Thursday, January 4, 2018

The Dangers Of "Social Media" Platforms: New Article Backs Up Everything That I Have Stated For Years Now About Why "Facebook" And Other "Social Media" Platforms Are FRAUDS!

Just a few days ago, I had one email sent my way asking WHY I do not have a "Facebook" account... .I was so amazed and sent a reply that I absolutely refuse to ever have one of those spy networks and refuse to use "social media" at all (other than blogging..).... I have always alerted readers here for YEARS now about the dangers of "Facebook", "Twitter" and other FRAUD so called "social media" outlets, and have seen these platforms as nothing but a detriment to our societies.....

Now, I feel so vindicated in my stance against these criminal "social media" platforms... For I want to present at this blog a very important report that comes courtesy of one of the best bloggers that I know and a fellow Canadian that hails from the cold regions of southern Ontario, Penny, who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at's article is entitled: "(Anti) Social Media/Facebook Ripping Apart The Fabric Of Society" and is an absolute MUST read by everyone, and especially those who are foolish enough to still have one of these "social media" platforms active... Here is that report, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

(Anti) Social Media/Facebook Ripping Apart The Fabric of Society

 A former Facebook executive criticized the company he once worked for and social media as a whole, saying it is "ripping apart the social fabric" in societies around the world, CBS San Francisco reports. Chamath Palihapitiya, who previously served as Facebook's vice president for user growth, expressed "tremendous guilt" and urged people to take a "hard break" from social media during a talk at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.
"I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works," said Palihapitiya, who left the social media giant in 2011 and now heads The Social+Capital Partnership, a venture capital fund.
"No civil discourse, no cooperation; misinformation, mistruth,"he went on to say.
Palihapitiya said the problem is not just isolated to Russia-backed ads and the 2016 presidential election, which led officials from Facebook, Twitter and Google to answer questions in Congress. The former Facebook executive cited an incident in India where innocent people were lynched after hoax messages about kidnappings were shared on WhatsApp.

"I just don't use these tools anymore, I haven't for years. It's created with a huge tension with my friends, it's created a huge tension in my social circles," Palihapitiya said. "If you look at my Facebook feed, I probably posted two times in the last seven years."
Palihapitiya also said that his children "aren't allowed to use this s**t."
Last month, former Facebook president Sean Parker criticized the social networking giant, saying it is "exploiting a vulnerability in human society."
"It literally changes your relationship with society, with each other. It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains," Parker told the news site Axios.
I'll bet some people know, never mind God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains!

Others in Silicon Valley have also expressed concern about the addictive nature of social media and mobile apps. Former Google engineer Tristan Harris told "60 Minutes" earlier this year thatcompanies have a "whole playbook of techniques" to keep people glued to their apps as long as possible.

CBS News' Carter Evans reports that a Pew/Journal of Youth Studies show 92 percent of teen go online daily and 1 in 5 young people regularly wake up in the night to send or check messages on social media.

Jim Steyer -- founder of Common Sense Media -- also spoke out about social media.

"We're not suggesting the leaders of tech companies are evil," Steyer told CBS News. "But they in many case have ignored the consequences of some of the downsides of the innovations they brought to our society."
My rant!

Facebook is, in my opinion, LARGELY, but not entirely, for improperly socialized persons.
(Realizing a great many persons use facebook to promote their business etc., I'm not talking about them)  Additionally it seems sensible and there isresearch that supportswhat seems obvious anyway,  the  more time one spends on Facebook the more anti social one becomes.
  Sadly, I'm aware of  far to  many people who do nothing but make trouble with others. For others. On facebook. I had thought long and hard about why that might be?
I stumbled across one explanation while reading the book “How the Body Knows Its Mind” 

 (Worth reading, in my opinion)

 The author, Sian Beilock,  touches on The Milgram Experiments, which did more then offer insights into the affect of authority on our behaviourMilgram's experiments offered insight into  how we might or might not act depending on our proximity, actual physical proximity to our fellow man.  And havelinked to the part of the book the author raises this important issue in.

“ A physical closeness seems to beget a psychological connection”

Simply put, it’s much more difficult to be an obnoxious, brazen, shameless idiot when someone is sitting or standing right in front of you. Facebook encourages very bad behaviour because it physically separates you from other humans.  Making it easier for the poorly socialized/anti social media user to “talk shit", "stir the pot" and generally be obnoxious- Definitely not a plus for society in general. Therefore anti social media has a huge potential for encouraging the worst kind of behaviour humans can muster.This has been known for decades. It was made clear in the Milgram experiments. Surely Facebook’s creators would have been all too aware of this human foible (flaw or shortcoming in behaviour) 

Hence the comments from those formerly associated with Facebook and other forms of social media

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NTS Notes: I am absolutely NOT surprised by Penny's findings, and I do feel so vindicated in my stand against these criminal Jewish "social media" networks....

Lets not beat around the bush here... "Facebook" and other "social media" outlets are like drugs to so many people.. So many idiots out there are absolutely addicted to these platforms, and I can safely say that this is all by design... The Jewish dream is still to control all of our societies and they are absolutely using these "social media" scams as one of their mechanisms for that control....

I again will state that I will NEVER EVER have one of these "platforms" active, period......I am no fool for I saw the dangers of these "social media" networks years ago and have always put forward some most alarming reports at this blog talking about the dangers that these frauds are to our societies.....

Again, if anyone has one of these frauds active.. CLOSE THEM IMMEDIATELY... They are nothing but a poison to our minds and are used to manipulate and control.... If we are ever able to save our societies from the planned destruction that the criminal Jewish elite have planned, then destroying these fraud "social media" networks is a decent start...

More to come



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