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War On Iran: Thanks To US/Israel Bullshit "Protests", Iran May Now Back Out Of Any "Nuclear Deals"

I was surprised this morning when I opened up the local printed rag (newspaper) and right there in the so called "editorials" were a bunch of Jewish prick authors spewing the lie that the Iranian "protests" were still "going strong" (!) and that the Iranian government was somehow "cracking down" on the so called "peaceful protestors".... Nothing could be further from the truth, and these bullshit articles once again show exactly WHO controls the media and the message getting into the heads of dumb ass sheep out there....

I figure it was time once again to set the record straight on those so called 'protests" that did happen in Iran, but as of now have both failed and basically disappeared... The Iranian government did a thorough investigation into these "protests" and discovered that they were absolutely 100% run by CIA/Mossad operatives... In fact, I want to first bring forward a most interesting report that came from Jim Stone's website, at, just a few days back which shows that these "protestors" were in fact CIA/Mossad operatives disguised as "businessmen" that were injected into Iran shortly after the nation allowed their borders to be "opened for business" thanks to the last Iranian nuclear deal that was supposed to end "sanctions" against the nation over two years ago... Here is Jim's report here:

7 Jan 2018


This is huge, because Turkey and Iran are not friends. If Turkish media ran this report, it is legit and No, contrary to the scamming U.S. MSM and planted media in the middle east, Ahmadinejad was not arrested. The Al-Arabia report about the former Iranian president being arrested for inciting the protests is a HOAX. Here is the truth:
According to the Turkish press, the CIA sent 900 agents fronting as businessmen to Iran under the disguise of helping Iran recover from economic sanctions. Once they were in Iran, rather than conduct business, they fronted the riots. HERE IT IS FOLKS, THE FULL REPORT. HA HA HA, BUSTED!
"Turkish media outlets said Michael D'Andrea, the man in charge of the CIA operations in Iran, has led the recent unrests and riots in a number of Iranian cities and towns.
The Turkish-language Takvim newspaper reported that D'Andrea has masterminded the violent protests which killed 20 people in Iran.
It added that D'Andrea has sent 900 agents disguised as businesspersons to Iran to ignite unrests and riots in the Iranian cities and towns.
Earlier, the Turkish-language Aksam newspaper had also released a similar report.
The Turkish media revelations were made after Secretary of Iran's Expediency Council (EC) Mohsen Rezayee disclosed that the US, remnants of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam's regime, Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCRI) and Saudi Arabia masterminded the recent unrests in Iran within the framework of an operations room in Erbil of the Iraqi Kurdistan region.
"An operations room was formed in Erbil a few months ago, led by Michael D'Andrea, the man in charge of the CIA operations in Iran; also the chief of staff of Saddam's son and Saddam's brother-in-law along with a representative of Saudi Arabia and a representative of Monafeqin (hypocrites as MKO members are called in Iran) were in there. Certain reports have also claimed the presence of the UAE's representative in the operations room and we are studying them," Rezayee said on Saturday.
He said that the operations room had plotted to start its activities in Iran late in fall, using social media, and then hit a blow to the Islamic Republic early and mid winter, adding that they had named the project as "Fruitful Convergence".
Rezayee, also a former top commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), further explained that they wanted to take control of the Iranian cities from the government in the first phase, smuggle weapons to the country to kill people and then pressure the UN Security Council to impose new sanctions against Iran under the US pressure, adding that in the second phase they wanted to pave the ground for the MKO members to enter Iran and then make the Europeans accompany them in measures against Tehran.
"And these are the overall points of the Erbil scenario," he concluded.
Iranian people took to the streets across the country for the fourth consecutive day on Saturday, to show their solidarity with the Islamic Republic and condemn the recent scattered riots in some areas of the country. They shouted slogans and carried placards, condemning violence and sedition. They also carried images of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and Iran's flag to show allegiance to them. Last week, a number of peaceful protests began in several areas across the country, with the participants calling on authorities to address their economic issues. However, the economic protests in a number of Iranian towns in the past few days turned into riots each comprised of a few hundred protesters after the peaceful gatherings were overshadowed when armed elements and vandals showed up among ordinary protesters and began to launch attacks on public property, police stations and religious sites. The original protesters soon left the streets upon calls by the authorities so security forces could deal with the rioters and sporadic violence, which continued in some towns and cities for several days.
People across the country, including Khuzestan, Qom, Kermanshah, Ilam, Gilan, Alborz, Lorestan, North Khorassan, Golestan and Hamedan provinces, gathered in important squares and streets of their cities and towns to show unity and deplore hijack of the recent economic protests in Iran by rioters in the country. They chanted "Death to the US", "Death to Israel" and "Death to the Seditionist" slogans to condemn US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's support for the recent riots in Iran.
On Thursday, millions of Iranian people across the country held fresh rallies to voice support for the Islamic Republic and denounce violence and riots and held the US and the Israeli regime responsible for the recent wave of violence in Iran.
Ayatollah Khamenei warned on Tuesday that the enemies have mobilized all their power and tools to hit a blow at Iran, alluding to certain foreign states' role in the recent riots in the country.
"The enemy has always been waiting for an opportunity and a breach to enter and hit a blow to the Iranian nation," Ayatollah Khamenei said, addressing the families of the Iranian martyrs in Tehran.
"During the events in the past few days, the enemies of Iran allied to create problem for the Islamic Republic by different tools in their hands, including money, weapons, policy and security organizations," he added.
Ayatollah Khamenei said that the nation's spirit of bravery, sacrifice and faith blocks the enemy and its hostilities, adding that he will speak with people about the recent protests and unrests in Iran in due time.

