Sunday, August 27, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 27th, 2017

Yes, Sunday.. The last Sunday in August, and time once again for my weekly rant..

OK.... First a reality check here.. It is freaking cold here in central Canada and this is indeed unusual for this time of year.... What it also proves is once again that man caused "Climate Change" or "Global Warming" is indeed a fraud.... I have seen enough evidence over the last while, including noting clearly that Sol has indeed gone quiet and is not pumping out what is called a "normal" amount of solar radiation, that indicates that we are indeed heading for a very long cold spell... The people who have predicted that we are heading for a solar "minimum" are apparently the ones who have been right all along, and the perpetrators behind the Climate Change fraud are of course dead wrong...  I really have to laugh when I see all of the phoney reports out there that this is the "warmest year on record" when all that anyone has to do is to look online at the reports of record COLD not only here,  but especially all over the southern hemisphere as well.....  We are indeed heading for a long period of colder temperatures all over the globe, and thanks to the idiots who have pushed our crooked governments into accepting the Global Warming scam most nations are ill prepared for colder weather!   It should not be a case of "I told you so" but indeed I did try to tell everyone so!

Honestly what else can I say to the brain dead Americans out there that have never studied their real history?   I put up several articles this last week covering the truth about the American "Civil War" and how slavery was never the initial focal point of the fighting between the Northern and Southern states of the American republic... It was always about "states rights" and the rights of the states to control their revenues... The facts should be clear to everyone that the criminal federal government in Washington DC wanted their own piece of the pie by slapping tariffs on southern states that were profiting from agricultural industries, primarily cotton.....The southern states took exception to Washington's interference and voted freely to secede from the Union which they had every right to do as written in the US Constitution... The war was always about forcing these breakaway states of the Confederacy back under Washington DC control....

And about some of the great Southern defenders of 'states rights' and especially General Robert E Lee....  I find it appalling that Americans do not even know their own history and how Lee was actually the first general that Lincoln himself wanted to head the Union armies as they were preparing for the invasion and reconquest of the southern states.... Lee was a Virginian first and foremost, and once his state of Virginia voted in April 1861 to secede from the Union, he followed his state and decided not to side with the Union.... He was in fact one of the greatest tacticians of the Civil War and won great victories with his army of  "Northern Virginia" and in most cases against overwhelming odds in both manpower and munitions.  His tactics in some key battles, especially Chancellorsville are still discussed and marvelled about by modern military historians and he has long been heralded as one of the greatest Army generals in all history...   And about this crazy idea that he was a "slave owner" or supported the notion of slavery?  Forget it, for he was neither..... Few people even know that fact that Robert E Lee owned a large plantation and tract of land right in Arlington Virginia, that the Union captured shortly after the outbreak of the "civil war" and eventually started burying their dead soldiers from the war in that estate land as a "slap in the face" directed at Lee..... That estate was never returned to Robert E Lee after the civil war was over, and in fact is what is today "Arlington National Cemetery".....Therefore before anyone goes mental with this "Lee" being a "racist" or what ever garbage they might think, I would suggest that they get a clue and actually read their history!

But the mentality of the stupid American idiots out there is continuing, and just last week I saw a report that these crazies want the Alamo in San Antonio Texas razed to the ground!  Yes, these kooks are claiming that the Alamo is somehow a symbol of "white supremacy" and "racism", and yet once again these morons have not a clue about real history and how a group of less than 200 men, mostly volunteers (including the vaunted Tennessee Volunteers) held off the Mexican army of over 5000 soldiers for days back in 1836 before being overwhelmed and slaughtered almost to the last man.... The Alamo became the rallying cry for the people of Texas who won their independence from Mexico a few weeks after the Alamo battle by whipping the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto.... The Alamo has NOTHING to do with "white supremacy" and/or 'racism' but stands as a symbol of resistance against overwhelming odds!   I for the life of me cannot understand how anyone, and especially the people of Texas, will stand for the insult of having the Alamo bulldozed to the ground just to let some fucking half brained moronic Liberal claim stupidly that he finds the monument "offensive".... Get a life, you Liberal idiots!

