shows that someone was indeed setting up this Minassian guy well before this 'attack', and therefore does call into question this entire attack!.... And Penny followed up that report with the following one where she shows some other interesting "coincidences" in regards to this attack, including the date and time of this "attack" that strangely coincided with the coup that happened on the 23rd of April in Armenia!   Here is the link to that report here:

OK, I am not into this numerology idea at all, but these "coincidences" should once again have everyone asking "Hmmmm....".....

I am as deeply as troubled as Penny is about the date of this 'attack' and the Armenian coup happening at the same time... And lo and behold, but Minassian himself is apparently of ARMENIAN descent (Just a coincident?).  These coincidences are therefore too overwhelming to be written off as just that.. "Coincidences"...

Well, Penny may not be sold on this incident being a "false flag"... But apparently Greencrow has done her own research and has come to that conclusion...

I want to present a few articles here from Greencrow's website, at, that do indeed question this attack and do indeed back up Greencrow's assertions that this is indeed 100% a false flag... Here is the first link to a report that Greencrow put up a few days ago concerning the arrest of Minassian and how they arrested a bald man, and yet in the court proceedings that followed, all reports show a man with definite hair on his head:

Yes, even when I first reported on this attack earlier in the week, I showed that strange inconsistency and it did open the door to the idea that this could indeed be a fraud and another "false flag" attack and that the usual perpetrators blew it big time with this 'bald man' failure!.. But I needed more proof before I would call this one a "false flag" and a "hoax"....

Well, in Greencrow's subsequent report, that I have the link to here, she shows further inconsistencies and includes a fabulous video that everyone should watch... Here is that link:

OK, Greencrow is concluding that this is indeed a "false flag" attack and that nobody died...But I am still not sold on that idea that 'nobody died' just yet... There were too many "eyewitnesses" at the scene of this crime, and as in some previous operations, the criminals involved do need to have deaths occur.....

BUT... The link between this Toronto attack and the recent Armenian coup can NOT be overlooked.... I am leaning on Greencrow's assertion that the attacker and the man that appeared in that Toronto court room are NOT the same person... It does mean that this brutal attack where people did die was carried out by a "hit squad" and I am like Greencrow in looking at this as being an operation....

And I will state that if this was an operation, it was preplanned and carefully conceived well ahead of time.... And it does lead to some most interesting questions, especially the usual "Who benefits?" and what the purpose of this attack was for?   Is it to "distract" people away from the coup in Armenia?  Is having this attack being carried out by an "Armenian immigrant" to have people once again "forget" about the massive Jew run genocide of Armenian people from just over a century ago?  So many questions and still no answers....

I am still looking for answers on this one.... And I do appreciate the efforts of both Penny and Greencrow in staying on top of this incident and continuing to file reports at their sites... Well done, ladies!

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Great New Article From John Kaminski: How The Angels Fell To Earth!

I want to thank everyone for their continuing patience with me... I have been taking care of so much family and personal business needs this last little while and have been unable to post material here at this blog on a daily basis.... I have always said that family does come first and therefore this blog and other needs have "fallen by the wayside"... But I am still trying to post up new interesting articles here when I get the chance...

I have long been a fan and a supporter of a great alternative news writer, John Kaminski, for years now... Even though John and I have had our "differences" from time to time, I have no qualms in posting his articles and essays here for everyone to read and share with others... And the one that he just releases is fabulous as usual...

Right now, I want to present the latest "essay" from John Kaminski, that comes courtesy of his website at This one is entitled: "How The Angels Fell To Earth" and is a must read by everyone.... I have it right here in its entirety, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:


Published: Thursday, 26 April 2018 10:56

Today’s America is like a plane that has already been shot down but hasn’t yet hit the ground.

