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Updated: Hawaiian Nuclear Missile Attack False Alarm: What The Hell Really Happened There?

Someone sent me an email just the other day saying that "I was slipping" in my articles when I supposedly missed the recent Hawaiian "nuclear missile strike" that turned out to be a "false alarm"..... I honestly did not report on that fiasco that had the Hawaiian people in an absolute panic for almost 40 minutes last Saturday morning due to the fact that I saw it as a huge mistake and that there was absolutely no incoming nuclear missiles that were about to obliterate the over 1 million residents of the islands....  Or so it seemed at the time...

I figure I would put in my "2 cents worth" and discuss that may have really happened in Hawaii with the false alarm.... We have report after report that came out shortly after the false alarm that claims that an operator in one of Hawaii's large amount of US military bases was alerted to an incoming 'ballistic missile' and sounded the alarm.... After that point, the warnings and sirens went off all over the main island of Oahu and there were alerts on many of the other islands simultaneously..... The panic that ensued was nearly catastrophic in itself with reports of people absolutely going insane in trying to find ways to find shelter and cover from what may have been a nuclear strike..... But after 38 minutes, the alarms were turned off with the "all clear" message sent out... There was no detonation of any bomb or missile anywhere near the islands, and of course people's panic quickly turned to anger with demands that an investigation take place and those responsible for the false alarm be severely reprimanded...

I for one have a bit of knowledge on how military alert systems operate, and I found it so strange that the excuse for this false alarm rests with ONE operator who mistakenly caused the alarm due to incompetency or simply "pushing a wrong button"......I have been wondering since Friday if something else really happened and we are not being told the real story about this "false alarm"....

Well, lo and behold, but Jim Stone over at his website at, has a most interesting take on this Hawaiian fiasco, and I want to share it with everyone here... I of course have further comments and thoughts to follow:

15 January 2018


"Confident" is the best I can do when it can't actually be proven. But the back channels of the internet have filled up with massive numbers of trolls that are onto this story like maggots on a rotting dog, trolls that are saying the most stupid things, like "I wonder what nation owned the sub, Paraguay? (as if they are serious) and other absolutely ridiculous crap.

FACT: There is only ONE nuclear nation that has submarines that fit the description that is not Russia or the U.S. and that is ISRAEL.

The banality of the trollage points ONE DIRECTION: ISRAEL.
Naked banal we have seen it everywhere countless times predictable stupid ISRAELI TROLLAGE.
"Now we have to scream "Nazi" sniff, and force Germany to cough us up another sub . . . . . sniff.

I was a little bit skeptical of this until I saw the nature of the trollage. Now I am like - "Oh my God!"
14 January 2018

Yesterday's nuclear launch on Hawaii real? Possibly.

The following is thus far urban myth, but people should be aware of it because it could be true, and is certainly plausible. If a submarine was destroyed, it is overwhelmingly probable for it to have been Israeli.

I have a way to know if this story is true. Israel should have THREE dolphin 2 submarines in 2018. If the years go on and they can only show two, one of them just bit the dust. The Dolphin 2 submarines have air independent propulsion, which gives them a range and endurance second only to a nuclear submarine. One of these could have made it to Hawaii, especially with clandestine surface support.
The possible submarines are: Dolphin, Leviathan, Tekumah, Tanin, Rahav and Dakar (not yet commissioned) with the last 3 having a very large air independent range. People ought to be able to confirm one missing by keeping an extended (years long) eye on Israeli naval bases.

Once again, the above cannot be confirmed true, but it is intriguing to say the least. Keep an eye on Israel's subs.

Here's an intersting post on this topic. I'd have to say I agree.
I live on maui. The "oops" Hawaii ballistic missile alert just doesn't add up. Think about your job. Imagine the biggest fuck up that you could possibly commit. A fuck up that doesn't damage your workplace or harm anyone that you work with, or outside of work, but a MASSIVE fuck up none the less. Something that would get you immediately fired and or put in prison even.
What would it take for you to fuck up that bad at your job?? Would it even be possible? Is it something so easily done that would have such catastrophic effects? Is it something so simple as hitting a wrong button and sending an alert to a million plus people? I'm sorry but there are no "buttons" that are set up to do that. I just don't see this as a big mistake, there's something more. I'm not sure what but I know it wasn't just a simple fucking mistake.
A subsequent response:
Head dude was asked if he was there when it all went down. He said no, the system is set up so that no one needs to be there. Kinda contradicted his button pushing story.
BTW, I'm on Kauai - Aloha!
My comment: The cover story really is rock stupid. As if the emergency alert system has a custom "button" for a nuke attack, that automatically sends out a canned message. And that is exactly why the purported whistleblower testimony about a submarine nuke launch is so plausible, it is FAR MORE plausible than an idiotic "oops" story.

NTS Notes:  OK, I am not completely sold on this report by Jim Stone being the real thing, simply because to "intercept" an incoming ballistic missile as the article claims is nearly impossible even with current missile defense technology...

However, there is the other aspect of Israeli "Dolphin class" nuclear missile submarines that was missed in this assessment.. Most of them of course do have nuclear missiles on board, but they are not "ballistic" suborbital flight missiles, but CRUISE MISSILES..... And yes, those cruise missiles do indeed carry a nuclear payload....  AND since cruise missiles do fly so much slower than ballistic missiles, they can be detected by radar bases near Hawaii and can be intercepted and blown out of the sky well before they were to hit Hawaii....

