Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Florida High School False Flag Shooting: More Updates On That Fraud

I go MIA for a few days, and there have been more revealing updates and bombshell reports that have come out that blows the fraud shooting in Parkland, Florida to heck...... I figure I have some major catching up to do, and there is no time like the present to start...

To help get everyone up to speed (including myself) about what has been happening in Parkland since the criminals did indeed pull of that Psy-ops, I want to turn of course to Jim Stone's website at, where Jim has not only been keeping up on the fraud, but presents some very startling information on the "shooting" and about the fraud David Hogg, that even some of the best investigators into this fraud may have missed... Here in fact is Jim's latest update here:


1. Numerous eyewitness videos prove Cruz had nothing to do with the shooting at all.  If anyone in "alt media" does an expose on the background of Cruz, and how the "FBI failed" because they "let it happen", take that truther and trash that truther, they can't investigate a shopping bag from Piggly Wiggly, let alone a story like this. Anyone saying Cruz did this is not worth a single lick on a salt block in a cattle yard.
2. The shooting did not happen, and there is perfect proof of this. If any truther is investigating this shooting as if it was anything but a hoax, they are off the deep end. It seems like lots of alt media is chasing absolute falsehood with this, to somehow drive home the "reality" that assault weapons were actually used to kill people. I have cold hard proof no assault weapons killed anyone, it is in this photo:

3. The shooting was a drill that was marketed as a real event, and it was staged by police officers. This next video proves police officers staged this:

In the above video a teacher talks about how the shooter "used full police tactical gear". Yet our patsy was seen walking through the school with no gear, no gun, nothing at all while the shooting "happened"
This next video proves that even Hogg said it was a drill staged by the police.

This next video proves Cruz had no gun and no tactical gear yet the teacher (above) says the shooter was wearing tactical gear while shooting. That means CRUZ DID NOT DO THE SHOOTING.

So when you see I am "missing all the details on Cruz" realize I am not, SORRY, I DONT POST BULLSHIT. Cruz did not do this shooting. That means the FBI did not miss anything, THAT CRUZ DID NOT PURCHASE AN AR-15, and that this entire thing is a fraud. 

A message to others in alt media: Stop posting bullshit just to get a story. When you treat this shooting as real, you give the police state, which is using totally staged events that never happened at all, the power to influence the public and get away with a lie. Quite frankly I am sick of it, if you can't understand holes in a computer screen should not be white, or a teacher thinking it was the police when it was happening, or students saying it was a drill, or a girl saying Cruz had no gun or gear while the event was being staged, if you can't put that all together and conclude CRUZ HAD NO GUN AT ALL, or that NO POLICE STAYED OUTSIDE ON ORDERS, or that SWAT WAS NEVER CALLED, IT IS ALL A HOAX, you probably suck bad enough to have adsense.

If you have been reporting that sh*t as real, clean up your mess and GO TO BED.

OK, A great summary by Jim of what we have so far... And in fact Jim followed up that report with the following quip that includes a new video of our favourite "Crisis Actor", that 19-20 year old (at least) California graduate that has hired to be the main crisis actor for this fraud, David Hogg, absolutely being coached and being told to hold off on "cursing" by the camera crews... Here is that article and pay attention to the video attached:


Someone at CNN is not playing ball!

The deep state must be freaking out with these leaks!
Here is another video where Hogg is caught rehearsing his lines for CNN. The cameraman whispers: No cursing!

Now everyone should know by now that this "David Hogg" is absolutely as phoney as a $3 bill.... This clown in fact had the nerve to first challenge Alex Jones to a showdown over at "Infowars" but Hogg subsequently declined to appear on the show with Jones...

OK, I have my differences with Mr. Jones, for I know he is a clown and a "gate keeper" that will never ever call out the real criminal Jews by name, but Jones would have definitely wiped the floor with this clown within minutes on his show... That also should have raised more red flags with everyone and caused them to say in regards to the legitimacy of this entire "shooting" "Hmmm...."

And I found one more update via Jim's site, where an astute reader sent in the following that spells it out as to WHY the criminals are indeed pulling off these frauds with ever increasing frequency:


You know, Jim, so much is fake now that what I believe is happening is that a group of 'actors' approached the authorities and said "we can make the 2nd-Amendment go away if you let us stage countless events month after month until the public cracks and lets you change the laws. Just give us carte-blanche to stage these events and ensure that neither us or the media will ever face prosecution for lying to the public". Well the government changed the law to allow themselves and the media to be used for propaganda purposes and these kinds of events went into full swing. I'm unsure as to whether or not the kid on trial for this crime is even on trial. It would not surprise me if the whole courtroom saga playing out on TV is just a fictional, staged event. No real trial, no real prosecution, just a fictional script played into the public arena as if it is really happening. I used to wonder why any of these events would be faked since the monsters that are behind such things have no trouble

Jim - here's a video where the turd says its 9:32 am

My response I found that and had the original and missed the importance in the original. All I can say is this is real. The entire thing was fake as aspartame.

I would say this comment nails it... These criminals are indeed doing these actions with ever increasing frequency and will continue to do so unless the American people wake the fuck up and put an end to their actions..

Lets face it, for the criminals behind this fraud shooting have been exposed and everyone with two brain cells to rub together can see the fraud and how badly the fraud artists are now trying to prevent the real truth from reaching even the most brain dead Americans...

To me, it is also so insulting to see all of the so called "shows" and "sporting events" that I have watched over "Talmudvision" over these last few days while I let my nose heal, continue to promote and push for "gun control" and to "support the victims of this mass shooting"...  How truly gullible are the American people that they continue to fall for this crap?

This "mass shooting" in Florida is now officially dead in the water and has been fully exposed as a fraud.... It is just too bad that truly stupid people are still so easily brainwashed that they fall so quickly for this garbage.... And yes, those are the ones that are indeed going to allow the criminals to get away with their "gun control" legislation and strip them of their last line of defence against criminals.....

More to come


Canadian Criminal Prime Minister Made A Mockery Of Himself In India: The Diplomatic Trip From Hell

During my short absence, I received an email from a great fellow real Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, who of course hails from the mysterious wilds of central British Columbia, and writes the blog "Greencrow As The Crow Flies" at Greencrow, who I usually call "Crow" for short, asked me to look into the disastrous trip abroad that the Canadian criminal Prime Minister, Justin (Trust In Jew Dough) Trudeau (Greencrow calls him "Le Dauphin") made to India to try to build "relationships" as well as to generate business for Canada... Needless to say, Trudeau was an unmitigated disaster while he tromped around India for the last few weeks... He in fact made himself a laughing stock and probably did more damage than any good for Canada as a whole in its relationship with India....