This is a very old story. And it’s too long to tell in any single episode, so we’ll just start with the tail end, and we can catch up on the earlier history later, if we need to, or if we can figure it out at all . . . or if we’re still around to do it.
What we can figure out now is that for the last 400 years the world has been dominated by a single sinister group, a willingly antisocial collection of bloodsucking parasites that has wormed its way into the arteries of society and put a noose around the heart of humanity. 
Conniving with the rich Jews of Holland in the 1640s, the traitor Oliver Cromwell managed to get King Charles I executed on cleverly fabricated charges. This perfidy led to the readmission of Jews into England, from where they had been banned for almost 400 years before that. 
The reason for the ban? What over the centuries has become their signature formula — child murder, blood drinking and loan sharking.
So, 400 years LATER — today! — the world’s headlines speak openly of today’s curdled billionaires raping and murdering children, and drinking their blood in depraved Jewish rituals, which are called fashionable by Jewish media. It is almost a footnote to this that Jewish control of the international money supply has bankrupted almost every country on Earth and ruined the lives of millions of people for hundreds of years with their incomparable aptitude for swindling.
Where oh where is the righteous King who could banish them as Edward I did in 1290 and bring us 400 years of peace?
Blood drinking and bankruptcy
When the connection dawns on you, it’s creepy.
The sickness that has polluted political reality today with all this talk about Pizzagate and Pedogate blooddrinking by the very rich to somehow boost their vitality connects back to the original reason the Jews were kicked out of England in 1290 — for drinking the blood of 12-year-old Hugh of Lincoln and other children they kidnapped tortured and killed in a horrific Jewish ritual. 
In the basements of palaces in Europe and on well-guarded islands in the Caribbean, the exact same thing is going on today.
But just as this serious topic has always been covered up about the 800,000 children who go missing in America every year, the Internet is a Jewish entity that has reproduced history in a way that benefits themselves and no one else. The recent restrictions on freedom of speech on Amazon, Google and Facebook are irrefutable evidence of this Orwellian fact.
So you can’t really find out about Hugh of Lincoln on the Internet because the story has been sanitized and now they describe how Jews were unfairly blamed and executed  because of — you guessed it! — anti-Semitism. Jews have aways twisted media to suit themselves. This is why most histories have been falsified. And it’s how they have managed to take over the world.
This longstanding coverup brings us back to the way big Jewish media have ridiculed reports about Hillary Clinton and the Podesta brothers — not to mention several ex-presidents and maybe a soon-to-be-ex-president  — for their involvement in not only sex with children, but far worse. Media moguls used the label “fake news” to deflect attention from the real target of the phrase, which is themselves.
We pray that the rumors of Hillary Clinton and her deranged lover Huma Amedin murdering a child on video that was supposedly posted on the Dark Web are false. But it is an interesting commentary on the careers of both women that many people would automatically think the story was true.
Hillary’s lover, the former wife of perv Congressman Anthony Weiner, is now in jail for ‘sexting’ an underage girl. It appears Mrs. Clinton will never be indicted for her numerous and blatant crimes because she is one of the political untouchables protected by the Jews, like Obama and Bill Clinton.
And like Donald Trump, true friend of Israel, preparing to destroy Iran. And with that, the world.
How the slide started
I brought up Oliver Cromwell because that’s where the Jews began to consolidate their control of the world with the creation of the Bank of England in 1694. By 1815 Nathan Rothschild commandeered the entire stock market in England with a rigged bet on the Battle of Waterloo. By 1847 two Rothschilds were playfully choosing opposite sides for the U.S. Civil War, and that very next year, there was both a revolution and the establishment of a B’nai B’rith chapter in every country on Earth.
That was also the year the Rothschilds paid Karl Marx to write Das Kapital, and murderous Jewish Communism was unleashed upon the world.
In 1868, our Constitution was subverted and America was turned into a private corporation. In 1886 our bought-off Supreme Court gave corporations the same rights as individual people. In 1913 the Jewish powers that be created the income tax, the direct election of senators (foreign influenced), and the Federal Reserve, which has robbed every American ever since.
You think you know the history of the 20th century, right? Without Jews there would have been no World Wars, no economic depressions, and probably far fewer diseases, all of which were concocted by the rich Jews who controlled our presidents and our medical professionals, among many others.
Asian nomads infamous killers
The uncountable savages who poured out of Central Asia for almost two centuries mastered the art of destroying cities and nations and moving on to their next conquest. Attila the Hun almost reached Paris in 450 AD, and the name of Genghis Khan, though he lived 1500 years ago, remains the very definition of unbridled savagery.
Since Ashkenazi Jews emerged from this complex of history as the saboteurs  of every country they infiltrate, these are the real progenitors of the Israeli monster that now plunders the world through bribery, blackmail and murder. Like the Asian nomads they truly are, they are unable to build anything. As they have done with both the Internet and Facebook, they can only steal and mimic as they rob, murder and sabotage societies for fun and profit.
These bloodsucking parasites are just like the waves of Asian nomads who surged westward for centuries plundering everything in their path. They never built anything of their own. They just stole what others had, murdered the original occupants, and changed the names of all the places, just like the Israelis did in Palestine much more recently.
They don’t build anything of their own. They just take what others have built and call it their own as they strive to erase every iota of the past, and fabricate their own twisted history on the ruins of civilization.
One of our Supreme Court justices — Jewish, of course — wants to legalize pedophilia. The general run of gentiles, still, after a century of brainwashing, still has no clue that they’re being exterminated.
America’s social cancer has metastasized and the human species is on life support after being sabotaged by their own leaders and poisoned by their own healers and scientists, all of whom were either Jewish or controlled by Jews.
The Jews have turned Europe into a sewer because they want the whole world to be that way, in disarray and destroying itself, which they can control by their parsimonious distribution of money
The poison destroying civilization
They are the poison that is destroying civilization. Or as Ernest Becker once wrote, because he dies, man blames his mother for his life. This leads to the Jewish hatred of everything that lives, of everything that is natural.
They resent that they have to die, and they’re going to punish everyone else for their pain.
The unadorned human history is stupid and ugly, but not looking at it just makes it worse.
America today is like a plane that has already been shot down but hasn’t yet hit the ground.
Even though our churches are both corrupt and compromised, we have no answer to any of this except faith.
We are all personally responsible for any action any human ever makes. This way we would never need any government.
So we shouldn’t be thinking about left and right, conservative and liberal, Protestant or Catholic about any issue. There is only one political division we should be focused on. In their hearts, all bankers are Jewish. And it’s the bankers who feel the need to exterminate a large number of us against the rest of us who are merely trying to survive, and with luck and hard work, be happy.

