Friday, November 3, 2017

The Criminal US CIA Releases Fake "Bin Laden Documents", And The American People Are Treated As Suckers Once Again!

I am truly shocked at the utter ignorance and stupidity of the average American (and Canadian) these days.... Apparently, the US Government is now going all out with these "false flags" in quick succession knowing full well that the average American citizen has the brain power of mosquito pee and the same level of attention span to boot, and therefore most Americans are so easily manipulated with the bullshit that the criminals continue to throw their way.... It is so disgusting and sometimes I do not know whether to laugh or to cry..

And suddenly yesterday the criminal US CIA comes out and releases to the gullible American public some "400000+ documents" that they call the "Bin Laden Documents" that they claim were obtained from that "raid" in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 2nd, 2011.... I first want to present here one of the typical Jew spew media links that have come out yesterday reporting on the release of these documents:

OK, Now for a reality check for everyone once again.... Osama bin Laden was a CIA operative that was trained in California during the late 1980's under the name of "Tim Osman"... After his training was completed, he was assigned to Afghanistan where he was to first work with the Taliban and other "freedom fighters" against the Soviet occupying forces, and then later to create a very fraudulent new group of CIA backed "terrorists" known as "Al Qaeda".... After his work in Afghanistan, he was shuttled across the Middle East to work with the CIA for their phoney "terrorist attacks" when needed... However, after some time he developed kidney problems and was periodically hospitalized for both dialysis as well as other medical treatments to keep his kidneys functioning... It was during one of his stays in a Dubai hospital back in July 2001 that we was contacted by his CIA handlers with new instructions to move his operations back to Afghanistan, which he did by mid August of 2001....  He was definitely moved to Afghanistan for the Israeli Mossad attacks of 9-11 in NYC to be made the "villain" behind those attacks and to give the US Government a small measure of justification for their invasion of that nation in November 2001... However, bin Laden soon realized that he had been made the scapegoat for the 9-11 attacks and even announced to the entire world shortly after the Israeli Mossad attacks that he had absolutely nothing to do with them.... It was shortly after that time point that his kidney problems worsened and eventually without proper care and access to dialysis, Osama bin Laden succumbed to his failing kidneys and died sometime around December 12th, 2001... His death was absolutely recorded for posterity in most middle eastern nation's newsprint, but was conveniently left out of the American Jew spew media.....

After bin Laden's death in 2001, the US continued to use him as their convenient 'boogeyman' for their continued CIA operations and fraud "terrorist attacks" across the Middle East, and the American public continued to be gullible and stupid idiots to not realize they were being played by their own government.. But after almost 10 years, the CIA had figured they had finally reached the end of their usage of "bin Laden" and of course concocted the fraud "raid in Abbottabad Pakistan" to make the US military look like heroes and to create the impression to the world that they "finally got bin Laden".... .And it worked so marvelously for even I remember how most sucker Americans were all "overjoyed" that the great "terrorist" Osama bin Laden was finally dead and was so amazed as to how truly gullible the majority truly are....

Now we fast forward to yesterday and this fraudulent and laughable "release of bin Laden documents" that the US claims were of course obtained during their phoney raid in Pakistan?   When I read the reports, I could not help but to laugh so hard I fell out of my chair!!!  Honestly, are the American people really this stupid???

And of course, one other important note here concerning these phoney "bin Laden documents" that should have everyone's attention.. For according to the following report, that I have the link here, these phoney documents are going to be used to try to link the innocent nation of Iran to "terrorism"... Here is that link:

I figured the criminal US government would try something new to try to justify an attack on Iran.. Now they are going to claim that "bin Laden himself" said that Iran was funding and arming "terrorists"!   And again, watch as the gullible and stupid American sheep fall for this stupidity as well...

The bottom line is this.. .These "bin Laden documents" are as phoney as a $3 dollar bill.... They were obviously written and thrown out there by the CIA's own think tanks and will be used conveniently to further the phoney "war on terror" and NOW to be used to once again vilify nations such as Iran.....

Watch as more "revelations" come forward from these fraudulent documents... With some 470,000 of these phonies now out in the public record, the criminals in the CIA will have a lot of bullshit to throw at the gullible American sheep for years to come..

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RickB said...

It is my misfortune that I know Americans that will buy anything their government sells them every time, all the time.

Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

There is no hope for America.