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Great Must See Video Series: Europa - The Last Battle Parts 5 Through 8

Due to popular demand, I am continuing to post the "Europa - The Last Battle" series here for all to see for themselves..

I have already posted videos 1-4 in my last article (Video #4 is now "stable" for the moment...) and have the following parts here for all to see for themselves:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

I will be posting parts 9-10 shortly.... I figure 4 parts at a time are enough for readers to get the message that our so called "history" is nothing but lies and falsehoods... Our real history is so much different..

Please take these videos and spread them around for others to see for themselves.... I can guarantee that "Youtube" will be doing its utmost shortly to squash this video series from being seen, for it shows the truth about the diabolical nature of the Jews and their insane lust for world domination...

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Great Must See Video Series: Europa - The Last Battle

Again, being a student of REAL history and not the crapola and bullshit that has been shoved into everyone's brains by the criminals that want to keep our real history "hidden", I periodically will be bringing forward here at this blog some amazing articles and videos that expose our real past.....

I therefore want to present a series of videos what was sent my way just the other day that reveals the real truths about our history, and especially exposes the truths about the Jewish criminals that have been responsible for so much death and destruction that this planet has suffered from over the last few centuries...
This series is entitled: "Europa: The Last Battle" and I want to present parts One through Four here for all of my own readers to view for themselves.... I have further comments and thoughts to follow:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

NTS Notes:  Again, this is only the beginning of this series of must see videos.... I have parts Five through Eight to present in an upcoming article to follow....

Lets face it... These criminal bastards have indeed been purposely keeping our real history hidden.. For they know that if the world actually learned the truths about their insane barbarism and how they are all working together for them to dominate the planet and leave all of us as their slaves, there would be hell to pay....  Therefore they do their utmost to keep the "Gentiles" aka "Goyim" as stupified as possible through their Jew spew media, and their usage of mind numbing chemicals (Fluoride, MSG, HFC, etc.)......

Again, please spread this video series around for others to see for themselves the truth about our history and the criminality of this "chosen race" of mass murdering criminals.....I can also guarantee that "Youtube" will be doing their utmost shortly to have this series taken down, therefore it is essential that those that have the capabilities to save these videos where possible....

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 29th, 2017

Sunday again... And as usual time for my weekly rant..

Last week I suffered from some serious computer problems...Luckily I have a tech friend and a computer whiz that came over and deduced that I had indeed picked up something nefarious from one or two sites while I was surfing the internet last week looking for pertinent material for this blog... I had to get a serious overhaul of my computer as well as my laptop, and I was indeed worried that I would have to scrap both and go out and buy at least one new computer... Luckily everything is fine now and I will be careful from now on as to where I do get my material....

Well, it has become increasingly colder in these parts of central Canada, and temperatures for the next while will be well BELOW seasonal.... There is already snow on the ground here, and every sign is that this will be one heck of a cold winter.... Which leads me once again to the crapola of "Global Warming" and of course the stupidity of this nation, Canada, with its idiotic Prime Minister Justin "Le Dauphin" Trudeau still pushing forward with his "Carbon Tax" fraud scheme which will fleece the Canadian people of their hard earned money..... Even here, the Provincial Government has now decided on their own "Carbon Tax" fraud scheme that will squeeze on average some $500 Canadian out of every sucker living here for the next year!  It is so outrageous, and yet there is almost ZERO outcry from my fellow Canadian suckers.....

Must I once again remind everyone that Carbon Dioxide is NOT and never has been a "Greenhouse Gas" simply because its molecular makeup is all wrong for heat absorption.. CO2 is in fact a coolant and has absolutely nothing to do with increasing or decreasing temperatures on this planet... Every single aspect of "Global Warming" or "Global Cooling" is driven solely by this planet's abilities to absorb solar radiation from our parent Yellow Dwarf star, Sol......And right now Sol is indeed heading towards a solar minimum of reduced solar output that will cause a period of intense cooling across this planet! .... I do still marvel at the absolute absurdity of the "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" numb skulls that are still pushing their snake oil "science" and wanting to see every government across this planet impose "Green House Gas" regulations which are an abomination!

Well, There is little else to say at this point about the fraud Las Vegas mass shooting false flag operation... I laid it out in my last rant some of the key issues that clearly show that this was indeed another "exercise" using crisis actors that went "live"... And this time for good measure the criminals involved did actually kill a few people to create the illusion of it being a real event... But we all know by now that this operation was carefully planned in advance much like other false flags, and that the Jew spew media was once again involved in covering up the truths about this event...  It does sicken me however about how once again the American people are just too stupid now to even fathom the reality that their own government is pushing these "mass killings" to turn America into a police state... That is why I am standing behind my convictions now that the only way to save America from itself is to have the entire country come crashing down with the hope that out of the rubble a new an better republic will take its place.....

Honestly, I knew that the US was going to be a "sore loser" in regards to losing the war in Syria... The criminal US government was unable to overthrow Bashar al-Assad through their laughable and ridiculous "gas attacks" that have easily been proven to have been conducted by the US government's own operatives... And their efforts are having their fraud "rebels" and of course 'ISIS' oust Assad directly have also failed, while these operatives are now soundly beaten and clearly on the run.. Therefore with "Plan A" and "Plan B" now defeated, the US is resorting now to "Plan C" which is of course to slice off a large portion of eastern Syria off of the Syrian nation itself through their support and arming of the Kurds.... The US is also aiming at grabbing as much of Syria's petroleum fields in eastern Syria to not only deprive Syria of their own vital petroleum resources, but to have that petroleum for themselves....  AND lo and behold but just last week, the US state department is once again bringing out their tired and laughable rhetoric that for the "Syrian war to end, Assad must go".....There is indeed some new talk about the US and Israel now launching a direct "surgical strike" against Damascus itself sometime in the near future to remove (kill) Assad to have their "regime change" in Syria by force....  And yes, this direct strike, as well as continued US-Kurdish operations in eastern Syria to grab the oil fields, could lead to a direct confrontation between the US and the Russian Federation.... Apparently, as I have stated many times, the US will continue to push for this confrontation with Russia in spite of the risks of an escalation of the Syrian war to a full blown global conflict!   Insanity seems to be the new rule of law apparently in the US Pentagon...

As I had predicted, the Jew spew media in America is now doing their utmost to vilify the peaceful nation of Iran.... I could not help but to turn on the Jew spew media for a short time the other day to see what kind of propaganda they were pushing, and I saw the usual "Russia gate" bashing that has already proven to be a laughable fraud... And these same talking mutton brains were also back at it with the same tired and false rhetoric that Iran is the new "threat" due to their "nuclear weapons" program..... I decided to keep tabs on what these morons were spewing about Iran and to see what proof they would present of Iranian "nukes", and as usual, they had nothing... Nothing except the same tired and sad bullshit comments that Iran was 'in violation' of the P5+1 agreements (without even mentioning the fact that the US never kept to that agreement at all..) and that "Iran was a threat to ISRAEL!"   Yes, once again the propaganda is out there and we will be seeing so much more over the next while with falsehoods and lies about Iran being this big bad threat to the US with no facts at all to back up any of their claims.....

I have been looking for the real reasons why Catalonia is so hell bent on leaving the Spanish republic... My fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, had some interesting points and even sent me a few of her own line of thinking about Catalonia in a comment the other day.... I do however see a few things differently than my Canadian colleague, and I see Catalonia wanting to get out of Spain for two reasons... The Spanish economy is a horrid mess and Spain itself is teetering on full economic collapse much like Greece did a few years ago... The Catalonians may indeed not want to be dragged down with the Madrid government if that government tries to impose "Austerity" measures on the entire that will put the Catalonians, as part of that nation, into endless odious debt.... That and as Jim Stone has stated in a recent article, the Catalonians may want independence to get the hell out of the failing Jewish run European Union that has destroyed so many nations in Europe economically and socially as well....  All we know at this point is that the Catalonian/Spanish situation is quickly becoming volatile and there could indeed be a full blown civil war on the horizon where there will be only death and destruction and NOBODY wins......