NTS Notes: First, I have long known about the Jewish sickness of ritual child sacrifices, and knowing that the "tribe" is absolutely behind child pornography as well as pedophilia, what John writes does not surprise me at all...

I have also questioned many times in previous articles about the fate of some many of the hundreds of thousands of "missing" children that we hear about, and I can guarantee a large portion of those children are indeed being used for the Jew sickness of ritual sacrifices... But with the Jews in control of the entire nation and both the law and criminal justice systems as well as the media in America, there is never any truthful reporting about the demise of these victims as well as the Jews being the perpetrators...

I have also been writing for a long time that the US is indeed a slow motion train wreck in action... The US economy is now definitely hanging by a thread with Jewish generated odious debt in the hundreds of trillions of dollars that can never be repaid....

And again to those naysayers that do not like my posting John Kaminski's works here, I say "too bad"... I find nothing wrong with his writings and his works are here to stay..

More to come


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Thought That Brings Shivers Down My Back: Lunatic Nikki Haley For US President!

OK, The US has indeed been a pretty fucked up nation since the "election" of that criminal Jew controlled buffoon Donald Drumpf back in November 2016.... There are still so many people out there that are calling on naysayers to "Give Donald a chance" and all I can say to them is that most everyone was fooled into selecting that Jew butt kisser believing he would "Make America Great Again", and what we have seen is the same old same old idiot that does nothing except pander to his Jewish controllers and of course the insane state of Israel....

But the alternative in the 2016 "elections" was no different than Drumpf... Hillary "Killary" Clinton has always been a full time criminal with insane notions of grandeur and the want to be the first "Empress" of the United States... It is also a fact that even though Drumpf is leading the US rapidly into a massive world war, Killary would have already done so and probably ended life on this planet as well.....

We also now have the lunatic John Bolton in as the US Secretary of State.... This man is another raving lunatic that is absolutely hell bent on getting the US into a major war against the innocent nation of Iran just to appease his Jewish controllers and his masters in that sickness called Israel..... The thought of this lunatic ever seeking the US Presidency absolutely should scare the living hell out of everyone!

BUT... .I have left the worst here for last, and the thought of this person ever becoming the next US President absolutely should scare the living crap out of every person on planet Earth..... And that person is the insane Nikki Haley aka Nimrata Randhawa, who presently is the US Ambassador to the United Nations and has made a mockery of out the US itself with her insane rantings and want for blood...... It is no wonder that many world leaders now picture her as an Ambassador of Evil!

Right now, I want to present the following article that comes from Philip Giraldi, through the Ron Paul Institute website at, that is entitled: "Scarier Than John Bolton? Think Of Nikki Haley For President!".... This is indeed a most interesting article and backs up everything I and others have been saying about Nikki Haley being a raving lunatic.... Here is that article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Scarier Than John Bolton? Think of Nikki Haley for President!


The musical chairs playing out among the senior officials that make up the President Donald Trump White House team would be amusing to watch but for the genuine damage that it is doing to the United States. The lack of any coherence in policy means that the State Department now has diplomats that do not believe in diplomacy and environment agency heads that do not believe in protecting the environment. It also means that well-funded and disciplined lobbies and pressure groups are having a field day, befuddling ignorant administrators with their “fact sheets” and successfully promoting policies that benefit no one but themselves.

In the Trumpean world of all-the-time-stupid, there is, however, one individual who stands out for her complete inability to perceive anything beyond threats of unrelenting violence combined with adherence to policies that have already proven to be catastrophic. That person is our own Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who surfaced in the news lately after she unilaterally and evidently prematurely announced sanctions on Russia. When the White House suggested that she might have been “confused” she responded that “With all due respect, I don’t get confused.” This ignited a firestorm among the Trump haters, lauding Haley as a strong and self-confident woman for standing up to the White House male bullies while also suggesting that the hapless Administration had not bothered to inform one of its senior diplomats of a policy change. It also produced a flurry of Haley for higher office tweets based on what was described as her “brilliant riposte” to the president.

One over-the-top bit of effusion from a former Haley aide even suggested that her “deft rebuttal” emphasizes her qualities, enthusing that “What distinguishes her from the star-struck sycophants in the White House is that she understands the intersection of strong leadership and public service, where great things happen” and placing her on what is being promoted as the short list of future presidential candidates.

For sure, neocon barking dog Bill Kristol has for years been promoting Haley for president, a sign that something is up as he was previously the one who “discovered” Sarah Palin. Indeed, the similarities between the two women are readily observable. Neither is very cerebral or much given to make any attempt to understand an adversary’s point of view; both are reflexively aggressive and dismissive when dealing with foreigners and domestic critics; both are passionately anti-Russian and pro-Israeli. And Kristol is not alone in his advocacy. Haley regularly receives praise from Senators like South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham and from the Murdoch media as well as in the opinion pages of National Review and The Weekly Standard.

The greater problem right now is that Nikki Haley is America’s face to the international community, even more than the Secretary of State. She has used her bully pulpit to do just that, i.e. bully, and she is ugly America personified, having apparently decided that something called American Exceptionalism gives her license to say and do whatever she wants at the United Nations. In her mind, the United States can do what it wants globally because it has a God-given right to do so, a viewpoint that doesn’t go down well with many countries that believe that they have a legal and moral right to be left alone and remain exempt from America’s all too frequent military interventions.

