Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Newest Updates On Situation In Syria - China To Send In Their Special Forces To Thwart Criminal US Motives!

The situation in Syria is changing very rapidly... The US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal has indeed "lost" their initiative and plans to oust Bashar al-Assad by force and through the usage of their ridiculous and phoney "terrorist" groups such as Al-Nusra concentrated in Idlib Province as well as their "ISIS" fraud located in the eastern provinces..... Yes, their initial "Plan A" has now turned into a dismal failure but as I have long said, these monsters have many more tricks up their diabolical sleeves and will continue with their sick want to see Syria destroyed or subdued....

First, I came across the following report from The Real Syrian Free Press website, at, that shows what I and many others have said all along about the "battles" going on in and around Deir Ez-Zor Province... For apparently the truth is coming out that the fraud of "ISIS" aka "Daesh" has indeed been battling ONLY the Syrian Government Forces in attempts to delay the SAA advance south of Deir Ez-Zor city to link up with forces driving north from the Iraqi border.... Here is the link to that report here:

OK, One thing that came to mind when I saw this report and the American made weapons that this fraud "terrorist" group possessed, is ... How in the hell did these "terrorists" get these sophisticated American made weapons?   HOW can anyone with even two brain cells to rub together still believe that these are "terrorists" and not see that they are nothing more than American mercenaries and operatives, when all that anyone has to do is look at their weapons!   If these were really "terrorists" then it would mean that the US government has been violating American laws that specifically state that it is Illegal to arm "terrorist groups".....

What is happening in eastern Syria is the US has been pouring in thousands of tons of sophisticated weaponry to their "ISIS" agents with the specific aim of slowing down or even stopping the SAA advances to allow their Kurdish operatives to continue to gobble up as much Syrian territory as possible on the northern side of the Euphrates... And of course these "ISIS" frauds have been used to delay the redeployment of any SAA forces back to Hama and Idlib provinces to finally tackle the fraud Al Nusra forces there....

AND... While the US fraud "terrorists" continue to "delay" the SAA victory in eastern Syria, the SAA has now   (finally) been redeploying and launching their attacks against the Al Nusra forces centered in and around Idlib Province in northwestern Syria... The SAA has been making steady advances from their positions south of Aleppo as well as attacking Al Nusra forces north of the city of Hama.... Here is a link to the latest report from the Southfront website at, that shows the movement of the SAA into positions to finally tackle and destroy the Idlib pocket:

Yes, the hard hitting "Tiger Forces" that had liberated so much of Syria's territories to the east are now being put into service to take on the Idlib pocket... And the last part of that article shows what I have said all along in that the US and their fraud rebel forces are the ones behind the sudden "appearance" of the fraud of "ISIS" in northern Hama province....

One other important note about the situation in Syria came my way earlier today, and THIS could indeed be a massive game changer in the entire battle for Syria itself.... For according to the following link from Zero Hedge website, at, apparently the Chinese are indeed getting ready to go to the aid of the Assad government and the Syrian people by sending in their own Special Forces to fight alongside the Russians and the SAA forces!  Here is that link to that report here:

Yes, the Chinese getting into the fight is indeed a massive game changer and is being done to thwart the criminal US moves in Syria itself... Basically with the Chinese now in the conflict, the US can no longer try to escalate the fight for it could mean an all out war against BOTH the Russian Federation and the People's Democratic Republic of China as well...... I personally applaud this move by the Chinese, for it solidifies the Syrian people's cause to free their nation from tyranny!

It will be interesting to see what the US and of course the psychos in Israel will do now that they are facing the Chinese now as well as the Russians, Hezbollah, and of course the Syrians.....  I will of course continue with reports on this situation when the become available, so stay tuned...

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Criminals Behind SITE Are At It Again: Israel Threatens To Use Its Fraud ISIS Thugs To Attack New York City Just In Time For Christmas!

People so quickly forget these days how that fraud "SITE" group run by that despicable and most ugly, Rita Katz, used to put out their periodic and absolutely laughable "Bin Laden tapes" to try to scare the gullible American public with bullshit "terrorist threats".... Then after the US government disposed of their phony "bin Laden", the scumbags over at SITE changed gears and tried the same scare mongering with their "ISIS tapes" with their absolutely laughable and ridiculous "beheading" themes and imagery.... And yet the majority of the American people fell for that crap as well! ... Since that time I and others have been waiting for what that Jew run "SITE" group had next up their sleeves...

Well, here we go with more 'SITE' bullshit... For according to the following report, that comes courtesy of another great real truth seeker, Greg Bacon, who of course writes the blog " Goon Squad", at,  that scoundrel Rita Katz is at it again trying to whip up the American gullible sheep out there with the ridiculous notion that "ISIS" is getting ready to launch an attack on New York City, and just in time for Christmas!  Here is the link to Greg's report over at Goon Squad for everyone to see for themselves, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Sometimes I do not know whether to laugh or to cry at the gullibility of the American sheep out there...

Greg is so spot on when it comes to showing that freak show, Rita Katz, for what she really is... An ugly Jewess who is absolutely an Israeli firster and to me a TRAITOR who is working against America...

Yes, Rita Katz is of course an Israeli and most probably a Mossad agent, given the money and the ability to put out these fraud "tapes" and of course this latest bullshit, with the goal of whipping up the American public into a frenzy and the fear of "ISIS" about to attack America....

And you have to love the visual that the scumbags in SITE has sent out ... For those that want to see it again, here it is:

Yes, using this image of Santa Claus next to a pack of dynamite is a great image for the fear mongering of the gullible American people, and of course the caption is also priceless..

Sadly though, so many stupid people living in the US will fall for this crap and now the stage is set for "ISIS" to actually do a bombing in NYC and just in time for Christmas....  Hopefully the message can get out in time that if such an attack does occur, that people will see through it and blame the real criminals and of course Israel for such an attack!

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Vaccines Do NOT Work: Flu Vaccine Is THE Most Dangerous Vaccine In The US Based Upon Settled Cases For Injuries

Well, yesterday was another "me day" where I spent much of the day away from my computers and surfing the net..... I went for my usual long walk and spent part of the day with my better half doing some chores, including getting some grocery shopping done at the local supermarket.....

While I was at the Supermarket the other day, I could not help but notice once again a lot of people over at the Pharmacy in a line up.... Only this time the majority of the people in the line up were senior citizens...Of course it was "Seniors Day" at the Supermarket, as most of these seniors come in via bus from several senior citizen complexes in the area.... The line up was of course for getting their "annual flu shot", and all I could do was to hold my head up high as I walked by these morons and idiots..... It was only when I went down one aisle that I openly shook my head in disgust... Even my better half noticed my behaviour and she said to me to "Let it go, for you cannot change peoples' opinions"... Yes, she is right, for so many people are indeed too brainwashed now for their own good to understand that they are indeed doing more harm than good when they stupidly allow criminals to inject poisons into their bodies.....BUT I do find it my duty to at least try to inform anyone right here at this blog with proper information about vaccines and to let them decide for themselves if they want to go out and get their "shots"...

