Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Why Is THIS Not In The News Everywhere? Criminal State Of Israel Force Sterilizes Its African Immigrants!

I continue to watch my own country, Canada, allow every illegal migrant worker and "refugee" from those shitholes across the planet flood across our southern border and be allowed to come into this nation where they will get free welfare, free food and lodging, free eduation, etc, etc.. While never having to change their tribal and third world ways to conform with Canadian culture... To me, this is so disgusting and is a disaster to this nation as a whole...

I also have been watching this same pattern repeated in most European nations and to the United States as well... We are all being told by the liars in our governments and the Jew spew media that this "immigration" is good for our our nations and that it will somehow enhance our culture for years to come... I find things differently, for I see this as a criminal Jewish undertaking to destroy national identity as well as to destroy our societies....

I have been wondering though... With all of these migrants flooding in from mostly African third world nations, what has been happening in that criminal state of Israel and how they have been handling their own "immigration" from these backward nations?... We must not forget that there are a lot of Jews that are located in nations such as Ethiopia and according to "Jewish law" these Jews have as much right into Israel as those who emigrated from eastern Europe and the central steppes of Russia....

Well, lo and behold for according to this article that comes from the Forbes website, at, apparently the Israelis have their "solution" to the immigration problem in their own nation where they forcibly sterilize the African immgrants!  I kid you not, and here is that article in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Israel Forcibly Injected African Immigrants with Birth Control, Report Claims

I cover international movers and shakers.  Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.
This weekend, a report revealing that African women immigrating to Israel were subjected to mandatory contraceptive injections, effectively amounting to forced (if temporary) sterilization made global headlines.
Some 130,000 Ethiopians, most of them Jewish, live in Israel. The community experiences higher poverty and unemployment rates than the rest of the  country's Jewish population.  In the past decade, the birth rate among Ethiopian-Israelis has declined by at least 20 percent.  Advocacy groups now claim this decline is the result of a birth control regimen forced upon Ethiopian immigrant women.
According to an article in Haaretz, an Israeli news source, one Ethiopian immigrant said that the doctors who injected her claimed that “people who frequently give birth suffer.” While it is possible, if highly unlikely, that doctors genuinely had the women’s health in mind when they forcibly injected them with contraceptives, there is no excuse for depriving women sovereignty over their own reproductive choices.

Israel has acknowledged the issue (without admitting any wrongdoing) and has vowed institutional changes in healthcare for immigrants. By decree of Israel’s health minister, gynecologists have been ordered "not to renew prescriptions for Depo-Provera for women of Ethiopian origin if for any reason there is concern that they might not understand the ramifications of the treatment.” Still, intense scrutiny should be applied by women’s groups and international organizations to make sure these changes are implemented in full. Moreover, more attention must be paid to the plight of vulnerable African immigrants around the world.
That Israel should allegedly engage in this activity is particularly shocking, considering the practice was widely used by the Germans throughout the Shoah. While the scale and effects of these operations cannot be compared, Israel’s implicit intent to limit ‘burdensome’ (read: undesirable) portions of the population recalls the dark eugenics experiments of World War II.
Immigration, legal and otherwise, is a difficult and invariably sticky issue for developed nations. Israel, like the United States, has struggled to find a way to secure its borders and its population while dealing with a constant stream of immigrants from neighboring countries and, increasingly, the African continent. While admitting the difficult security issues that Israel faces, the international community must loudly and unanimously rebuke the systematic violations of human rights inflicted on women immigrants of African origin.
From a sociological perspective, this incident shows the strain between Israel’s religious heritage and its modern political agenda. “Behold, the heritage of the Lord is sons, the reward is the fruit of the innards. Like arrows in the hand of a mighty man, so are the sons of one's youth.  Praiseworthy is the man who has filled his quiver with them,” the Torah proclaims. The involuntary sterilization of African immigrants suggests that the Jewish moral code (inextricably connected with Israel’s domestic legal codes) can be selectively applied to those with ‘desirable’ backgrounds. It is hard, indeed almost impossible to believe that an American Jewish woman immigrating to Israel would be forced to take birth control.

NTS Notes:  Honestly, does anyone else have a real problem with this?  Here we have the goddamn Jews all over the world calling on nations to allow these "immigrants" to come into our nations and be allowed to procreate and multiply without any controls...Meanwhile in their own disgusting criminal and psychotic state of Israel they forcibly sterilize them to prevent them from multiplying!

Yes, I hope that everyone sees the real picture here..The Jews are absolutely behind all of this "immigration" of these third world shithole migrant workers to destroy our nations, and especially the Caucasian race that is their main obstacle to world domination... Meanwhile they are trying to prevent the same policy in their own sickness of Israel to try to keep their own nation "pure"...

Yes, apparently Israel is allowed to conduct the policy of forced sterilization while other nations are not allowed the same standards.... Again, does anyone else have a problem with this?

Again, I have no qualms with real immigration.. Immigrants to this nation should pass screening and should have either education or some formal training skills from their nations of origin before they are allowed to apply to come into Canada.... If they cannot pass these criteria, then they should not be allowed to set foot in this nation, period...

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

US President Drumpf's Foreign Policy Is In Service To Israel

Well, today is supposed to be the US President's "State of the Union" address, and honestly, I could not give a flying fuck about what he says... The truth must be told and known to everyone that this man is nothing more than a Jewish butt kisser to the extreme, and will do everything to not only please his Jewish masters.... It is disgusting to behold...

I have come under some attack recently for my posting of articles from Paul Craig Roberts.. Many are right that Mr. Roberts has been avoiding the REAL criminals for the longest time and has avoided calling them Jews for the longest time... They are right, and I too have been waiting for Paul to come to the reality that Jews absolutely do drive American policies and the fact that they are in full control of the US Government.. But apparently Paul is now slowly coming to his senses, for some of his more recent articles do indeed show that Jews drive American foreign policy and the fact that the entire foreign policy does pander to the criminal state of Israel....

