Thursday, January 4, 2018

War On Iran: Blockbuster Report Shows That These "Protests" In Iran Are Absolute Frauds, And A Work Of Fiction Concocted By The US And Israel

I honestly can not turn on the idiot box, aka "Talmudvision" these days without having a good laugh... For every time now that I turn to the Jew spew media outlets and watch their "programming" for even a few minutes, I cannot help but to absolutely roll on the floor with hysterical laughter at their ridiculous "reports" that are nothing but flat out lies.....

Of course, one of the biggest lies that is now being pushed constantly via the Jew spew media are their reports about these "protests" and an "uprising" taking place in the peaceful nation of Iran.... I honestly cannot swallow the bullshit coming out of their "reporters" claiming that these "protests" are numbering in the "thousands" and that the people of Iran are now "against" their government... The bullshit is now so deep that I wonder how these ass clowns can even say what they are stating with straight faces....

I have always known that the criminals in the US and of course the psychotic state of Israel would sink so low as to try anything these days to not only vilify Iran but to try to overthrow that nation's legitimate government... And voila, we have these "protests" that have now been ongoing for at least a week.... But I have been reading so many reports over these last few days that show that these "protests" are absolute frauds and are being run by the US CIA and of course the Israeli Mossad using their own agents to try to stir up discontent in the Iranian public....

And lo and behold, but now comes a most important report from Jim Stone, over at, that absolutely blows away any notion that these "protests" are legitimate and are the "will of the Iranian people"... I want to present that report right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I have of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:


"Uprising in Iran" is now a proven pure work of fiction fronted by the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.
I thought it was awful strange for there to be an uprising against the Iranian government from the Iranian people, with the country having a very good standard of living and certifiably honest and open political system (read the Iran post farther down this page) and as it turns out, I was right.
Iran does not have a state run press any more than the U.S. has PBS. Iran has a totally free press, that has accountability if it intentionally lies. And here is what Iran's press is saying:
There were enormous marches in several major cities, where absolute teeming masses of people marched to show their solidarity with the Iranian government, which every single Iranian can confirm is legitimate because they get a copy of their ballot after voting that matches a tracking number that proves their votes were tabulated without corruption. THE IRANIAN PEOPLE THEREFORE KNEW THE VIOLENT PROTESTS WERE STAGED B.S. AND TOOK TO THE STREETS, SHOUTING DEATH TO AMERICA, SAUDI ARABIA, AND ISRAEL FOR STAGING IT ALL!!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, EPIC BACK FIRE!
So while truthful genius TRUMP, who can't be a master of everything and got suckered by the neocons sits at his desk babbling the bullshit they fed him about how Iran is so repressive, real Iranians are out in droves proving they are very happy with the way the country is being run (they ought to be) and proclaiming that they will fight to the death to defend their nation. Not a peep about this from oh so honest Fox, CNN, and everyone else in the MSM, it is times like this when they prove they are all part of the same coat of many colors.

Well, it is time for a reality check.

P.O.S. Press TV, the rock sucking bottom of Iranian media that panders to the west at least got this story right.
And then there is IRNA, which is pretty flat line boring reliable with zero spice saying the same thing and WOW, if you hit their front page where it is all being discussed from all angles they REALLY nail it
And then there is Fars News (which sort of sits between IRNA and PressTV) saying the EXACT SAME THING (and their report is beautiful and gives you really good context)
And Low and Behold, Tasnim news, which is so far right the Ayatollah may as well run it is in lock step with left leaning PressTV with exactly the same outlook on the protests, (really nice extensive photo collection there that really proves Iranians love their country)which can only mean Iranians ARE NOT STUPID, they saw everyone else around them go down after getting sucked under by a wave of Western sponsored "change" and they are buying NONE OF IT. After all, if you live in a nation which is a virtual paradise compared to elsewhere and have enough left over cash to travel (many Iranians do) it is pretty damn hard for the West to make you think you live in a hell hole.
And it is a sweet thing to see if you don't want a war, let me tell ya!
Contrary to the camel dung that gets slung on scam media venues, Iranians travel all over the place completely freely, no one needs permission to leave. So if you read all about how Iranians are trapped and can't leave and therefore hate the "regime" - if you saw that posted anywhere (I have, lots), remember the source and throw it straight in the trash. People who post that type of thing can't ever reach above c-rate "truth" with anything and if Iran is the topic, they fail straight into a black hole.

It is really really good to see that yet again, in lock step, the entireity of the American MSM lied.

Prediction: Iran got strengthened by a Western fronted psy op and will now be 5x as hard to beat. Way to go CIA!

NTS Notes:  I could not agree more with Jim's assertion that all that these fraud "protests" have done is to solidify and strengthen the Iranian peoples' support for their own government and for everyone in Iran to be fully aware of the high jinx that the sickos in the US and Israel are up to in their vain attempts to ruin their nation...

Yes, there has always been so much more afoot here with these "protests" than what we have been told via the liars in the Jew spew media.... I for one am truly sickened by the propaganda put forward by those bullshit artists, but sadly so many gullible Americans will now swallow the "kool-aid" and actually think that Iran is this "evil nation" where its government goes out and kills its own citizens.. The reality is of course so much different...

Yes, these "protests" are an abysmal failure for the US government and the sickos in Israel.. But they will not stop trying this type of madness, for their ultimate goal is to see Iran destroyed to make way for the sickness of the "Greater Israel" project.... We have only seen the beginning with this failure and there will be more "Incidents" coming sooner than later this year..

More to come


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