Nikki Haley sees things differently, however. During her 15 months at the United Nations she has been instrumental in cutting funding for programs that she disapproves of and has repeatedly threatened military action against countries that disagree with US policies. Most recently, in the wake of the US cruise missile attack against Syria, she announced that the action was potentially only the first step. She declared that Washington was “locked and loaded,” prepared to exercise more lethal military options if Syria and its Russian and Iranian supporters did not cease and desist from the use of chemical weapons. Ironically, the cruise missile attack was carried out even though the White House had no clue as to what had actually happened and it now turns out that the entire story, spread by the terrorist groups in Syria and their mouthpieces, has begun to unravel. Will Nikki Haley apologize? I would suspect that if she doesn’t do confusion she doesn’t do apologies either.

Haley, who had no foreign policy experience of any kind prior to assuming office, relies on a gaggle of neoconservative foreign-policy “experts” to help shape her public utterances, which are often not cleared with the State Department, where she is at least nominally employed. Her speechwriter is Jessica Gavora, who is the wife of the leading neoconservative journalist Jonah Goldberg. Unfortunately, being a neocon mouthpiece makes her particularly dangerous as she is holding a position where she can do bad things. She has been shooting from the lip since she assumed office with only minimal vetting by the Trump Administration, and, as in the recent imbroglio over her “confusion,” it is never quite clear whether she is speaking for herself or for the White House.

Haley has her own foreign policy. She has declared that Russia “is not, will not be our friend” and has lately described the Russians as having their hands covered with the blood of Syrian children. From the start of her time at the U.N., Haley has made it clear that she is neoconservatism personified and she has done nothing since to change that impression. In December 2017 she warned the U.N. that she was “taking names” and threatened retaliation against any country that was so “disrespectful” as to dare to vote against Washington’s disastrous recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which she also helped to bring about.

As governor of South Carolina, Haley first became identified as an unquestioningsupporter of Israel through her signing of a bill punishing supporters of the nonviolent pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, the first legislation of its kind on a state level. Immediately upon taking office at the United Nations she complained that “nowhere has the U.N.’s failure been more consistent and more outrageous than in its bias against our close ally Israel” and vowed that the “days of Israel bashing are over.” On a recent visit to Israel, she was feted and honored by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. She was also greeted by rounds of applause and cheering when she spoke at the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in March, saying “When I come to AIPAC I am with friends.”

Nikki Haley’s embrace of Israeli points of view is unrelenting and serves no American interest. If she were a recruited agent of influence for the Israeli Mossad she could not be more cooperative than she apparently is voluntarily. In February 2017, she blocked the appointment of former Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad to a diplomatic position at the United Nations because he is a Palestinian. In a congressional hearing she was asked about the decision: “Is it this administration’s position that support for Israel and support for the appointment of a well-qualified individual of Palestinian nationality to an appointment at the U.N. are mutually exclusive?” Haley responded yes, that the administration is “supporting Israel” by blocking every Palestinian.

Haley is particularly highly critical of both Syria and Iran, reflecting the Israeli bias. She has repeatedly said that regime change in Damascus is a Trump administration priority, even when the White House was saying something different. She has elaborated on an Administration warning that it had “identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime” by tweeting“…further attacks will be blamed on Assad but also on Russia and Iran who support him killing his own people.” At one point, Haley warned “We need to see Russia choose to side with the civilized world over an Assad government that brutally terrorizes its own people.”

At various U.N. meetings, though Haley has repeatedly and uncritically complained of institutional bias towards Israel, she has never addressed the issue that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians might in part be responsible for the criticism leveled against it. Her description of Israel as a “close ally” is hyperbolic and she tends to be oblivious to actual American interests in the region when Israel is involved. She has never challenged the Israeli occupation of the West Bank as well as the recent large expansion of settlements, which are at least nominally opposed by the State Department and White House. Nor has she spoken up about the more recent shooting of three thousand unarmed Gazan demonstrators by Israeli Army sharpshooters, which is a war crime.

Haley’s hardline on Syria reflects the Israeli bias, and her consistent hostility to Russia is a neoconservative position. A White House warning that it had “identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime led to a Haley elaboration in a tweet that “…further attacks will be blamed on Assad but also on Russia and Iran who support him killing his own people.” Earlier, on April 12, 2017 after Russia blocked a draft U.N. resolution intended to condemn the alleged Khan Shaykhun chemical attack, which subsequently turned out to be a false flag,Haley said, “We need to see Russia choose to side with the civilized world over an Assad government that brutally terrorizes its own people.”

Haley is particularly critical of Iran, which she sees as the instigator of much of the unrest in the Middle East, again reflecting the Israeli and neocon viewpoints. She claimed on April 20, 2017 during her first session as president of the U.N. Security Council, that Iran and Hezbollah had “conducted terrorist acts” for decades within the Middle East, ignoring the more serious terrorism support engaged in by US regional allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar. She stated in June 2017 that the Security Council’s praise of the Iran Nuclear Agreement honored a state that has engaged in “illicit missile launches,” “support for terrorist groups,” and “arms smuggling,” while “stok[ing] regional conflicts and mak[ing] them harder to solve.” All are perspectives that might easily be challenged.