I did come across the following, and very shocking report, that I do want to share with everyone here, that once again shows evidence that not only do vaccines NOT work, but they can indeed do tremendous harm to our bodies.... For according to the following report from the Health Impact News website, at, apparently the "Flu Vaccine" is THE most dangerous vaccine in the United States according to the amount of settled cases for injuries incurred by the injection of that poison.....  Here is the link to that important report right here for everyone to read for themselves, and I have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Again, all I can do is provide information here at this blog for people to see what they are doing to their bodies by going out and getting these fraud "annual shots"..... Hopefully some more people will take notice and actually listen...

To me, it was absolutely disgusting to see all of those people lined up like sheep to allow poisons to be injected into their bodies.. And especially to SENIOR CITIZENS that are indeed some of the most compromised part of our society with their already weaker and frail immune systems....

Again, the proof that vaccines are a detriment is out there for all to research and see for themselves.... I again must say that there are better alternatives to this "flu vaccine" to prevent catching Influenza, including proper hygiene, better and more health food consumption, exercise, and absolutely strengthening your own immune system through taking Vitamins C and D.....

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The Bullshit Of Political Correctness Reaches A New Level Of Stupidity: British Girl Guides To Allow Boys Who Identify As Female To Shower With Girls (!)

I get periodic emails and comments from time to time where people say: "Hey, NTS, Take a look at this?" and of course many do ask me to post up the material that they come across at this blog from time to time... I figure that I would oblige one person who emailed the following information with an article to cover what he had found..

OK, In last weekend's rant, I went on a tirade about the bullshit of "political correctness" and how it is ruining our society and social structure.... I will state again that this "political correctness" bullshit is of course by design, and is being done by none other than the tribe of "chosen ones" to destroy our cultures and our society... I especially have been going after the absolute bullshit of all of this "transgender" nonsense and how everyone must bow to every god damn bull dyke transgender moron out there and those in the "LBGT" and  other bullshit organizations that want to have their "rights" and have those "rights" forced on everyone....

Well, the madness of this crap "transgenderism" has now reached new heights, and I was sent the following report, that has also been mirrored over at Jim Stone's own website at, that should have everyone, especially those living in the UK, up in arms... For according to the following report, from the Telegraph online news service out of the United Kingdom at, apparently the British Girl Guide Organization has bowed to the madness of these kooks and will allow boys (and men) to the age of 25 (!) who consider themselves as "female" to shower with girls!   Here is the link to that report here for everyone to see for themselves, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  First, Let me state this clearly... If anyone who has a daughter, is living in the United Kingdom, and is considering having her join the "Girl Guides" to absolutely refuse to do so immediately!  And to parents that have their children in these organizations that allow this type of stupidity to also remove them from such filth immediately as well...

Yes, over the last few years we have watched the madness of this sickness take hold everywhere... We have watched as these kooks have forced major store chains such as Target America allow men who "identify as women" to be able to go right into women's washrooms without anyone supposedly able to stop them or to say anything about that travesty.. And of course we have every College and University everywhere having to bow down to these nutcases with their want to have "gender sensitivity" training and to no longer use the terms "he" or "she" when identifying individuals which to me is sheer lunacy... And now we have this?

I, as a parent, am appalled by what I see happening to our youth and how this bullshit "transgender" push is truly fucking up our children... People everywhere must take a stand and put an end to this madness before it does destroy our social structure and our societies as a whole...

I will be covering more of the bullshit of this "political correctness" bullshit in more articles to come... And I do want readers to send me anything that they come across about this insanity for me to look at and to possibly post more articles here in the near future....The war to save our society as a whole is on....

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Monday, November 27, 2017

Is This A Bad Joke? Criminal Saudi Arabian Led "Arab NATO" Declares "War On Terrorism" While Real Nations Fighting "Terrorism" Are Not Invited!

Over the last few weeks I have been reading a lot of articles about how the criminal state of Saudi Arabia has been slowly transformed into a war mongering nation that is hell bent on making the entire Middle East aflame with wars for Israel.... We have seen already over the last year how the Saudis have been causing so much genocide in the southern Arabian peninsular nation of Yemen (thanks to the US of course) and how the Saudis have exposed themselves as one of the supporters of the fraud "ISIS" operating in Syria for that nation's destruction.... And of course we have recently witnessed the saber rattling in support of the psychotic state of Israel for a new war against the innocent nation of Iran..... Again, it is apparent that the Saudis are indeed wanting and willing to see the entire region engulfed in endless wars.....

But today I found an article that caused me to have a 500MPH face palm.... For according to the following report from the Russia Today website at, apparently the Saudis are now wanting to lead a coalition of Arabic nations, sometimes called an "Arab NATO" into a new "war on terror" against what they claim is "terrorism", and they have the gall to not include the REAL nations that are actually fighting REAL "terrorism" into this war!   Here is the link to that article for all to see for themselves, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  One word came to mind immediately after reading this report from Russia Today... "HYPOCRISY".......

Lets not be fooled here and call this like it is... The Saudis are wanting to use this false pretext of "fighting terrorism" to get their nice little "Arab NATO" coalition to go along with them to fight NOT "terrorism" but nations such as Syria, Iraq, and of course Iran....

And I can just hear the psychos in Israel applauding this insane motion by the Saudis, for now they will once again get the gullible Arabic nations to go out and destroy their "enemies" for them....

AND you really have to love the terminology used by the Saudis... Calling "terrorism" a faceless group when they themselves ARE the real terrorists.... Yes, the hypocrisy of it all is so glaring, considering how the Saudis have been busy committing acts of genocide against the innocent nation of Yemen.......It is therefore almost laughable when the criminal Saudis claim they will "wipe out terrorism" when they themselves are the real terrorists!

AND must I again remind everyone that the entire "war on terror" has always been a fraud and is for one goal only, which is of course using that fraud "war" as a means for regime change in innocent nations....

Yes, readers, the truth here is that the Saudis will use this false guise of "fighting terrorism" to get their nifty little coalition involved in wars for Israel....  I am still hoping that the members of this "Arab NATO" see the real truth about what they are getting involved in here before it is too late...

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Jews Are Responsible For Antisemitism - Letter From A Young Israeli

Ever so often I still get the odd crazy "comment" from those that I call my most favorite "fan club", the usual Jewish or JIDF/Hasbara numb skull that calls me the usual slur of being "antisemitic"..... I have always challenged those who have the nerve to throw that fraud phrase at myself and others to show that they themselves are Semites.... The fact that some 95% of all those who practice the fraud religion of Judaism are Khazars and have not one drop of Semitic blood among themselves always seems to never cross their minds.....  Therefore, as usual, I am easily able to defeat their claims and once again show that they themselves are liars and deceivers when they scream "Antisemitism" at everyone else....

There have been so many in the real truth movement that have endured the lies of "antisemitism"  and I myself am always looking for new articles that help everyone understand how that phrase is a fraud, and actually originates with none other than the Jews themselves..... And right now I found a most interesting article that comes from the Jew World Order website, at, that contains an actual letter written by a young Israeli that has been sickened by the lies of "antisemitism" and shows how the Jews themselves are responsible for that lie.... Here is that article in its entirety for everyone to read for themselves, and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Jews are Responsible for Anti Semitism — Young Israeli

“There is a rational explanation and justification for Anti-Jewish feelings. 
…a satanic element within Jewry is engaged in warfare 
against mankind and that ultimately is the cause of Anti-Semitism.”
Michael, a young Israeli, says Jews need to tell Organized Jewry,
YOU DON’T REPRESENT ME or they will be blamed for its deeds. 
(Freemasons will see to that.) 