The idea that the psychos in Israel and the "cabal" could be behind this attempted nuclear strike against Hawaii may be a bit "far fetched" and I am looking for other clues that may indeed back up Jim's story... However, considering how truly diabolical these monsters are and how they may indeed be looking for a "false flag" attack to somehow get a nice little war going against North Korea, Jim's article does garner further investigation by the real truth seekers out there...

I also need not remind everyone of how Israel has indeed been involved in clandestine "terrorist" attacks in the past with their near "stealth" submarines.... We have the sinking of the South Korean ship "Chosen" a few years back that most definitely was carried out by an Israeli clandestine submarine attack, and we have the attack on the USS Cole back in October, 2000 that was definitely caused by an attack by an Israeli submarine that launched a "Popeye" cruise missile into that ship.... I therefore will not dismiss Jim Stone's report yet...

There is so much more about this Hawaiian false flag than what we have been told..... If I do come across any hard facts about what caused that alert, I will bring it here for all to see... Stay tuned...

More to come


* I just read this morning the latest updates from Jim Stone's site that again should have everyone going "Hmmmmmm....", and especially with an interesting report that the sirens went off on Saturday morning over at Hickam Air Force base.. The sirens and alert system at that air force base are supposedly INDEPENDENT of the Emergency Alert System for the rest of Oahu!  Here is Jim's update:


Hmm, let me guess - They were observing the "anomaly" the whistle blower (below) mentioned that they were already aware of from the day before, had systems locked, activated the anti missile defense system practically instantly, shot down the launched missiles within a minute, killed the sub, AND THEN, 38 minutes later, gave the all clear. How about that for a back story? Obviously it can't be confirmed, but it sure beats the "bumbling fool" on alert button ludicrosy.

Hawaii update

The new line from the MSM is that the police knew it was a false alarm five minutes after the alert was given. I CALL BUNK, because if that was true, how on earth did the EAS take 33 additional minutes after that to give the all clear? Would they not be the first to know? The police should have gotten the all clear from the EAS. If they did not, who gave them the all clear? It's not like all the cops have a secret line to military command post X. I CALL BUNK, it is a cover story for something much bigger.

Remember a few years ago when there was aconfirmed missile launch off the coast of California that was also subsequently scrubbed and white washed? It was proven that it was launched by a Chinese Navy Jin class ballistic missile nuclear submarine, and it got scrubbed by the Pentagon and debunked by Snopes. Yet it was so freaking obvious what it was that no one, even hunch backed emma believed the Pentagon. What happened in California is a SOLID, ROCK SOLID PRECEDENT for there to have been a real missile launch and shoot down off of Hawaii, with subsequent media white wash. You can't trust a damn thing the media says, they are all a bunch of scamming traitors.

The real back story to the Chinese missile incident is that it was a warning shot to the U.S., to prove China could circumvent detection by the U.S. The missile was fired 30 miles off the coast, and sent on a trajectory that caused it to land 400 miles to the west, in the Pacific. The U.S. claims territorial waters 250 miles out, and China totally violated that but what could the Pentagon do? Encourage them to launch another missile the other way?

NTS Notes: OK, I for one am indeed perturbed by the reports that so quickly called this thing "just one big mistake", for the story does indeed not add up... Basically, big mistake my ass... There is so much more than what meets the eye here, and we are NOT getting the full story about what really happened in Hawaii on Saturday morning....

I basically am not sold on what we have been told, and will indeed try to get to the bottom of this.... It does make one wonder if there was a diabolical "false flag" attack that was indeed planned here that was stopped at the last moment...

More to come


*One More Update, January 16th, 2018:  At least one other real truth seeker, Mike King, over at "Tomato Bubble" has the same mindset as myself and others and sees this Hawaiian "oops" as being so much more, and also thinks that this was a thwarted "false flag" attack by the US's "greatest ally" (barf!) Israel... Here is the link to Mike's important article here:

I honestly want to see more people think and not be swayed by the bullshit that the Jew spew media is throwing out there....

More to come


*Update January 17th, 2018:  Apparently, something did indeed happen that we are NOT being told the truth about... For Jim Stone has been keeping up with this story and has a further update that I find most interesting.. I want to share it here with everyone:


QUESTION: What nation could launch a nuclear warhead at the United States and get away with it? Come on folks, put your thinking cap on. Waiting . . . . . . waiting for an answer . . . . . . waiting . . . . . . .OH, I GOT IT!!!! ISRAEL!!!!!
They needed their false flag and world war 3 to shut Trump down now that he's the Orkin man after the critters. HEADS UP FOLKS, IT MAY BE GETTING HOT OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW SOON.

You had better make sure you can at least keep a light on, I did not post that nifty little oil lamp for no reason. HERE IS THE REASON:
Pacific Command detected a missile, those systems DO NOT EVER SCREW UP, which means they shot it down, and it took them 38 minutes to confirm they destroyed the sub and another missile would not be launched, as I reported all along.

OK, So now we know that the criminal Jewish cabal did indeed instigate this attack and obviously the source of the cruise missile launch was detected and destroyed... Obviously the Jew spew media and other outlets will try to keep this silent, and the sickos in Israel will also not tell their own people about what they just tried to pull off.... On top of that, I wonder when the order will be placed with the Germans to "replace" this "lost" submarine..

More to come


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