Wednesday, January 3, 2018

War On Iran: How The West Is Misusing An Image To Represent The Iranian Protests

The "protests" in Iran are raging on as of today... .Now less than a week old, this obvious attempt by the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal to overthrow the Iranian government is still ongoing, and of course the Jew spew media is out here in the west using propaganda to create the false impression that these "protestors" have the support of the Iranian people, when the reality is that they absolutely do NOT!

In fact, the propaganda and brainwashing attempts of the Jew spew media are putting out so much bullshit now about the "evil" Iranian government "cracking down" on the protests by using extreme force... I did read some reports over the Jew spew media  in fact that are claiming (unsourced of course) that the Iranian police forces have now "opened fire" on some of the protestors, and others that many of the "protestors" have now been "killed" by the Iranian police and military... However, I find no such reports over the alternative media and none in fact from Iranian news sources... Yes, I knew that this type of false rhetoric was going to happen to try to stir up public attention and to create the false impression that the Iranians are "evil"....

But one thing did come my way today that shows how low the Western Jew spew media would sink in their attempts to vilify the Iranian government and to some how create the false impression that these "protests" represent the general will of the Iranian people... For according to the following report that comes from the Aletho News service, at, apparently the Western media is using an Image that has NOTHING to do with these protests at all to  falsely to represent the Iranian protests!   Here is that report, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

How the West is misusing an image to represent the Iranian protests

By Paul Antonopoulos – Fort Russ News – January 2, 2018
TEHRAN – The above image has become synonymous with the Iranian protests that have engulfed most regions of Iran for the past week. However, there remains one problem…. The original image has nothing to do with the current protests at all.
The original photo shows a woman with a hijab on a stick in a defiant moment as she challenges the law that makes it compulsory for women to wear a hijab in Iran.
However this was taken before the current protests even began. Although the Islamic Republic forces women to wear the hijab, its slow liberalization is seen, especially with Tehran announcing just days before protests began that they will no longer enforce the law in this regard.
However, despite the current protests being about economic reform and a clampdown on corruption, Western war enablers, particularly so-called activists and Western media, have widely been spreading this image as a symbol for a struggle against the regime that only exists in their own mind and not in the general consensus of Iranians, nor the majority of those protesting.
As Israeli geopolitical expert Michael A. Horowitz acknowledges, “The only thing this new “symbol,” [the image] largely imposed from the outside [the West], does represent is some form of “wishful thinking” from outside observers on what they’d want the current protest movement to be.
Western war hawks, activists and media alike are all trying to portray the Iranian protests as one for regime-change, but this remains only a small segment of the current protesters. However, no amount of Western “wishful thinking” as Horowitz correctly asserts, will change the fact that the majority of women currently protesting come from conservative segments of Iran.
It has been found that Saudi Arabia has tweeted more about the Iranian protests then people within Iran has themselves, with around three-quarters of all tweets about the protests coming from outside of the Islamic Republic.
Therefore, it can be seen that the great pushers for the protests are mostly coming from outside of the country. Another attempted colored revolution that will fail just as imperialists had in Venezuela last year.

NTS Notes: WHY am I absolutely NOT shocked at all by this?

The facts are that throughout all history the liars that control the media have controlled the message... And right now the Jewish criminals that control the media (hence why I call it the "Jew spew" media) are working overtime to portray the wrong message to the world and to brainwash gullible people world wide that this is a "peaceful" protest and that these "protestors" have the backing of the Iranian people..

The reality is of course that these protestors are criminals and US/Israeli backed agents who are wanting to stir discontent in the Iranian populace as well as to try to stir up enough trouble to weaken the Iranian government.... Hopefully the proud people of Iran will see through this and have every single one of these "protestors" and their US/Israeli bought and paid for leaders arrested.....

The war against Iran is definitely on... .What we have here is again the US/Israel working their propaganda to try to get people everywhere to believe that Iran and their government are "evil" and that they do not have the support of the Iranian people... The reality is of course quite different and it is up to those in the alternative media to get the real truths out....

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FC said...

The Iranian protests have exposed phoney bastards who pretended they were on our side but in fact work for the satanic jews.....snowden and Paul joseph watson....I'll post the links when I get them. There is absolutely no doubt now that Alex jones and watson are paid whores for the jews...even tho we suspected it is undeniable.

FC said...

Check this link from the awesome smoloko site exposing that piece of shit watson and other bullshit "truthers" shilling for the jews and their attack on Iran....

And snowden exposed as a shill for the jew satans....