By Michael

I was born in Israel
 in 1985. My family are European Jews,
Ever since I was a young man I had an instinctive feeling that something is wrong in our world…
I was shocked to learn that Judaism was basically Satanic because it seeks to supplant God. Judaism was basically engaged in a tribal racist warfare against mankind. The Jewish religion teaches Jews to hate and fear non-Jews. This is the ultimate racism on the planet. 
Satanism (Communism) is a tool of Jewish racism and enslavement. 
Anti-Semitism is not a disease but rather a healthy reaction to the Satanic agenda of Organized Jewry (Zionism) who make up the “Illuminati”.
This unique combination of Jewish racism against gentiles and Jewish Satanism (Cabala) is the real cause of Anti-Semitism.
I always thought that non-Jews hated Jews for no reason like it’s in their blood, that Anti-semitism is just an irrational disease that gentiles suffer from. That’s what I was told…… I was shocked to see that Cabalist Jews control the International Banking, Media and the politics of much of the world and that these Jews are part of a racist Satanic cult. They are not uplifting mankind with their money power and media influence but instead degrading it so they are more easily controlled. 
I soon realized that there a rational explanation and justification for Anti-Jewish feelings. I didn’t know that there was a Satanic element within Jewry that’s engaged in warfare against mankind and that’s ultimately causing Anti-Semitism. I had always believed that Jews were a tiny poor persecuted people who were hated for no reason. I didn’t realize that the Jewish grip over the western world was the reason why all Jews – including ordinary innocent Jews – were hated.
98% of Jews just want to be left alone and don’t desire the destruction of the European People. My Jewish friends are also puzzled by this suicidal behavior on the part of the White man for allowing migration. They don’t like the promotion of sickness and degeneracy and the vast majority of them certainly don’t desire the destruction of the European peoples. Like me, they were shocked that this was all promoted by International Jewish Organizations (International Jewry) and that their leaders are Satanists. I know the vast majority of us Jews are not in on it. But Organized Jewry along with Freemasonry is planning to enslave mankind and make us all (including ordinary Jews) slaves to Satan. 
To break the endless cycle of Anti-Semitism we need speak out against the agenda of Organized Jewry and expose it to the light. The power of the light (Truth) will destroy it. How?  Jews who are awakened to this agenda need to form groups first on the internet and then in the open and openly denounce Organized Jewry and Jewish anti-gentile racism for their Satanic agenda against mankind and especially the White Race.
Jews need to openly say that they want nothing to do with this agenda, as I want NOTHING to do with this evil agenda. Ordinary Jews need to boycott Holywood, the Jewish American Media and Anti-White Jewish Organizations such as AIPAC and the ADL and SPLC.
Ordinary Jews who just want to live a normal life must understand, that the entire suffering of the Jewish people is solely the result of the Anti-White, Anti-Gentile hatred racist agenda of their leaders, organized Jewry and the Jewish religion.
As long as the Anti-White, Anti-Gentile agenda of Organized Jewry continues, ordinary Jews will suffer physically and economically and mentally. You don’t have to suffer anymore! And you don’t have to make anyone else or any other people suffer either. White Gentiles aren’t your enemy!  The enemy lies within your ranks! Expose it and destroy it for the sake of Jewish children and for the sake of mankind.

Jews in Israel are brainwashed 24/7 that everybody is about to get them, that Iran wants to exterminate Israel, that the rest of the world wants Israel and the Jews gone, that Anti-Semitism awaits us at every corner, and that we are powerless tiny country. This isn’t true. Israel has one of the greatest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world. We are the only country in the middle east with such capability and our nuclear missiles can reach any location and any capital on planet earth armed with 1-2 Megaton warheads. Israel is certainly not a powerless country as Jewish organizations would have you believe. This is all propaganda by Jewish organizations to make Jews unite against the Goyim and especially the Muslim world.
I believe that the Palestinians were treated wrongly by us when we stole their land in 1948. We were given other options to create an ethnic state for the Jewish people. So why is it that Israel was established?  Israel was not created as a nation for the Jewish people but rather as a nuclear military base for the Jewish-Rothschild-Masonic NWO. The strategic location of Israel on between Europe, Asia and Africa was the reason for it, as well as it’s symbolic meaning for the NWO mafia.  Israel was meant to be the capital of the Satanic NWO and the One World Government as one of the founders of Israel and a former prime minister David Ben Gurion said:
supreme-court.jpg(Israeli Supreme Court built with a globalist agenda in mind) 
“In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a shrine of the prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah…”

I wish all peoples and races to exist and be preserved in their own individual homelands and for people to respect the other in the same way they want to be respected and treated….Peoples must recognize their natural borders but at the same time the can and they should be friends and treat each other with respect and trade with each other…. not steal each other’s land, women and wealth.
The present situation in Europe isn’t going to create a better world, but a world of more hatred and division and war. What’s happening is unnatural. The only way people can love each other is if they respect each other and their differences. Destroying each other and displacing each other is a spiritual sin and what’s happening today against the European people by Muslim-African invasion is harmful and genocidal. White Genocide must be stopped and reversed !!! Non-Jewish Whites can take their homelands back. And they can do it easily!
To my fellow Jews I say: 
Expose Jewish extremism, and Satanism promoted by Organized Jewry and Freemasonry. This is how anti-Semitism can end. Ordinary Jews MUST expose the agenda and say that WE WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. 
To Europeans, I say You must take your lands back! send the aliens back to their ancestral homelands! Be proud of your race and heritage as the world wouldn’t be the same without you! expose the politicians who had sold you out! Protect your race, your women and your children..Stop being Cucks!!! 

NTS Notes: Yes, the article does originate from the website of a Canadian Jewish writer, Henry Makow, who of course has been doing some splendid work in exposing the criminality of the tribe at his website,

I must agree with Michael on so many points... The facts are that the Jews who do occupy Israel right now are indeed subjected to propaganda some 24/7 that the entire world is out to get them... It is through that type of constant mental bombardment that many of them support the genocide of the Palestinians and support the insane notion that they are somehow superior to everyone else. and that the entire world is out to get them....

And of course the so called "immigration crisis" that is destroying Europe right now has indeed been fostered and controlled by these same Jewish psychos... Their aim is to have the Caucasian race in Europe destroyed (as outlined in their Protocols) and to use illegal migrant workers as the weapon of choice to flood Europe and fulfill that insane plan...

I for one have said for years that the problem with the Jews is in their criminal actions and their insane belief system that they are to be masters of the universe with the rest of us to be their slaves.... If they were to stop their insane Satanic belief system and actually try to work with the rest of mankind for the benefit of all, then they probably would be welcome back into the human race... But will we see that ever happen?  Honestly, I doubt it......

So once again, I challenge those Jewish scumbags that are targeting this site to dare call me an "Antisemite"... That catch phrase has now lost all meaning when it is confronted with who created it and what it actually means....Especially the fact that the fear of "antisemitism" originates within them and their criminal actions...

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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Well, it is of course Sunday... And after a very hectic week, time once again for my weekly rant...

