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Monika Schaefer, Imprisoned In Germany By The Thought Police: Update On Her Situation

I have indeed been waiting for some new information concerning Canadian citizen, Monika Schaefer, who presently is sitting in a German prison on the ridiculous charges of "Holocaust Denial".... It is still an outrage to me that there has been little being done by the criminal Trudeau regime in Ottawa about this Canadian citizen being held illegally in Germany for nothing more than expressing her freedom of speech...

For those who still are not up to speed about Monika Schaefer, I will do a recap here.. Monika Schaefer worked for the last few years in Jasper, Alberta Canada, as a "busker" aka a person who basically performed street music, playing the violin....  In 2016, Monika made a short video that is entitled: "Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust"... This video, in which Monika basically apologizes to her mother for all of the anti-German rhetoric that she had to endure growing up and calls into question some of the "facts" about the Jewish "Holocaust" of World War II..... That video was indeed dynamite, and even though at this moment it cannot be "shared" (Jewish controlled "Youtube" trying to suppress it, of course), people can watch it at this link:

Basically, after Monika made that video, she had to endure the 'wrath' of the Canadian thought police and even though she was not formally "arrested" in Canada for her "violation" of the Canadian ludicrous "Hate Crimes" legislation, the video caused quite a stir in the criminal Jewish community world wide and I can guarantee the German "thought police" took notice as well....

Now fast forward to January 3rd, 2018, and Monika made the trip to Germany to spend time with her brother, Alfred Schaefer, and the two of them made their way to attend the "Kangaroo Court" hearings and trial of another brave woman, Sylvia Stolz, who of course was facing charges of "Holocaust Denial".... Many including myself are still wondering WHY Monika would be brave enough to attend that "hearing" considering the fact that she herself was indeed under the "bullseye" of the German thought police, and lo and behold but while Monika was sitting in at that hearing, the Kangaroo court took a brief "recess" and when Monika and Alfred stepped out of the court during that respite, Monika was "arrested" by the German "authorities" and hauled away under the bullshit charges of "Holocaust denial" for the above video!  

Ever since Monika's bullshit and ridiculous incarceration by the German "thought police", I have been awaiting further updates on her situation.. And just this morning, I received an email from John Kaminski that Alfred Schaefer sent to give everyone the news on Monika's present status... I want to share that email here with everyone:

Dear Friends, 

this week was very exiting. 

It started off with a surprise attack of at least 10 heavily armed thought police raiding our house (23 Jan 2017).   Thanks to preemptive precautionary measures I am able to communicate with you today.  The reason they came is because they did not like a letter that I wrote after they illegally arrested my dear sister Monika. Here is a copy of that letter:

Monika Schaefer Arrested in Germany!

We have been very busy explaining our situation to the world because we want to help Monika get out of Jail.  
The thought police were much friendlier this time than the last time, and when I told them that if they want me to stop talking, two of them should hold me down while a third cuts out my tongue. They did not do that. They brought me water so that I could keep talking.    I talked for the entire hour that it took them to steal everything they could find. 

When they left they thanked me, shook my hand and I promised them that I will do everything possible so that they can do decent work in the future. 

I once knew a little girl who would cover her eyes whenever she was afraid of something. That is what little girls will sometimes do when they are afraid, because they think that they are safe from the monster that appears so threatening.   I have had grown people tell me that they don’t look at what I want to show them. They remind me of that little girl. 

If you are not like that, please take the time to watch this video: 

Alfred Schaefer - Thought Criminal Monika Schaefer Arrested and Imprisoned in Germany

Here is a written piece that is very helpful for understanding the big picture. 

The Trial of Monika Schaefer and Sylvia Stolz

Alfred Schaefer

OK,  Obviously these German thugs are indeed trying to silence Alfred Schaefer as well as Monika, and their criminal actions in raiding Alfred's residence was indeed a carefully well planned act to try to scare Alfred and try to stop him from getting any news about Monika out....  That and those acts of thuggery are indeed intended to prevent him from releasing further information via the Internet to get the truth out about the travesties that both he and Monika are suffering from the Germans...

I do recommend that people watch the videos that Alfred has links to in this email.... They are indeed eye openers and again explain the truths about how these Jewish bastards are now so badly running scared that people are waking up to their lies, that they have resorted to criminal actions and bullshit "laws" to suppress the Gentiles from discovering that they have indeed LIED about everything about that "genocide" of World War II...

I again must ask that ALL of the real truth seekers out there take this information and put it up at their own sites... I would dearly love to see the Internet flooded with information about this travesty so that everyone is made fully aware of the diabolical actions by these Jews against innocent people...

AND... I am indeed awaiting to see if that Jew butt kisser in Ottawa, Justin "Jew dough" Trudeau will actually step forward and do anything about this innocent Canadian citizen being held illegally in a German prison for nothing more than expressing her thoughts....  To this day, he and his Jewish dick suckers in Parliament have done NOTHING!  It does make me so ashamed to call myself a Canadian...

More to come


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Greg Bacon said...

Earlier this month, when the story about how the German 'Shin Bet' arrested by amazing Monika Shaefer came out, sent her a letter expressing support for her principled stand.

Didn't got into details about my support to her, since I also wrote that this letter will probably be intercepted and tossed or redacted to get rid of my 'thought crime' statements.

Germany releases rapists from court, free to rape again, but God forbid some grandma type play the violin and think out loud.