One piece of good news that I did miss this last week is where the Philippines have officially rid themselves of the US led "ISIS" insurrection in the city of Marawi on the island of Mindanao.... The Duterte government in Manila did announce victory over "ISIS" and that the last criminals that had done so much damage in that city for months were officially eliminated..... This is good news, but only for the moment... I do believe that the US government created this crisis in the Philippines as a reminder and a warning to Duterte about who is "in charge" and that if Duterte continues his efforts to steer the Philippines in a direction away from American control, the US will send in more of their operatives and will try to depose the Filipino President by assassination.....  It will be interesting to see in what direction Duterte takes his nation over the next while, and in my view he should not be curtailed in his efforts to break free of American control and he should continue his efforts to keep his nation free and independent of the American empire.....

Someone asked me my opinion on this "Uranium One" crisis that has been all over the American Jew spew news this last week (obviously to cloud American minds and keep them away from what the US is doing elsewhere across the planet..)...  I have finally looked over the last few days at this latest attempt by the deflect criticism of that horrendous Hillary "Killary" Clinton and her part in that shady dealing, and all I can say is WHY is that evil bitch not in jail for this and her other acts of treason against the American nation?   The Clinton crime family is absolutely clearly involved in the Uranium One issue and both Wild Willie, and Killary the witch, should be in court for their underhanded dealings with the Russian Federation that made them millions of dollars..... It is so surprising to me that there are idiots out there that still would rather have that bitch as the US President rather than Donald Drumpf, in spite of her clear insanity!

And of course we have the ridiculous 'release' of the JFK documentation that should have finally revealed to the American people that for the last 54 years they have been lied to severely about what happened that fateful November day in Dealey Plaza.....  BUT of course we have the last minute "intervention" by the FBI and the CIA that has "forced" President Drumpf to withhold some key parts of the documents from release!   This withholding of any documents in those files is clearly a violation of US law that stated that ALL documents had to be out in public by October 26th, 2017.   I for one am once again wondering why the American people are not crying foul and demanding that all documents become public record as part of the original agreements for release by last Thursday, for they have that right according to US law....  Apparently, the parts that are being held back are not only "sensitive" but could expose the entire criminality of the US government and the criminal nature of the FBI and CIA for the entire planet to see.....  It will be interesting to see over the next while if anyone in the US has the guts to challenge their own government and demand full disclosure of those missing JFK documents....  And it will be equally interesting to see what "excuses" the criminal US government comes up with now to justify the withholding of that vital information...

One last note before I get onto my closing "last minute tidbits"... I want to remind everyone once again that this Thursday, November 2nd, marks the 100th anniversary of one of the most diabolical and horrendous documents ever put forward over the last millennia... I am of course talking about the infamous "Balfour Declaration" that was delivered to the criminal Jewish scoundrel Lord Rothschild on that fateful day in 1917 declaring that the British Empire would seek a "Jewish homeland" in Palestine.... The entire declaration was absolutely to satisfy the criminal Jewish Zionist pricks in Britain who clearly wanted the declaration as part of their "deal" with the British Empire that would have the British win the first World War and crush Germany..... As Benjamin Freedman stated in his speech in Philadelphia back in 1960 (recording is first video on right hand side of this blog), the Jews made the diabolical deal with the British to get America into the war on the side of the British Empire, and in return they wanted Palestine.... These bastards had NO right at all to Palestine, as most of the Jews were and still are absolutely NOT from Palestine with the majority actually Khazars hailing from the steppe region of Russia....  For the British to hand over territory that they had no rights to do, to criminals that had no rights to the land as well, is one of the greatest travesties of all history, and I for one will look upon next Thursday with disgust......  And I hope everyone remembers the plight of the Palestinian people, who have been the ones to suffer the most from this "Balfour Declaration" of pure evil intent.....

Well, I guess that is enough of the key issues that I wanted to cover for this week.... I am of course finishing this rant with my usual last minute tidbits to touch on some of the other issues that may be on everyone's minds.  Here goes nothing.......I again have been proven right when I stated over the last few weeks that the "Korean crisis" would be nothing more than fear mongering to sell more weapons to nations bordering North Korea, and I have been proven right.   There will be no war with North Korea, but massive profits for US weapons manufacturers......... OK, I was shocked to find out that the US has some 1000 troops in, of all places, the nation of Niger in west Africa.   Yes, the reality is that these troops are there for the natural resources and NOT to fight any so called "terrorists"..... I am also still shocked that there is almost ZERO reports about the continuing crisis in Yemen.   The news is getting worse as the famine is killing thousands a week from starvation.  That and the recent Cholera outbreak is also decimating the Yemen people as well.  And while that is going on, our governments are all clamouring over each other wanting to get in on the weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, knowing full well that these weapons are being used to murder civilians in Yemen!  Government hypocrisy is putting it mildly here........Well, you know that the F35 flying POS is bad when even the criminal Israelis are now wanting to 'reject' this plane that the American government is giving to them for free!  Damn, for I was hoping the Israelis would be saddled with this flying lemon and gladly see the Arab air forces blow them out of the sky in any upcoming war........ More reports out of Jew-lywood (Hollywood) concerning Jewish prick "Producers" and their criminal pedophilia and sexual misconduct against "stars".   Lets face it, for Jew-lywood has always been a cesspool and as I said before, the best thing that could ever happen is seeing the whole thing collapse and disappear........ When I saw the reports about how the Texas government was refusing to release "aid" to victims of Hurricane Harvey if these victims supported the movement to boycott Israel, it showed once again how much the US government even at the state level is absolutely under Jewish control.  It was great to see that action was withdrawn due to public outcry however..........The economy up here in Canada is going to hell, and yet I was shocked to see how many gullible people were lining up to get their hands on the latest ridiculous gizmo from Apple called the iPhone X.   To me this is sheep mentality at its worse...........Is it just me, or has this "Political Correctness" gone beyond insane?  I saw a ridiculous article where supposedly someone complained that a character on a cereal box was the wrong colour and now the cereal manufacturer has withdrawn the boxes from store shelves due to this stupidity?  A cereal box causes someone to feel "offended"?  That is fucking insane and honestly, I am sick and tired of it all!....... Local Pharmacy can not get enough people in for their fraud "flu shots" so the Pharmacy is trying to entice people to get their poisonous injection by offering them free "air miles"!  Yes, people are indeed gullible sheep indeed..... I saw reports that attendance at NFL games in the US is down dramatically and it is all thanks to the ignorance of the players who want to "kneel" for the American national anthem.  I say that if these clowns do not have the dignity to stand at attention for their nation' anthem, that they can all be fired and find out how life is like in the real world and not in their cushy million dollar jobs.  Maybe they are more suited flipping burgers for a living?...... The Arsenal Gunners came from behind to win against the Swansea Swans yesterday by the score of 2-1.   I did watch the game and I was not impressed.  Their offence looked as listless as ever, and I definitely can not see this team challenging for the top of the table this year........ I went for  my assessment this week on getting my 'deviated septum' and other nasal blockage operated on in hope of clearing up my long time nasal/sinus issues.  The assessment went good, but now I will have to wait 4-6 MONTHS before I can get the operation!  Yes, Canadian basic medical coverage is free, but the waiting for surgery under that system is a real bitch.....And finally speaking of bitches, I may as well close this rant with my usual shots at the Kardashian skanks and trolls (still searching for a better "victim" for future rants...).   I saw in a recent article that skank Kim dressed up for Halloween this year as Cher (Sarkisian) circa 1973, and shockingly, Cher herself approved?   I would take Cher, in spite of her own sordid past, over that skank any day.   And yes, once again we see how this group of morons, misfits, and tramps, keeps America glued to their idiot boxes while their nation goes to hell.   And people still wonder why I call America a failed state that has to die?

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Catalonia Formerly Declares Its Independence Today From Spain - Civil War On The Horizon?

The world has been keeping its eyes on what has been happening in Spain over the last few months...It has been bad enough that the Spanish economy has basically imploded and the entire nation is quickly becoming like Greece where it has a tremendous amount of odious debt owing to the criminal Jewish bankers, but we also have the region of Catalonia wanting to break away from the Spanish republic and declare itself as a sovereign state.... 

