Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Here Is Another Reason Why There Will Be NO War Against North Korea: Missiles Placed In Japan Are For OFFENSIVE Purposes And NOT Aimed At North Korea!

With the recent "false alarm" in Hawaii that just occurred last Saturday, I have received a few emails that are asking me if I am sticking to my stance that the "threat" from North Korea is bogus.... Yes, that "false alarm" still has a lot of questions that have yet to be answered, and yes I am sticking to my stand that all of this propaganda and fear mongering that we are seeing about this non-existent North Korean "threat" is absolutely bogus... I said before that the "fear porn" that we are experiencing now about North Korea is for the purpose of selling and placing weapons in that Asian theater to be aimed at China....

Well, lo and behold, but I once again being proven right about the real purpose of this bogus "North Korean threat".... And the information comes here courtesy of the Aletho News website, at www.alethonews.wordpress.com....For according to this report that I have right here for all to see fort themselves, apparently the Russians are no fools and see those "defensive missiles" being placed in Japan right now against that non-existent "North Korean threat" as for OFFENSIVE purposes!  Here is that report and my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

US missile systems in Japan may have offensive purpose & be controlled by Washington – Moscow

RT | January 15, 2018
The US-made Aegis missile-defense system deployed in Japan could be used for offensive purposes and fall under full control of Washington, the Russian foreign minister warns.
The deployment of the American Aegis Combat System, designed to provide defense against short to intermediate-range ballistic missiles, casts a shadow over Russia-Japan relations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during his annual Q&A on Monday. Moscow has serious concerns over its purpose and who will be behind the operational control of the missile system in Japan. Despite Tokyo’s assertions, Moscow remains unconvinced.
“We have data that the system that will be deployed in Japan is based on universal launchers, which can use assault weapons,” the foreign minister stated. He added that Washington has never given control over its weapons to the country of deployment and this time will be no exception.
“We have heard that it will be Japan that will allegedly operate this system, and the United States will have nothing to do with it, but we have serious doubts that it is so.”
The statement comes on the heels of a report, which states that the stationing of the Aegis system is allegedly aimed at curbing Russia and is intended as a deterrent against its nuclear missiles, Japanese media say, citing an unnamed official.
Last month, Tokyo decided to boost its ballistic missile defense system and approved the purchase and deployment of two Aegis Ashore batteries – expected to become operational by 2023 – at a cost of around $2 billion.
Moscow has repeatedly stressed that it is eager to engage in dialogue over the stationing of US missile defense systems overseas, to make sure they will not “become a serious destabilizer” of the international climate, according to Lavrov. Despite US claims that the weapons are not directed against Russia, Moscow has “plenty of evidence that all this is not so.”

NTS Notes:  Well, I will not gloat, but once again I am proven right... I called it a long time ago that all of those weapons that are presently flooding into Japan and South Korea are NOT for "defensive" purposes at all against this bogus North Korean "threat" but are being rushed in to threaten China and very possibly targets in the Russian Federation as well...

Yes, the propaganda of fear has been doing remarkably well on the minds of gullible people... We are being inundated constantly through the Jew spew media about this "big bad North Korea" and their "insane" leadership,when the reality is all of that propaganda is for placing a massive amount of offensive weapons in Asia that are aimed primarily at both China and Russia......

Hopefully the message should be clear to everyone here, and they can stop cowering in fear about this "North Korean threat" ... All that fear is doing is to sell American weapons to nations in Asia, and right now business is booming for the American military industrial complex..

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