Right now, I want to present the following amazing article from Paul Craig Roberts from his website at It is entitled: "Trump's Foreign Policy Is In Service To Israel" and does indeed show that the US President does not have his allegiance to the American public but absolutely does pander only to the interests of the psychotic state of Israel first and foremost... Here is that article, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Trump’s Foreign Policy Is In Service To Israel

Trump’s Foreign Policy Is In Service To Israel
Paul Craig Roberts
Peter Jenkins, a former British ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency, expresses concerns about the decisions of France, Germany, and the UK to appease President Trump on fixing “flaws” in the Iranian nuclear agreement. It is worth a read to see that the European governments are still Washington’s toadies despite the “hate Trump” attitude that allegedly prevails among Washington’s European vassals.
Readers need to understand that there are no flaws in the agreement.  The allegation of “flaws” is an Israeli orchestration in order to resurrect the attacks on Iran that the nuclear agreement terminated. What Trump is doing is appeasing Israel.  Israel doesn’t want Iran to have long range missiles, non-nuclear ones, that enhance Iran’s defensive posture.  More importantly, Israel does not want to lose the nuclear weapons charge that Israel invented and hoped to use to have the US military destabilize Iran a la Iraq and Libya. Israel’s problem with Syria and Iran is that both countries support Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia that has twice driven the vaunted Israeli army out of southern Lebanon, territory Israel wants to occupy for the water resources. If Israel, armed as it is with the American Zionist Neoconservatives who control US foreign policy, can resurrect the Western attack on Iran, Israel can perhaps pressure Iran to abandon Hezbollah and Lebanon to Israel.
Americans are so totally brainwashed by Israeli propaganda that there is no public restraint on Washington serving Israel’s interest. And that is what Trump is doing. The tough guy is nothing but a panderer for Israel.
What is going on has nothing whatsoever to do with the Iranian nuclear or missile program.  It has to do with Israel’s use of US power, including the intimidation power over Europe, to remove Iran as a constraint on Israeli expansion.
Of course, the UK diplomat probably knows this, but he also knows that he cannot say it without being read out of his career as an “anti-semite.”

NTS Notes:  I am slowing watching the evolution of Paul Craig Roberts to his own realization that the Jews do indeed control America and that the US government answers ONLY to their masters in Tel Aviv... I honestly want to say "Its about time"!

Yes, the facts are that the Iranians are NO threat to the US at all, but of course are the one state left in the Middle East with the might and ability to challenge the sickness of Israel and the Jewish sick and twisted desire for total dominance in that region....

At least Paul is now calling the neocons "Zionists".... That is a step in the right direction, and I am waiting for him to finally come to the realization that the entire sick tribe is the problem....

I am still amazed at those out there that actually think that Donald Drumpf is the "best thing" that has happened to America in quite a while... I and others are not fooled and do see what kind of a Jewish succup this clown really is and how his policies and especially his foreign policies are geared only towards Israel's interests and not the best for the American people....

Yes, the evolution of Paul Craig Roberts is apparent, and I really want to see where he goes in terms of future articles in calling the criminals by name... It has been a long time in coming...

More to come


Sunday, January 28, 2018

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Well, it is Sunday once again... And as usual it is time for my weekly 'rant'.....

I knew it was too good to last.. This area of central Canada had a momentary reprieve last week after over three full weeks of brutal Arctic cold, and for the last week the temperatures did indeed 'moderate' to near freezing (0C or 32F).  But as the old saying goes "all good things do come to an end eventually", the reprieve is now officially over, with temperatures over the next week expected to plummet to well below normal, meaning daytime highs in the -20C range and overnight lows below the -30C mark...  This new cold snap is expected to last for weeks and yes, Gosh darn this "Global Warming" and all the reports that this year is beginning to look like the "warmest year on record".... I must have missed that memo, for common sense does indeed show that the liars behind the Global Warming fraud are now desperate and will try anything to sucker nations into accepting their bullshit and "carbon taxation" without any thought...

Well, the "leaders" of the world are apparently all attending that "conference" in Davos, Switzerland, and those Jew butt kissing lackeys have a lot on their "agenda" to please their Jewish masters.. I saw that one of their plans is to try to ram through the Jewish want to make the world "cashless" and therefore at the mercy of the Jewish pricks that control the world wide banking system through endless debt.... I knew years ago and wrote several articles at this blog covering this sinister plan to enslave the planet through a 'cashless society' and apparently that action is being discussed at Davos right now... Yes, the Jewish banking criminals do indeed want to have that plan in place and soon, for apparently every economic indicator is now showing that we are about to experience a major economic crash sooner than later....

I have found it amazing that when I turn on the Jew spew media "talmud-vision" these days and watch the so called 'economic experts' talk about the world economies, those fools and liars are all harping the same message that the "economies are improving".... I honestly do wonder what these idiots are smoking?  I live in the real world, and all that I have to do these days is to venture off to the local stores and supermarkets to see if people here in Canada are now seeing their 'economy improving"... The reality is that NOBODY is buying anything these days, as most people are simply "tapped out" with no disposable incomes and being crushed by both endless debt and massive credit card bills.... Businesses everywhere here are suffering as a result, with sales beyond dismal and leaving many in a state of panic and now on the precipice of bankruptcy.....  The fault does indeed lie with not only crushing debt but the destruction of the "Middle Class" that used to fuel the economy by their ability to have disposable income for spending... Now that even up here in Canada people are living from pay cheque to pay cheque and most are stuck in Lower Class jobs that pay barely enough for day to day survival, there is NO money going anywhere for goods and services...  Yes, this problem is getting worse by the day, and I can see the whole system come crashing down very soon... Therefore, when clowns and idiots continue to try to claim that the "economy is improving", I again have to wonder how they can lie with straight faces....

OK, Onto the war front and the present situation in Syria... I just saw the other day that the Turkish leadership is now about to expand their operations in northern Syria to attack Kurdish militants on not only the western side of the Euphrates River, but the eastern side as well.... I finally have been able to make some sense of this action by the Turks, and apparently the whole operation is to eliminate the Kurdish militants and the threat that they have against not only Syria, but against the nation of Turkey as well that presently harbours millions of Kurds who could see the rise of their fellow Kurds in Syria wanting their own nation as a signal to rise against Turkey itself.... The Turks therefore have launched this assault now to stop this problem before it escalates to their own nation..

I found it most interesting over the last few days in how the American government has indeed basically "abandoned" the Kurds at this time, and honestly I knew this was coming.. The Americans and Israelis lied to the Kurds last year when they said that they would support the Kurds in their want for a nation, for these scoundrels honestly did not give a hoot about the Kurdish people at all, but wanted to use this "Kurdish nation" idea as their means of destroying Syria itself... The Americans and Israelis have now "thrown the Kurds to the wolves" by becoming "two faced" and basically not willing to aid them in their fight against Turkey....

Everyone must remember that the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad did offer the Kurds several months back a better alternative to "dancing with the devil" aka making deals with the Americans and Israelis... Bashar al-Assad said that if the Kurds abandoned their foolish want for nationhood and stopped accepting the "support" of the Americans, he would welcome them all with open arms into the Syrian nation where they would have full autonomy and guaranteed freedoms... However, the stupid Kurdish leadership rejected that proposal, as they were blinded by the ignorant idea that the Americans and Israelis would help them to achieve their nation...  And now, we see that same idiotic Kurdish leadership last week send out a cry for help to the Syrian government because of the Turkish attacks and the abandonment of the Americans and Israelis.....  If I was the Syrian government in Damascus, I would actually say to these idiots that they would help them IF and ONLY IF the Kurds not only abandon their dream of independence BUT also force the Americans to get the hell out of northern Syria as well.....  If the Kurds refuse to accept the demands of the Damascus government, then they will continue to be at the mercy of the Turks...  Honestly, but considering the alternative, the Kurds should immediately make peace with the Damascus government and force the Americans out....

