Friday, August 11, 2017

THAAD Missile "Defense" In South Korea Does NOT Work, The Real Issue Is The Radar Systems Aimed At China

Many who have read this blog for years now know exactly how I feel about the lies of "missile defense".... I stated many years ago that we were lied to in Gulf War one back in 1991 where the US falsely claimed that their "Patriot" missiles were able to intercept and shoot down Saddam Hussein's "SCUD" missiles that were aimed at both Saudi Arabian targets and at Israel.... The truth is that the Patriot missile systems were in fact a complete flop and all of the reports of the "success" of Patriot intercepting the Scuds were for propaganda purposes only.....Heck, here is a link to an interesting report that was first published back in 2003 that covers the truth about Patriot being a complete flop:

And since the time of the dismal Patriot systems flop and fiasco, we have all seen the reports about the US sending batteries of their more "advanced" missile defense system, called ARROW, to the criminally psychotic state of Israel to "bolster" their air defenses against non-existent "missiles" being launched from the Israeli occupied Gaza Strip... That multi-BILLION dollar "defense" system has also been proven to be a massive flop and swindle and apparently NO "missiles" being launched by non-existent "terrorists" against Israel were ever "intercepted" by these Arrow missiles!   The entire Arrow program and its partner "Iron Dome" system being sold by the US (donated by US taxpayers) to the psychos in Israel was a scam and only a money making swindle for the US defense industry!  It showed once again that "missile defense" is in fact a pipe dream!  Heck, here is a link to a report from 2014 that shows how indeed Iron Dome and "Arrow" have been proven to be dismal failures:

Well, now we have two "missile defense" systems built by the US that have proven to be dismal failures and nothing more than propaganda stunts to sell to the public the false notion that "missile defense" actually works..

Which brings us now to the "latest and greatest" creation by the US defense industry in regards to missile defense called "THAAD" which stands for "Terminal High Altitude Aerial Defense", which has been sold for over a decade to so many gullible nations and most recently to South Korea as a defensive shield against enemy incoming missiles..... And sadly, much like previous "missile defense" systems that have proven to be nothing more than money making duds, apparently THAAD is also in the same category as well!

OK, I do have to admit that the concept of how THAAD works is actually quite different than previous systems, where the THAAD warhead is NOT an explosive composite like previous missile defense systems, but is actually a solid mass that relies on "kinetic energy" instead of an explosion to take down enemy incoming missiles... The idea is to have the THAAD warhead impact against the enemy missile and the force of that impact destroy the enemy warhead on contact.... It is indeed a different approach to shooting down enemy missiles.... And sadly the whole damn thing appears to be as big a bust as both "Patriot" and "Arrow-Iron Dome" have proven in the past!

Right now, I want to present the link to an interesting article from Robert Beckhusen, over at the Medium website, at, that gives a straight forward realistic assessment of "missile defense" and the entire THAAD missile system, calling it a $170 BILLION dollar failure... Here is the link here:

OK, I have been reading some of the reports about THAAD and how the US government has sold the public on this fiasco by claiming that the system has been tested many times over the last few years, and that it just concluded its "15th successful" test in the Pacific Ocean just last month...And I am not impressed, for I know from previous "successful" tests with other systems, they are lying to us about the results just to make sure our criminal governments spend our taxpayer money for these fiascos.....And believe it or not, but one of the worse "fake news" networks out there, the clowns over at CNN themselves, had a report out just last month that called the recent "test" of the THAAD's interception capabilities a "failure"!   Here is the link to that report:

OK, here is a reality check on how these "tests" have been conducted to make them look "successful":  The manufacturers of these "missiles" have been known for years to cheat on their tests by equipping the target "missile" with a beacon so that the defensive missile can surely hit them!  This has been the case for decades, and I can guarantee that the so called "successful" tests all were fixed by having these homing beacons installed on the targets... .I can guarantee that nations such as Russia, China, and North Korea, are not going to put these type of devices on their missiles!......

Well, then the big question should be why in the hell the US has been so hell bent on installing the THAAD system in South Korea?  And yes the Chinese are not too happy about that "defensive" system on their back door, and the question should be why?  And to answer THAT question, we should all be looking not at the THAAD missiles themselves, but their accompanying Radar systems.....And here is a link to a recent report from the Washington Post that discusses the THAAD missile system and its accompanying radar system:

I hope that readers have noted this part of that report that shows glaringly the REAL ISSUE with this THAAD system being installed in South Korea:

Instead, many experts argue that China's anger over THAAD has less to do with the missiles than with the sophisticated radar capabilities included in the system. These radars could be used to track China's own missile systems, potentially giving the United States a major advantage in any future conflict with China. Some Chinese analysts argue that THAAD itself is of only limited use against North Korea anyway, as it would not be able to take out short-range missiles and artillery that do not reach high altitudes, hinting that the radar may be the real reason for the deployment.

Yes, the truth is sometimes buried in reports and sometimes people overlook the obvious... The contention with THAAD is not the "defensive missiles" that are actually a dud, but the RADAR which the US will use to peer deep into Chinese territory clandestinely!  It also shows that the Chinese are not stupid, and can see clearly the sick American game being played here...

Well, there you have it... We are watching a sick game being played right now in Korea and especially with this "threat" of North Korean nuclear missiles that are for the moment very much non-existent... The real issue in all this is fear mongering for the sale of missile systems to nations that do not work and are being used clandestinely to spy on so called 'enemy' nations.....

The bottom line is this... Missile defense, in spite of the great "strides" in making them more effective and efficient still do NOT work...... The corporations behind this entire fraud are in it for the money and to make outrageous profits from fear mongering... I hope that people everywhere get over the fear and see this reality for themselves..

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