Greencrow did ask me to take a look at her material that she has done over at her website concerning the failures of "Le Dauphin" on his journey through India, and I would like everyone to take a look at her findings and her writings on what that fool did in his trip abroad... And I want to present at least one of her best articles covering that idiot right here at this blog...

Right now, I want to present Greencrow's latest article on the failings of our idiot Prime Minister here... This article is entitled: "The Diplomatic Trip From Hell" and it really sums up nicely how badly Justin now looks in the eyes of the Indian government... Here is that article, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Diplomatic Trip from Hell

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stands during question period in the
House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa
on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Trudeau says official's suggestion that Indian factions sabotaged his trip is 'true'

The fallout from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's catastrophic diplomatic junket to India continues to grow and spread exponentially.  Rather than do an update to my previous post of today I will do a new one, as this is absolutely astounding.  Please read the following from the National Post and I will have more comments to follow:


Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press
Published Tuesday, February 27, 2018 3:25PM EST 
Last Updated Tuesday, February 27, 2018 4:04PM EST 
OTTAWA -- Justin Trudeau is standing by a senior government official who suggested factions within the Indian government were involved in sabotaging the prime minister's visit to India last week.
During his first question period since arriving back in Canada, opposition MPs grilled the prime minister Tuesday about invitations issued to Jaspal Atwal -- a B.C. Sikh convicted of attempting to assassinate an Indian cabinet minister in 1986 -- to attend two events with the prime minister in India.
In a background briefing arranged by the Prime Minister's Office, a government official last week suggested that Atwal's presence was arranged by factions within the Indian government who want to prevent Prime Minister Narendra Modi from getting too cosy with a foreign government they believe is not committed to a united India.
Conservatives identified the official as Trudeau's national security adviser, Daniel Jean, and they pressed Trudeau to say whether he agrees with Jean's "conspiracy theory."
"A senior security official made these allegations. Does the prime minister agree or disavow those allegations?" asked Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer.
Trudeau defended the official as a member of the professional, non-partisan public service which provides quality advice.
He accused the previous Conservative government of using the public service for partisan ends, saying "they torqued the public service every possible way they could.
"And they do not understand that our professional, non-partisan public service does high quality work. And when one of our top diplomats and security officials says something to Canadians, it's because they know it to be true."
Conservative MPs pressed Trudeau to provide evidence to back the assertion, but it was left to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to field those questions.
"Before our prime minister destroys our relationship with our ally, the government and country of India, will he please tell this house what proof he has of that allegation?" asked Tory MP Candice Bergen.
Goodale said Bergen was providing "her interpretation of events" and said "her insinuations and her accusations are false."
Atwal was convicted of attempting to kill Indian cabinet minister Malkiat Singh Sidhu on Vancouver Island in 1986.
He was also charged, but not convicted, in connection with a 1985 attack on Ujjal Dosanjh, a staunch opponent of the Sikh separatist movement, who later became B.C. premier and a federal Liberal cabinet minister.
Trudeau's office says Atwal's invitation to a party in New Delhi was revoked as soon as his name was discovered on the guest list. However, Atwal showed up at a reception earlier in the week in Mumbai and was photographed with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the prime minister's wife.
British Columbia MP Randeep Sarai, one of several Liberal MPs in India with Trudeau, has taken responsibility for inviting Atwal and acknowledged he should have used better judgment.
Trudeau said he planned to meet with Sarai later on Tuesday.
Greencrow comments:  The above report about what went down in the House of Commons today begs the question:  "Why did Trudeau bother to go to India at all...if he has such a low opinion of the Indian government?  Or, was his mission to India the same as he suspects that the Indian government's motivation do harm to the relationship between the two countries?  What went down in Parliament today is so shocking that I'm sure Trudeau's father, Pierre, is rolling in his grave.  

The Liberal party...or, more obviously, their backers and handlers...don't give a fig about Canada's relationship with India.  To them, Canada is just an expendable be used in their never-ending pursuit of global hegemony...or, failing that...planetary nuclear Armageddon!

Map of Hegemony
US geographical combatant commands / Wikipedia 

At least Canadians found reported elsewhere...that the mysterious "government official' on the speaker phone who made the allegation against India was someone by the name of Daniel Jean...unfortunately not Chrystia Freeland as I had suspected/hoped.  But that, in itself begs the question...where was the Minister of Foreign Affairs during the time in question?  Did she participate in the planning/roll out of the diplomatic catastrophe/political fiasco?  Is she being protected by Jean?  Who knows anymore.

It doesn't matter what you do or say anymore, Justin.  It doesn't matter how dark your traditional business suit're finished!  Canadians will never trust you anymore after this.  But, don't worry. In today's era of rule by kleptoterrorocracy...where politicians don't owe the citizens anything....and the main$tream media is in the perp's pockets...nothing will happen.  It will continue to be bidness as usual.
NTS Notes: I first heard about this "Jaspal Atwal" myself about two weeks ago when the local Jew spew media covered it... But of course those liars did not tell the real truth about how damaging it was in terms of Canada-India relationships, and the Prime Minister's own caucus and his "official media" spokespersons worked their magic to cover up Justin's horrific gaff......

I too wonder WHY Justin went off to India in the first place?  I gave up trying to figure out this clown a while back and I wonder if this was all part of some type of game to keep him overseas while the government went about its business doing things at home without his presence....

Justin Trudeau did make a mockery of Canada and has indeed given Canada a huge black eye.... And now he is back home causing headaches to everyone in Canada thanks to his stupid "carbon tax" legislation that the Canadian people have gullibly signed on to, as well as just yesterday pushing through a disastrous Federal "Budget" that will perpetuate Canada's enslavement to Jewish criminal bankers for the foreseeable future....

Canada, We are truly fucked as long as we have this ass clown in charge....

More to come


Monika Schaefer, Prisoner Of Truth: Status Of Monika And Her Brother Alfred - Monika Is Still Sitting In A German Jail On Ludicrous Charges!

Yes, I am back... I figure I would start some new articles today by first presenting the latest on Monika Schaefer, who is still sitting in that German jail on the most ridiculous charges imaginable..

