Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Remembering Ernst Zundel: Ernst Zundel - A Spartan Of The Spirit

I awoke today and pulled open today's local daily newspaper, which I view sometimes as pure propaganda that continues to promote the Jewish view of the world.... I usually use this newspaper for the sports news and rarely look into either the "Editorials" or any other reports....

However, today I decided to take a look at a few pages that caught my eye and I was mortified... This trash rag of a "newspaper" had almost two full pages dedicated to the death of Ernst Zundel, and in those reports the authors again and again called Ernst Zundel not only a "Holocaust denier" but an "agent of hate".... It was disgusting to see these reports vilify this great man without paying any homage at all to his fight for true freedom of speech and freedom for ALL Canadians from the Jewish scourge that has enslaved this nation!

For this article, I do want to pay tribute to Ernst Zundel, who I view as one of the greatest real truth seekers of our time!   And for this tribute, I want to present the following most important video, entitled: "Ernst Zundel - A Spartan Of The Spirit" for all to see the REAL Ernst Zundel for themselves... I have additional thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: First, I must reiterate that as a Canadian, I cannot personally comment on my own thoughts about the Jewish Holocaust of the second World War.... If I was to give my views, I surely would have the Jewish thought police pounding at my door to haul me away for the trumped up and phoney charge of "Holocaust denial"... I therefore leave it up to everyone to research that part of our "history" for themselves and to come to their own conclusions as to if the "Holocaust" was real or not..

I was aware that Ernst spent much of his time as a sketch artist, and honestly his work is amazing...

And honestly, I am sickened by the Jewish criminals and the so called "press" for how much over the last few days they have absolutely tried to picture Ernst Zundel, even in death, as nothing but a "hate monger" and continue to parrot the same lies again and again of him being a "Holocaust denier"... The reality is very much different.....

As I stated in my weekend rant, I do want to see the day when we are finally rid of the Jewish domination of our society, that Ernst Zundel is given his proper status as one of the greats in history that actually stood for the truth..... That day cannot come soon enough...

More to come



Unknown said...

Bravo! Also kudos to a very brave lady, Mrs. Ingrid Zundel, of whom
I have been a loyal supporter for many years. This fighting lady
cannot even visit her husband's grave-site without risking arrest
for "holocaust denial" herself. Even though an American citizen,
does anything believe "our" government would do anything to help
her? May all the Jew scum live and die in infamy!

Unknown said...

Ernst Zundel, I pay you homage as one warrior for the truth to another. A brave man, a great teacher, and a true elder of The Truth Movement. We stand on the shoulders of giants in carrying on the struggle for Truth. There are few Giants greater than he. He lives on in us his students. "The Truth Trampled into the dirt is still the Truth." Being the Truth it shall ultimately prevail because it is Reality. Its enemies can only fight against it with lies, because Truth and Reality aren't on their side. Reality in the end will always triumph over illusion. Because it is real and its enemy is not.