Well, at the beginning of this month, the Catalonian regional government ran a referendum to see if the people would either decide to stay with Spain or declare themselves as a sovereign nation... And the results were overwhelmingly in favour of Catalonian independence and to break away from Spain entirely... AND after that vote, the Spanish government in Madrid first declared the results null and void and then threatened to clamp down on the Catalonian government officials and the Catalonian people and even send in the military to prevent the region from breaking away... Things were definitely beginning to heat up, and the threat of a full blown civil war was on the horizon..... 

Well,  today the autonomous region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain formerly has declared its independence from Spain in spite of the burgeoning threats by the Madrid government to impose a state of "martial law" on the autonomous region and turn it into a police state...  To fill everyone in on the details of this formal declaration, I want to present the following link to an article from Russia Today that covers today's action in great detail:

I honestly do NOT like what I am seeing happen in Spain with the Catalonians now declaring their independence... As I have stated before, the Spanish nation is already in dire straits economically with a debt load that can never be paid back... And now we have the region of Catalonia, with its great manufacturing industry that the Spanish economy is dependent upon, now officially declaring its independence from the Spanish republic... Things could get very messy and very quickly indeed...

My fellow Canadian truth seeker, Greencrow, put out an article last week that called the situation in Catalonia very "complicated"... And she claims in the article that we may be watching another "Maidan" like what happened in Ukraine starting to unfold in Spain... Here is the link to that article here for everyone to read for themselves:

OK,  calling this situation "complicated" is putting it mildly... For I do not like what the Madrid government is considering doing to force the Catalonian people to stay with Spain, even if it means a brutal crackdown on the region!

I do have a hard time though with Greencrow's claim that there was an "insurgency" in Catalonia for this push for Independence.. The Catalonian people do have a very proud history, and seeing their attainment of more self government in the region was indeed just one step before actually declaring full independence.... However, I will give her full credit for she has shown in the article some interesting aspects that does make someone stop and say ... "Hmmmmm".....

The bottom line is this... We may indeed be witnessing a full blown civil war unfolding in Spain very shortly.... And with that there will indeed be bloodshed and the chance that the state of Catalonia will be subjected to the full force of the Spanish military and potentially be left in ruin..... And yes, as I have said already in some of my previous weekend rants, better negotiations between Madrid and Barcelona would be much better than a civil war where nobody wins...

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America Gets Screwed Over Again: KEY JFK Files Showing Exactly WHO Murdered John Fitzgerald Kennedy Withheld Until 2039AD!

Everyone in the real truth movement have been anxiously waiting for today to come... For this was supposed to be the long awaited day when US President Donald Drumpf was to "officially" release the long hidden documents and files concerning the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on November 22nd, 1963.... EVERYONE had their hopes up so high that these documents would reveal to the world exactly who was involved in that assassination, including the naming of names.... We all had our hopes up so high for today..

BUT once again real hopes for the truth behind the Kennedy assassination have now been dashed... For over the last two days we have seen reports all over the Jew spew media where US President Drumpf has now stated that only "parts" of the official documents would be released, and supposedly the key documents that actually show the real murderers would not be released until.. and get this...the year 2039!   THIS is a moral outrage as far as I am concerned.....

Well, today my fellow Canadian blogger, Greencrow, who hails from parts unknown in British Columbia, has released a most interesting article that covers the outrage of this "JFK Document" release very nicely, and I want to present that article here for my own readers, especially my friends and colleagues living south of the border in the formerly free United States of America, to ponder.... Her article comes from her website at www.greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.com, and is entitled: "Americans Suckered Again -Trump Withholds JFK Secrets Until 2039!"  I have it right here and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Friday, October 27, 2017

Americans Suckered Again - Trump withholds JFK secrets until 2039

Trump reneges on Legal Decision to
Release JFK evidence to Public


The Deep State of USrael that is...like a python...slowly strangling the nation once known as the United States of America has pulled off another one.  It has moved the goal posts...originally set by the US judicial system... on the truth about the JFK assassination....to 2039 when all of those who lived through and remembered this traumatic event have died.  The hope is that by 2039 the evidence will just be viewed as a quaint historical relic....not evidence upon which to base a case against the foreign and US agencies and individuals who conspired to assassinate Kennedy who are now still alive...like the old groper, Bush Sr.

Americans are viewed as being so stupid that they will put up with this shenanigans.  It's like overturning the result of one of their precious National Football League games due to a post game rule change...Americans would never put up with THAT!  But they will meekly bow to the perps in the government laughing and giving them the finger...withholding evidence that is the Americans' property...stealing it from them...if you will.

Below is a post by Stephen Lendman that describes the highway robbery and daylight theft.  I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Trump Reneges on Releasing JFK Documents
by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)
What he planned to release was heavily redacted or otherwise sanitized, suppressing JFK’s state-sponsored assassination – Oswald a convenient patsy, uninvolved in what happened.
With that in mind, it’s surprising Trump reneged on his pledge. With no important revelations in documents planned for release, why did he change his mind?
Saying he had “no choice” revealed his impotence, obeying what he’s told to do, going along with higher powers, dark forces running things, the way America is governed – a plutocracy-run police state, a fantasy democracy, one in name only to hide how rule in Washington operates, for the nation’s privileged class exclusively.
Trump released an absurd statement saying:
“Executive departments and agencies have proposed to me that certain information should continue to be redacted because of national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns.”
“I have no choice – today – but to accept those redactions rather than allow potentially irreversible harm to our Nation’s security.”
“This temporary withholding from full public disclosure is necessary to protect against harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations that is of such gravity that it outweighs the public interest in immediate disclosure.”
Pure rubbish! His remarks made him look more foolish than if he said nothing. JFK files to be released were sanitized 10-times over to assure important truths about his assassination were removed. He released 2,800 files, ones of least importance.
The Warren whitewash Commission, stacked with insiders, was mandated to cover up hard truths. Its report saying Oswald acted alone was a bald-faced lie.
All records are in the National Archives. Included are unpublished reports – sealed until 2039.
They’re no longer applicable under the 1966 Freedom of Information Act and 1992 JFK Records Act.
Oswald was named as Kennedy’s assassin 15 minutes after he was shot. It was impossible to know that soon. The official story was bogus.
Jim Marrs book titled “Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy” discussed a Cartha DeLoach memo – FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s close aide.
He said then congressman Gerald Ford may have been the bureau’s Warren Commission informant. He had close CIA ties.
It was later learned he reported to Hoover secretly, admitting he instructed the commission to report Kennedy’s back wound up several inches. A lower location disproved the single gunman theory.
A subsequent commission report titled “A Presidential Legacy and the Warren Commission” said the investigation put “certain classified and potentially damaging operations in danger of being exposed.”
The CIA hid or “destroy(ed) some information, which can easily be misinterpreted as collusion in JFK’s assassination.”
Before his death, Ford publicly admitted the CIA destroyed or hid critical secrets related to Kennedy’s death.
He suggested a “conspiracy.” JFK was shot four times from in front and behind.
The Warren Commission lied, claiming twice. X-rays were altered. Other medical evidence was doctored to conceal his true cause of death.
The Secret Service had to be involved with what happened. Security protocol was violated. Instead of protecting JFK as mandated, agents assigned to his Dallas motorcade set him up.
The Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) destroyed important Presidential Protection Records to eliminate important evidence.
Oswald’s rifle couldn’t have killed Kennedy. His death certificate and autopsy said high-velocity bullets above 2,600 fps were fired. Oswald’s Mannlicher-Carcano rifle had a muzzle velocity of 2,000 fps.
In his book titled “JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters,” James Douglas said Kennedy had to go because he threatened the military/complex.
“(T)he CIA’s fingerprints (were) all over the crime and the events leading up to it,” he stressed.
The lone gunman theory long ago lost credibility. A state-sponsored coup eliminated Kennedy. Transforming himself from cold warrior to peacemaker meant he had to be killed.
Imagine what might have been if he served two terms, followed by two more under RFK if he and MLK lived.
State-sponsored assassinations eliminated these important figures – the lesson remembered by US presidents and aspiring ones for the last two generations.