OK, For those who are new here and need to get brought up to speed... Monika Schaefer is a very intelligent lady who has been living in Jasper Alberta Canada for the last few years working as a "street musician" aka a "busker".. Her gift of music comes from her playing of the violin and according to many that have watched her perform, she does it very well...

Needless to say, but about a year ago Monika came under fire from the Canadian "thought police" for her releasing a video entitled: "Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust"... That video was Monika herself addressing her own mother (and others) about her thoughts on the Jewish "Holocaust" of the second World War, and in the video she states that she was indeed wrong all of these years and that the German people are absolutely innocent of the charges that they had "exterminated" some "6 Million Jews" in the concentration camps in Germany and Poland during the Second World War....

The fire storm that Monika generated from that simple video was tremendous.. She had to endure the "wrath" of the Canadian "thought police" that absolutely was trying to have her  imprisoned for the release of that video..... And luckily Monika did escape their wrath, but had to give up on her "busker" in Jasper because the town refused to renew her license to operate....  Monika basically "disappeared" from the limelight for some time and the Jewish bastards behind "Youtube" have indeed attempted many times to take down Monika's video that caused the firestorm in the first place, but luckily it is still available at least for now for everyone to view...

However,  Monika's actions did not escape other so called 'governments' including the one that right now rules Germany with horrendous "hate crime" legislations that includes "Holocaust denial"... Monika went to Germany earlier this year to lend support to another brave person who has endured the "wrath" of the German "Holocaust" laws, Sylvia Stolz..... Many people are not even aware that Sylvia Stolz was the brave young lawyer who defended Ernst Zundel over half a decade ago, and was subsequently sent to jail on the trumped up charges of "holocaust denial" herself! ... Sylvia was back in a German court room being charged with "enciting hatred" for her speaking out a few years ago in Switzerland about her ridiculous incarceration in Germany for almost 5 years.... Monika was indeed in the courtroom in the audience along with her brother Alfred Schaefer when the Stolz trial came to an abrupt "recess" during which the German criminal "thought police" arrested Monika Schaefer on the ridiculous charges of "Holocaust denial" for her release of her video!

As it stands over a month and a half now since Monika was railroaded by the stupid German thought police and thrown into a German cell awaiting her "trial" for "Holocaust denial", there has been very little news coming forward about her well being.. However, her brother Alfred Schaefer has been coming out periodically with "updates" on both his and Monika's status in Germany, and I want to share the latest "email" that came my way from Alfred, via John Kaminski and others,  right here:

Dear Friends,

recently I was attacked in my home again, for the third time now, and all of my computer and communication equipment was stolen. They did this because of my efforts to get my courageous sister Monika out of the gulag. They kidnapped her recently and wanted her to disappear. I am writing this from GERMANY, not from one of those "bad" countries like North Korea, or Russia, or Iran.

Then they ordered me to appear in one of their interrogation centers. I have declined this and have sent them a letter which can now be seen in this 9 minute video. Please take the time to view this, as our success is dependent on understanding the reality unfolding around us and engaging them. This is not a game.

Alfred Schaefer

Yes, Apparently the German "thought police" are indeed doing their best right now to "rough up" Alfred and to basically scare him enough that he would "abandon" his sister and his own work in Germany...

And YES, We can now see how far the once great German nation has fallen when you see how they are wanting to force Alfred into one of their so called "interrogation centres" where he will absolutely be either tortured or have to endure terrible treatment... For my German readers I really have to ask how you can stand for this??

OK, So we have Monika still incarcerated awaiting her day in a German "kangaroo" court where she will be found "Guilty" no matter what kind of strong evidence to the contrary she and anyone that represents her presents... That shows how Germany is absolutely NOT a free nation where people have freedom of thought!

Please take the video that Alfred has enclosed and spread it around for everyone to see what has been happening here... Monika is indeed a "prisoner of thought" and Alfred is definitely being harassed and being subjected to horrendous invasions of his own privacy...

I for one have to ask the big question in all this:  WHAT are the German thought police and the criminal Jews behind this madness wanting to hide?   Quite possibly the truth?   ALWAYS remember that "truth never needs laws to support itself, ONLY lies do"... And apparently these monsters will stop at nothing to prevent real research and fact finding missions to find out the truth about that period of our history.....

I will bring forward any new news about Monika and Alfred when it does become available.... Stay tuned..

More to come


*One update:  There was ONE letter that Monika was able to send out from her Jail cell in Germany,and one Youtube user was able to make a video that contains the content of that letter... Here is that youtube video here:

I also have my prayers for Monika, as I hope others do as well....

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Status Of Northerntruthseeker

Hey everyone..

I am back... I will be posting new material tomorrow..

I had the operation on Monday to correct the "deviated septum" that I have suffered from for decades, and the operation was a success...

I had the assessment today to verify if my nose is healing properly and the prognosis is great... I am presently still suffering from a bit of sinus headaches as well as a stuffed up nose.. The doctor said it should clear up by tomorrow...

I am in recovery, and due to the headaches and finally catching up on some sleep... I have not slept properly in three days... I figure that tomorrow would be a great point at which I will fire off some new articles...

Thanks everyone for their great comments of support...

More to come


Sunday, February 25, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, February 25th, 2018

Sunday, and again time for my weekly rant...

Well... Apparently the worse is supposed to be over in regards to the horrific cold spell that we just suffered up here in central Canada.... The temperatures are supposed to "moderate" now over the next week to reach highs just above 0 degrees Celsius.... BUT even with this break in the intense cold, this has indeed been one heck of a brutal winter, and with the planet now definitely entering a long cooling trend, winters will be much colder for the next decade at least....

The other day I saw a local news article where apparently ALL of Canada's Provincial Premiers (heads of provincial governments) are now "On board" with the fraudulent carbon tax that the criminal Trudeau regime has been wanting to impose on this once free nation, just to fleece the people of their hard earned money... I found it revolting that so few people have been willing to stand up against this fraud tax, for the money collected through that fraud will absolutely NOT be going to "save our planet" but will be used in general coffers of both the Federal and Provincial governments to line their own pockets.... That carbon tax fraud is now almost a go in Canada, and everyone here will start seeing the fleecing begin shortly....

Apparently Canada's idiot Prime Minister, Justin "Trust In Jew" Trudeau has been romping around India over the last week and a half making himself out to be a complete idiot and a fool... He has been making one blunder after another and rather than show himself to be the "Prime Minister" of Canada, he has instead made himself a laughing stock and a buffoon..... I still cannot understand how anyone in this nation actually voted this guy into power?   I personally never voted for this clown, and in fact in the last Canadian Federal election I did not vote at all, for I saw every federal party leader as either an ass clown or a Jew suck up....