First, I do want to thank everyone that has come forward, and especially my fellow real truth seekers, for a much needed "vote of confidence" for my blog.... I do appreciate the messages, and they have all conveyed the same message for me to continue to 'persevere' and not give up....  Therefore I will indeed continue to post articles here at NTS and continue to hope that the message does get through....

I had several comments sent to me the other day from one of my fellow Canadian truth seekers, Greencrow, who I always say hails from 'parts unknown' in the wilds of British Columbia.... The message from her comments was that "not all Jews are bad", to which I would say that some time ago  and for a very long time I did agree, but now after years of real research into the psychosis of Judaism, I see the entire tribe of "chosen ones" of Satan in a whole different light.... Yes, there have been some Jewish writers such as Gilad Atzmon and Norman Finkelstein that have gone after the criminality of their fellow tribe members, but neither they or any other Jewish writer that I have seen, other than apparently Benjamin Freedman, has ever stated outright that they do not condone or no longer accept the writings in the Judaic evil books of the Torah and Talmud..... The simple fact is that every single Jew out there has been raised and brainwashed by these most evil and diabolical teachings of these two pieces of pure filth that state clearly that every single person other than a Jew is "subhuman" and that Jews are somehow "superior" and superior to all others.... That is fact, and until some of these Jews actually come out and flat out reject their books of filth, I will continue to attack their evil ways and see them all as the problem....  I again will not fall for the crap that the evil Jews are the ones that follow "Zionism" when the problem is the whole rotten tribe of psychos right to the core....

And about Gilad Atzmon and Norman Finkelstein... I of course do periodically post Gilad Atzmon's articles at this blog when they take shots at the criminality of the tribe and of course Israel.  But Gilad Atzmon himself has never given up entirely on his Judaic fraud religion and continues to practice that filth... The same goes for Norman Finkelstein, that has also written some pretty good material concerning the criminal ways of the tribe...But just like Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finkelstein has also never given up practicing his fraud Judaic religious beliefs, and in spite of his works he continues to portray that great "genocide" of the second World War as being real.... Therefore both of these Jews are indeed great writers and will put out many great articles that slam the evils of Israel, but they do not come out and attack the real problem which is the sickness of the fraud religion of Judaism itself.....

The bottom line here is; I have no problems at all with Greencrow and her beliefs... I will continue to have some differences with her though from time to time, and I will not waver from my long researched and full understanding that the problem is not "Zionism" but the sickness of the fraud religion of "Judaism" itself and those who continue to follow that fraud....

Well, what else can I say about what is happening in Syria that I have not covered in the last few articles?  The facts are simple once again, in that the US and Israel are NOT going to leave Syria any time soon and have purposely "imbedded" their operatives and their combat troops in with the so called fraud "rebels" and of course the Kurds, for the purpose of permanently shattering Syria into smaller states that the criminal state of Israel will be able to control and manipulate... That was always the plan and of course the Israelis have their minions and slaves in the US implementing that plan with their "2000" illegal invading troops sitting in northeastern Syria illegally....  And in spite of the demands by both the Syrian government and even the Russians, these illegal troops are not going anywhere unless removed by force..... I would suspect that the psychotic Israelis absolutely want to see the Syrians and Russians now attack the US-Kurdish forces in northeastern Syria just to have their nice little long wanted regional war possibly go global....

And again, lets not be fooled by what has been happening to the US run fraud known as "ISIS" in Syria.. The US has absolutely allowed these fraud mercenaries and operatives to move through the US-Kurdish front lines in eastern Syria to be redeployed to the areas occupied by their other fraud "moderate rebels" in Hama and Idlib provinces.... That is fact, and right now we see these same fraud "ISIS" forces "attacking" these fraud "moderate rebels" in Hama province.... What is really going on here is the US is playing a sick game of claiming that they now have to "stay" in Syria due to "ISIS" now attacking the "moderate rebels"  Anyone with common sense can see that these latest attacks are laughable frauds simply because the US controls both sides in these "attacks"!

And just yesterday I read the reports about how President Drumpf has now assured President Erdogan of Turkey that the US will no longer supply arms and equipment to the Kurdish forces in northern Syria... To that I say BULLSHIT, for I want people to remember how a few months ago, Drumpf said almost exactly the same thing about his stopping the arming of the fraud "moderate rebels" in Syria,and that turned out to be a massive lie... The US has in fact been flooding these fraud "rebels" with every conceivable arm possible and has shown themselves to be nothing but liars.  Does anyone honestly trust Drumpf on his word, considering how much he has lied already, about stopping the arming of the Kurds therefore?

Well, I was actually wrong in last week's rant about Zimbabwe, for Mugabe is indeed now gone from his long time control of that economic disaster... Now the real question becomes: How much does the US and other criminal interests control the new government in Harare?   The fact that everyone forgets is how mineral rich Zimbabwe is and how in spite of the economic basket case that nation became under the criminal actions of Mugabe, the US would beg to have one of their own puppet regimes to replace Mugabe so that they can steal that nation's tremendous mineral wealth... We shall see very soon how the new Emmerson Mnangagwa government acts to clean up the mess left behind by Mugabe and whether or not he turns out to be a puppet to US interests....

I need not remind everyone here of the humanitarian disaster that is what is happening in Yemen... Just a few days ago, I read a shocking report about how some "50000" children have now died in just the last year due to starvation and malnutrition in that nation thanks to the criminal and diabolical actions of Saudi Arabia and of course the United States..... I have said over and over again at this blog about how bad the real situation is in Yemen, and that it will become a human catastrophe very soon due to the genocide being committed by the Saudis and the Americans.....And yet, we find almost NO mention of the criminality of these two evil governments anywhere in the Jew spew media, other than a piss poor piece of garbage put out by that Jew controlled bullshit show "60 Minutes" last week that absolutely tried to whitewash the evil American involvement in the destruction of Yemen!   To me, the atrocities against the Yemen people are bad enough, but the real atrocity is the absolute ignorance of the American people to what exactly is happening there and how their own government is involved in war crimes against humanity...

Every day I see new and more alarming reports about the bullshit of "political correctness" and especially here in Canada about how the stupid heads of these Universities have been siding with the nut job so called "liberals' and their lunacy on Canadian campuses... The latest ridiculous bullshit has been occurring at several Universities out in Ontario and Quebec where some Professors have now been attacked for refusing to use "gender neutral" phrases or titles in their dealing with their students... To me this is fucking bullshit, for there is NO such thing as these "gender neutral" individuals, for nature has designed human beings to be either Male or Female.  There is NO fucking such thing as these supposed "100" or so different genders, and those that support such sickness are truly mental cases and should not be polluting our children and our education system with their filth... I therefore agree with those Professors and Academia that are presently under attack by these idiots and morons, and what should be happening is every single god damn "liberal" that has infested our Universities and Colleges with their filth should be booted out immediately....  I again say to anyone that does not agree with my stand on this Political Correctness bullshit to either get their heads examined or simply go fuck yourselves!  There, I said it....

Shockingly, I was out and about on "Black Friday" due to my need to assist my better half, who had to work during that madness, and what I saw at the local mall here in central Canada was ridiculous... People rushing in for "deals" at 7am in the morning while others stood in line just to get the ridiculously overpriced trinkets and useless junk that was pushed into their simple minds by the Jew media.....  It was sickening, but it was NOTHING compared to the madness that I saw happening in the United States... Yes, in spite of the collapsing US economy, there were the consumer "zombies" out there lining up like dumb ass sheep for the cheap bargains on worthless junk right across America, and as usual so many knock them down drag them out fights everywhere..... And honestly, I can say thank goodness that I did not even partake in any of the "Black Friday" sales, for I cannot see logically any sense in any of it.....