Of course, the 37% of the human race who are capable of critical thinking will cry "Foul!" to this theft of their right to access their archives.  They will be drummed down with insults and silenced by the M$M and isolated to the ever spreading fringes of the Internet.  Why?  They will ask the forbidden question.  Why, indeed.  It has become clear through the writings of some courageous and intrepid researchers...who have literally risked their lives to reveal the truth to Americans.  Researchers and real investigative journalists like the deceased Michael Collins Piper who placed the blame for the death of the young president squarely on the doorstep of Israel.  As is summarized in today's post by "Goon Squad"...Piper authored the ground-breaking and definitive work on the Assassination:  "Final Judgement".  In that book, Piper outlines the case for Israel through it's intelligence agency "The Mossad" being the funder and mastermind of the murder.  Please read this post by "Goon Squad" and I will have final thoughts in comments to follow:


Govt JFK Assassination Files Show Jews Behind the Plot
And this is only 2,800 pages out of 113,000? Someone convinced Trump to release a very small part. Someone has something to hide and it ain't Muslims.......

From page 64 of the released JFK files: Here's the opening page..
And here's where we find out Jews were backing the thugs behind the assassination plot..
Yes, I wouldn't want this info to get out either, if I was an unhinged nation of liars, thieves, mass murderers, racists, false flag experts and lovers of Apartheid, squatting on stolen land.
“Lyndon Johnson had demonstrated his strong support for Israel throughout his political career. The government of Israel, therefore, had every reason to believe that its interests would be better advanced with Johnson as president. And indeed they were. After Kennedy’s death, the United States, for the first time, began large-scale shipments of arms to Israel. During the June 1967 war, Johnson covertly provided both military equipment and personnel to aid Israel. Certainly, the Mossad possessed the resources to carry out an assassination almost any place on earth. And the Israeli government has been willing to sacrifice American lives to its own purposes. An example was the unprovoked Israeli military assault that killed 34 crewmen of the USS Liberty in June 1967,” wrote former Congressman Paul Findley on March 28, 1992.
Must be time for another Israeli masterminded False Flag, to get our minds back to hating Muslims and off the real threat.
Mossad And The JFK Assassination Considering that the Mossad is quite possibly the most ruthless and efficient intelligence agency in the world, it is peculiar that they have never been scrutinized in relation to the Kennedy assassination, especially when practically every other entity in the world (short of Elvis impersonators) has been implicated. But that all changed in January, 1994 with the release of Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment. In this book, Piper says, "Israel's Mossad was a primary (and critical) behind the scenes player in the conspiracy that ended the life of JFK. Through its own vast resources and through its international contacts in the intelligence community and in organized crime, Israel had the means, it had the opportunity, and it had the motive to play a major frontline role in the crime of the century - and it did."

Their motive? Israel's much touted Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, who ruled that country from its inception in 1948 until he resigned on June 16, 1963, was so enraged at John F. Kennedy for not allowing Israel to become a nuclear power that, Collins asserts, in his final days in office he commanded the Mossad to become involved in a plot to kill America's president.

Ben-Gurion was so convinced that Israel's very survival was in dire jeopardy that in one of his final letters to JFK he said, "Mr. President, my people have the right to exist, and this existence is in danger."

In the days leading up to Ben-Gurion's resignation from office, he and JFK had been involved in an unpublicized, contentious debate over the possibility of Israel getting nuclear capabilities. Their disagreement eventually escalated into a full-fledged war of words that was virtually ignored in the press. Ethan Bronner wrote about this secret battle between JFK and Ben-Gurion years later in a New York Times article on October 31, 1998, calling it a "fiercely hidden subject." In fact, the Kennedy/Ben-Gurion conversations are still classified by the United States Government. Maybe this is the case because Ben-Gurion's rage and frustration became so intense - and his power so great within Israel - that Piper contends it was at the center of the conspiracy to kill John Kennedy. This stance is supported by New York banker Abe Feinberg, who describes the situation as such: "Ben-Gurion could be vicious, and he had such a hatred of the old man [Joe Kennedy, Sr., JFK's father]." Ben-Gurion despised Joe Kennedy because he felt that not only was he an anti-Semite, but that he had also sided with Hitler during the 1930's and 40's.
Any questions? From establishing the illegal and immoral Federal Reserve, to being in on the assassination of JFK to the savage attack on the unarmed USS Liberty to Israel's masterminding the 9/11 False Flag, all roads lead to Israel and her bat-shit crazy supporters.

Meanwhile, back in the Swamp, the US House Knesset approves new sanctions on Iran to please our Israeli Overlord.


So, that is why Americans had to be "protected" from the truth.  Lendman quotes Trump as saying:

......certain information should continue to be redacted because of national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs concerns.”
You can just imagine the media uproar and uptick in False Flags, threats of war and provocative bombings of foreign countries such as Syria....not to mention extreme weather events that would have occurred had Trump not reneged on the legal promise to Americans.  We all know the drill by now.

To paraphrase Forrest Gump..."Blackmail is as Blackmail does".

NTS Notes: Honestly, I knew this was going to happen...For there was no way in hell that the CIA, FBI, and of course the Mossad, who were deeply involved in JFK's assassination, would ever allow the truth to be told...

And of course now the real truths will only come out in the year 2039... Or will they?   I seriously doubt if the reality that the US government and agents of the criminal state of Israel did the murder will ever be told.... These so called elements of the "dark state" that now control most of America want to keep their secrets hidden from the stupid American sheep forever.....

I for one am deeply ashamed of the US President who of course had made so many "promises" over the last while that the ENTIRE documentation on the JFK assassination would be released and has now reneged on that promise...... But of course he is controlled by his Jewish masters who do not want to show that they were absolutely involved in the murder as the limited 2800 pages that have been released show clearly.....

I wonder what the American people will now do considering this is a blatant slap in their faces?  Most are now too far gone to stand up and demand that the truth about JFK be told, and again it clearly shows what I have said before... The US is a dying nation that should be put out of its misery to allow a better nation to take its place.... The question again becomes as to whether the American people actually have the will to fix their republic?

More to come


Thursday, October 26, 2017

One Hundred Years Ago On November 2nd 1917, The Balfour Declaration Was Signed - Despite A Potential PR Disaster, British Government Will Celebrate That Signing!

Being a true historian and absolutely wanting real history to be told to everyone, I am so amazed as to how the Jewish power elite were able to get their sinister "Balfour Declaration" signed on November 2nd, 1917, and thanks to that ILLEGAL document were basically handed the entire Palestinian state on a silver platter!

Well, next week Thursday marks the 100th anniversary of that document of pure evil, and of course we have the psychotic Israelis wanting to celebrate their theft of Palestine as well as that evil scumbag Prime Minister Benyamin Miliekosky (Netanyahu) wanting to go to London to take part in the evil "celebration" of that document as well.... It almost makes me want to puke if not for the fact that the Palestinian people had no part in the Balfour Declaration and have seen over the last 100 years their nation disintegrate only to be replaced by the illegal 'state' of Israel....

For the next few days until the "100th anniversary" of that most sinister document, I will present some articles concerning the upcoming and most sick "celebration" that will take place in Britain next week  for this "Balfour Declaration"... .And right now, I want to present the following article that comes from the Aletho News website, at www.alethonews.wordpress.com, entitled: "Balfour Merrymaking A Potential PR Disaster For The British Government", that is a must see by all of my own readers, and especially those living in the Jewish occupied United Kingdom... I have it here in its entirety, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Balfour Merrymaking a Potential PR Disaster for the British Government