Everywhere you look in terms of what is happening in the war in Syria, the Americans and Israelis are definitely losing, and the good guys meaning the SAA and their allies are definitely on the road to total victory.... The SAA is now conducting operations to finally destroy that "pocket" of "ISIS fighters" holed up in eastern Idlib Province, as well as conducting new operations aiming at reducing the rest of the pocket with the focus being on an advance towards the city of Idlib itself.... With the crushing of the "pocket" and seizure of that key city, the rest of the resistance in Idlib province will surely collapse...... Once that area is secured, the SAA can turn their attention to not only the "pocket" just north of the key city of Homs, but also tackle the eye sore of that American pocket still operating illegally around the southern town of Al Tanf...... With the final destruction of these pockets of "rebel" resistance, and the possibility that the Kurds will indeed have to make peace with Damascus, the Syrian people will indeed have their nation returned to them as a whole.....

I was sent a set of videos last week concerning more "proof" that the recent Hawaiian nuclear "false alarm" was not a false alarm at all but the "real Mccoy".....These videos stated that some people were on several tour boats operating out of Maui and the island of Hawaii, and these people witnessed some mysterious "flashes of light" on the horizon..... The author of these videos claims this as being "proof" that there was indeed a "missile attack" that was launched against Oahu, and that the 'flashes of light" was  proof that the missiles were indeed intercepted and destroyed........ I have looked at the videos, and there is very little tangible proof presented, and instead all that is reported in the videos is 'second hand' information as narrated by the video's author himself....  I am absolutely certain that the "false alarm" in Hawaii on the 13th of January was indeed not a false alarm but a real nuclear attack that was luckily intercepted, and am waiting for any real tangible proof from ANYONE that may have been on any ship that morning and actually saw any mysterious "flash of light" to come forward...... Hawaii did avoid a nuclear catastrophe that morning, and further evidence is out there and I will present it at this blog when it does come available....

Yes, this last week marked the first anniversary of Donald Drumpf's presidency, and I figure I would give the man an "F" on his report card, and I wish that there was a bigger failing grade than the traditional "F" when it comes to this idiot... Yes, I look at his first year in office as a dismal failure, for instead of coming out and doing many of the things that he "promised", he instead has proven himself to be a major disappointment to the idiots that voted for him in November, 2016.... But honestly, did anyone actually think that he would bring forward the much needed "change" that America so badly needs?  He has always been in the pockets of the Jewish elite, and absolutely will do that same elite's bidding in all aspects of American policies both home and abroad... Rather than actually stop America's wars of aggression, he has accelerated them and is now pushing for more wars to boot!   He sold out the soul of America by giving the Satanic Jews their much desired Jerusalem and has abandoned any hope for real peace for the Palestinians (if there was any chance at all) by bowing to the scumbag Israelis.....And rather than 'drain the swamp', he has instead brought in even more criminal and sinister Jewish pricks into his cabinet......  Drumpf is now putting himself into the running for the "worst" President in the history of the United States, where he only trails Barry Soetoro now for that prestigious honour....  Yes, one of my fellow real truth seekers, Buelahman, was indeed so right when he said a few years back that America will be so screwed by this clown, and many did not listen...

I have been watching the situation in Ukraine closely these last few weeks, where apparently the criminal US puppets in Kiev are now set to begin new "military actions" against the civilians aka "rebels" in the breakaway republics of eastern Ukraine... Yes, the Kiev government is about to throw the terms of the Minsk accords that were agreed to some 3 years ago, and with their new and more deadly American made weapons, will start a new "offensive" against those republics soon... I do not like what I can see happening shortly, where the Ukrainian army will start attacking and slaughtering civilians claiming that they are "traitors" and "rebels"... It will be a genocide, and run the risk of Russian action against Ukraine that could escalate into a full blown war between Ukraine and Russia itself.... However, apparently over the last few months the Russians themselves have been proposing a new agreement that would see UN peacekeepers injected into the Donbas to ease tensions and prevent further bloodshed... But of course the US puppet Ukrainian leadership is hell bent on forcing the entire breakaway region back under Ukrainian control, and by all means necessary including open invasion of the region...  It will be interesting to see over the next while if and when the Ukrainian army is finally unleashed and what the Russians do as a result....

I also have indeed been reading all of the alternative media reports about the American "build up of forces" in the western Pacific, and especially at the American military base on Guam, for supposedly a planned 'pre-emptive' strike against North Korea's nuclear facilities.. I for one am not blind, and I see this type of action, if it is legitimate, as being the most brain dead and boneheaded move the Drumpf administration can do against a North Korean nation that has threatened no one.... Such a "strike" would surely not only see retaliation by the North Koreans, but absolutely by China as well....

I am still sticking to my assertions that there will be NO "war" against North Korea, period, unless of course the criminal Jewish elite are able to pull off a "false flag" attack much like they recently tried in Hawaii... North Korea is not a threat to anyone and is building its nuclear arsenal to deter any aggression against their own nation, especially from the United States.... I also will say that all of this "Guam buildup" is all part of the psychological warfare that is still going on to strike fear into everyone, and especially in Asian nations so that they will continue to buy more and more weapons from the Americans.... Yes, it should be obvious that this 'threat' of North Korea is purely psychological and being used to fuel the sale of American military hardware.. Business is indeed booming right now for the American military industrial complex as a result.....

