Wednesday, August 23, 2017

This Is Ridiculous: Criminal State Of Israel Is Making False Claim That Iran Can Produce Weapons Grade Plutonium "Within Days" If Nuclear Deal Is Ended!

Lets not pull any punches here.. Israel has long wanted to see the nation of Iran destroyed, and they absolutely want their minions in the United States to do all the fighting and dying to see that destruction take place... AND those bastards have indeed been trying to brainwash the stupid gullible American people with their Jew spew media constantly pushing out reports about how "evil" Iran is and how Iran is seeking to develop nuclear weapons... The bullshit about Iran never ends and never ceases to amaze me..

I came across the following report the other day that shows how ludicrous this Iran "bashing" has become and once again shows how the psychos in Israel will never stop with their vilification of that innocent nation in trying to convince an ever more skeptical American nation that Iran must be destroyed... This one is a real laugher, as the liars over at the "Times Of Israel" at just put out a report claiming that Iran can make "weapons grade" Plutonium within days if the Iranian nuclear P5+1 deal is ever ended... Here is the link to that ridiculous report for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  OK, Here is the science and logic in a nutshell... Right now Iran is producing nuclear material in their peaceful and well observed sites across their nation to around 5% purity.. That level of refinement is for their peaceful nuclear power stations and is well within the guidelines set by the IAEA inspection teams and international commission, and meets the required terms of the P5+1 agreement....  That is fact..

Now, to upgrade the purity of their refinement to around 20% is absolutely well below the required 95% refinement level required to make viable nuclear bombs... This 20% level is to make medical isotopes only and is absolutely NOT for making "weapons grade Plutonium" as the liars in the Israeli Jew spew media spews....

Therefore what we are seeing come from the "Times Of Israel" is just bullshit scare mongering once again and is an absolute LIE......  Yes, Iran has long threatened to get out of the P5+1 treaty, and they have that right considering the US has never lived up to the terms of that agreement.....

I can guarantee that we have not seen the last of this bullshit coming out of the Jew spew media.. The psychos in Israel are absolutely desperate to see Iran destroyed as the Iranians are the only ones in the region at this point with the strength to stand up to the sick Israeli dream of their "Greater Israel" and the destruction of their Arabic neighbors....

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