By Stuart Littlewood | Dissident Voice | October 25, 2017
The extraordinary programme of centenary celebrations in the UK to honour Lord Balfour and his lunatic Declaration — and the British Government’s continuing part in it — is an affront to citizens here and to countless millions abroad. And many a sharp pin is waiting to burst the pretty Balfour balloon being desperately inflated by Israel-firsters at Westminster.
Balfour’s 1917 pledge and its consequences, played out over the last 70 years, ride roughshod over Christian values and humanitarian law. Rothschild replied to Balfour’s letter saying that “the British Government has opened up, by their message, a prospect of safety and comfort to large masses of people who are in need of it.” Well, it also opened up the prospect — and the reality — of a lifetime of abject misery for millions of Palestinians who had no need of it and certainly didn’t deserve it. It also helped to plant in the most sacred part of the Middle East an evil regime that shows contempt for human rights and international law and is bent on creating instability all around and confiscating every acre of land and every natural resource to aid its expansion.
The daft thing is, Balfour didn’t even write the Declaration. He was simply the upper-class twit who signed it and did so without even bothering to consult the people whose homeland he intended giving away. The carefully worded letter to Rothschild (the so-called Declaration) was the work of Leopold Amery, political secretary to the War Cabinet at the time, who cleverly kept hidden his Jewish ancestry throughout his quite impressive career. He was also largely responsible for forming the Jewish Legion battalions which were the forerunners of the hated Israeli Defence Force, which Israeli Miko Peled describes as “one of the best trained and best equipped and best fed terrorist organisations in the world”.
Amery was an eager Zionist and had a supervisory role in the British mandate government in Palestine during the 1920s, actively preparing it for eventual Jewish takeover. He operated within a government the upper echelons of which were stuffed with Zionist sympathisers such as Churchill and Lloyd George.
In response to the avalanche of pro-Balfour celebratory tosh the Palestine Mission to the UK commissioned a ‘Make It Right’ campaign featuring contrasting images of Palestinian life before and after 1948, when Israel declared statehood on land it had overrun and ethnically cleansed. The campaign message, of course, objects to the Balfour declaration which promised a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Posters were supposed to appear on buses and in Underground rail stations but London’s transport authority, Transport for London (TfL), has banned the advertisements on the grounds that they “did not comply fully with our guidelines”. It seems TfL don’t like “images or messages which relate to matters of public controversy or sensitivity” or causes that are “party political”.
Palestinian ambassador Manuel Hassassian accuses TfL of censorship saying:
Palestinian history is a censored history. There has been a 100-year-long cover-up of the British government’s broken promise, in the Balfour declaration, to safeguard the rights of the Palestinians when it gave away their country to another people. TfL’s decision is not surprising as it is, at best, susceptible to or, at worst, complicit with, all the institutional forces and active lobby groups which continuously work to silence the Palestinian narrative. There may be free speech in Britain on every issue under the sun but not on Palestine.
Prime Minister Theresa May has invited her Israeli counterpart ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu to the London celebrations. It is unthinkable in Government circles for an honoured guest to be confronted with a London plastered with such inconvenient messages. Nevertheless, they’ll appear on 52 London black cabs, which aren’t under TfL’s control, so our PM’s loathsome visitor may not entirely escape embarrassment, assuming he’s capable of feeling it.
Conflating justice and tolerance with anti-Semitism
Speaking of declarations I’m reminded of a far more sensible one by Shimon Tzabar, who had been a member of Jewish terrorist organisations in Palestine during the British Mandate including the Stern Gang, Irgun and Haganah. After 1948 and the establishment of the Israeli state he fought in its 1948-50, 1956, and 1967 wars but spoke out against the annexation of the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem and the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. He even began calling  himself a “Hebrew-speaking Palestinian”. Tzabar and others eventually felt moved to publish the following declaration:
Occupation entails foreign rule. Foreign rule entails resistance. Resistance entails repression. Repression entails terror and counter-terror. The victims of terror are mostly innocent people. Holding on to the occupied territories will turn us into a nation of murderers and murder victims. Let us get out of the occupied territories immediately.
Wouldn’t Mrs May prefer to celebrate Tzabar’s Declaration? He moved to England where he famously published the MUCH BETTER THAN THE OFFICIAL MICHELIN Guide to Israeli prisons, Jails, Concentration Camps and Torture Chambers. The best and safest way to begin a tour of these horrible establishments, it said, was to look like a Palestinian Arab and get yourself arrested .” Once you look like a Palestinian you have a good chance of being arrested. Your chance is actually so good, that you don’t have to do anything in particular.”
That other Israeli straight-talker Miko Peled, mentioned above, put the cat among the pigeons at the Labour Party conference last month when he told activists that Israel is “terrified” of Jeremy Corbyn becoming British prime minister and will do everything they can to stop him. “They are going to pull all the stops, they are going to smear, they are going to try anything they can to stop Corbyn from being prime minister. It’s up to Labour, it’s up to you [to ensure] that they don’t have the ability to do that…. Jeremy Corbyn is an opportunity for Britain that, if it gets lost, won’t come back for a very long time.
“The reason anti-Semitism is used is because they [the Israelis] have no argument, there is nothing to say,” said Peled. “How can a call for justice and tolerance be conflated with anti-Semitism? I don’t know if they realise this but they are pitting Judaism against everything good and just.”
Peled is an Israeli Jew, the son of an Israeli general, and a former soldier in the Israeli army. You couldn’t find a more authentic insider source. Here’s a flavour of his message:
The name of the game: erasing Palestine, getting rid of the people and de-Arabizing the country…
By 1993 the Israelis had achieved their mission to make the conquest of the West Bank irreversible. By 1993 the Israeli government knew for certain that a Palestinian state could not be established in the West Bank – the settlements were there, $ billions were invested, the entire Jordan River valley was settled… there was no place any more for a Palestinian state to be established. That is when Israel said, OK, we’ll begin negotiations…
When people talk about the possibility of Israel somehow giving up the West Bank for a Palestinian state, if it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. It shows a complete misunderstanding of the objective of Zionism and the Zionist state.
Meanwhile Netanyahu has just announced a temporary easing of the fishing limits imposed on Gaza’s fishermen. For two months, in the southern half of Gaza, they will be able to sail out 9 miles after which the limit reverts back to 6. Sounds generous? No, it’s ridiculously cruel. And restrictions remain even tighter in the northern half. Under the Oslo Agreements (1993) Israel is supposed to allow the Palestinians to fish up to 12 miles out, in line with the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea but, as with so many other agreements, the Zionist regime has never honoured its obligation. Furthermore Israel’s 10-year blockade on Gaza has made it impossible for many fishermen to buy parts to maintain their vessels, so the once flourishing fishing industry has been crippled.
And Netanyahu recently locked up the Palestinians for 11 days while Israelis enjoyed festive holidays. Marilyn Garson, writing in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, reported:
Netanyahu seals the gates of the West Bank and Gaza for eleven days, to enjoy Sukkot. How flagrant, to confine millions of people in the name of a holiday that celebrates the flimsy, temporary nature of our walls. If Jews were herded behind concrete walls and locked away for eleven days, so that someone else might enjoy a Jew-free holiday, would we shrug that off?
Haaretz is a relatively honest source and to print such a thing in Israel is quite daring.
On the same subject the Jewish Chronicle had this to say: “Border closures over the High Holidays and other Jewish festivals are routine, but are usually much shorter. The original decision stoked complaints within the Israeli security establishment that it was principally “grandstanding” by ministers eager to burnish their right-wing credentials.” The JC went on the explain that the 11-day closure had been demanded by Israeli police and the Internal Security minister, and was initially opposed by the Israeli military and senior Defence Ministry officials who said that it would be an unnecessary punishment to tens of thousands of law-abiding Palestinian workers.
However, both Israeli papers omitted to say that, thanks to Balfour’s legacy, there has been no freedom of movement for Palestinians since the closure of Gaza and the West Bank by Israel 26 years ago. Closure is the normal state of affairs and not to be confused with foolish ideas that crossings are usually open.
Contradictory Promises
The Balfour Project, which promotes justice, security and peace for both Jews and Arabs, has made available a wealth of information. One of its publications sums up the problem very neatly:
The Declaration pledges Britain’s support for a ‘national home’ in Palestine for the Jewish people on the understanding that the rights of ‘existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine’ would not be prejudiced. The failure to uphold this second clause, for which Britain bears much responsibility, has caused conflict between Palestinians and Israelis ever since.
This was just one of Britain’s contradictory promises during the First World War. After the war we secured a mandate from the League of Nations which included a ‘sacred trust’ to prepare the people of Palestine for independence. But in the end Britain walked away.
Yes, in 1948 we abandoned the mess we had created. As the last British soldiers marched away Jewish leaders declared statehood without borders, pushing far beyond the boundaries set out in the UN Partition Plan the year before, their terror militia putting to flight hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, massacring many more and stealing their homes and farms.
What Britain caused to happen in the Holy Land was contrary to all decency and justice. History will not judge kindly the British Government’s decision to celebrating Balfour “with pride” while refusing to apologise and make amends. There’s a fair chance the whole sorry spectacle will backfire on Theresa May and teach her unpleasant associates a sharp lesson.
A colleague wrote only yesterday to one of our government ministers and what she said is worth repeating here:
Ministers, from the Prime Minister down, should reflect with humility that but for that disastrous decision by their predecessors 100 years ago, the Holy Land might still be a land of peace where all the faiths lived in harmony together.