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment for the primary thoughts on my mind.... I did of course leave a lot that I have not covered up to this point, and will once again touch on many of those in my usual "last minute tidbits"..... Yes, I have seen all of the reports of how the Yemeni government has been retaliating against the Saudi aggression against their nation by firing off more and more missiles against Saudi targets and apparently doing some notable damage.  The Saudis are indeed seeing their Yemen war to be a fiasco and it could indeed turn into their own "Vietnam"...... I am still concerned about the real cost of the war in Yemen, meaning the civilians that are being openly genocided by the Saudis and the Americans by wilful starvation.  There have been some reports that state that millions of innocent Yemen civilians could die this year from famine, and I would say the reports to be sadly very true.........Again I have seen all of the reports that continue to say that Hillary "Killary" Clinton is about to be "indicted" for her massive list of war crimes against all humanity and I have to honestly laugh.  That career criminal will most probably not see a real day in jail simply because she knows way too much and has said that if she goes down she will take most of Washington DC down with her  as well.  And honestly, I do believe the bitch!...........I saw a report where apparently the state of California in the United States has now threatened to fine up to $1000 and possibly jail restaurant servers if they give customers plastic drinking straws for their beverages without the patron's consent.  Honestly, when I read the reports I thought "Are these people this fucked up?" and how ludicrous and ridiculous the state of California has now become.......I saw a report where supposedly some 100 Jews were arrested in America for protesting the US government's stand against allowing illegal immigrants to flood into the US.  I am still wondering why these same pricks do not protest their lovely and glorious sick state of Israel for not allowing illegal immigrants to flood into that nation as well. Yes, the hypocrisy of the 'chosen ones" is so apparent, and blatantly obvious when it comes to "immigration" policies..........Apparently, the bogus Las Vegas mass shooting "shooter" Stephen Paddock actually had requested another hotel suite than the one on the infamous 32nd floor days before Mandalay Bay resort basically forced him into that "shooting" suite.  Again, even more evidence that something is terribly wrong with the "official" story on that latest mass shooting false flag, and more evidence that should have people going "Hmmmmm..."....... Apparently the Russian government has fallen victim to the Jewish elitists and has now imposed a penalty of up to 5 years in prison for "denying the Holocaust" in the Russian Federation.  Yes, the criminal Jewish want to muzzle free speech and freedom of thought has now hit the Russians as well.........I got into a recent "argument" with a lunatic from the Flat Earth retardation crowd, where this one said to me that the Moon generated its own light and that moonlight caused a noticeable warming effect.  After I gave myself a face palm, I tried to explain to this one that the Moonlight was in fact reflected light from the Sun and that moonlight could not have this 'warming effect' at all.  Yes, common sense and logic does not work with these idiots, but they are indeed laughable........And on that same note, I have had some emails asking why I have not put up any more articles exposing the fraud Apollo moon landings.  I have already put up a lot of information concerning that fraud, and will put up any new articles of interest that do come my way when they become available.  But again I must state that knowing that NASA has been lying about its space exploits does NOT make anyone a "flat earther"....  I noticed how the National Football League has continued to shoot itself in the foot by doing stupid things, and apparently earlier last week the American Veterans wanted the NFL to put up a video to honour America's service men and women called "stand", and the numbskulls over at the NFL rejected it.  Yes, the NFL does stupid things constantly to piss off everyone, and now they are pissing off America's veterans as well by this rejection.  Way to go, NFL!.......... No English Premiere League soccer this weekend, as most teams are involved in the FA cup.  Arsenal is playing Swansea City this coming Tuesday when league action resumes, and I do expect a Gunner victory........... I actually sat down and watched a Taylor Swift video of one of her "interviews", and by watching her actions, her eyes, and her body language, I can safely say the woman is indeed psychotic.  I am waiting for the naysayers to prove me wrong..........And finally in Kardashian lunatic land, we have the paparazzi hounds and other idiots going hog wild in regards to the latest "pictures" of a topless Kim showing her "assets".  Yes, that skank is still a media hound and just loves showing off the surgically altered figure that has made her truly a trollop and a media whore all these years.   Yes, the insane world of Kardashian continues to have a lot of idiots go crazy with anticipation of what they do next.  And again people wonder why I say the American nation is going to hell?

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Monika Schaefer, Imprisoned In Germany By The Thought Police: Update On Her Situation

I have indeed been waiting for some new information concerning Canadian citizen, Monika Schaefer, who presently is sitting in a German prison on the ridiculous charges of "Holocaust Denial".... It is still an outrage to me that there has been little being done by the criminal Trudeau regime in Ottawa about this Canadian citizen being held illegally in Germany for nothing more than expressing her freedom of speech...

For those who still are not up to speed about Monika Schaefer, I will do a recap here.. Monika Schaefer worked for the last few years in Jasper, Alberta Canada, as a "busker" aka a person who basically performed street music, playing the violin....  In 2016, Monika made a short video that is entitled: "Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About The Holocaust"... This video, in which Monika basically apologizes to her mother for all of the anti-German rhetoric that she had to endure growing up and calls into question some of the "facts" about the Jewish "Holocaust" of World War II..... That video was indeed dynamite, and even though at this moment it cannot be "shared" (Jewish controlled "Youtube" trying to suppress it, of course), people can watch it at this link:

Basically, after Monika made that video, she had to endure the 'wrath' of the Canadian thought police and even though she was not formally "arrested" in Canada for her "violation" of the Canadian ludicrous "Hate Crimes" legislation, the video caused quite a stir in the criminal Jewish community world wide and I can guarantee the German "thought police" took notice as well....

Now fast forward to January 3rd, 2018, and Monika made the trip to Germany to spend time with her brother, Alfred Schaefer, and the two of them made their way to attend the "Kangaroo Court" hearings and trial of another brave woman, Sylvia Stolz, who of course was facing charges of "Holocaust Denial".... Many including myself are still wondering WHY Monika would be brave enough to attend that "hearing" considering the fact that she herself was indeed under the "bullseye" of the German thought police, and lo and behold but while Monika was sitting in at that hearing, the Kangaroo court took a brief "recess" and when Monika and Alfred stepped out of the court during that respite, Monika was "arrested" by the German "authorities" and hauled away under the bullshit charges of "Holocaust denial" for the above video!  

Ever since Monika's bullshit and ridiculous incarceration by the German "thought police", I have been awaiting further updates on her situation.. And just this morning, I received an email from John Kaminski that Alfred Schaefer sent to give everyone the news on Monika's present status... I want to share that email here with everyone:

Dear Friends, 

this week was very exiting. 

It started off with a surprise attack of at least 10 heavily armed thought police raiding our house (23 Jan 2017).   Thanks to preemptive precautionary measures I am able to communicate with you today.  The reason they came is because they did not like a letter that I wrote after they illegally arrested my dear sister Monika. Here is a copy of that letter:

Monika Schaefer Arrested in Germany!

We have been very busy explaining our situation to the world because we want to help Monika get out of Jail.  
The thought police were much friendlier this time than the last time, and when I told them that if they want me to stop talking, two of them should hold me down while a third cuts out my tongue. They did not do that. They brought me water so that I could keep talking.    I talked for the entire hour that it took them to steal everything they could find. 

When they left they thanked me, shook my hand and I promised them that I will do everything possible so that they can do decent work in the future. 

I once knew a little girl who would cover her eyes whenever she was afraid of something. That is what little girls will sometimes do when they are afraid, because they think that they are safe from the monster that appears so threatening.   I have had grown people tell me that they don’t look at what I want to show them. They remind me of that little girl. 

If you are not like that, please take the time to watch this video: 

Alfred Schaefer - Thought Criminal Monika Schaefer Arrested and Imprisoned in Germany

Here is a written piece that is very helpful for understanding the big picture. 

The Trial of Monika Schaefer and Sylvia Stolz

Alfred Schaefer

OK,  Obviously these German thugs are indeed trying to silence Alfred Schaefer as well as Monika, and their criminal actions in raiding Alfred's residence was indeed a carefully well planned act to try to scare Alfred and try to stop him from getting any news about Monika out....  That and those acts of thuggery are indeed intended to prevent him from releasing further information via the Internet to get the truth out about the travesties that both he and Monika are suffering from the Germans...