So, Nikki Haley very much comes across as the neoconservatives’ dream ambassador to the United Nations–full of aggression, a staunch supporter of Israel, and assertive of Washington’s preemptive right to set standards for the rest of the world. And there is every reason to believe that she would nurture the same views if she were to become the neocon dream president. Bearing the flag for American Exceptionalism does not necessarily make her very good for the rest of us, who will have to bear the burdens and risks implicit in her imperial hubris, but, as the neoconservatives never feel compelled to admit that they were wrong, one suspects that Haley’s assertion that she does not do confusion is only the beginning if she succeeds in her apparent quest for the highest office in the land. Worse than John Bolton? Absolutely.

Reprinted with permission from Unz Review.

NTS Notes:  I have been watching a lot of this Nikki Haley's rantings and ravings at the UN via Youtube and Vimeo videos over the last while, and from what I can see this creature is indeed as insane as they come...

I too wonder at times if this Nikki Haley s a "loose cannon" that spews her rhetoric at the UN without any thought and at times without the backing of the Drumpf administration as well... It does beg the question as to why Drumpf even keeps her as the UN Ambassador at all?

Of course Nikki Haley is also a huge Jew butt kisser.. I have seen her sit there with her speeches at the UN talking about "defending Israel" first and foremost well above the need to defend her own nation the US itself....

Nikki Haley has been spewing her venomous rhetoric over the last year and a half about everyone that the US deems as being "evil" around the world... But in reality it is the US government itself as well as the psychotic state of Israel that are the true evils on planet Earth and the nations that Haley attacks on the podium at the UN are absolutely innocent, but set up by these evil entities for their destruction...

Yes, at present Haley is there being an idiot and a lunatic at the UN... But considering the fact that Americans are no longer interested in having that criminal Killary Clinton as their next US President, there may be a push for this Nikki Haley to fill that void in the criminal Democratic Party and have her run for President in either 2020 or 2024.... That should indeed have most Americans having nightmares and unable to sleep at night...

More to come


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Toronto Van Attack: A Lot Of Anomalies With This Incident - Updated!

I was busy yesterday taking care of personal and family business as usual... And again when I take a "day off" from blogging, something serious always happens!.... This time we have a "van attack" in the city of Toronto Ontario Canada just yesterday that has some serious questions that need to be answered....

I have been listening and watching what the Jew spew media has to say about this "attack" in Toronto, and from the information so far from both the alternative  media as well as the Jew spew media, this is absolutely a real attack and not a "false flag"....

The facts are that we now have a suspect, "Alek Minassian" that supposedly took a Ryder rental van down Yonge Street in central Toronto when suddenly and without any reason decided to take the van to the sidewalk loaded with pedestrians and proceeded to mow down pedestrians, sending many flying off the front bumper of the Ryder van for blocks... After a multi-block run down the sidewalk on Yonge Street, Mr. Minassian stopped and got out of the van and requested the police who were on the scene to shoot him... He was not shot and instead was taken into custody.... As of this morning, there are 10 people dead and at least 15 injured due to this attack...

I have found some peculiarities with this incident, and many other real truth seekers have as well... One great fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes the blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, has just released a most interesting article about this Toronto attack and its many strange anomalies and I do want to share it with my own readers here:

Toronto Van "Attack" Anomolies

There are some curiosities about this incident:

1: Incorrect name- Incorrect identification ? 

The alleged van driver- Alek or Alex Minassian. It seems that the media has settled on Alek. Despite early reporting having police services providing two different names/spellings. This is not the first time I've read of incorrect naming of a suspect. Is it just incorrect spelling? I don't know. Is everyone illiterate and can't spell a name correctly when proper ID is paramount?

Inconsistent name reporting by the same source
“There has been some confusion about the correct spelling of the suspect's name, spelled by some sources as Alek and others as Alex. The Toronto police have been inconsistent in this as well, the latest update suggesting the correct spelling is Alek.”
2: Known to authorities or not known to authorities?

 So far Canadian law enforcement is saying not know, but NYC Police Commisioner says the suspect is known to Police
Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton reportedly told MSNBC that officials in Canada said Minassian was known to authorities prior to the attack. However, Toronto Police maintain the suspect was not known to them before the incident.

From the twitter account of Malcom Nance stated bio:  US Intelligence +36 yrs. Expert Terrorist Strategy,Tactics,Ideology. Torture, Russian Cyber! | NYT Bestselling Author, Navy Senior Chief/Jedi Master, NBC/MSNBC. 
Former NYC Police commissioner Bill Bratton states on his sources in Canada say van driver in  wasknown to Police and now consider incident a terrorist attack. Motivation and affiliation unknown.
3: The Ryder Truck

 One would think with all the bad press Ryder has gotten for decades a rebrand might be in order? But, no.  The ubiquitous Ryder truck. Present at the first trade center bombing, 1993.
Ryder truck in Toronto
"The 1,200-pound bomb was in a Ryder truck parked in a parking garage beneath the World Trade Center"
 Present at theOklahoma City bombing. 
"McVeigh and Nichols removed the bomb supplies from their storage unit in Herington, Kansas, where Nichols lived, and loaded them into a Ryder rental truck"

4- The cop doesn't shoot the suspect! - Does NOT shoot the suspect

Now this non action on the part of law enforcement simply blows my mind. The suspect has, according to reports, just run down a whole bunch of people. Intentionally. Gets out of the van, claims he is armed. Tells the cop to shoot him and the cop doesn't ??!!