OK, I figure that is enough for the moment... But before I get on to my usual "last minute tidbits" I do want to let everyone know that I will probably be off on a week's vacation break shortly.... I was actually planning on taking that much needed break this coming week, but I will probably delay my absence until the following week, the first week in December... When I do, I will give everyone a 'vacation alert' at this blog....  I figure one week will (hopefully) be enough time to take care of some personal business and unwind.....

Well, onto my last minute tidbits..... The rhetoric and the fear of war against North Korea does continue, but again I am not fooled for I see it as nothing but fear mongering and posturing.  The US has no intentions of attacking North Korea, but will continue to use the propaganda of fear of such a war against that isolated nation for their selling of more weapons.  And right now, weapons sales to nations such as South Korea and Japan are great for the US military industrial complex.........There are calls in Germany for that witch Angela Merkel to resign due to her outright ignorance and incompetency in addressing the "refugee" (illegal migrant worker) crisis.  I would say that even if Merkel finally leaves, it will take decades to undo the damage.  The best solution to these illegals is still to simply send them back to the hell holes they came from!........I saw an insane report that the evil Saudi Arabian Crown Prince of crime, Mohammed bin Salman, has been named in the running for this year's Time "Man of the Year" and supposedly is ahead of other criminals such as Drumpf, Putin, and even Taylor Swift.   All I can say is; This psychotic notion explains why nobody actually reads Time Magazine anymore!........A new Mosque attack in Egypt late last week where some 200 patrons were killed.  All though most of the information about this attack and who may have been behind it, I cannot stop having this nagging feeling that the perpetrators were, of course, the Mossad. All we have to do is to think about exactly who gains from this attack, and you can see why I see the Israelis and the Mossad doing the deed once again.........Interesting that this last week we see almost no Iran bashing anywhere in the Jew spew media.  No, the sick Jews are not changing their tune on wanting to see Iran destroyed and the US doing the destruction, and I can guarantee that there will be new false allegations against that peaceful nation soon and the bashing will start up again........New allegations against the Clinton Crime Family arose this last week showing how truly evil BOTH Killary and her hyper-sexed husband wild Bill truly are.  Again, I really want to see Killary indicted shortly for her multiple treasonous acts against the American people, and I want to see both of them rotting away in a cold prison cell for the rest of their miserable lives.........Another week, and even MORE allegations against the JEWISH perverts and psychos that infest Jewlywood (Hollywood).  Honestly, is there ANYONE in that filthy sewer that was NOT prodded or poked by these psychos?  Again, I say the only solution is to shut the entire mess down, and throw all of the perverts and psychos into jail....Here we go once again with the calls to end "Internet Neutrality".  What really is happening is the criminal Jewish elite want to end net neutrality so that they can control the message and keep the real truths away from people much like they do with their Jew spew media.  Hopefully people are aware of what is happening here and will stop this newest push to end "net neutrality" immediately!..........I saw a report just the other day where that psychotic criminal mass murderer Larry Silverstein is set to get even MORE insurance money from the 9-11 attacks.  WHY is that creature not in jail for his part in that murder of 3000 innocent Americans, instead of now trying to bilk an extra $95 Million from the sucker Gentiles out there?  Over 16 years now since this monster helped to murder people and here he is continuing to make off like a bandit......Speaking of political correctness run amok, I saw a report the other day where a US mother has demanded that the story of "Sleeping Beauty" be removed from children's stories because the sleeping Princess did not condone having the stranger, the Prince, kiss her while she was asleep.  I could not believe what I was reading there, and all I can say is once again "FUCK this Political Correctness bullshit"!......Arsenal plays Burnley Clarets this morning, and even though the Gunners should win, there is no way in hell now that they can catch Manchester City this season for the title.   Again, the best thing that can happen for the Gunners now is to get a Champions League berth and try again for the title next season.........And finally, last week I pointed out the fact that skank Kim Kardashian has a new "perfume" called "Crystal Gardenia".. And this week I was absolutely shocked that this "perfume" grossed some $10 MILLION in sales in one day.  Honestly, if people want to buy this crap to smell like a skank like Kim is one thing, but $10 Million in one day?   Yes, apparently gullible brain dead Americans really do want to be like, and apparently smell like, these worthless pieces of humanity!  And people have the nerve to question me when I say America is going to hell?

More to come


Friday, November 24, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: The US Will Finally Admit That It Has (At Least) 2000 Combat Troops ILLEGALLY In Syria!

Regular readers of this blog will recall how 3 weekend rants ago, on November 5th, I put into my last minute tidbits section the interesting revelation made by the criminal US State Department that they did indeed have some "4000 combat troops" ILLEGALLY in the sovereign nation of Syria... And of course shortly after that startling revelation was made, it was dismissed by other members of the US Government and did not even make it to the Jew spew media at all (No shock here at all)...

Well, now several weeks after that most interesting revelation, the truth has come out that the US does indeed have to finally admit that they have placed US combat troops ILLEGALLY in the sovereign nation of Syria.... And I want to thank my fellow Canadian truth seeker, Penny over at "Penny For Your Thoughts" for bringing forward this information at her blog... In fact, I want to present right now the link here to Penny's article for all to see for themselves how the US government has indeed been LYING THEIR ASSES OFF and has indeed invaded Syria:

I do want to thank Penny for bringing this information forward, and I absolutely agree with her statements that the US has absolutely been working with the Kurds to "ethnically cleanse" the northeastern part of that sovereign nation, much like what they have already done in the city of al-Raqqa!

Now, here is the link to the original article from Reuters out of the UK that again claims that there are some '2000' US combat troops right now operating illegally in Syria:

NTS Notes:  I definitely called this one weeks ago... But should it not be obvious to anyone with some real critical thinking skills?  Of course the US has their forces illegally operating in Syria... My suggestion is that this "2000" number is absolutely a low ball figure and the REAL figure is probably greater than "5000"!

Yes, the US has most definitely invaded Syria and will indeed be trying everything possible to keep their forces there... Their plan since they created the "Syrian Civil War" some 6 years ago has always been for the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad and the dismemberment of the Syrian nation into smaller fiefdoms controlled by US and Israeli interests.... That plan is still very much alive today and the US will keep their forces illegally operating in Syria for that goal...

Well, the truth does eventually come out... Now I wonder what in the hell the American public has to say about this most interesting revelation and the fact that their own government has illegally and without the full support of the American citizens and the federal government, invaded another sovereign nation.... And yes, they are going to stay there even if it risks a global conflict against the Russian Federation!

More to come


Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Did The US Allow ISIS To Escape To Keep The Fighting Going (Honestly, Is This A Trick Question?)

I have long known that this "terrorist group" that is of course known as "ISIS" is a complete fraud and a sham.... It is so laughable at times to watch the Jew spew media even up here in Canada try to continue with their "fear porn" by subjecting gullible people to the constant propaganda that "ISIS is going to get you"..... I honestly have to shake my head every time I see and hear people out there constantly say that "we have to stop the terrorists" without even realizing that the entire "war on terror" is also a big fraud.....