Well, Honestly, What else can I say about the ridiculous "school shooting" in Parkland Florida?  The Jew spew media and the criminals in charge tried to push that fraud "David Hogg" out there as a "survivor" of that "mass shooting", when every stitch of evidence now shows that he is NOT this "17 year old" student of that high school, but is in fact at LEAST 19 YEARS old and was a graduate of a school across the country in California.... The evidence has become overwhelming now that this "Hogg" character is absolutely a crisis actor that was injected into this fraud shooting to push the agenda of gun control.... AND after all of the evidence that Hogg was indeed a fraud went viral within a few days the criminals behind "Facebook" and "Youtube" tried their damn worse to remove ALL evidence that exposed that fraud... Luckily people are now not that stupid and most smelled the rat and now realize that with Hogg being a fraud, that makes the entire "shooting" a fraud as well....

One thing that I do find so appalling about the Parkland fraud is how the "shooting victims" rather than be frightened and in shock from the "shooting" have been boarding buses and other means of transportation to take their fraud stories about the 'shooting' nationwide across America to push the gun control agenda...  These frauds have been wined and dined everywhere they go, while they sell their bullshit fraud stories to the gullible American people... To me it is disgusting that the gullible Americans are swallowing their bullshit, and honestly if anyone had any guts, they would stop the buses carrying these frauds from entering their communities and in other cases have them tarred and feathered and shamed out of town!

I have already beaten this fraud in Parkland Florida to death, and will probably continue with some updates when I find more evidence exposing the fraud.... It is to me so disgusting that so many people have fallen for this one, just like they did with the fraud at Sandy Hook..... But we must understand that the criminals are now pushing their want to strip Americans of their guns desperately now, for they know that America is an economic mess that could indeed collapse due to its massive crushing debt loads that can never be repaid.... The criminals know that they need to have Americans disarmed for when the collapse does happen, the American people will be very angry and will probably turn that anger against their own corrupt government that is responsible for the nation's demise....

I have not discussed the failures of the American economy for a while, but all indications do indeed show that the nation is teetering on a serious economic "reset" that will make the great depression of the 1930's look mild in comparison.... And when the collapse does happen, and it will, there will be NO recovery due to the fact that America does not have the manufacturing base anymore for such a recovery.. .That coupled with the destroyed American agricultural base due to GMO's and other poisons, there is nothing left in America for a recovery.... I do not want to scare my American readers, but they have to wake up to the fact that there will be NO recovery when the economy implodes, and they should do their best to be prepared for the worst case situation that may occur...

As I predicted, the Syrian government forces and their allies have now turned their attention to the "pockets" of "terrorists" and other so called fraudulent "moderate rebels" that are still active across western and southern Syria... And the one pocket that has now been targeted is that one sitting in the eastern Damascus suburb of "Ghouta"..... There are presently several thousand "terrorists" occupying the "East Ghouta" pocket, and these criminals have been using the estimated 100000+ Syrian civilians under their control as "human shields" to prevent SAA and allied actions against them... AND over the last few days, we have the US and other criminal governments try to rehash the "rebels in Aleppo" scenario where they are calling on the world to "save" the "rebels" holed up in East Ghouta much like they tried to "save" the "rebels" in Aleppo....  Thankfully these criminals failed in Aleppo and we can hope that they rightfully fail as well in East Ghouta!

Meanwhile, things have indeed become a bit weird in northern Syria, where we see the Turkish advances against the "Kurds" in and around the town of Afrin continue.. And just mid last week, we saw the reports about a "convoy" that was supposedly heading towards the town of Afrin itself that the Jew spew media and other sources claimed was spearheaded by SAA and other Syrian government forces... But everything about that 'convoy' just did not make sense, for the Syrian government is not this stupid that they would send in any forces to help the "Kurds" at all and entice the Turks to attack them as well as the Kurds.....I for one had some serious questions about that "convoy" and as "Penny" from Penny For Your Thoughts and other truth seekers said, it apparently was a trap and a method of having the US and other criminal nations come running in to attack Syria, and especially the Syrian government forces, itself... Luckily the Syrian government did not swallow the bait, and news about this "convoy" has now "disappeared".....  I wonder what the US and other criminals will try next to get directly involved in Syria, and I would not put it past them to try another one of these fraud false flags shortly..

And... As I and others have been saying for years.. The US is NOT going to leave Syria itself, ever, unless forced out of that nation... The US plans to stay in northern Syria illegally as well as at their illegal base at Al Tanf in southern Syria indefinitely or until they get their "regime change" in Syria which of course means the removal of Bashar al-Assad by force if necessary... To me, this is madness, and shows absolutely how the US government is 100% subservient to the criminal state of Israel and to the Jewish bastards that absolutely want to see Syria crushed.... It also means that we will see further escalations in the war in Syria where the US will be attacking and killing Russian soldiers much like we saw earlier this month in Deir Ez-Zor province... Yes, the US will indeed continue to try to escalate the conflict and will indeed risk World War III just to please their Jewish masters...

OK, I figure I have covered and beaten most of what has been on everyone's minds to death by this point... I have of course some important personal news to share that I have told most readers already over these last few rants... Tomorrow, I am getting that surgery done to correct my breathing and sinus problems that I have suffered from for decades... The procedure is of course a "deviated septum" operation that will tear open my sinus cavities and my nasal passageways and allow me finally to breathe normally.... The procedure is about an hour long tomorrow morning and the recovery period will be several days afterwards.....  I am crossing my fingers that there will be no complications, as I have heard that this type of procedure has almost a zero complications rate...  I will most probably not be able to post any new articles at this blog for a few days, and I will let everyone know if the operation is a success....

