Friday, January 12, 2018

Celebrating 10 Years Of Northerntruthseeker

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Well, today marks the 10th anniversary of this blog.... I for one am truly surprised that I have lasted this long!

Yes, 10 years ago today, I wrote my first article here at NTS..... And to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this mostly successful endeavor, I want to take a fond look back at that first article which I have here once again for everyone to see for themselves:

Saturday, January 12, 2008
Connecting to other informative sites

This is my first blog article! And I have to say, it is great to get out from sites such as "myspace" and present some information here for people to research for themselves about the real world we live in.

Lets first start up by thanking sites such as for their valuable research in showing the real world for what it is.

Lets face it... The world right now is a mess, and very little of the truth is available through the mainstream media (MSM).... We have been lied to about our monetary system, our controlled media, our government, and our history. Its time for us to fight back, and expose these criminals for what they are... Criminals!

I also suggest that people take the time to listen to Benjamin Freedman's speeches, especially the eye opening one he did way back in 1961, and to listen and watch Eustace Mullins videos closely. These are all eye openers to the truth about our sick world.

My other blogs no longer exist as I concentrate on this one instead.. I decided to concentrate on presenting factual information here based upon the truth... It will take time to develop an audience since I am new at this "blogging" business..

I am not an "Anti-Semite", due to the fact that that terminology is very illogical to start with. I am a real truth seeker, and always have been. I spent years trying to get the message out to people through direct contact, but to no avail....That is why I have turned to blogging instead. There will be no material presented here that is not backed up by facts that everyone can research for themselves.

Fear drives people away from research....I will not cover the "Holocaust" due to the fact that I live in a nation with very questionable "Anti-Hate" laws... Basically, if I am in defiance of those laws, I could see jail time. All of my links to other sites are used to only back up my material. I have also posted comments in those other sites, and am open to any comments, and suggestions.

Never be afraid of discovering some truth about our world. The dominance of the criminal elements must be exposed, and defeated. We can take proper steps in that direction by passing information around FREELY for others to observe, read, and research.

We still live in a free society, or so it seems.... I will gather information, post material, and try my best to discover how to expand this site and to present some reality and real facts here.... It takes time to learn how to attach videos and audio files, and I am a "Newbie" in that regards.

Freedom, people.. That is what it is all about!

More to come


Honestly, looking back I now wonder what in the hell was I thinking?  I look now at that first article and I have to laugh... Even the title is actually quite ridiculous since I did not touch much on the subject of the title in the article itself...

I did pay homage in my first article to a great site written by Darryl Bradford Smith called "I Am The Witness", and everyone knows by now that very sadly Darryl himself quit writing that website a few years back...Yes, there have been many other real truth seekers that have come and gone, but I am still around..

I originally and very wrongfully called the "mainstream media" the "MSM" as noted.. It took a few years since I started writing here before I realized that the entire "MSM" was indeed fully controlled by the Jewish pricks that want to dominate our world and after that point I rightfully started calling those propaganda and brainwashing outlets the "Jew spew media"......

I also laid it out as plain as I could in my first article that I cannot and would not write about what I do know about the Jewish "holocaust" of the second world war, simply because in doing so would see my efforts and myself destroyed by the criminals that run this formerly free nation called "Canada"..... I have stuck to that policy from day one and now 10 years later I have not changed my stance...

I also started from article one with my closing "More to Come".. That term was something that had been swimming around in my head from my days when I wrote at "myspace" and elsewhere and decided to apply it here... Amazingly now 10 years later every article still ends with that phrase....

Yes, in spite of the errors I was prone to when I first started writing here, I persevered and have learned over that time on how to make better articles that focus in on what I hope people want to see.....

Well... Here is to a "successful" first 10 years here, and I do hope that in spite of the criminals over at "Google" wanting to shut me down, that I am still around 10 years from now....

And as usual..

More to come



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Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks guys... Your own blogs and websites have been great as well...

Penny said...

Congratulations North!
Ten years. Wow. It's a lot of work and quite a commitment isn't it?!
In just a couple of months I'll hit my ten years also
so here's to more truth telling for many years to come!

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Happy Anniversary!


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