Just earlier today I put out an article concerning the fact that the US is indeed wanting to illegally stay in Syria for the long haul and defy every motion by the Syrians and even the Russians to get the hell out and stay out.... The US has of course constantly been lying to the entire world by using their sad and laughable excuse that they are in Syria to "stop ISIS" and we see every indication that the criminal US government may be increasing their presence illegally in that sovereign nation in spite of the risk of a major war against the Russian Federation itself.....

But back to the fraud "ISIS"..... I found an article today that was originally published by Phillip Gerardi over at the UNZ online news service, at, and is presented here courtesy of the Blacklisted News website at This article asks the simple question: "Did The US Allow ISIS To Escape To Keep The Fighting Going?" and is a must read by everyone here... I have the link to that important article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: Honestly, is the question asked in that article a "trick question"?   The answer should be obvious to everyone by now and is a resounding "YES"!!!!!

But of course the US helped ISIS escape the clutches of the SAA/Russian fighters as they were being bottled up along the south and north banks of the Euphrates River..... The US-Kurdish "alliance" most definitely let the US operatives called "ISIS" escape clearly from the city of al-Raqqa back in April as I have said countless times at this blog.. .And as the SAA advanced, the US-Kurds allowed their operatives to slip over the Euphrates to be "spirited away" by the US-Kurds as well... And as the Kurds started to seize the vital Deir Ez-Zor oil fields, ISIS basically handed them over to them without a fight and again filtered through the front lines of the Kurdish advancing forces to be moved by the US forces elsewhere.....

The fact that the ONLY force that "ISIS" actually did resist in the battle for Deir Ez-Zor province were of course the SAA/Russian forces should have also been the dead giveaway that "ISIS" is and always has never been what it seems.... It showed again that "ISIS" is and always has been controlled and operated by the US itself....

Now of course we see the results of the "redeployment" of 'ISIS' as they have been ordered now to "fight" the so called "moderate rebel" fraud US controlled forces in Idlib and Hama Provinces... It is indeed a massive shell game being conducted by the US to continue the fight against the Syrians!

Therefore the answer to the question is obvious, and it is about time that even the most gullible people living around the world truly understand the absolute fact that "ISIS" is and always has been a scam concocted by the US for their nice little Middle Eastern wars for regime change..... There can no longer be any shadow of any doubt any more about this scam!

More to come


Updated! The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Victory? Updates On Situation, And Where Does Syria Go From Here

I always seem to be doing a lot of "catching up" lately.... BUT one thing that I am absolutely proud and happy to see is the embattled Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad FINALLY wipe out most of what remains of the US created, funded, and operated "ISIS" fraud "terrorists" in eastern Syria..... With the fall of the last "ISIS" outposts along the southern bank of the Euphrates River over the last few days, "ISIS" has basically been destroyed in that entire region... All that is left now is for some "mopping up" operations for the SAA and their Russian and Arabic allies...

Right now, I want to present the following link to a report from my fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, who of course hails from the wild nether region of British Columbia... Greencrow has some great information here about the fact that thanks to the Syrian victory over the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal, the US itself has lost all credibility in the entire region outside of the evil nations of Israel and Saudi Arabia... Here that link to Greencrow's report here:

OK,  I have to be honest here... I have been reading so many alternative news reports everywhere over the last few days that call the fall of "ISIS" in eastern Syria a "victory", but I personally would hold off on any real celebrations of victory just yet..... And I will explain here..

Yes, the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal received a major beating in the Deir Ez-Zor region of eastern Syria,BUT at the same time the US finally revealed its real plans for that area as they were allowed to seize the major Petroleum assets on the northern side of the Euphrates and prevent the Syrian people from regaining those assets for themselves... At the same time, the US has openly now shown its full support of the Kurds in their want to split the north eastern part of Syria off from the entire nation and create a fraud "independent" Kurdistan that would be nothing more than a puppet regime of US and Israeli interests!   AND we cannot forget the fact that the US presently has some 9 ILLEGAL bases established in the Kurdish controlled northeastern part of Syria, which is nothing more than an illegal outright invasion of Syria itself...

Therefore in spite of the meetings in Sochi Russia a few days ago and even with Vladimir Putin spending hours in a telephone conversation with US President Donald Drumpf just the other day, the US has absolutely NO intentions of ever leaving Syria any time soon, if not ever!

AND we still have the issue beyond the Kurdish problem of the US and their ILLEGAL base at the Al Tanf site in southern Syria itself...In fact, in spite of the ridiculous and precarious position of that ILLEGAL base which again is nothing more than the US once again invading the sovereign nation of Syria, the US has NO intentions of ever leaving that "base" and it does make one wonder if the US is potentially wanting to still use that southern Syrian position as a jump off point for an invasion of Syria itself in the near future?  It is surprising to myself that Bashar al-Assad and of course Putin have not DEMANDED that the US immediately vacate that "base"......

Of course, now that "ISIS" has been soundly defeated in eastern Syria, they should be out of Syria entirely, right?  WRONG.. For strangely over these last few days, some mysterious and out of the blue "ISIS cells" suddenly have appeared in Hama province and have been apparently attacking the other US backed "Rebels" that are in that area as well as nearby Idlib province.... Here is a link to a report about this sudden "ISIS" appearance that appears to be aimed at the other fraudulent "rebels" in that area and NOT the Syrian army:

I was originally puzzled by this sudden reappearance of "ISIS" in that region, but after a bit of researching and some critical thinking, it makes sense for the twisted and sick goals of the US government and I will explain here:

People need to understand that these fraud "Rebels" that are still holed up in the Idlib Province and Hama Province as well are nothing more than US controlled puppets, and lo and behold but so are these fraud "ISIS" forces as well... Therefore these "ISIS forces" that have suddenly "popped out of nowhere" in that area are not as they seem... What they really are of course are a sudden 'rebranding" of several regiments of the same "rebel" forces that they are supposedly "attacking"..... It is all part of the sick and twisted US and Israeli game of selling the idea to the world that "ISIS" has not been eliminated in Syria and therefore they will continue to have their sick and twisted excuses to remain in Syria!   AND the US can now claim that "ISIS" is "attacking" their fraudulent "moderate rebels" and they will use THAT excuse to claim that they must continue to send "aid" to these fraud "moderates" as well.....

Yes, the US and Israel are still working their twisted ways to continue to try to wreck havoc in Syria....Their aims are now, as they have always been, to "federalize" Syria by having the entire nation broken up into smaller nations... They will therefore continue to have their fraud "ISIS" pop out "out of nowhere" everywhere they can across that country to achieve that aim....

The war in Syria continues... Bashar al-Assad has indeed achieved a great victory, but the nation is still torn apart with areas continuing to be subjected to American control.. .The war therefore cannot end until these areas are returned to the people of Syria and the Americans are forced to exit and give up their support of fraud "rebel" and "terrorist" groups..

More to come


*Update:  Apparently the good people over at Russia Today are also into the US sick game they are playing in Syria... Here is the link to a report from Russia Today online that definitely shows some interesting reasons as to exactly WHY the US plans to stay in Syria illegally for the near future:

Honestly, this does not surprise me at all, and it does mean that very soon in the near future we may indeed see the SAA/Russians having to fight the scumbag Americans to get them out of Syria!