NTS Notes: Yes, the May government has always been a bunch of Jew dick suckers, and I can guarantee that despite public outcry, they will indeed be right there to "celebrate" the signing of the Balfour Declaration next Thursday that has been an absolute disaster for both the Palestinian people and the entire planet as a whole....It will once again reinforce the fact that Britain is not ruled by the British people.....

This "celebration" of pure evil definitely shows who controls the United Kingdom, and how these Jewish monsters are wanting to celebrate their illegal seizure of Palestinian land that absolutely does NOT belong to them and never has, and to laugh in the faces of the "Gentiles".....

The British government in 1917 had absolutely NO right at all to hand that land over to the Rothschilds and their sick tribe of freaks, and now 100 years later, the world is left in a mess with the psychotic state of Israel causing so much death and destruction across the entire Middle East...

Yes, next week marks the 100th anniversary of one of the most diabolical documents in all of human history....   And I do have further reports coming that will show the real history and why the British government was indeed coerced into the signing by the psychotic Jewish tribe.....

More to come


The Las Vegas Mass Shooting FALSE FLAG Operation: Updates On This Fraud, And Brother Of Stephen Paddock Suddenly Charged With Possession Of Child Pornography (!)

*Yes, I have had computer problems over the last few days... It is only today that I have a stable system to work with and able to resume my posts at this blog.... Thanks for everyone's patience!

It has now been over 3 weeks since the Las Vegas false flag operation, and as I have predicted most of the American people with their piss poor attention spans have now basically forgotten about this attack on their freedoms by their own government..... It will however bite most of them in their asses when the US government pushes forward with their "Liberty USA Act" and basically turns the entire country into one huge surveillance state!

We in the real truth movement have from the beginning seen this Las Vegas incident for what it truly is, and are not fooled... I have been keeping tabs on what has happened since the October 1st fiasco with new updates, and I have a few to present to my readers right here in this article...

First, I want to present the newest video from "American Everyman" Scott Creighton, through my fellow researcher, Jody, over at "What They Don't Tell You" (www.jpaulson.blogspot.com) for everyone to see here for themselves:

Next, I came across a most interesting new update just the other day on the patsy for the entire Las Vegas fraud, Stephen Paddock.... Apparently his brother, Bruce Paddock, has suddenly been "charged with possession of child pornography" by the FBI who just happen to now, some three weeks after the Las Vegas incident, came across it from examining his laptop that was seized from his residence...Here is the link to that report for all to see here:


OK, THIS sudden "finding" of child pornography on Bruce Paddock's computer is obviously a set up by the FBI.... And they are obviously now trying to destroy Bruce because he is not "playing hardball" with the "official reports" that are still trying to nail his now (supposedly) dead brother Stephen as the "lone gunman nut job" for the entire Las Vegas fiasco....

It is so obvious that this "child pornography" that suddenly and mysteriously has shown up on Bruce Paddock's computer was "planted" there... It is so easily done in this day and age considering how much the criminal CIA and FBI (Mossad as well..) have back door access onto everyone's computers through encryption via Windows programming!  

Yes, it is sad to see now how LOW the US government is going to force their "official story" of the Las Vegas incident onto the American people... And everyone that stands for the truth and sees the fraud in its entirety is a target for these maniacs.... We have already seen several key witnesses, including some actual concert attendees, now suddenly disappear or conveniently found dead!   Yes how low will they go indeed...

Now for another goodie for everyone to look at... And it has to do with the fraud "hero" of the entire "shooting", the laughable Jesus Campo who was according to "official reports" shot "in the leg" when Stephen Paddock "apparently" fired "200 shots" into the 32nd floor hallway (I still cannot believe that anyone swallows this bullshit as real!).... Apparently, according to the following article link, this Jesus Campo apparently left the US barely days after the Las Vegas fraud shooting, only to return from Mexico back into the US driving a rental car with California plates at a California border crossing barely a week after the shooting took place (?)  Here is the link to an article explaining this most strange situation:


So let me get this straight... The key "eyewitness" to the "shooting lair" on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay resort, this "Jesus Campos" is suddenly allowed to leave the US just a few days after he was "shot in the leg"and was able to in fact drive right across the US border into Mexico and then returns a week later to the US at a crossing in California?   Does anyone else with any common sense see a problem with this???   I need not even ask HOW if this 'victim' was shot in the leg was able to not only make a miraculous recovery but was able to either drive or be able to fly barely a week after the event???

Again, everyone should be asking the million dollar question as to WHY the US government would want their "key witness" to the entire operation allowed to leave the country within a few days of the "largest mass shooting in US history"?

Yes, this Las Vegas mass shooting has fallen to pieces and presently the US government and the real perpetrators of this crime are trying to cover their tracks and to destroy anyone that defies their "official story"..... It is therefore up to all of us in the real truth movement to get the real facts out and to make sure that everyone sees the Las Vegas operation for the false flag attack it truly was...

More to come


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates On Situation - The Reality Of What Really Happened In Raqqa

First, I was busy the last two days fixing a major computer problem... Apparently shortly after I posted my weekend rant., my main computer crashed and it took a lot of effort until yesterday to have it fixed.... I do wonder if I either picked up a nasty bug in the system or someone out there does not like me?

Yes, it has been a while since I last put up a report on the real situation in Syria.... Basically with all of the news over the last while so focused in on the fraud that was the Las Vegas mass shooting event and of course the problems with the Jews in Hollywood, the war in Syria for the Syrian people to regain their nation has continued.....I figure I would put in my two cents worth here to try to bring everyone up to speed...

First, we have the reports last week about the criminal US-Kurdish "alliance" finally conquering (destroying) the major city of al-Raqqa.... And the Jew spew media has been all over this event claiming that it has been a "major victory" in both the fraudulent 'war on terror' and against the fraud of "ISIS"..... All I see however is a slaughter of innocent civilians holed up in that city by these criminals!

To back up my claims that this 'Battle for Raqqa" was nothing of the sort, but was in fact a genocidal attack by the US and the Kurds to slaughter civilians and to "ethnically cleanse" that city to make way for the Kurds to claim it as their own, I want to turn to the following report from the Global Research group out of Canada, at www.globalresearch.ca, where the truth can be told that the war against Raqqa was nothing more than the "silent slaughter of Raqqa" itself, and as the Russians are rightfully claiming to be the "raping of Raqqa by the US"... Here is the link to that report for all to see for themselves here:


I absolutely agree with this report, for I have stated for MONTHS now that this "war against Raqqa" has been nothing of the sort, but a carefully contrived piece of pure propaganda by the US to make it look like they are actually "fighting ISIS" when in reality they are NOT.....

People so quickly forget that the US is in fact ISIS.... The US and Israel created that fraud some 5 years ago as their weapon of choice to try to conquer and destroy not only Syria but Iraq as well... What ISIS is and always has been is nothing more than US CIA controlled and operated mercenaries and agents.... Their job has been to create hell on earth for countries in the Middle East and to "destabilize" the region as much as possible for the ultimate aim of "regime change" in every nation that this fraudulent "terrorist group" has been injected into....

OK, now in regards to the situation in al-Raqqa....I want to once again present the link to a report that came out WAY BACK in April, where the fraud of "ISIS" was pulled out of the city of al-Raqqa BEFORE the US-Kurdish "alliance" started their 'attacks' on the city itself... Here are a few links to some key reports from March and April of this year that shows clearly that "ISIS" had evacuated the city of Raqqa then:



I for one would absolutely believe these reports to be authentic, and if so then the question that everyone should have been asking themselves all this time is... WHO have the US-Kurdish "alliance" been attacking in their "conquest" of Al-Raqqa?.... It most definitely was NOT "ISIS", for I can guarantee that the US would have definitely pulled their operatives and mercenaries out well before the attacks began....