I do recommend that people watch the videos that Alfred has links to in this email.... They are indeed eye openers and again explain the truths about how these Jewish bastards are now so badly running scared that people are waking up to their lies, that they have resorted to criminal actions and bullshit "laws" to suppress the Gentiles from discovering that they have indeed LIED about everything about that "genocide" of World War II...

I again must ask that ALL of the real truth seekers out there take this information and put it up at their own sites... I would dearly love to see the Internet flooded with information about this travesty so that everyone is made fully aware of the diabolical actions by these Jews against innocent people...

AND... I am indeed awaiting to see if that Jew butt kisser in Ottawa, Justin "Jew dough" Trudeau will actually step forward and do anything about this innocent Canadian citizen being held illegally in a German prison for nothing more than expressing her thoughts....  To this day, he and his Jewish dick suckers in Parliament have done NOTHING!  It does make me so ashamed to call myself a Canadian...

More to come


Friday, January 26, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Updates on Situation In Syria - Facing Defeat, The Criminals Are NOW Pushing Another One Of Their Ludicrous "Peace Proposals"!

The conflict has now turned into one of desperation for the US backed Kurdish criminals operating in and around the towns of Afrin and Manjib in northern Syria that are facing the continuing onslaught of the Turkish army.... Apparently all of the recent reports coming out of both the alternative media and the Jew spew media are saying much the same in that the US has now "abandoned" the Kurds in those two sections of Syria... Basically the US has turned their backs on the Kurds, while supporting their "NATO ally" Turkey in its efforts in seeing the Kurdish militants destroyed.......

In fact, I came across a most interesting article the other day, that comes from the Southfront website, at, where apparently the Kurdish militants in the Afrin region have been requesting the help of the Syrian government in their fight against the Turks!   Here is the link to that report here for all to see for themselves:

I put up a comment over at Southfront where I said "I love the smell of irony in the morning" in regards to this ridiculous action by the Kurds in calling on the Syrian government for help in fixing the mess that they themselves created...

Yes, these same pricks that only a few months ago rejected Bashar al-Assad's proposal for them to have their own autonomy under the Syrian nation by basically making a "deal with the devil" in allying themselves with the evil and sick US-Israel cabal, have now been abandoned by that same evil entity and are now crying to the Syrian government for help!  The irony in all this is indeed so glaringly obvious...

IMHO, I hope the Syrian government does now make a proposal to the Kurds, knowing that the government holds "all the cards" now.. Basically demanding that the Kurds immediately give up on their stupid idea of "nationhood" and accept being part of a nation of Syria where they would be able to enjoy both freedom and a sense of autonomy.. AND the Assad government should demand that they end their stupid alliance with the Americans and Israelis, surrender their weapons to the SAA forces, and demand that the US LEAVE northern Syria immediately....  ONLY then, after the SAA gets all of these agreements in both writing and actual action on the part of the Kurds, should the SAA come to their rescue and work with them to stop the Turkish actions....

Yes, at this point, the good guys, the SAA and their allies, absolutely have the upper hand in every aspect of the ongoing war in Syria... And the pricks in the US government, the UK, France, and the Arabic states of Saudi Arabia and Jordan who have been also backing the fraud "rebels" operating in Syria, all know that there is now little they can do to try to change the outcome in their favour...

However, I came across this most interesting and absolutely ridiculous report today, that also comes from the Southfront website, where apparently the US and the other criminals that have wanted to see Syria destroyed have NOW made another "peace proposal" to "ending the conflict in Syria"... And first I want everyone to read about this so called "proposal" and its contents at the link here:

I decided to take a close look at this "proposal" and it is pure bullshit... Basically it is NOT a "new" proposal at all, but is just a rehashing of the same "proposal" these same criminal bastards tried to make a few years ago.. .This "proposal" calls for "immediate ceasefire"  and calling for the Syrian government to "sit down" with these same bastards that have wanted to see Syria destroyed and dismembered, and to "accept" the idea of a new "government" made up of all of the "factions" that are presently at war in Syria (meaning the US controlled fraud rebels of course..) and having the nation basically "carved up" at the present lines of conflict (meaning Idlib province and northern Syria split from the nation) and dismembered... Then they also have the gall to once again call for "fair elections" (which will be fixed and basically stolen by the US and Israel of course...)AFTER Assad "steps down" from power!

I could not believe that these criminals had the nerve to try to push this ridiculous and ludicrous "peace proposal" to the Syrian government... It is the same "proposal" as the last load of crud they tired, and once again calls for Syria to be broken apart and Assad to step down!   This thing is NO Peace proposal at all but basically calling once again for the Syrian government to surrender!

I hope the Syrians and the Russians take that "proposal" and tear it up in the faces of these bastards... The Syrian government is now on the verge of total victory in Syria, and THEY should now call the shots and demand that those bastards take their proposal and shove it up their asses while at the same time demanding they get the hell out of Syria!

As it stands, the SAA is NOW about to launch their assault on that ISIS/rebel pocket in eastern Idlib and northern Hama... And with that pocket's destruction they can then turn their attention to the rest of Idlib before tackling the other  pockets further south as well..... It is therefore no wonder those pricks have now tried once again to save their Syrian debacle from a crushing defeat with this laughable "peace proposal"....

More to come


Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: SAA Pushing Deeper Into Idlib Province, While Turks Shrink PKK/YPG Pocket Around Afrin

I had someone ask me why I changed my titles for my Syrian updates from "criminal cabal" to "scourge", and I will state clearly that the entire cabal is nothing but a "scourge" on all humanity.. Therefore this minor change fits perfectly with these articles...

OK, Where to begin... I have been watching the reports pouring in about the Turkish attacks against the US backed criminal PKK/YPG "Kurdish" scumbags in northern Syria, and of course we find the US now in a state of panic about their mercenaries and operatives that may indeed be wiped out shortly in and around the town of Afrin by these same Turkish forces... Of course the US is attempting to save their proxies by arrogantly asking the Turks to allow a 30 kilometre wide 'security zone' in northern Syria (that will be filled with Kurdish militants of course..) to "prevent potential clashes between US and Turkish forces" in that area... Here is the link from Sputnik News about this ridiculous US request:

Of course the Turks are no fools and do see the sick game the US is playing here.. Tillerson and his other cronies in the US government and military want to somehow save their entire plans for the dismemberment of Syria and want this "security zone" to save their proxies and mercenaries collective asses from the Turkish assault!  Here in fact is the Turkish reaction to this ridiculous US request in a link here from the Southfront website:

Of course the Turks are saying that a ludicrous "security zone" request from the US is "too early to discuss" for the Turks are rightfully hell bent on destroying the YPG/PKK scoundrels first and foremost and then "talk" to the US after that is completed...

Yes, the Turks are now making headway in their advances in northern Syria, and here is an update on the military situation in and around Afrin, that also comes from the Southfront website, here:

Apparently the Turks are launching a multi-pronged offensive from several points around the entrapped YPG/PKK forces holed up in Afrin.... Even though at the moment the Turkish forces are meeting stiff resistance, the Kurdish militants have no method of resupply and through attrition that resistance may shortly collapse...