Happy Thanksgiving To My American Readers

*First, I took another of those "me" days yesterday and spent time at the Gymnasium as well as taking a long walk in the evening to catch some fresh air and clear my head after a very busy work day... It was good to unwind....  

I do want to wish every one of my American readers and friends a "Happy Thanksgiving"...... And I do hope that many of you are taking this day to celebrate with family and friends...

At the same time, I do want all of you living in the United States to remember the people elsewhere across the planet  that are being subjected to hell on Earth thanks to the criminality of the US government in their aiding of not only tyrannical regimes put into power by that same government, but for the stupid and insane support of the criminal state of Israel as well...

We must especially remember the people of Yemen, who are indeed suffering tremendously as a result of the actions of the criminal American government.... We are presently watching a massive campaign of genocide through the use of forced starvation, and biological warfare through the introduction of Cholera and other diseases, to wipe out the civilians in that embattled nation... It is indeed a major atrocity and the US government is indeed taking part in major war crimes there through their aiding the actions of the Saudi regime in their war to brutalize and destroy that nation....  

So, yes my American friends, have a great day of celebration.... But do not forget what is really happening elsewhere around the world while you sit down to fill yourselves with today's feast....

More to come


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Understanding Our Enemy: There Are Repeated Patterns In Jewish Deception That Allow You To Recognize Jewish Lies

We in the real truth movement are not deceived and know exactly who our enemy is..... I for one have not been deceived by the lies that our enemies are "Zionists" or that only a small part of the tribe is truly evil, for I can see clearly that the entire lot of the so called "chosen ones" are driven by their madness that they alone are to be masters of all mankind.... That sickness is why the world is as fucked up as it is today...

For this article, I want to turn to a most interesting article that comes from the National Vanguard website, at, that is entitled "Stop Being Insane" and shows clearly how the criminal and most evil Jewish elite have indeed used the art of deception to maintain their grip over us all... And the article shows how anyone can sift through the bullshit and recognize the Jewish lies... Here is that article in its entirety here, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Stop Being Insane