OK, Enough gibberish for now.. Time for my closing "last minute tidbits"..... OK, The Olympic Games snore fest is now over, and nations involved can now come back down to Earth and return to reality of what really matters across our planet.......And of course now that these "games" are over in South Korea, I can guarantee the vilification of North Korea by the US will start up once again.  Yes, the US is hell bent on using that fear mongering to get their Asian allies to buy a wide variety of good ol' American made weapons.  Fear mongering is indeed great for the US military industrial complex..... I will also state that the real goal of all of this North Korea bashing in NOT aimed at North Korea, but at China.  Most people are not even aware that the American think tanks have long been working on scenarios for war against China, and it is time for them to wake up and face that reality that the US is hell bent on stopping China's ever growing influence in Asia.......Reports coming out this last week stating that the US is never going to leave Afghanistan.  And yes, I told you so, for the US is not there to "fight terrorists" but to make sure the Opium keeps growing and flowing out of that country to poison the planet........The Ukrainian army is now almost ready and fully resupplied with American and Canadian weapons and training for a planned assault on the breakaway Donbas provinces.  It will be a slaughter once the assault begins, for that army will be attacking and killing civilians.  And again we must ask at what point the Russians can no longer tolerate the slaughter and they directly intervene..........The ridiculous "Russia Gate" bullshit is still going strong in spite of all of the evidence that it was Hillary "Killary" Clinton that did the criminal and illegal dealings with the Russians.  I find it amazing how the Jew spew media continues to spin this fraud to try to vilify US President Drumpf, and does their utmost to protect the true evil, Killary herself.........US is intent on moving forces into the Black Sea to "counter Russian actions" including their "annexation" of Crimea.  I find this astounding since the Crimean people have for most of their modern history always been Russian, and even voted overwhelmingly just a few years ago to rejoin Russia.  Honestly, how much longer can the criminals continue to stoop this low in their vain attempts to vilify Russia?......... Interesting that while the world is once again distracted by the fraud mass shooting in America, the criminal and psychotic lunatics in Israel once again launch air attacks against the Palestinians locked up in the world's largest "open air prison" known as the Gaza Strip.  Sadly the world cries out to the "victims" at Parkland, and yet overlooks those being genocided in Gaza.  Hypocrisy at its best, obviously..........And of course we find no reports this last week about the innocent civilians being brutally starved to death by the Saudis and Americans in Yemen.  Again, we see glaring hypocrisy here as thousands of innocents are dying by the week now due to starvation......It is bad enough that the criminals behind Lockheed Martin have been scamming the American public with their disastrous F-35 program, but I caught the news that these same criminals are now working on the "capsule" that is intended to send men to Mars.   Knowing how botched the F-35 is, I would assume that this "capsule" will be a huge and very costly disaster as well........Try as they might, but the Flat Earth retards are not quitting and are continuing to try to push their bullshit through my comment section.  Obviously they are retarded, for they still do not understand that their "comments" are automatically spammed and are never read, even by me!.........Arsenal plays Manchester City later today in what is called the "Carabao Cup".  Good luck to the Gunners, for beating the Citizens will not be easy............OK, I will no longer slam psychotic and mentally unbalanced Taylor Swift at this blog for her insanity.  I have found no evidence that shows her to be normal, so I will instead concentrate on the Kardashians....... And speaking of that lunatic asylum called the Kardashian clan, supposedly  they are now celebrating "10 years" of their ridiculous show called 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians".   I for one cannot understand how these sickos, trolls, trollops, and misfits actually lasted 10 years on Talmudvision.  Yes, it apparently does show just how low the intelligence level of Americans has indeed fallen...

More to come


Saturday, February 24, 2018

This Is Not A Joke: Students In A Louisiana High School Think The Mathematical "Square Root" Symbol Represents A Gun?

I always knew that the American education system is truly a disaster.. For every article that I have read for the last few years points to a definite slide in both education standards as well as IQ levels right across that formerly free nation... We can of course put part of that blame on the introduction of the ridiculous "common core" teaching methods that has truly fucked up so many students...

But what I found the other day really takes the cake when it comes to the craziness that we are seeing in America when it comes to not only the failings of the American education system, but all of the psychological damage being done to students that do not use real critical thinking skills thanks to the rash of false flag shootings happening in schools right across that formally free nation.... For according to the following report, that comes from the Miami Herald online news site, at, apparently some Louisiana High School students are so brain dead that they think that the Mathematical "Square Root" symbol represents a gun, and they actually had the police called to their school when one student wrote that symbol down on a piece of paper !  Yes, this is no joke, and I have the link to that Miami Herald report here... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  When I saw the title of this article from the Miami Herald, I thought "Oh, Come on now.. This has to be a bad joke", but apparently it really did happen and is no laughing matter!

Honestly, how twisted is it getting in America now when the "Square root" symbol can now be taken as a symbol of a hand gun... And worse, that it actually "frightened" some brain dead students to the point that they called the police on the person that wrote it down on a piece of paper!

America, you are truly fucked if this is what is happening in your nation.... It is bad enough that too many stupid people have fallen for the fraud school shootings that have been happening with ever increasing frequency just to fuck with your minds, but now this?   

And on top of the ridiculousness of what happened at that high school, I find it appalling that the victim's home was also searched for any guns thanks to this common symbol used in mathematics!  

As I said so many times.. These fraud school shootings are being done for the psychological effect of fear that would grip so many gullible and stupid people who are just too dumb to see that they are being played as fools.. And we see the result here in what just happened in Louisiana....  

More to come


Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, States The Truth That The US (Still) Wants Regime Change In Syria, Not An End To The War!

I was "playing hooky" again yesterday... Well, sort of... For I took another "me day" to do a lot of running around and take care of personal business... And of course today being Saturday, I went and spent some time visiting my mother once again to make sure she is doing well.... The good news is of course that she is actually in much better health these days than what I have seen over the last few months, and it is probably due to the changes in medication and food intake that she has reluctantly finally done.....

I am finally able to sit down and get at least ONE article out tonight, before I get some shut eye and get up tomorrow morning and work on my usual weekend "Rant"... And after surfing the Internet for the last while, I caught my eye on a most interesting article from the Fort Russ website, at www., where the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, has come out and stated something that most real truth seekers have known for YEARS now... That the US is absolutely NOT wanting to see the war in Syria come to an end until they get exactly what they want, which is "regime change"...

Here is that Fort Russ article in its entirety, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Lavrov: West wants regime-change in Syria, not an end to the war

February 23, 2018 - Fort Russ News - Paul Antonopoulos

MOSCOW, Russia - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday that the West would rather see regime-change in Syria then a peaceful conclusion to war.

"A combination of factors makes us think, that the aim of those who want to pass this resolution (on the situation in Eastern Ghouta and humanitarian pause) now without taking into regard our essential amendments, is not to help the civilians, but to shift the focus in the Syrian issue from the need to urgently launch the Geneva talks basing on success of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Syria, to demonize the Syrian government in order to advance the so-called Plan B to overthrow the regime (of President Bashar Assad) in violation of UN Security Council resolution 2254," Lavrov said.

