Thursday, August 24, 2017

Why Are We Still In Afghanistan? Its The Opium, Stupid!

I have posted countless articles at this blog over the last 10 years covering the real reasons why the US, Canada, and other "NATO" countries first invaded and then stuck around in Afghanistan for almost 16 years now.... And even before I go into detail in this article to cover the real reasons, I will give everyone this tidbit:


There, even before I get into the full details enclosed in this article, you already have your answer....

And yet, we have so many gullible and truly stupid people out there that are falling for the Jew spew media and our own criminal governments still pushing the same lies that it is to 'fight AL-Qaeda' or the so called bad guys aka the "Taliban".....But to be honest, why has nobody gone after these crooks and criminals by asking the question as to WHY has it taken 16 years for this conflict?  And WHY are we no closer now than 16 years ago to declare "victory" and get the hell out????

First, I want to bring forward here one of my first articles that I wrote here at NTS almost 8 years ago that pretty much summed up the entire "fight" in Afghanistan and even then declared that it was for THE OPIUM, and nothing else... Here is the link to that article here:

OK, Now we fast forward to 2017 and how just a few days ago President Drumpf came out and declared that the US was in fact staying in Afghanistan for some of the most lame-brained excuses imaginable.. And yet the truth that they are in there to keep the Opium fields in operation and flowing to western drug dealers is never mentioned...

However, at least one foreign news service has picked up on the reality that is Afghanistan, and has posted their own statement about Afghanistan... I want to present the following report from the Russia Today news service at, where the author pulls no punches and calls the entire war in Afghanistan for wht it is... ITS THE OPIUM, STUPID!..... Here is the link to that report here:

Yes, the reality is that when President Drumpf declared that the US was staying in Afghanistan, I can guarantee that champagne corks were popping over at the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia as the war hawks and the CIA were indeed cheering the fact that they got their now fully controlled "President" to continue the Opium field productions, and guaranteeing that more Americans will die as a result....

OK, I have posted so many times before the truth about Afghanistan, and I will repeat it here for everyone to digest.. The reality is the Taliban are NOT these supposed "bad guys" that the Jew spew media has portrayed for the last few decades.. The Taliban are in fact fighting for the freedom of Afghanistan against foreign invaders as any citizen of any nation has the right to do... The Taliban had in fact been wiping out the Opium poppy fields since the Russians had to leave in the early 1990's and by 2001 had destroyed some 90-95% of all of these fields and were on the verge of wiping out the Afghan opium trade entirely... However, cue the Rothschilds and other sinister groups that were making a fortune off of illegal drugs, and in 2001 they demanded their minion governments in both Europe and the US to do something to stop the Opium destruction...

The US of course being a stooge of their Jewish masters, complied with their masters demands to do something to save the Opium in Afghanistan, and lo ahd behold we have the US invading Afghanistan in late 2001 under the LIE that they were going after their CIA operative, Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden... With that invasion, the US and NATO went to work to get the Opium fields back into production and within a few years the drugs were flowing into European and other world markets are a record pace....

Yes, the reality is that now for almost 16 years the US and NATO have stayed in Afghanistan to protect the Opium poppy fields to make sure the drugs flowed out of the country so that the Rothschilds and other drug dealers could get filthy rich in the process... And at what cost?  The "war" in Afghanistan has now cost the US taxpayers well over a TRILLION dollars and several thousand lives in the process.... This war along with the failed one in Iraq have in fact bankrupted America..... But lets look at the bright side, for we have dirt cheap Afghan Opium, Heroin, and now Opiates, all over our fine cities killing citizens, right????

Well, there you have it in a nutshell... The US people have now been committed to at least 4 more years of bloodshed in Afghanistan under the Drumpf regime, and all to keep the Opium flowing... Honestly, how sick are we as a society to allow this to not only happen but to continue unabated?

More to come


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Unknown said...

US sailors are going to need some of that opium when they
finally realize that their warship electronics are being
hacked by the Chinese Reds. No rally 'round the flag this
time....pass that needle over here, boys!