Yet the lunacy that is presently happening in the US has now spread here to Canada... For last week I found a most idiotic report put out that some idiot in Ontario is now pushing for the removal of the name of John A McDonald from all of the schools and public facilities across that province... This kook and idiot is claiming that he finds one of Canada's founding fathers, John A McDonald, to be "offensive" to him because he claims that McDonald was somehow "racist" and was pushing for the destruction of the indigenous people in Canada back in the mid 19th century..... Again, give me a fucking break...John A McDonald has always been known as one of the fathers of Canadian Confederation and was one person who pushed hard to have this nation created back in 1867.... To me, the real "insult" here is how this fool out in Ontario was released from the psycho ward, and how anyone is willing to listen to this idiot without laughing their asses off is beyond me!

Lets not be fooled here... All of this "rewriting of history" is suddenly being pushed hard by ONE group of criminals that absolutely want our real history not only erased, but all revisionist history halted and destroyed as well.... I am of course talking about the criminal Jewish elite out there that want THEIR version of history, that is so perverse and so insane, pushed and brainwashed into everyones' minds... The reason is simple, for people everywhere are indeed waking up to their criminal actions and how they have been the ones who are responsible for so much death and destruction throughout real history... Therefore they want that real history wiped out, so that their crimes of humanity can be permanently hidden and they can continue on their merry way as they try to enslave the planet....  People need to stop this destruction of our history and wake up to the real perpetrators who want it destroyed.....

Well, the news continues to be better and better out of Syria each day... The good guys, the SAA and their Russian and Arabic allies, have indeed fully encircled a large chunk of American run "ISIS" forces in eastern Homs province and are in the process of wiping out that pocket.... And we find the SAA continuing to make gains in southern Syria as well.... The only stumbling block at the moment appears to be on the southern side of the Euphrates River, where apparently "ISIS" has been making some last ditch effort to delay the SAA advance into Deir Ez-Zor.... The reality is that the US is indeed using "ISIS" now to delay the SAA advance so that they can allow their equally fraudulent SDF contingent of American operatives and Kurdish soldiers, to attack "ISIS" and try to gain Deir Ez-Zor for themselves.... This is all part of the most apparent game the US is now playing in Syria, which has been their "Plan B" all along.. They want to have their Kurdish "allies" gobble up as much of northern and eastern Syria that they can to ensure the establishment of an illegal US-Israeli controlled "Kurdish state"!

Yes, with the failure of the US/Israel/NATO plan in having Syria be destroyed and Bashar al-Assad removed from power, these monsters have now resorted to their next diabolical plan which is to dismember Syria into at least two if not three sovereign states.... They want the oil rich north eastern part of Syria to be handed over to the Kurds to give them their "sovereign state", but honestly I hope the Kurds do understand that they have made a deal with the devil himself in siding with the US and Israel in the war in Syria... For their dream of a 'sovereign nation' could turn into a nightmare as they will be constantly needing the "protection" of the United States against nations such as Turkey and Iran that will not stand for any independent Kurdish nation.... That "protection" will also mean that they will become subservient to both the US and Israel and the cost will be seeing what ever revenue they might obtain through Petroleum resources gobbled up by those monsters....What is basically happening here therefore is the Kurds moving from the protection and autonomy that they had in Syria to an unknown future and enslavement to US and Israeli interests... Yes, the Kurdish leadership has indeed sold their souls to the devil.....

Well, apparently in spite of an "election promise" made by Donald Drumpf that he would indeed end the American involvement in Afghanistan once and for all, his administration is committed to stay in that nation for the foreseeable future..... This was exactly what I had expected, for the Jewish drug lords will NOT allow their minions to leave that nation as they want them to stay there to protect their profits from the Opium poppy fields and to make sure those fields stay in full production of their poisons...  Drumpf can say all he wants and they can make all the excuses imaginable, but the bitter truth as to why the Americans are even in Afghanistan in the first place is this:


Yes the solar eclipse happened last Monday in America, and I did indeed watch it on the Talmudvision in my office.... From experiencing the solar eclipse here in central Canada back in February 1979, I was glad to see so many people take part in the celestial magic and wonder... It was indeed awesome!   Being a man of science with a long history in Astronomy,  I must say that I was very jealous and envious that I was not able to partake in being within the path of totality... It looks like I will have to wait until 2024 for when the next solar eclipse takes place in North America, and I will do my damnedest to be somewhere in eastern Canada to witness it there!