The fact that millions of White people have been conditioned to identify with and assimilate in detail Jewish tales like “Moses and the burning bush,” shown here, and know almost nothing of their own history and prehistory, is a tragedy. Such deluded Whites often act against their own interests.
American Dissident Voices broadcast of November 18, 2017
Listen to the broadcast
by Kevin Alfred Strom
THERE ARE repeating patterns in Jewish deception that allow you to recognize Jewish lies when you hear them, even if the talking head you are listening to is not a Jew. Watch for these characteristics:
1. The claim that Jews are an “oppressed people,”
2. The claim that the Jews are an especially holy or sacred people,
3. The claim that some biological or behavioral minority (excluding Whites, of course) is being “oppressed” by Whites, especially Whites with traditional values,
4. The promotion of cult-like or abstruse belief systems led by Jewish “intellectuals,” and
5. Attacks on the latest enemy who is being demonized and dehumanized, often a a pro-White person or institution, or a leader of a country against which the Jewish establishment wants the United States to make war.
As for “oppresssion” of the Jews, the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, and itsutterly impossible atrocity stories are an early prototype for the later atrocity stories used against Germans and other Europeans during the Second World War in an effort to get the British and Americans to slaughter their German kinsmen. The fake atrocity stories used as an excuse for the mass killings incited by Jews during that war are often quite absurd (how about a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine?); we ought to be prepared for similar heart-rending tales to be vended to us as the Jewish establishment pulls the strings to get the masses primed for another slaughter in the Middle East, this time in Syria or Iran.
The Jewish lies I cite are ridiculous and absurd — the claim that 800,000,000 Jews were killed in one small town, for example. But not all Jewish lies are so laughably preposterous. The unifying characteristic of these lies is that they are crafted to make us believe that Jews are powerless and oppressed victims in need of our help and our sympathy, despite the fact that they constitute the vast majority of the billionaire media elite and have most of the criminal politicians in their pockets.
Why do so many of our people believe their nonsense?
What makes us accept the most absurd lies of the Jews is that we are programmed from our earliest childhood to accept the premise that Jews are “chosen by God” and are the holy “people of the book,” and are a source of great morality and righteousness. Those of us who have most fully assimilated this brainwashing feel at an almost instinctual level that it would somehow be “going against God” or against morality to doubt what the Jews tell us. Any creature so programmed is totally at the mercy of the programmer. Let’s look at some of the practical aspects of this programming.
Today it is generally believed that the Jews were the originators of monotheism and that their religion has always been monotheistic. Both of these claims are lies.
The earliest known monotheist was the Egyptian king, Ikhnaton, who ruled Egypt from 1379 BC, preceding the Jews’ assumption of monotheism by more than one thousand years.
The Greek philosopher Xenophanes, born around 570 BC, was the first European to profess monotheism — and, may I add, a monotheism far more logical, more rational, more elegant, and more in harmony with Nature and science than that of the Jews — and in this he antedated the Jews by centuries.
The Jews of Elephantine left behind a number of papyri dating from the fifth century BC, and from them we learn that the god they referred to as Yahweh was merely the chief of their several gods and, in fact, they provided him with a female god to be his consort. It should be noted that the Jews at Elephantine considered themselves to be absolutely orthodox and were apparently considered to be so by the rabbis of the then recently established Jewish temple in Jerusalem.
There are traces remaining in the “Old Testament” showing the original Jewish polytheism, such as numerous references to Elohim, which literally means “the gods,” and exhortations not to worship other gods than the Jews’ tribal deity, Yahweh, implicitly affirming that those other gods did exist. Most of those writings were amended after exposure to Persian ideas and Graeco-Roman Stoicism convinced the Jews to make the Jewish tribal deity appear to be a universal one.
The Semitic peoples of the Middle East, including the partly-Semitic Jews, typically believed that many gods existed, but each tribe worshipped a particular god that was attached to that locality or that tribe. These Semitic tribes often referred to their tribal god by the name “Lord,” which was pronounced “Baal” or “Bel” in their native tongues. (The famous contest between “Baal” and “the Lord” was therefore just a story about a contest between two “lords” of two different tribes, and the language as used today is purposely deceptive.) These tribal gods typically had a covenant or agreement with the tribe (or, more exactly, with the tribe’s priesthood) to especially favor the tribe if the dictates of the priests were followed by the people. This was a common arrangement among the teeming populations of the Middle East, and the Jews were no exception. According to their own mythology, the Jews were Yahweh‘s “chosen people.”
Quite opposed to this tradition at that time was the near-monotheism of Persian Zoroastrianism, which posited an eternal struggle between the one universal god of good and the forces of evil; and the philosophy of Stoicism developing in the West, which affirmed a life force called Providence or animus mundi, meaning mind of the universe, to account for the workings of fate.
The Jews’ brilliant coup was in hijacking the Stoic’s animus mundi and saying that the force behind the universe was really Yahweh all along. This is the Jewish lie that has befuddled our people for millennia and still deludes millions of our race today. It is the lie that facilitates our acceptance of so many others. It is a lie that must be exposed.
The real Jewish genius was in taking their old idea of a tribal god, which especially favored Jews, and making him into a universal god, the creator of the universe, the only god, and yet still retaining the god’s special favoritism for the Jews, which made the Jews, to anyone who accepted this myth, into an especially righteous “god-people,” virtual gods on earth whose statements and very beings must be regarded with a kind of awe; who are listened to in a kind of religious trance in which the most absurd lies must not be questioned because they come from a “holy” source. You can imagine the power that such a myth gave the Jews over any one or any nation that accepted their claim to special holiness.
Sadly, some two thousand years later, many White people today still accept that myth and act accordingly. It’s insane.
A creature named Malcolm Hedding, evidently — I am sorry to say — a White man, operates an evangelical outfit called the “International Christian Embassy” the entire focus of which is supporting Jews and Israel as the primary religious imperative. I’ll quote from some of Mr. Hedding’s ravings:
As we all know the Word of God calls upon us to pray for Israel and stand with her, as this process of restoration in her national life will culminate with her spiritual recovery and the coming of their Messiah. This in turn will usher in the Messianic Age of peace and glory on the earth. A time when the world will finally have rest from its wars, turmoil and violence. This is the age that we all long for since we will reign with Jesus from Jerusalem….
One does wonder just who “we” are, according to Reverend Hedding. He continues:
Christians owe Israel a debt of gratitude, for … we received the Word of the Living God from her … salvation is of the Jews!
Repeatedly quoting from Jewish writings that promise “blessings” to those that “bless” the Jews, the program of the “Christian Embassy” is to offer physical support through sending volunteers from Western nations to work for free in Israel; to urge Christians, many of them quite poor I am sure, to send money to Jews in Israel; to provide Jews with free dental care, free computer equipment, free hospital care, free playground equipment, and even free heaters and air conditioners. All this largesse is sent by mostly working-class Christians to the richest people on Earth, who are already receiving over 10 million dollars per day from the American taxpayers and huge amounts from Germany and other nations! They also sponsor a “Churches for Israel” program, from which I quote:
Your church can be a “Church for Israel”
Your church can:
  • Pray for Israel
  • Host a “Bless Israel” day or event
  • Financially bless Israel
Any church or ministry which commits to any of the above choices is a “Church for Israel”, and will receive:
  • Regular newsletter especially for churches
  • Regular audiocassette messages to pastors
  • Monthly prayer requests for Israel
  • A Church for Israel certificate
  • Assistance in setting up meetings, tours to Israel and more…..
And the “Christian Embassy” behind all these projects is just a small-time operation, a tiny fraction of the overall Christian support for the Jews and their murderous state given by the likes of Pat Robertson, Liberty University, John Hagee, and their ilk!
These deranged White men have been programmed by a 2,000-year-old psyopto work against their own best interests and use their money and energy to help Jews, when there are poor White children in this country who will never reach their potential for lack of money, and honorable White grandmothers who eat out of dumpsters or go hungry.
Why do these fools care so much about Israel? According to the magazine Christianity Today,
Many evangelicals have vivid memories of sitting in Sunday school rooms, staring at maps of Bible Lands and listening to Bible stories week after week. Through such experiences, evangelicals came to view the Bible’s story as their own and the land of the Bible as a kind of home away from home.
They may not know where their own people were 2,000 years ago, what they lived and died for, what they believed, how their ancestors struggled so that they might live and have the blessings of civilization — but they sure know, or think they know, all about the Jews; they view Jewish history as their own and call the Middle East the “Holy Land”; and identify with the Jews as a kind of superior and more godly version of themselves. They see images of our Germanic or Classical ancestors and there is not the slightest sign of recognition in their dull eyes. But show them a picture of a Jew in the desert near a burning bush and they identify with it instantly. How bizarre this is — and how infinitely tragic.
No doubt these “Christian Zionists,” as they sometimes call themselves, sincerely believe the Jewish verse they constantly quote again and again: “To the Jew first!” To the Jew first, indeed!
Can’t you see how insane this is? The Jews support their own institutions, their own state, their own people, as any rational nation would do. But millions of the men and women of our European civilization, White men and women, heirs of the greatest culture the world has ever known, do not support their own people. With the words written by an alien race — “to the Jew first!” — upon their lips, they ignore the basic needs for the survival of their own race, their own nation, and ignore even the cries and suffering of their own poor and destitute, and give their all for the Jews. They justify and support genocide and brutal occupation (if done by Jews), and gladly tax themselves and sacrifice the lives of their children to make it possible. All based on a preposterous hoax that Jews are somehow holy and sacred and intimately connected to God.
What fantastic power to control the minds of their hosts the Jews attained when they hit upon the brilliant idea of taking over monotheism and remaking it in the image of their tribal, ethnocentric god Yahweh.
Not only will this misplaced loyalty and religious perversion be fatal to us and lead to our extinction in the long run if it is allowed to continue, but it is extremely dangerous in the short term as well.
These “Christian Zionists” profess a belief that history is following a divinely preordained pattern, centered on Israel, which can be discerned if one reads ancient Jewish texts with the proper reverence. They believe that Israel’s aggression against her neighbors and the driving out of the Palestinians are in accord with a “divine plan” that will culminate in a great battle called Armageddon that will usher in the events of the “end times” and a literal kingdom of God on Earth. Let me emphasize this — the Christian Zionists want these events to take place to fulfill their interpretation of Jewish scriptures. They want Israel to conquer its Middle Eastern neighbors; they want American treasure and American blood to be used to the maximum extent possible to make that happen; and they want the new world war that this will bring in order for the Jewish “prophecies” to come true.
The Jews, of course, must have a hard time preventing themselves from snickering at the Christian Zionists’ beliefs, which they certainly do not share. But they exploit their foolish allies to the hilt.
Crazy Pat Robertson asks his flock, almost every night, to support Israel with money and through local and national pressure. And they do exactly that. From their tenderest years they are programmed to accept Jewish lies as “ultimate truth,” and to excoriate as “totally evil” anyone who would question the righteousness of the self-chosen people.
Such is the power and fanaticism of these zealots who have accepted without reservation or ratiocination one of the most deadly Jewish lies of all — the lie that Jews are holy, Jews are “chosen,” Jews are uniquely “righteous.” We must break free of this lie if we are to survive. And we must make sure that our children are not tricked by this lie into surrendering their birthright and their lives on the altar of Jewish supremacism.
Am I a radical extremist for wanting my people to stop being insane? — to stop acting in a way that will destroy our children’s future? I ask all of you, whatever your tradition or faith, to use your reason and see these special Jewish claims for what they are: a means to enslave, exploit and use you and your loved ones; a means to divert your love and your energies away from your own people and your own children and toward supporting the Jews; a means of parasitizing our society that will ultimately be fatal if we allow it to continue.

NTS Notes: Yes, this entire article does have a lot of religious undertones, but it does point out how these monsters have indeed been deceiving everyone for centuries...

I for one am sick and tired of these "Christian Zionists" that have been nothing more than brainwashed knuckleheads and morons and are basically too stupid for their own good.... They have indeed drank the "kool-aid" and are nothing more than cannon fodder for the Jewish criminals....

I will continue to publish articles such as this one for the simple fact that I am absolutely sick and tired of the Jewish lies and deception..... I can no longer tolerate these monsters and their evil parasitic ways and will continue to make sure that everyone who reads this blog sees the bitter truth no matter how sick it is.... People need to understand our real enemy and to make sure that they pass the message onto everyone else as well..

More to come