"If our arguments are ignored once again, we have no other choice but to be reinforced in the view that the aim of the authors of this initiative is to once again shift the attention to Damascus, cover up terrorist groups," the diplomat said.

Russia has been a key player in not only trying to defeat terrorist organizations in Syria, but try and bring a politician solution to end the war that began in 2011.

NTS Notes:  I am absolutely NOT in the least bit surprise by this statement by Mr. Lavrov, for I and almost anyone with common sense and critical thinking skills can see that the US is illegally in Syria, which is nothing short of an invasion of a sovereign nation, and will not clear out of that country until they force Bashar al-Assad to step down or be forcibly removed from power...

The Russians are no fools, for they do see the sick game the Americans are playing in Syria... The US is hell bent on doing exactly what their Jewish masters want, which is to have Syria destroyed, Bashar al Assad removed from power, and a puppet government established in Damascus.... Once that is done, then the Israelis will grab what they can in southern Syria as part of their sick and twisted goal of their "Greater Israel" project and the world will turn a blind eye to that land theft....

Yes, the Russians have absolutely been a fair broker when it comes to Syria.. The Syrian government absolutely had every right over a year and a half ago in calling for the Russians to come in and help them to remove the illegal US supported "terrorist" groups that were tearing the nation apart.. And now with the Syrian government on its way to winning back the Syrian nation for the Syrian people, the US is sticking around and still wanting to impose its will in Syria as demanded by the Jewish bastards.... It is indeed a most dangerous game the US is playing and could still lead to direct war between the US and Russia itself....

As far as I am concerned, the US and other criminal nations, have no right in trying to impose "UN resolutions" against Syria to try to create a "humanitarian pause" in the battle for East Ghouta, when the "terrorists" in East Ghouta have been killing Syrian civilians for years now!  It is much better for the SAA and their allies to "finish the job" and destroy that pocket rather than allow it to persist as the US and the other criminals attempted in Aleppo before the SAA liberated the entire city in late 2016...

The facts are clear.. The US does not want a peaceful solution, for again they are hell bent on having their "regime change" at all costs... Even if it does mean World War III.... It is time for everyone to wake up and realize this as fact..

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Updates On Situation, And The US Is STILL Wanting Assad Overthrown!

OK, OK.... ENOUGH of the false flag mass shooting psy-ops in Florida (at least for the moment.).... I have seen enough of this "David Hogg" fraud crisis actor already that should have EVERYONE understanding once and for all that it was indeed a massive psy-ops for the criminals to enact their "gun control" on the gullible American sheep... Honestly if people do NOT get it by now, then there is no hope for America..

I have overlooked the continuing and ever changing situation in Syria thanks to being "diverted" by that "shooting" and I figure it was time to finally get back to catching up on the situation there... And yes, the situation is indeed becoming even more dangerous by the moment...

I am glad that at least ONE other real truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes the excellent blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, has been keeping up on the fight in Syria for the freedom of the Syrian people from tyranny on a daily basis... Her reports are excellent, and they do indeed cover so many facts that uncover the truths that we are all not being told...

And right now, I want to present the links to a few of Penny's most recent reports here..   This first one came out a few days ago, and was written by Penny after there were multiple reports coming over the Jew spew media as well as the alternative real news where apparently the US backed "Kurdish" fighters that have now been fighting a life or death battle against the Turkish army in the northern Syrian area around the town of Afrin have been crying out the the Syrian government forces to "intervene" on their behalf to halt the Turkish advances...  This one asks the hard question whether these "Kurds" are actually setting up the SAA and other Syrian forces for a possible 'false flag' that may be used by the US as their excuse to finally intervene directly in Syria itself and attack the Syrian government forces... Here is that link:

OK,  I too was wondering what in the heck was going on here with these "alleged" Syrian "loyalists" to come to the "aid" of these "Kurds" is indeed a set up, and whether this was indeed a trap being set for the Syrian government itself....

And Penny followed up that report with this interesting one that I have the link to here, where all of the "media" reports about the SAA 'deploying' at Afrin was indeed false:

This raises the interesting question as to whether or not the SAA and the Syrian government just averted a full blown confrontation with BOTH Turkey and of course the criminal US/Israel by not committing forces to Afrin... But I too do wonder WHO's forces we did see in all the "news reports" claimed were allegedly moving towards Afrin? .... I smell a rat here...

I of course did see a trap being set up, and I did put a comment at that article where I stated my own thoughts...  Here is my comment:

OK, Here is the twisted scenario I see happening here.  

This is a set up to get the SAA "assisting" the Kurdish forces to give the US/Israel/NATO most evil cabal their excuse to come to the "aid" of Turkey to fight Syria... 

The bait and the trap may be set, and hopefully Assad does not fall for the trap.

I hope that I am wrong, but this smells like a trap!

I for one am glad that the Syrian government did not bite... For I see the rats in the US/Israel/NATO cabal looking for ANYTHING now just to get the overthrow of the Syrian government that they have wanted all along.....

The situation in northern Syria remains very fluid, especially with the Turkish army advances in Afrin still ongoing...Meanwhile, the SAA and their Arabic and Russian allies have turned away from their advances in Idlib to finally clean up some of the "pockets" of US bought and paid for "terrorists" further south.  And one of the biggest eye sores that has to be destroyed is that pocket in "East Ghouta" which is an eastern suburb of the capital city of Damascus.... And apparently according to the following link from the Southfront website at, the SAA has deployed their armoured forces along with the vaunted "Tiger Force" around East Ghouta to FINALLY destroy that pocket... Here is that link:

Honestly, I can see the SAA begin their advances into East Ghouta as soon as tomorrow... It is no wonder we see all of the Jew spew media reports coming out now decrying all of the "victims" that are being allegedly "killed" by Russian and Syrian air strikes... I have seen a few of these Jew spew media reports and the liars in that media cesspool are of course claiming that the Russians and Syrians are killing civilians.. BUT of course these liars miss the fact that the US backed "rebels" and other "terrorist" groups have been killing Syrian civilians by the thousands for over 6 years now!  But hey, it is of course propaganda from those bullshit artists to once again try to vilify the Syrian government of course...