Sky news
A police officer has been praised for refusing to shoot a man seeking "suicide by cop", after allegedly killing 10 people in a van attack in Toronto.

Dramatic video shows the officer, who has not yet been named, arresting Alek Minassian after a tense stand-off.

As the suspect shouted "Kill me," the officer replied, "No, get down."
 The officer tells the man to "get down" and when the suspect says he has a gun, the officer repeats: "I don't care. Get down." The suspect was then arrested without shots being fired.
That seems so very unlikely if we are to take this story at face value 

5- The curious uploading and just as sudden take down of a very suggestive and highly convenient to specific narrative creation face book post or account

Time of Israel 
"Canadian media outlet CBC News reports that in a Facebook post, Minassian appears to praise Elliot Rodger, a California man who stabbed and killed three people and shot dead another three individuals in a 2014 rampage. However, CBC was unable to verify that the Facebook profile belonged to the suspect in Monday’s attack, and on Tuesday the page appeared to have been removed from the social media network"
Daily Mail
 Shortly before the attack, a Facebook profile with the same name uploaded a post which read: 'All hail the supreme gentleman Elliot Rodger'.

The post also mentioned 'incel', which is a term used to refer to men who have been made 'involuntarily celibate' because women continually reject their sexual advances. 
 'The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!'
Uploaded to Facebook prior to the 'attack' and just as quickly taken down. No verification at all whose Facebook account this really was. And knowing what I do about facebook... (spook/intel connected) I'd call this bogus.

 *Clearly the alleged perpetrator/patsy has mental health issues 

* And the idea that the van was self driving or being driven, remotely, by some one else has also entered my mind- the technology is available, obviously. 

OK, I again an NOT calling this attack a false flag or a fraud..But I do find it strange that supposedly there are reports that this attacker was already well known to Toronto Police, and yet he was not "red flagged" and put under surveillance by said police force?

And I do find it very interesting about the supposed "Facebook" page that conveniently once again arises after this incident like so many before it.... That always points to these attacks as being frauds and set ups, but in the case of this one in Toronto, THAT does not make sense for the simple fact that there is NOTHING to be gained by this attack.....

I will also keep track of whether or not this Alek Minassian character does indeed have known mental issues or whether or not he was ripped on psychotic drugs or on "antidepressants" like we have seen in so many previous incidents....

But again, IMHO this one is the "Real McCoy" and is NOT a fraud or a "false flag".... There is nothing to be gained here by any group by the mowing down of innocent bystanders in Toronto..... BUT I do find many of the anomalies pointed out by Penny to be interesting and to make people stop and say "Hmmmmm..."

There is so much more to come on this incident, and I will indeed be following up this report with more once truthful information does come forward... So stay tuned...

More to come


*One update, April 25th 2018:  Aangirfan, over at has come out with his own article about this incident and he is calling it a "false flag"... I am not sold on this being a "false flag" but Aangirfan does bring forward some interesting facts about this incident, and especially the interesting aspect about the van driver being "bald" and yet in the Police sketches for Minassian appearing in court he has a full set of hair on his head!!!!   Here is the link to Aangirfan's report here:

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Yes, it is Sunday, and for those who have been waiting patiently it is time once again for my weekly rant.

I have been so busy these last few days taking care of personal business and of course my mother that I have had little time for any new postings at this blog.... It has been stressful and I have found myself coming home late at night wanting to just get some sleep rather than even bother surfing the internet...  I will therefore keep this "rant" a bit shorter than usual as I do need to catch up on some other work and a lot more rest.....

Well, where to begin?  I have been trying my best to keep up on what exactly has been happening in the war for the Syrian people against the evil US/Israel/NATO scourge, and the news continues to get better and better for the Syrian government forces (SAA) and their Russian/Arabic allies.... The Syrian government forces have now reached an "agreement" with the US led "rebel" forces in the East Qalamun pocket and thus have freed up another area of 'rebel' held territory near the capital city of Damascus.... At the same time the SAA has been advancing against the "last stronghold" of fraud "ISIS" forces just south of Damascus around the Yarmouk "refugee camp", and that small pocket should be liberated within the next few days.... It does appear that the SAA and their Russian allies have been concentrating on wiping out these small "pockets" before sending their forces further north to take on the larger 'Rastan pocket' as well as launching a new campaign against the Idlib "rebel" positions.... Yes, it has been taking a very long time, but slowly but surely Assad is indeed winning his nation back for the Syrian people...