The facts should be pretty straight forward to everyone on what is happening here.. The Turks are hell bent on destroying these Kurdish "militants" for they see them as not only a threat to Syria but to their own nation as well..... The criminals in the US government and the US military are stuck with trying to find a way to save their operatives in northern Syria and are now reaching the point of desperation..... I do wonder what kind of sick ploy they will try next?

Meanwhile, in Idlib Province, the SAA is now launching an offensive to widen the gap between the trapped US backed ISIS/HTS "militants" that are now holed up in eastern Idlib to prevent any chances of them trying to break out and escape their entrapment.... In fact, here is the link to the latest update from the Syrian Free Press website that shows the military situation in and around Abu al-Duhur...

Notice how this article includes a great map showing how the SAA has indeed pushed the fraud "rebels" well away from their trapped forces in eastern Idlib, and are now preparing to finally destroy the estimated 1500 "ISIS" and other "rebels" still operating in the pocket itself.

Many people have been wondering what the delay has been in the SAA finally tackling the large "ISIS" and other fraud 'rebel' forces trapped in that pocket in eastern Idlib.. The reality is the SAA has basically done a superb job in first cutting off any escape for these scumbags, and then destroy any hope of relief or escape by expanding their area of control to the northwest of the pocket... Now that there is no hope of escape, they will finally turn their attention to the pocket itself...

And of course, the US has once again tried to somehow slow the SAA advances in Idlib province, by now once again having their fraud "ISIS" operatives that are still operating in Deir ez-Zor province launch a new "offensive" against the SAA forces along the Euphrates River... Here is the link to the Southfront website about the result of that latest 'last ditch' action, where the SAA forces have now crushed this fraud "ISIS" offensive along the Euphrates River:

Yes, the US is indeed now so desperate that they are trying anything to somehow change the outcome of their crushing defeat in Syria.... And of course their latest act of folly with these "ISIS" forces has not only been crushed but will probably lead to the SAA forces wiping out what is left of the scourge still operating in the desert region south of Deir ez-Zor itself...

The bottom line is this.... The US/Israel/NATO scourge has now not only lost the battle in Syria, but with the Turks now about to destroy the Kurdish militants as well, have lost their sick dream of a broken up Syria as well...  BUT again we all know that these losers are indeed very "sore losers" and I do wonder what is up their "sleeves" that they may try to change the outcome?

More to come


Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Canada's Burgeoning Immigration Crisis: Immigration And The End Of Canadian Culture

As a true red blooded Canadian, I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of the criminal Justin Trudeau regime in Ottawa that has basically opened Canada's borders wide open to the most disgusting criminal and illegal filth that comes from every shithole across the globe.....  I am not here to be "politically correct" and I will spell it out like it is; These illegal migrant workers are absolutely flooding across our southern border and have absolutely no inkling at all in joining "Canadian culture" and instead are allowed to keep their own "cultures" while not being able to find work or blend in with other Canadians..Instead, the vast majority of these illegals are allowed free homes, free health care, and free money from Canada's already overstretched welfare system.. .It is so disgusting and an absolute travesty....

I came across the following very important report that I do want to share with all of my own readers here, for it backs up everything that I have been saying about how the disgusting Federal government in Ottawa has been allowing this criminal "immigration policy" to continue unabated and will indeed see the eventual destruction of this nation itself... For according to the following report from the Investment Watch Blog website, at, the present policy of Canadian immigration will indeed spell the end of Canadian culture itself... Here is the link to that report here, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I absolutely agree with this analysis, for living here in central Canada I am indeed witness to how these illegal migrants have been coming across the border and have indeed been destroying the Canadian culture that I have long grown up in knowing and believing in....

I am not blinded by the bullshit of "political correctness" either,and will not just turn a blind eye to what is happening with these immigrants coming in here and destroying our culture..... It is getting pretty bad here in the frozen tundra of central Canada with these illegal immigrants doing NOTHING to better this nation, and instead are allowed to have every opportunity to further their own interests while I see hard working Canadians both unemployed and many living on the streets in destitution!  

I can only imagine what my other two Canadian compadres, Greencrow who hails from the nether region of British Columbia, and of course Penny who hails from the wilds of southern Ontario, have to say about all this.... Considering they are in the areas where the majority of these "immigrants" are now settling, I would speculate they themselves are not too happy as well....

Yes, we may be seeing the end of "Canadian Culture" thanks to the stupid immigration policies of the arrogant Liberal regime in Ottawa.... I just hope that this nation does not turn into the type of "shitholes" that many of these immigrants originated from...

More to come


The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Scourge: Sowing War And Chaos - US Continues Meddling In Syria Through The Kurds!

I am continuing to watch what has been happening in Syria over the last week, and especially how matters have taken a further turn thanks to the Turkish invasion of northern Syria.... It does appear that the American attempt to dismember Syria through their diabolical plan of using the Kurds to create an illegal state carved out of Syria may be turning into a disaster.....

I have been watching and reading so much coming out the alternative media these days.... One article just caught my attention, comes from "The Duran" website at via the Aletho News website at, and really shows how the Americans have once again screwed up in their meddling in other nation's affairs, especially in Syria.. It is entitled: "Sowing War And Chaos: US Continues Meddling In Syria Through The Kurds" and is a must see by everyone... I have it right here and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sowing war and chaos: US continues meddling in Syria through the Kurds