What I see here in this "battle for Raqqa" is the same thing that I saw in the phoney "battle for Mosul" in northern Iraq last year... An attack and slaughter of civilians with the aim of "ethnic cleansing" (wiping them out) by the US and the Kurds...  And yes, it was indeed a wholesale slaughter......

Basically the bottom line in regards to this "battle for Raqqa" is this... It was nothing more than a slaughter of civilians that was propagandized by the Jew spew media to make it look like a battle against "ISIS"..... It was US brutality and genocide at its finest... And now Raqqa's Syrian and Arabic population has been either slaughtered or sent fleeing out of the city itself to make room for a complete Kurdish takeover....It does indeed remind me of when the criminal Israelis went in during their "war of independence" back in 1948 and basically "cleared out" the Palestinians from so many villages to "make room" for the Israelis only....

And while Raqqa was purposely destroyed by the US and the Kurds, we have of course the battles now raging east and south of Deir Ez-Zor, with the fraud of "ISIS" now handing over the key Syrian oil fields without a fight, while the good guys, the SAA and their Russian allies, having to fight "tooth and nail" to gain any ground.... Here is a link to report from the propaganda bullshit CBC news that falsely claims that the US 'took' these oil fields away from ISIS without even explaining why "ISIS" failed to even resist this takeover:


I really have to laugh when I see these reports from the Jew spew media... None of them are even bothering to explain why 'ISIS' was so eagerly wanting to hand over these oil fields to the US and Kurds without a fight, while they are again slugging it out with the SAA and Russians!

The fact is that this "battle" for these key oil fields is nothing of the sort... The US operatives behind "ISIS" have their instructions to hold onto these key fields for as long as possible before basically handing them over to the Kurds the moment the Kurds approach... If the SAA however tries to seize them first and rightfully so, then they have their instructions to fight and resist....

Well, there you have it... The battle for Syria rages on... The key now is for the SAA and the Russians to prevent the Kurds grabbing any more of the eastern Syrian oil fields as well as to push south and east towards to Iraqi border to cut off any further "ISIS" attempts to reinforce their collapsing situation in Syria by getting reinforcements from neighboring Iraq..... I will of course be keeping tabs on what is really happening in Syria and try to get the real truths out to everyone in future reports... Stay tuned...

More to come


*Update, October 24th, 2017:  Well, shortly after I filed this report I find shocking news of the US DELIBERATELY bombing civlians in the Syrian government occupied zone in the city of Deir Ez-Zor!  Here is a link to that startling new escalation for everyone to see  here:


Of course there are follow up reports of the US military "denying" that they launched this attack.. Yes, the liars will never cease to amaze me...

What this is is the US definitely wanting to escalate the conflict and to try to get a Syrian/Russian response to their blatant provocations... And if the good guys to respond by attacking US-Kurdish positions, then the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal will use that retaliation as their "excuse" to go right ahead and attack Syria itself!

The situation in Syria could indeed get much worse over the next while since the US is stupidly wanting the war to escalate.... 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Well... It is indeed Sunday, and time once again for my weekly rant..

I was busy yesterday visiting my mother and visiting a friend that I have not seen in quite some time... I got in late last night and decided rather than post anything yesterday just to concentrate today on this rant instead...

I was informed yesterday that a colleague whom I have not seen in years was recently diagnosed with Cancer... I do remember this person some years back being absolutely fit and being in very good shape and health.... But as the person that informed me said, it does happen to a lot of people and a lot of people simply do not know that they have Cancer until it is much too late...

Which of course brings me to the interesting findings that I read over the last few weeks concerning how the criminals actually and very purposely injected a variation of Simian Cancer cells into about 95+ million unsuspecting people back in the 1950's- 1960's under the disguise of giving them a "Polio Vaccine" ... This insidious and most diabolical vaccine chemical is known as "SV40" and actually alters the victim's DNA that even if they do not contract Cancer during their lifetime, the SV40 "gene" is passed onto their children!   I found this to be one of the most diabolical and criminal actions ever taken in the last 1/2 century and yes indeed it would explain why cases of "Cancer" have exploded over the last few decades as well....  And yes, we can thank the Jewish criminals who have long controlled the Pharmaceutical and Medical industries over that time frame for being behind this a s a method of controlling and/or destroying the Gentiles.....

Well, I honestly wanted to close the book on the Las Vegas mass shooting false flag operation, due to the fact that I have been so saddened by the inaction of the American people who apparently are now too stupid for their own good and will allow their sick and twisted government to now place more freedom and rights stripping bills out their as well as push even harder for the fraud of "gun control".....  But before I finally say enough of Las Vegas, there are a few perspectives of the entire incident that I want to give my own thoughts to, and I have them listed here...

There were NOT "59" victims at this latest fraud shooting..... OK, One thing that puzzled me right after the announcement of this incident was all over the news on October 1st, was the reporting of some "58 people have died" and of course "over 500 injured" within the first day of this "shooting"... And I know that it actually takes days before an actual "body count" from a mass shooting can be official... This is due to the fact that the Las Vegas medical and coroner's offices have to first go over each and every "victim" in such an incident and actually pronounce the victims as being "deceased" or "wounded"... And yes, that does take days for the official announcements of a casualty figure... AND peculiarly we have this "gag order" that was placed on the Las Vegas coroners offices which I found so suspicious... What was so bad that they had to place this gag order?  Therefore this quick announcement of "58 people dead" should have raised some serious red flags with everyone and pointed to something was indeed amiss here.... BUT I will state it again that some people did indeed die in this "event" which flies in the faces of those who are claiming that "nobody died".... The facts are as I said many times that the criminals involved in this incident did kill a few people, but I will state it here that due to the lack of evidence of "58 (now 59 of course..) people dead" I am not sold on that figure at all....The number of real deaths at this one is therefore much lower, and in my estimations is probably as few as in the 10-20 range!

Stephen Paddock absolutely did not fire a gun at all at this event...... This should not be a shock to anyone, for they indeed needed a "lone gunman" and a "nut job" of course to be the patsy for this event, and Paddock seemed to foot the bill nicely... However the criminals involved blew it quickly when evidence first came out that Paddock was not a gun enthusiast at all and according to his own family.... And then the real perpetrators really botched the "shooting pit" in that 32nd floor Mandalay Bay suite, especially with the two windows in TWO ADJACENT SUITES having their windows blown out for this supposed "one gunman" to fire away from one perch and then quickly run to the other perch and fire again..... That is a laugher in itself, if not for the way that the real perpetrators tried to make Paddock's suite look after the "shooting"... Gun cases all in the wrong places, especially ON TOP of pools of blood (laid there after the fact of course....) as well as the way that they threw in as many as 32 guns into the suite afterwards to try to make "Paddock" look like a gun crazed madman.....  In fact the 32nd floor suite scenario fell apart instantly with the fact of the almost bulletproof glass windows and of course the sensors that would have had security come running the moment the glass was compromised...

Jesus Campo is a fraud and was introduced into this event to create a "hero" for the gullible American people.... I have already shown enough evidence here at this blog to show this as being true... Every single false flag event we have seen over the last few years in America has had its phoney "hero", from the Gay Flag shirted buffoon from the Pulse Night Club false flag, to Afghanistan veteran Jeff Bauman who had his legs blown off in that war only to have them blown off again (miraculously) at the fraud Boston Bombing, to my favourite Gene Rosen  the stupid Jewish liar and conman injected into the fraud Sandy Hook event with his impossible story of "having children dumped on his driveway" by a school bus while the main fire station was just across the street!..... Basically, this Jesus Campo idiot was absolutely injected into the Las Vegas incident to try to add "credibility" to the fraud "32nd floor shooter" bullshit, especially with his ridiculous and impossible "200 shots fired at him down the hallway" laugher of a tale....And of course we have this lying sack of shit appearing on the Ellen DEGENERATE daytime bullshit show rather than appear anywhere else for the world to see..... The fact that America is labeling this clown as a "hero" shows exactly how brain dead most Americans have truly become....

There were absolutely multiple shooters from a whole bunch of different positions for this event.... This has already been proven by analysis of the acoustics from this event, as well as EYE WITNESS TESTIMONIES from some of the patrons that attended the Country music festival.... There were in fact a few shooters actually in the crowd as well as a few from vantage points above the band stage and of course from the lower levels of the Mandalay Bay resort itself.... It is in fact so sad and absolutely diabolical that we are now seeing some of the key witnesses to the usage of multiple shooters at this incident sudden die from 'natural causes' while others have strangely disappeared.... Yes, the criminals in this fraud have had a hard time selling their phoney lone gunman scenario and have gone to great lengths to cover for their hit squads including killing off those who have seen them in action...