One quick note here... I am indeed slated for some surgery on my sinuses come this November.. I have to see the surgeon about the procedure come mid October to discuss what has to be done... Honestly, I cannot wait any longer, for my sinuses have indeed become increasingly more severe with age and they have now been causing me to have such severe sinus headaches that I knew that something had to be done.... Yes, I am a stubborn mule and I should have had this procedure done years ago, but better late than never.... I will probably be out of commission come November for a few days, and I will let everyone know ahead of time when the operation is slated....

Well, I guess that is enough for now.... Again, I have left so much on the table that has been happening everywhere and I will do my best to touch on them and give my two cents worth here in my last minute tidbits...... I said months back that all of this saber rattling and push for war against North Korea will lead to nothing, for all it is is posturing and some finger waving.  Yes, North Korea has some nuclear warheads and some missiles, but so what?  If they attack anyone their nation will be made into molten glowing glass in no time flat.  The best method of handling North Korea is simple: Leave them the hell alone!........I see things are finally heating up in the breakaway Donbas region of Ukraine, with the Ukrainian army finally about to break the Minsk accords and attack.   The real troubling part that I found over the last week is how the US is "inviting" themselves into Ukraine under the lie that Russia has "invaded" and has stolen Crimea (!).   Again, the US sticking its nose into other nations and using the worse lies imaginable as their excuse..........The Canadian border with the US has been WIDE OPEN now for the past year and thousands of illegal migrant workers have been crossing the border to collect their welfare cheques in this nation.   I do wonder why that numbskull of a Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is such an idiot and does not simply close the borders and allow immigration into this nation if it is done legally?  Canada and the Canadian people deserve a lot better.........I see Germany is about to go to the polls and elect a new Chancellor for that previously free nation.  The real shocker is how that psychotic criminal, Angela Merkel, has the nerve to try to run for "re-election" when in reality she should be thrown out on her sorry ass for her fucking stupid "immigration" policy that has destroyed the nation.  But watch as she "wins" by the usual election fraud and cheating.........Well, people everywhere around the world are now waking up to the fact that Fluoride in their drinking water has been destroying their minds.  So what do the criminals responsible for that crime do now?  They are now promoting of all things, mind numbing Lithium be added to drinking water instead!  I hope people out there are not stupid and see how these monsters are willing to trade one poison in our water for another one.........As expected, Venezuela has been turned into a living hell thanks to the US 'embargo" of that formerly great nation.  Yes, the US wants to impose their usual "regime change" in Venezuela, and we could see the Maduro government in Caracas overthrown or that nation invaded by the US very soon....... Things are getting steadily worse in Yemen, with even more reports this last week of the horrific famine that has gripped that nation.  Yes, this is genocide created by the Saudis and the Americans that want that nation subdued and their puppet put back into power in San'a.  And of course with thousands now dying weekly from this genocide, the Jew spew media has been ignoring this crisis completely!........ Notice that with all of the Jew spew media attention focused in on this phoney "white supremacist" bullshit, all of the so called "Russia gate" bullshit has suddenly disappeared?  This is as expected, that since these liars could not get "Russia Gate" to take hold and destroy Drumpf, they will try this "white supremacist" nonsense instead......... And of course the media is now even trying another approach to vilify Drumpf by claiming falsely that he is mentally unbalanced!  Yes, these liars are dead set on having Drumpf subdued or removed from office that they will try anything imaginable.  And people wonder why these liars are called "fake news"?............. Arsenal plays Liverpool today, and after the debacle last week in losing to Stoke City, this becomes a make or break game for the Gunners.  If they lose, I sure hope people will once again be calling for coach Arsene Wenger to step down..........And finally on the Kardashian front.  Apparently there is a 'renewed' fight going on between Kanye West and Taylor Swift (whom I have never been impressed with).  This "feud" stems from a few years ago, and is preposterous and laughable.  Kanye West is bad enough for marrying that skank Kim Kardashian, but to be once again feuding with Swift is beyond ludicrous.  I can guarantee this is a paparazzi's dream and the American gullible people will be soaking up the bullshit news on this one for the next while....

More to come


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