Doubling down on the fixation with ousting Assad produces another US foreign policy disaster
By Alexander Mercouris – The Duran – January 23, 2018
On October 6th 2017 I wrote a lengthy article for The Duran in which I said that the US’s two previous plans in Syria having failed – Plan A being regime change through US backing of violent Jihadi groups, Plan B being the attempt to set up an anti Assad ‘Sunnistan’ in eastern Syria – the US was resorting to Plan C, which was to establish a US backed Kurdish protectorate in northern Syria, so as to undermine the Syrian government from within.
In that article I outlined in detail how that was being done, with the massive supply of arms to the YPG, the Kurdish militia in northern Syria, and through the permanent deployment of US troops in the Kurdish controlled regions of northern Syria.
I also outlined what I thought the likely consequences of this Plan C would be,
Consequences of the US’s Kurdish policy
What are the consequences of the US’s Plan C/’Kurdish’ strategy, and what are its prospects?   In summary there are five:
(1) it will prolong the conflicts in Syria and Iraq;
(2) it is delaying the final defeat of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq;
(3) it will make the Iraqi government align itself still more closely to Iran and Syria;
(4) it will strengthen hostility within Turkey to the US, and may make Turkey more inclined to seek regional alignments with the US’s Middle East rivals and enemies: Russia and Iran;
(5) it risks making the Kurds even more isolated in their region, whilst uniting the region against them.
I also said that though Plan C was rather more grounded in reality than Plan B since a Kurdish statelet in northern Syria had rather more coherence and reality than the eastern ‘Sunnistan’ proposed as Plan B, it was nonetheless in the long term unworkable, and the attempt to implement it would set the scene for the next US Middle East debacle.
Just two weeks later, with the Iraqi army’s successful offensive against the Iraqi Kurds in northern Iraq, and following the Iraqi army’s recapture from the Kurds of the key Iraqi oil town of Kirkuk, it appeared that this Plan C was already failing and on 19th October 2017 I wrote a further article for The Duran in which I said as much.
In the event, with a persistence worthy of a better cause the US despite the failure in Iraq has persisted with its Plan C.
Firstly the US announced that it intended to keep 2,000 US troops stationed (illegally) in Syria indefinitely, supposedly to prevent a ‘vacuum’ emerging there.
In reality the true number of US troops in Syria is much greater, and it is the presence of these troops which by preventing the restoration of the Syrian government’s authority across the whole of Syria is threatening to create a ‘vacuum’ there. Most, though not all, these US troops appear to be based in northern Syria, in territory controlled by the YPG.
Then the US announced that it was building up a 30,000 strong ‘border force’ in northern Syria, which it was clear would be built up around the Kurdish militia, the YPG.
The results have been very much as I predicted in my article of 6th October 2017.
Firstly, the US game with the Kurds in Syria has outraged the major regional powers: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.
Turkey’s President Erdogan has now launched his army and air force against the Syrian Kurds whom the US has been backing in their north Syrian enclave of Afrin.
In order to launch this attack Erdogan needed Moscow’s permission, the Russians having previously positioned military observers in Afrin.
A Turkish military delegation accordingly visited Moscow and obtained Moscow’s permission, resulting in the withdrawal of the Russian military observers from Afrin and the unimpeded operation of the Turkish air force there.
The Russians for their part attempted to persuade the Kurds to hand over Afrin to the Syrian government as a way of averting the Turkish attack. The Kurds, counting on US protection, however refused, with the result that they have quickly discovered that the US protection that they had counted on is nowhere to be seen, so that they now find themselves facing the Turkish army on their own.
In a bizarre twist, showing the extent of their confusion and possibly highlighting the internal criticism their leaders are coming under for putting so much trust in the US, the YPG is nowblaming the Russians for the debacle.
We know that, without the permission of global forces and mainly Russia, whose troops located in Afrin, Turkey cannot attack civilians using Afrin air space. Therefore we hold Russia as responsible as Turkey and stress that Russia is the crime partner of Turkey in massacring the civilians in the region.
In the meantime, where a few weeks ago it appeared that ISIS in its fastnesses in eastern Syria was close to total collapse after coming under simultaneous attack by the Syrian army and the US backed Kurds, it is now back on the attack and has actually been able to recover some territory at the expense of the Kurds, who are having to transfer fighters to face the threat from the Turkish army in the north.
Meanwhile the Syrian army has been able to capitalise on Turkey’s focus on the Kurds to carry out major advances against the remaining Jihadi enclaves in western Syria near Damascus and in Idlib province, where the key Abu Duhur air base has now been recaptured from the Jihadis, and where large numbers of Jihadi fighters have been surrounded by the Syrian troops.
Latest reports from the normally reliable Al-Masdar news agency speak of continuing Syrian military advances deeper into Idlib province, with plans apparently being prepared for an offensive which will bring the Syrian army all the way up to the outskirts of Idlib city.
An article in the Guardian has now confirmed the critical role of the British government in egging the US on with Plan C as well as the extent of US and British dismay with the latest developments:
The problem for the west is that, as an endgame possibly approaches in Syria, it cannot afford to lose Turkish diplomatic support since Ankara has been the vital countervailing force to a Russian-imposed peace.
The Turkish preoccupation with the Syrian Kurds on its borders could lead to the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, reaching a deal with Damascus and Moscow.
The speech – in which the UK Foreign Office had a big hand – was something of a watershed and was under-appreciated in Europe. Previously, Trump’s policy on Syria was simply the destruction of Isis and an aversion to talk of nation-building. But the Tillerson speech has been widely criticised because it was long on aspiration but short on detailing the credible levers the US and the west have to pressure Moscow to abandon Assad.
Western diplomats say they have some stakes in the ground: the threat to withhold EU and US reconstruction funds, the promise to keep 2,000 US troops inside Syria indefinitely and a slightly confused commitment to help the Kurds form a border force inside northern Syria. British ministers also repeatedly warn that a Russian-imposed peace that simply leaves Assad in charge would not only be morally reprehensible but unstable…..
There is so much wrong with the thinking in this article that it is difficult to know where to start.
Firstly, it is grotesque to say that “a Russian-imposed peace that simply leaves Assad in charge would not only be morally reprehensible but unstable” when it is Western policy to use the Kurds to prolong the war in Syria in order to increase pressure on the Russians so as to get them to agree to having President Assad ousted which is the true and obvious cause of the continuing instability there.
Secondly, to suppose that Turkey would stand idly by whilst the US armed the Kurds to fight President Assad’s government when Turkey is already fighting a Kurdish insurgency on its own territory was beyond farfetched. It should have been obvious that any policy of this kind that relied upon both Turkey and the Kurds in order to succeed was bound to fail.
Thirdly, the idea that the Western powers can ‘pressure’ Russia into ‘abandoning’ President Assad now that President Assad is in secure control of Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Deir Ezzor, all of Syria’s main cities, and in fact every part of what constitutes ‘useful Syria’, when Russia previously refused to abandon him when the territory under his control was reduced to a small coastal strip and he was about to lose control of Deir Ezzor and Aleppo, is beyond delusional.
Now that the Turkish army is pressing deep into Afrin, with the US and the Western powers as the Guardian article says unable to stop it, the Guardian article refers to what is rapidly becoming the default Western position in northern Syria: abandon the Kurds and hand over to Turkey and its Jihadi allies a strip of northern Syria as a ‘security zone’ at the Kurds’ expense:
The US can argue it tolerated Kurdish territorial expansions across northern Syria, and specifically west of the Euphrates river, only so long as the Kurdish militias inside the Syrian Democratic Forces were needed to defeat Isis, but now that battle has been won the US priority is to stop the freefall in its relations with Turkey. If that means a temporary Turkish foothold in the patchwork that is Syria, so be it.
One might even call it Plan D.
That this is indeed the emerging policy – though some US officials still seem to be unaware of the fact – has now been confirmed by Rex Tillerson, the US’s hapless Secretary of State, who speaking of Turkey is reported to have said the following:
Let us see if we can work with you to create the kind of security zone you might need.
What this ignores is that this policy is every bit unworkable as the Plans A, B and C which preceded it.
Firstly, the duplicity towards the Kurds is nothing short of staggering. Having armed the Kurds and encouraged them to create their own statelet in northern Syria in order to fight ISIS and destabilise the government in Damascus, the US is now preparing to abandon them to Turkey as soon as the going gets difficult.
Needless to say duplicity of this order is going to shatter trust in the US both amongst the Kurds and even in Turkey, which is not likely to forget any time soon the game the US attempted to play with the Kurds in Syria at its expense.
Secondly, Turkey’s Jihadi allies have repeatedly shown their lack of military effectiveness. It is all but inconceivable that they can control territory in northern Syria in the face of opposition from both the Kurds and the local Arab people without the protection on the ground of the Turkish army.
However whether the Turkish army would be prepared to remain entrenched forever in northern Syria facing what is likely to become before long a guerrilla war waged against it by both the Kurds and the local Arab population backed by the Syrian government in Damascus is problematic to say the least.
My opinion is that that is all but inconceivable, in which case Plan D is as unworkable as Plans A, B and C.
Thirdly, despite the Kurdish complaints about ‘betrayal’ by Russia, the likely consequence of the latest events is that over time it will oblige the Kurds to rein in their regional aspirations and seek to come to terms with the government in Damascus, just as the Russians have been urging them to do.
By any objective measure the Kurds in both Syria and Iraq have in recent years grossly overplayed their hand.
They used the US induced internal crises in Syria and Iraq to forge all but independent areas within those countries. They then expanded these zones far beyond their natural limits, bringing under their control large areas with predominantly Arab populations.
Then as the internal crises within Syria and Iraq abated, instead of leveraging the strong position they had achieved to come to terms with the governments of those countries so as to hold on to their gains, the Kurds went for broke, and gambling on US promises of support, they pitched for what amounted to outright independence, in Syria de facto, in Iraq de jure.
As a result they antagonised all the regional powers and Russia, bringing down upon themselves the wrath of Iraq and Turkey, and finding themselves isolated, when they discovered in Iraq in October and in Syria now that the promise of US support had no reality behind it.
The result is that when they were attacked by the Iraqi army in October and by the Turkish army now they found that they had no one to look to but themselves.
Pressure of events if nothing else will now probably force the Kurds in Syria to come to terms, however grudgingly, with the Russians and with the Syrian government in Damascus.
That would obviously mean accepting the overall authority of the government in Damascus in return for whatever form of autonomy the Russians can negotiate for them.
That is the only realistic way that the Kurds in Syria – who ultimately account for no more than 8% of Syria’s population – can secure protection for themselves provided by Russia, which as recent events have shown is the only secure form of protection that can be relied upon in this region.
As for the US and its Western allies, the time has come – in fact it is long overdue – for them to commit themselves to some serious rethinking.
The strategy of regime change in Syria which was launched in 2011 has decisively failed.
There is no realistic possibility of the US persuading Russia to abandon President Assad and agreeing to regime change in Syria, and no realistic way the US can bring about regime change in Syria without Russia’s agreement.
That means that regime change in Syria is impossible and is not going to happen.
With the Syrian government in Damascus now secure and gaining daily in power and confidence, it is now only a matter of time before it regains full control of all Syrian territory.
All the various plans to keep Syria weak and divided by playing Sunnis against Alawites, Kurds against Arabs, and Turks against Kurds and Syrians, can only delay this outcome, not prevent it, and can only do so only at horrific cost, whilst setting up the US for further humiliation
This is because the only practical effect of these plans is to increase the Syrian government’s dependence on Moscow and Tehran, thereby strengthening Syria’s alliances with Russia and Iran and weakening the regional geopolitical position of the US.
In reality if the US’s objective really were to limit or even extinguish Russian and Iranian influence in Syria – as it claims – then the only way it could do this would be by coming to terms with the Syrian government in Damascus, which is the legitimate government of Syria recognised as such by the overwhelming majority of Syria’s people, so as to persuade it to limit or cut its ties to Russia and Iran so as to reduce or extinguish the influence of these countries in Syria.
That would involve giving the Syrian government security guarantees that it could trust and economic aid to rebuild Syria, in return for its agreement to limit or close the Russian and Iranian bases which are now starting to appear on Syria’s territory.
Whether such a thing is now possible is another matter. However the modern history of the Middle East is such an appalling catalogue of duplicity that I for one would not say it was impossible if it were ever seriously attempted.
Already there are rumours that some officials within the Syrian government in Damascus are uneasy about the over close relations (as they see it) which Syria now has with Iran, and the problems which they think these are causing Syria.
However if the US is going to embark upon this genuinely realistic foreign policy then it must end its maniacal fixation with the person of Bashar Al-Assad, and it must tell its allies in Britain, Saudi Arabia and Israel that they must do the same.
Putting aside the disaster this fixation has caused to the people of Syria, who have had to endure seven years of war because of it, its only result has been to strengthen Syria’s alliances with Iran, Russia and more recently Iraq, thereby weakening the geopolitical position in the Middle East of the US.
As ought to be obvious, doubling down on this fixation can only spell more disaster further down the line, and the latest debacle in northern Syria which has resulted in fighting between the US backed Kurds and the US’s NATO ally Turkey ought to underline this fact.
However because this obvious truth is one which continues to be passionately resisted in Washington – not to mention in London, Jerusalem and Riyadh – it looks to be rejected, opening the way for still more disasters to come.