I also found the following report from the liars over at the "New York Times" website, where apparently the Drumpf administration is now stating that the US forces are to "stay in Syria" in spite of having NO legal authorization from Congress and the US public to be there!  Here is the link to that article here:

OK, After reading this piece of pure  bullshit propaganda and filth from the Jew run NY Times, I honestly have to call these bastards a bunch of liars....  The authors of that drivel are still trying to sell the lie that the US's (illegal) commitment in Syria is to fight "terrorism", when more and more people with any common sense and critical thinking can now see the obvious that the US forces are absolutely there for nothing more than the overthrow of Assad himself....    

I for one am sick of the US and their lies in regards to Syria... They are there to break up Syria and to absolutely see their "regime change" take place, and are absolutely there without any legal rights and are in fact illegal invaders of a sovereign nation.....

There is so much happening in Syria, and I will continue with my reports at this blog... It is important for people to get the truth and not the bullshit that they are being spoon fed by the liars in the Jew spew media.... So stay tuned...

More to come


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Florida High School False Flag Shooting: More Updates, And The Scum At Youtube Have Removed Details On Crisis Actor Hogg

I know, I know... I honestly wanted to get away from the Florida 'mass shooting' incident of a week ago for the simple reason that if people by now do NOT get it, then they are beyond any hope... I find myself still troubled by the Jew spew media trying so desperately to sell to the stupid American public the "official story" on this obvious false flag and operation, and therefore I figure a few more interesting facts should be presented to readers as another "update" here...

First, I want to of course inform everyone that is not aware of it by now.. But the criminals behind Youtube aka the "tribe" have decided to pull every single video that shows how the scoundrels behind this "shooting" had an ass clown named "David Hogg" on site to sell to the gullible people the idea that he was an alleged "witness" at this school.... And from my last report, I showed how they blew it big time in that this Hogg character was not only the son of a former FBI agent (no coinky-dink, right?) but apparently was a student at and actually graduated from a high school in California two years ago!   Here is an interesting link to a report that covers that important fact:

OK, If this clown did actually attend and graduate from a high school in California some two years ago, then WHY was he even at the High School in Parkland Florida for this "mass shooting"?  Can anyone else see set up and crisis actor here?

Yes, the criminals blew it big time with this "David Hogg" character and have been desperately since trying to get rid of every link available over the Internet showing that he is indeed a fraud....

Well, the exposure of this David Hogg should have blown this entire false flag wide open, but I found other evidence that I want to share here as well... First, I want to present the following update from Jim Stone's website, at, that once again shreds this false flag to pieces:

Shooting took place at 2:19 yet Hogg interview of students during shooting happened at 9:32 AM?

There are no videos left on Youtube of Hogg interviewing students during the shooting. They have all been purged. I just searched for them at length and cannot find a single one, and did not save any because I did not realize I ought to. Well, I should have.
Evidently Hogg (the idiot in the other videos here, CNN stooge), while "interviewing students during the shooting" said the actual time he was filming and it was 9:32 AM. That would not be possible if the shooting was real, and happened at 2:19 PM.
So what we would have here (if this pans out) is a major continuity glitch in a scripted plot for an event that never happened, and as a result all the videos of Hogg in the classroom with the kids during the shooting have been pulled offline by Youtube, (which is your enemy, don't kid yourself with that for a minute) while the videos are either sent to the memory hole or "fixed."
Unfortunately I did not save that particular video. I will be trying to get my hands on it throughout the day.
You can bet the fat man is going to be singing about this if it is legit, keep an eye on Alex also.

Well well, it looks like the official story is springing leaks everywhere:

Fox News: Florida House aide fired after claiming Florida shooting survivors are 'actors'

An aide to a Florida House lawmaker was fired Tuesday after he said that Parkland students who were speaking out on gun control after Wednesday's mass shooting were paid actors.
Benjamin Kelly, the aide to Republican Rep. Shawn Harrison, emailed Tampa Bay Times reporter Alex Leary to claim that two Marjory Stoneman Douglas students who appeared on CNN weren’t actually survivors of the attack.
An aide to state Rep. Shawn Harrison, using state email, sent me this: "Both kids in the picture are not students here but actors that travel to various crisis when they happen." Kelly reportedly emailed the newspaper. When the Tampa Bay reporter asked for proof, the House aide sent a follow-up email claiming the same student who appeared on CNN, David Hogg, was in another state hundreds of miles away.
My comment: If Fox reported this or even mentioned actors at all, the wheels just fell off.  The rest of the Fox report, (very detailed) is here.

WHY am I not surprised by these details?  And again, Jim shows the entire operation was a disaster for the criminals in that with the shooting taking place at 219PM in the afternoon of the 14th of February, then WHY does the time line of the "David Hogg  interview" show 9:32 in the morning?  Yes, this again blows this entire false flag to hell...

And yes, I did see so many reports about that Florida State Government House aide claiming the "shooting survivors" were indeed crisis actors... And we find that aide subsequently fired as well as the Jew spew media claiming the aide was both "wrong" and "nuts"...... And please, read the FOX report at the link above, for it is priceless..

But of course I have more... For once again, I want to turn to a more recent update from Jim that blows more holes in this false flag... Here is that most recent update here:

Feb 21 2108


Graphically placed bullet holes on a computer screen!!! Sorry, but holes that go all the way through LCD screens are black, WHITE MEANS THE CRYSTALS ARE STILL THERE, A MILLIMETER BENEATH THE GLASS!

We are witnessing the snowflake benefit, the kids doing the psy ops are so poorly trained in everything that they cant get the most basic of the basic basic things right!!!
Additionally, how is that computer even sitting there if it got shot by an assault rifle? Sitting there, all nice and cute like Barbara just stood up for a stretch. Anyone who has target practiced knows that when you hit something it will fly, bullets should have ripped the screen clean off (and if not that, the screen should be pushed all the way as far back as it can go,) and the computer would not be sitting pretty, it would have spun.
If it was not for the serious implications of this, it would be absolutely great humor, and a lesson on just how far American education has fallen if the people hired to do this screwed up this badly.

Well, there you have it for now... More interesting updates about this laughable "false flag" that blows so many holes in this one that it should be impossible for anyone to now call it a real "shooting"...

I for one am also sickened by the criminals now shipping these "surviving children" and other 'crisis actors" around the country to try to sell the bullshit "gun control legislation" to the gullible American people.... I for one hope that people do the right thing when these frauds come to their communities and have them tarred and feathered, shamed and run out of town!

America, wake the fuck up... These monsters will not stop with this bullshit until they get you disarmed and helpless in the face of their tyranny..