So there you have it, that is what really happened in Iran, and no, Ahmadenijad was not reported to have been arrested in any legitimate reputable media outlet, not even in Turkey which is at odds with Iran.

The reports of Ahmadinejad's arrest only appeared via Al Arabia, a known American backed propaganda front (this is the same outlet as Al-Quds)

OK, I absolutely believe this report, for it shows how the US and Israel would sink so low as to send their agents into Iran disguised as "businessmen" and then have them fan out across the nation to try to fuel these phoney "protests".... And it is so amazing just as Jim states that the Turks are the ones that come out with this blockbuster report....

It is now logical for the Iranian government to absolutely NO longer ever trust anything coming out of the US, and they have not only gotten rid of these protests, but I can guarantee have cracked down and caught as many of these CIA/Mossad operatives that they can before they try to escape the nation.... And on top of that, they have also stopped the teaching of English in their schools as a second language to make it that much harder for these CIA/Mossad agents to operate in Iran itself....

On top of all that, comes this new report from Jim that states that the backlash from this vain attempt from the US and Israel to overthrow the government in Iran has gotten as far as the status of the so called "nuclear deal" that Iran did sign off on over two years ago and has lived up to that agreement fully while the US and Israel have NEVER abided by its terms... According to the following report, the Iranians are now very possibly about to back right out of the "nuclear deal" due to the arrogance and stupidity of the US and Israel:

After U.S. backed protests in Iran, Iran will be backing out of nuclear deals

Iran is very upset about the recent proven CIA staged riots in their country. Iran was already stressed when Trump backed out on the sanctions deals, and the riots put them over the edge. Right now they are only talking, but I would bet they have every intention of completely backing out on all nuclear deals.
Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi had this to say: (from farsnews
Contradictory reports surface on the endorsement or non-endorsement of the sanctions waivers by the US president and any of which will have different effects; but if the sanctions suspension are not extended, that would violate the nuclear deal and naturally, the Islamic Republic of Iran will take the necessary action," Kamalvandi said in an interview with the state TV on Wednesday.
The Islamic Republic may reconsider its cooperation with the UN nuclear agency in case of a US non-compliance with the landmark multilateral nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, France and Britain plus Germany) in 2015," Salehi said in a telephone conversation with IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano on Monday.
He reiterated that if the United States does not implement its commitments under the JCPOA, the Islamic Republic of Iran will take decisions that can affect its current cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Iran's defense minister promises a "crushing response" to the recent U.S. attack on Iran

Our country, as an independent state, has always shown that it would never keep quiet against such damage," General Hatami told FNA after a cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday.
He referred to the Tuesday remarks by Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei who warned Washington of Iran's retaliatory measures, and said, "They (the Americans) have received a decisive response wherever they have inflicted damage on our country and this time they will certainly receive a response as such."
Addressing a large gathering of Iranian people from the Central city of Qom in Tehran on Tuesday, Ayatollah Khamenei blamed the US, the Zionist regime, certain regional states and Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, PMOI and NCRI) for the recent riots and unrest in Iran, warning Washington of Iran's response.
My comment: There has been nothing said about what the "crushing response" will be, because after all, what can they do? But they are mad.

However, this is significant: London's ambassador to Iran was very concerned about the extent to which Western media lied about the riots America staged in Iran and more importantly, the fact that the BBC did all it could to make the riots worse.

TEHRAN (FNA)- British Ambassador to Tehran Nicholas Hopton expressed concern about the way his country's media outlets have covered the recent riots and unrest in Iran, and implied that some British media did not respect London's official policy of non-interference in Iran's affairs.
"I am concerned about the British media coverage of the recent unrests in Iran," Hopton said, addressing a conference in Tehran hosted by Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations (SCFR) on Tuesday.
He stressed that the Iranian people need to make their decisions by themselves, and said, "What the protestors want to utter is no way related to us and the British government would not have any interference."
BBC's Persian service sought hard to incite riots in those cities and towns where people where out to chant slogans about their economic grievances. BBC's world service, including its BBC Persian, is funded by the foreign office.
His remarks came after the mainstream media in the West, specially BBC, gave a wide coverage to the economic protests in a few Iranian towns that each comprised of a few hundred protesters, but none has covered the massive pro-government rallies held in different cities and towns.

I honestly do NOT blame the Iranians at all... They put their trust into the thought that a "deal" with the Americans over their non-existent nuclear weapons program would indeed bring a long sought after peace and open the nation to proper international trade... But the truth is that the US and Israel are hell bent on having Iran destroyed by every means possible, and the Iranians must understand that you should never ever try to make a deal with the devil.....

Well, there you have it... The so called "protests" in Iran have been stopped cold and they have failed miserably for the criminals in both the US and Israel... Therefore if you turn on the Jew spew news these days and the liars are still trying to promote the lies that the "protests" are still ongoing, know that these so called "media" fools are lying their asses off....

The criminal US and Israeli bulls eye for "regime change" is now squarely on the peaceful nation of Iran... I for one do wonder what else these diabolical monsters have up their sleeves to have that nation destroyed and millions dying as a result.....

One other note... I have been under fire from a few commentators about my linking material at this site to Jim Stone's site... The fact is that I am NOT 100% behind Jim Stone, for we have our differences including where Jim still strangely supports the lies of Project Apollo... But as I have always said, even those who are "suspect" in the so called "truth movement" do put out some decent and truthful material from time to time, and Jim's reports here are factual and deserve recognition....

More to come


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