NTS Notes:  I have been saying for years that the US and Israel have been trying "Plan A", "Plan B", "Plan C", etc, etc in their vain attempt to have Syria destroyed and dismembered... With all of the other plans being dismal failures, these criminals have "hitched their wagon" on the stupid idea of "supporting the Kurdish independence" cause to create an illegal "Kurdistan" that will never ever be allowed to be formed by Syria and all of its neighboring states....

I also showed in previous articles how President Bashar al-Assad actually has many times sent a real "olive branch" to the Kurds offering them full autonomy under the Syrian system where they would be allowed to live in peace and harmony with support and protection from the Syrian government and its military... However, the Kurds under the guidance of their American/Israeli controllers have "rejected" that plan and most stupidly...Now we see what "protection" the United States has to offer by the Turks turning their military loose on them....

And I find it most disturbing and laughable that the US is now trying to blame the Russians for this debacle that they themselves have created... That is most sickening and ridiculous...

I honestly do not like to see what is now happening in Syria in regards to the Kurds.. They have been fools for "allying" themselves with evil entities such as the US and Israel.... And now of course the US has been showing how two faced they really are in basically "abandoning" them now in the face of Turkey's attacks...

So, there we have it... Once again the US has interfered in the affairs of another sovereign nation, has illegally invaded it, set up illegal bases, and even has armed some of that area's inhabitants (the Kurds) to the teeth.. .The consequences will be war, bloodshed, and a lot of death and destruction....

Why is it that every time we see the US government meddle in other nations and their business, they seem to always fuck up badly?  And consequently leave that nation ruined?  The pattern always seems to continue...

More to come