More to come


*Update:  Someone sent me some interesting facts from a website about this "David Hogg" that shows DEFINITELY that this ass clown was NOT A STUDENT at that high school in Parkland, and is indeed a fraud.Here is the link to that website report:

The Continuing Saga Of The Flawed US F-35 POS Fighter Aircraft Continues: Exposing Lockheed Martin - America's Biggest Welfare Queen

I want to get away from the continuing reports on the fraud "shooting" in Florida for a few articles... I will of course continue with any updates on that fraud when they become available and bring them here, but in the meantime I want to focus in on some interesting material that I came across about one of my "pet peeves", the Lockheed Martin ridiculous flying piece of shit "fighter" aircraft, the F-35 "Lightning II"....

I have long said that the US government is absolutely wasting a king's ransom on the development and deployment of the F-35... And the biggest question that I always have is...WHY?   Most experts including those in the aerospace industry itself along with those who have military background can see that the F-35 is an absolute dismal failure and when 'deployed' with American and allied forces world wide, will be a detriment to any air force and will indeed weaken those forces drastically in regards to being able to combat enemy fighter aircraft.... So again, the question is why in the hell is the US government going full steam ahead with this "program" from Lockheed Martin that will cost beyond 1.5 TRILLION dollars once completed?

Well, to answer some major questions about not only the F-35 failure, but the criminal corporation, Lockheed Martin itself, I want to turn to the following report from Ryan Dawson, through his "Anti-Neocon Report" website, at, that shows how truly crooked Lockheed Martin is and explains WHY the US government is absolutely in bed with that criminal organization... The article is entitled: "Lockheed, America's Biggest Welfare Queen" and I have it right here for all to see for themselves.. I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Lockheed, America’s Biggest Welfare Queen gets more money from the federal government than many federal agencies

Lockheed, America’s Biggest Welfare Queen

-Ryan Dawson
Last Year Lockheed got 32.5 Billion dollars from the US tax payers. Let that sink in. This is nearly as much as what the government allocates to the State Department. It is well more than what many other federal agencies get. Lockheed is the new East India Tea company. It is so big it might as well be a state. This corporation also benefits from the foreign aid to states like Israel which is where it jointly built its most expensive project to date the F-35 which has costs more than 1.5 Trillion dollars to produce. The fighter jet doesn’t even work as well as previous jets. There are a long list of problems with it. F-35b Fuel Tank redesign, problems with : Software delays, lightening protection, flight control problems, helmet display issues, avionics processors, thermal management systems, ejection seat assemblies, cockpit display electronics unit, seat survival kits, igniter-spark in the turbine engines, and even the on-board oxygen generating systems. (The oxygen problems  the pentagon reports as “pilot physiological events,”) There are problems with the tires, landing gear, in fact it the tailhook is not even compatible with US carriers. The Automatic Logistics Information System or ALIS doesn’t work. The F-35 has also been grounded for electrical problems.   You could not find a more creative way to waste $1,500,000,000,000 and counting. This doesn’t even include the cost per unit, or maintenance, that’s just the production cost. Oh and the stealth doesn’t work… on a stealth fighter jet. The stealth coating has even been found peeling off and the repair crews have been hospitalized from dealing with it. They were not allowed to tell the medics what it was made out of because of the secrecy. One thing it can do is something it is not supposed to do and that is spy on our allies. Are these problems just hiccups from the past that have been straightened out? No, in Jan of 2018 the pentagon reported that half of the F-35 fleet was grounded for tech problems!

Lockheed Martin, if you remember is who gave the seed money to the Weekly Standard which was the Neocon rag which pushed the lies about Iraq the most ferociously in order to offer a pretext for the 2003 invasion. William Kristol and Robert Kagan get the credit/blame for founding PNAC’s mouthpiece. However the funding for this Hasbara center piece  of Zionist war propaganda was Lockheed Martin.   Richard Cummings wrote in Lockheed Stock and two Smoking Barrels  How Bruce Jackson the VP of strategy and Planing for Lockheed, gave Bill Kristol the money. It should not surprise anyone that Bruce Jackson would finance PNAC’s media arm, when Jackson was the Executive Director for PNAC. Bruce is currently the President of the Project on Transitional Democracies. PTD has been meddling in Ukraine, and imagine my lack of shock at who comes to defend them. The best reporting on the Ukrainedebacle was probably from Robert Perry of Consortium News, unfortunately he passed away this year.  Jackson, even though he admitted that he didn’t know anything about Iraq was selected to be chairmen for the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. Since he didn’t know anything and was just taking a salary he deferred the actual decisions over to Randy Scheunemann.  Scheunemann was on the board of directors of PNAC and the treasurer of PTD. See a pattern there? Dick Cheney’s wife was on the Board of Lockheed. They signed up advisors to the board for the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, such as Richard Perle and James Woolsey. Perle has too many lies to list and Woolsey was the Weekly Standard’s source for the lies about Anthrax which  wrongly attributed a connection between 9/11 hijackers and Iraq. There was more news about the non existent meeting in Prague between Al Qaeda and Iraq than the actual Al Qaeda summit in  Malaysia where the CIA observed future hijackers meeting with KSM. They then openly moved to and lived in the US without the CIA informing the FBI. More on that

Is the public up in arms about Lockheed literally being up in arms? Not really because the news rarely if ever breaks the print media barrier. Televised news is simply too tied up with industry to rattle the cages. It is very hard for them to have a story approved about the MIC or Big Pharma the two pillars of corporate news sponsorship. That is why I hope you will consider supporting this site and other non corporate news sites.

NTS Notes: And for those that want to see the video about this report.. Here it is:

OK, I do have my differences with Ryan Dawson at times, but this report is indeed dynamite and backs up everything that I have been saying for years about the dismal F-35 program...  The facts that he presents about Lockheed Martin and the control they have over the US government is indeed disturbing..

Again, I have been posting up articles for years now at this blog about how truly criminal this entire "F35" program is, and how that plane is a dismal failure and an absolute waste of taxpayer money... The sad part is that there are indeed US fighter pilots that are expected to use this failure in aerial combat where they will be blown out of the sky by superior Russian and Chinese made aircraft...

Now we understand why the US government is hell bent on pursuing this failed program.. Most of the US government and retired members of that same government are definitely "in bed" with Lockheed Martin and have stakes in that company for nothing more than profit and greed...

I will bring forward any new reports here about the dismal F-35 which I have been calling a "flying lemon" for years... The public needs to know the truth about this absolute waste of taxpayer dollars..

More to come