One thing that I noticed last week that could potentially be a "game changer" for the entire Syrian situation is the movement of the US carrier strike force centred around the USS Harry S Truman (CVN75) that has now moved across the Mediterranean Sea to a position several hundred miles off the coast of Syria itself.....The positioning of the Truman strike force may indeed signal that a new "false flag" operation may soon be underway once again in Syria that will lead to President Assad being once again "blamed" for the "murdering of civilians".. Once the Jew spew media starts their bullshit of hammering the American public's limited attention spans with this bullshit false flag, I could see criminal US President Donald Drumpf order a full scale attack from the Truman group against new targets in Syria.... Basically the introduction of the Truman strike force to the Syrian theatre does indeed mean that the war by the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal for the destruction of Syria is far from over and could enter an even more deadlier phase.....

I saw many reports coming out of the Jew spew media last week where the US Pentagram (Pentagon) has put forward claim that "100 percent" of the 103 cruise missiles launched last weekend against Syria 'hit their targets' with "100 percent accuracy"..... I smelled bullshit here instantly, and later on last week I saw a follow up report where the Syrian government has in fact sent two fully intact Tomahawk cruise missiles to Russia that did NOT hit their targets at all..... It should be obvious by now that the US government can not admit that their "missile strike" on Syria was a dud and a complete failure, and that the fact that at least two of these missiles proved to be duds does show that the US military's claim of "100 percent accuracy" is itself a complete lie..... I again am surprised as to how the American people continue to swallow the bullshit coming out of their government...

Someone asked me the other day about my thoughts on the "White Helmets" in the Syrian debacle... I will state it as straight here for everyone to understand... These "White Helmets" are frauds and are NOT these supposed 'aid workers' that the criminals in our own governments and the Jew spew media continue to promote... These "White Helmets" are the creation of western intelligence groups including the CIA, Mossad, and even MI5 out of the UK, and are fully financed and armed with weapons for one purpose only; which is to help accelerate the overthrow of Assad.... These "White Helmets" have also been used as a massive propaganda tool to fool the gullible people with their phoney 'videos' to promote the fraud that Assad is butchering or "gassing" his own people....  It is time for people to stop being suckers and realize that there are many different facets being used for this war for the destruction of Syria, and these "White Helmets" are part of the sick and twisted game by the criminal cabal for that destruction!

Of course while so much world attention is still focused in on Syria, we find more reports of the psychos in Israel murdering innocent Palestinian protestors last week during another peaceful march within the Gaza Strip open air concentration camp..... "Official" reports are now stating that at least 4 more Palestinians were murdered in that recent march, bringing the official total of Palestinians murdered by the psychotic state of Israel to nearly 50 over the last month alone... I can guarantee that this figure of "50" is actually way too low and the actual number of innocent people murdered is closer to 200+.... AND what I do find most alarming is the near complete lack of any Jew spew media coverage on this slaughter..... Of course we know who controls the "Media" and how they will do everything  possible to make their shit hole of a state on the Mediterranean Sea built on stolen land look great to the gullible public, right?

And speaking of the shit-hole and most evil "state" of Israel.. Apparently last Thursday, April 19th, marked the "70th anniversary" of its criminal "independence" back in 1948.... Well, gosh darn, I missed that date and failed to celebrate... But there is nothing to "celebrate" for again that 'state' is an abomination on the entire planet and yes, the "state" of Israel has absolutely NO RIGHT TO EXIST... The 19th of April should in fact have marked a day of mourning for the brave Palestinian people who have endured such evil within their midst and are still being slaughtered and genocided by these psychotic invaders of their land.... I for one would welcome the day where the Palestinians take back their territory and these monsters are sent packing....

Several other bloggers have been sending me messages over the last while where they are alarmed as to how their viewership numbers have "fallen off the cliff".... I have said to them that their concerns are mirrored in my own, for my viewership numbers according to the criminals at "Google" have indeed fallen dramatically over these last few months.... I used to get, according to "Google", some 150000 "hits" per month, but recently I have seen these numbers collapse to under 60000 per month and continue to fall at an alarming rate..... Honestly, either people have indeed grown tired of reading this blog, or these numbers have been manipulated on purpose to make my efforts look bad... I for one am leaning towards the latter and it makes sense considering how much the Jewish pricks out there would love to see bloggers such as myself and others simply "disappear" or get disheartened with the false belief that nobody cares...

I am indeed going to keep track of what has been happening with Monika Schaefer and her continuing illegal incarceration in what used to be the free nation called Germany.... I am still puzzled now some 3 months since the German thought police abducted her and threw her in a German prison cell as to WHY the Canadian government under that horrendous Jew controlled Justin Trudeau has not made an appeal to the German government for her immediate release?   Honestly what this shows is how these Jewish pricks do indeed control our nations.... Meanwhile, Monika continues to rot away in that cell awaiting for her day in the German kangaroo court system where she will of course be "guilty" automatically for the ridiculous crime of "Holocaust denial".....  When that day comes, I will absolutely be reporting on it here for it will indeed be a travesty of true justice!