Well, there you have it for the Las Vegas false flag operation.... Another shooting conducted by criminals within the US government as well as hired hitmen (Mossad/CIA) to carry out the operation..... As I said, the sad part is how the American people are doing absolutely NOTHING now to stop the madness from continuing.....And yes, I stand behind my convictions that if the American public do nothing with this one, then their nation has to die.....

OK, I ran across a most interesting article just this morning from my fellow Canadian truth seeker that hails from parts unknown in the wilds of British Columbia, Greencrow, (read her article here) where apparently the criminal Prime Minister of this formerly free nation of Canada, that abysmal Justin "Trust In Jew Dough" Trudeau (or as Greencrow calls "Le Dauphin") has now shown his true Jew dick sucking nature in following his American (and Jewish masters) in condemning Russia and trying to place "restrictions" and "sanctions" on Russian diplomats and officials in Canada.... The fact of the matter is, and this is the gist of all this, the Russians discovered and put a stop to US efforts back in the mid 2000's to undermine Russian efforts to go after the criminals and 'oligarchs' who did so much damage economically to the Russian Federation.... I have only recently begun to read up on this corruption and wrongdoing by the US government that cost the Russian Federation hundreds of millions of dollars (if not billions) until the Russians went after the criminals involved and jailed many of them (others fled the nation of course) starting in 2009..... Basically the US got caught in this criminal escapade... In turn the criminals in the US passed the ridiculous "Magnitsky Act" to try to punish Russia directly for stopping their criminal acts against that sovereign nation!..... And now according to Greencrow, we have that sniveling idiot Prime Minister here in Canada sucking up to his Jewish and American masters and imposing much the same "sanctions" on Russians in Canada as well!..... AND I must agree with Greencrow's assessment that this nation threw out that despicable Jew dick sucking Stephen Harper only to replace that idiot with another Jew dick sucker in the form of Justin "Le Dauphin" Trudeau!..... I always thought the US was bad enough by having Donald Drumpf in the Oval Office, but Justin definitely gives that man a run for the money in regards to how much he bows down to his masters...

And speaking of US President Donald Drumpf.... As I predicted in the last rant, we are now seeing this Jew dick sucking clown go hard and heavy into the push for war against the innocent nation of Iran... Yes, the Jewish power elite are now using this idiot as well as their Jew spew media to try to sell the notion to the American public that once again Iran is "wanting nuclear weapons" and is a "threat" to the planet....And of course we now have that despicable "Nikki Haley" going in front of a podium just a few days ago claiming that Iran has never lived up to the sham "Iranian nuclear deal" and that Iran is somehow "destabilizing" the Middle East (ignoring the real criminal in all this, Israel of course..).... It has been so maddening for myself to watch any videos of this "Nikki Haley" Jew dick sucking clown and her incessant lies..... But the facts should now be crystal clear that all of this ranting about how "evil" Iran is, is only the beginning, and will escalate over the next while as these criminals try to brainwash the gullible American people into the idea that Iran must be destroyed (for Israel of course)....

I have seen more and more reports over this last week concerning present and former "Jewlywood" Hollywood "stars" coming out of the woodwork and now coming forward with their allegations about how that entire Jew run system is a cesspool of child abuse, pornography, pedophilia, and sexual abuse... That is disgusting enough, but few are showing how Jewlywood is also a Jewish child sacrifice ring as well.... Yes, the Jews that run that psychotic system do indeed perform child ritual sacrifices and do "blood letting" as well as sexually abuse children... But I do wonder how far the real truths about "Jewlywood" will be exposed, and whether or not that evidence of children being killed will ever come out for the US general public to absorb.... But the bottom line is still the same in that Jewlywood must die and everyone should be absolutely avoiding and/or boycotting any of its filth...

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment... As usual, I have left so much else on the table that I could cover in my main points of contention that would make this rant ridiculously long... I instead will leave my own two cents worth and try to cover what I may have missed in my usual "last minute tidbits"...... As I said in previous rants, has anyone else noticed how this "North Korean threat" has now strangely disappeared from the Jew spew media, to be replaced by this "Harvey Weinstein" crap as well as the new "threat" being Iran?  Yes, the American people are truly this gullible and have the attention spans of mosquito pee.......The California wild fire situation is apparently now "under control", and now begins the massive clean up.  There are so many questions yet unanswered though, especially how these fires all begun "simultaneously" in the first place.  I do wonder what ridiculous explanations the Jew spew media will come up with to explain these fires and the damage done!........I saw a report where supposedly the criminal Jew run European Union is asking some $40 BILLION dollars for the United Kingdom to "Brexit" the union.  As far as I am concerned, the British government should do the right thing in exiting that bullshit "union" immediately and tell them to take their $40 Billion bullshit and shove it up their asses!.........The war in Syria is now in its final phases with the good guys, the SAA and their allies, pushing towards the Iraqi border and reclaiming Syria's oil fields for the Syrian people. But I could not help but notice how the US has now declared "victory" in Al Raqqa and how those bastards have killed thousands of innocent civilians in the process of "defeating ISIS".  This proves the fact that the 'battle for Raqqa' was a fraud from the beginning with the real "battle" being the genocide of civilians by the US and Kurds.......Even more reports coming forward about the humanitarian tragedy unfolding in Yemen where it is quite possible that hundreds are now dying daily due to Cholera and starvation.   Yes, we can once again thank the US for such a splendid success they are doing in Yemen by aiding the Saudis in the genocide of innocent civilians..... I got an interesting comment last week about my article pointing out that the F35 is NOT 'stealthy' as claimed.  He said that the Israelis had mounted external weapons arrays on their F35's wings that no longer make their aircraft "stealthy'.   But the facts are that even without all that junk added on by the Israelis, this POS was never stealthy to begin with.  And if the Israelis are now putting external hardware onto the wings of this ridiculous aircraft, it only makes a slow unwieldy cumbersome aircraft even more cumbersome and slows it down even more!  And the US taxpayers are now spending some $150+ Million dollars for each of these flying death traps that they are basically giving to the Israelis for nothing?.......Spanish government is now definitely taking a hard line in regards to Catalonia.  As I said in previous rants, I do not like where this is going, and I can definitely see a "civil war" with bloodshed on the near horizon.   I honestly wish that the two sides would sit down and try to hammer out a fair deal and avoid a civil war where nobody wins..........Went to local mall just the other day to see how the "liquidation" of the Sears store there was going.  I was disappointed, for all I saw was Sears unloading their junk for what they claim is "liquidation pricing" but in fact was even higher than when the junk was on sale.  Yes, Sears turned into a mess over the last decade and now they are paying the price for their own folly.  The sad part is watching so many employees now thrown out of work while the employers did their own part in giving themselves hefty bonuses knowing the company was going to tank!...... While attention has been focused elsewhere, there has been little notice given to this new outbreak of Pneumonic Plague on the island nation of Madagascar.  Supposedly some 75+ people are now dead and it has spread right across the island.  Luckily (for now) it has been isolated to Madagascar only.  I will be keeping tabs here from now on to see what happens with this one!...........I see that Arsenal came away with a victory this morning against Everton by the score of 5-2.   Even though the game was not shown here (grrr....) I am happy that the Gunners came away with the victory.  But with Manchester City basically running away at the top of the table for now, I am sticking to the idea that the Gunners should push for a Champions League berth for this year...........And finally, with no other targets for the moment I guess it is back to the insanity of Kardashian skank-ville.  Apparently the paparazzi and brain dead Americans are all aflutter this last week with reports about how singer "Pink" has "dissed" skank Kim for her "infamous" nude selfies.  Honestly, I have not heard much from "Pink" over these last few years, but if she is taking pot shots at this skank, she is in my good books!  Again, while America goes to hell in a hand basket, the American public still ridiculously loves and follows the stupid lives of these skanks and trolls.   And people wonder why I say that America, as it is today, should die?

More to come