One more thing before I get onto my "last minute tidbits", and I did find it alarming and surprised that this did NOT receive better headline news.... I came across a report (see here) via Jim Stone's website, where apparently some poor sap was walking along a beach in Florida where he noticed several pieces of glowing rocks... His curiosity got the best of him and unwittingly he picked up the rocks and put them in his pocket... Apparently what happened next is the real mystery where the material in this man's pocket started to burn and basically caused severe burns to his lower body and his hospitalization.... The official report claims that the man picked up pieces of a "military flare" that subsequently burned his body which is impossible simply because of the man's ability to pick up the pieces without burning his hands... Jim Stone is actually a bit off base on his report, for he is claiming that the material comes from Fukushima Japan.  However, this incident happened in Florida and NOT in California as would be the case if the material did float across the Pacific from Fukushima.... I will agree with Jim's assertion that it was indeed nuclear material due to the man's ability to pick up the pieces (without burning him initially) and putting them in his pocket (fission started with two pieces in near proximity with each other as Jim states), and the real question becomes: Where did that nuclear material come from that it suddenly appears on a beach on the Gulf coast in Florida?  Did something crash into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico that we are not being told about?  Peculiar news indeed...

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment... Again, better late than never, and I will be spending much of the rest of today taking care of personal business... In the meantime, here are my usual "last minute tidbits"........ I see that North Korea is now willing to give up its "nuclear testing" and potentially its "arsenal" if it can attain peace on the Korean peninsula.  I for one sure hope that Kim Jong-un is not stupid enough to surrender his only means of defence against the criminals in the US.... And is it not amazing that we see "peace" being the flavour of the day in Korea soon after all the war mongering as late as a few months back?  It does prove that I was right about Korea all along and that the war rhetoric was just "fear porn" and for the massive sale of American weapons.  Yes, business was indeed good for the American military industrial complex when it came to Korea.......I see that there are more interesting revelations about the criminality of "Facebook" and how that fraud "social media" platform is now revealing itself to be what I and others have said along;  a spy program to gather information to be used against "users" later.  Honestly if you are stupid enough to still have a "Facebook" account, I cannot help you........Nothing new coming out of the still ongoing disaster over at Fukushima Japan I see.  Yes, there is NO change for the better as the failed reactor cores still continue to spew their radioactive garbage and nucleotides directly into the Pacific Ocean.  Fukushima will indeed haunt humanity for the next few decades to come........ The Houthis in Yemen continue to lob missiles at targets in Saudi Arabia I see.  And of course the Jew spew media refuses to even comment about how Saudi Arabia's "anti missile" systems for intercepting these primitive Houthi missiles has proven to be a massive failure.  When will people realize that "anti missile" defence systems are garbage and do not work?........ Meanwhile, the US/Saudi "coalition" of evil continues to slaughter Yemen civilians by the thousands every month and the world turns a blind eye to that continuing atrocity.  Yes, since the Saudis have failed miserably to conquer Yemen by military means, their choice of action now is to basically starve the nation of Yemen to death.......I see Dr. Evil himself, George Schwartz aka "Soros" has reared his ugly head with his refusal to accept the recent elections in Hungary and how the new party in power is definitely against him and his evil "immigration" policies.   I again must ask why the hell this insane criminal is not in a cold prison cell for his continuing crimes against humanity?  And especially with his funding the insane "immigration" policies that have destroyed so many European nations?.........American actress Allison Mack arrested for her involvement in a sex-slavery club in New York City with some psychotic freak?  Say it isn't so.  And here I actually liked watching her role on the Talmudvision series "Smallville" years back.......... I have seen several reports about how Hillary "Killary" Clinton may have been involved in a "shocking' child ritual murder several years back.  Lets just say that knowing that child ritual sacrifices are real and that the Jewish psychos are deeply involved in those sickening acts of murder, I would not dismiss this as a fraud.  I will be definitely investigating this one....... I find it alarming that while the American government continues to launch wars of aggression world wide, the American media continues to focus the gullible American attention on criminal US President Drumpf's alleged 'affair' with some two bit whore named "Stormy Daniels".  Yes, America, this is what is considered "news" in your world!......Warmer temperatures (finally) have arrived to these parts of central Canada.  And I am now awaiting for the bullshit reports to come out that THIS year will be the 'warmest on record'.  Yes, the Global Warming idiots are still out there and hoping that the suckers gobble up their bullshit......... Hey, today marks "Earth Day", and again lets be clear that the idea of saving the planet is a real nice idea but it should not come at the cost of feeding the gullible people idea that they need a "carbon tax" to do so!........ Well, it has been a brutal year for the Arsenal Gunners, and just last week I saw the reports where coach Arsene Wenger is "stepping down" as coach.  Honestly, he should have left years ago, as the Gunners have needed a new coach with a new fresh approach to reignite the team.  Lets see who they get as the new head coach in this coming off season..........Someone asked my why I support Soccer instead of Hockey as a Canadian.  Well, I played Soccer in my youth and have always been a soccer fan.  But hey, I do not mind a good Ice Hockey game from time to time.  And yes, I will follow the Stanley Cup playoffs and hope to see either Toronto or Winnipeg in the finals........ And finally, someone told me that apparently skank Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West are slated to appear on the American game show "celebrity Family Feud".   Honestly, considering that skank does not have two brain cells to rub together, I would love to see that trollop "crash and burn" and make a complete ass of herself on that show.   Yes, I am still trying to figure out the American "adoration" for this "family" of losers and misfits, and if anyone has an answer I am "all ears"....

More to come