Sunday, August 13, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Well, it is Sunday once again... And of course time for my weekly rant..

It has been a normal Summer in this part of central Canada, and all indications are that we are heading towards a very cold and brutal winter this year... I for one am sick and tired of all of the fraud and bullshit reports saying that this has been the "warmest year on record" when the reality shows very differently.... Apparently the idiots behind the fiasco of man caused "climate change" or "Global Warming" are going all in now to push as hard as they can for their Carbon Tax fleecing of the general public even with more and more people now truly awakened to the fact that this "Climate Change" rhetoric is all a hoax...

I saw all of the reports this last week concerning the scam artist, Al Gore, and his follow up to the bullshit "Inconvenient Truth" movie of almost a decade ago entitled "An Inconvenient Sequel" where apparently this "movie" is absolutely bombing at the box offices (They released it here in one theatre and it was pulled after just a few days because of NO audiences!).    THIS more than anything else shows that people have had enough of Al Gore and his bullshit "Global Warming" hoax and will not put up with the lies any longer...

However, I must reiterate again that the criminal Canadian government in Ottawa is still pushing ahead with their fraud "Carbon Tax" scheme and will force the Canadian provinces to accept some form of that fleecing of their citizens by this December or the Feds will threaten to cut "transfer payments" to the provinces... This is in fact unmitigated blackmail, as most of the provinces in Canada are dependent on a lot of money from Ottawa, in the form of "transfer payments" that has been collected from Federal taxation of the Canadian people, to fund infrastructure and health services in their own provinces.... I for one hope that the Canadian people are aware of this blackmail by the Trudeau regime and will stand firm against this fraud of Carbon Taxes!

OK, What can I say about North Korea.... I for one am not sold on the US going to war against North Korea, for that is insanity... I instead look at all this fear mongering as a form of "fear porn" being shoved into peoples' brains to have them panic.... That panic works great for the US government that wants to see massive increases in military spending and convincing their own people to spend billions on "missile defence" systems that as I showed in my last article DO NOT WORK....The reality here is simple, for fear propaganda does wonders for the defence industry and the military industrial complex, and right now those bastards are making BILLIONS from this "North Korean threat" that to me is almost non-existent...

Lets have a reality check here on North Korea itself... That nation of some 26 million people has been isolated for decades and has not attacked anyone since the Korean war of 1950-1953....It does have a massive army but that army's equipment and capabilities are limited to fighting a mostly defensive war.... The North Koreans are in fact no match in terms of technology to the South Korean military and that nation's own prowess and capabilities let alone the military might of the US... I therefore can not see the North Koreans doing something as foolish as to launch an attack against South Korea and especially against the United States... Such an attack would be suicidal.... Therefore something else is going on here...

Which brings us once again to the American base at Guam... I said last week that we may be seeing a planned "false flag" attack on that island, conducted by the US but blamed on North Korea, to 'justify" America unilaterally attacking North Korea as "revenge"..... We have all seen so many false flags in the past, and this one will be no different... If there is any "incident" over the next week where Guam is attacked, we must all not fall for the false rhetoric that it was "North Korea" that did the deed, but squarely put the blame on the US itself..... AND we must not forget that China has stated clearly that if the US does attack North Korea, they will come to the defence of that nation as part of their own defence pact with North Korea..... I do wonder if the lunatics in the Pentagon are really ready for a massive world war against the 1.4 billion people living in China over their own foolish false flag against neighbouring North Korea!

In my last article, I pointed out the fact that "missile defence" is in fact useless and in spite of improvements in technology, can be easily overwhelmed by any massive aerial attack... Therefore there is to me a more sinister reason why the US has been pushing hard to have South Korea and other nations suddenly buy their THAAD "anti missile" defensive system... And apparently the real threat of THAAD has not been in the missiles themselves, but the massive accompanying radar systems that can not only sweep the skies looking for "incoming missiles" but can peer for hundreds of miles into enemy territory... THIS is why the Chinese have been dead set against the South Koreans installing the THAAD system, for it is not in the defensive missiles that do not work, but the radar systems that the US will clandestinely use to peer deep into Chinese territory......  And of course with all of this 'North Korea' fear mongering, we find not only the South Koreans now rushing to put in the THAAD system out of fear of North Korean "missile attack" but many other nations as well....Yes, we now see the game here, for the "fear porn" of North Korea is working wonders for the purveyors of weapons and weapon systems....

I have been watching the news continue to be fantastic out of Syria these days... The SAA is continuing their advances against the fraud US backed "moderate rebels" in southern Syria, while making great gains in both Homs and Deir Ez-Zor provinces.....With the capture of al-Sukhneh east of Palmyra last week, the SAA can pivot north and join up with SAA forces moving south from the village of Kadir.  If these two forces can join, they will entrap several thousand US fraud "ISIS" forces that are still to the far west in Homs province and shorten the lines of attack for the push towards the city of Deir Ez-Zor itself..... As well, Tiger forces along the Euphrates River have now isolated the city of Maadan and once that city is secured, can finally launch their long awaited offensive to relieve the entrapped forces at Deir Ez-Zor.....

I am very puzzled by the situation in al-Raqqa, and the so called "liberation" of that key city that has been going on for months now and apparently still is NOT "liberated".... I again must point out the FACT that the US mercenaries and murderers aka "ISIS" that were in that city were actually evacuated with US assistance to be redeployed into Deir Ez-Zor province back at the end of March of this year.... This means that when the Kurdish forces started their attacks on al-Raqqa, I question WHOM they are actually fighting?   The logic here is simple: If ISIS was removed from al-Raqqa back at the end of March, then who is actually defending al-Raqqa now?..... I do wonder if what we are seeing in al-Raqqa is a repeat of the "liberation" of Mosul in Iraq, where the forces sent into that city did not attack "ISIS" that were evacuated from Mosul a full month before the attack, but attacked and slaughtered civilians.... What I do believe is happening in al-Raqqa is not a "liberation" at all, but a genocidal attack on civilians as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign by the Kurds.....And apparently that may be exactly what is going in al-Raqqa, for there are indeed reports out these last few weeks that called into question the attacks on al-Raqqa, especially the US bombing civilians in that city by using illegal White Phosphorus and causing horrendous civilian casualties......Therefore I see the attack on al-Raqqa as part of the sick Kurdish want for their own nation to be carved out of northern Syria, and these bastards may indeed be "ethnic cleansing" the Arabic population in the region to clear them out and make room for their 'nation'!

One other note about Syria.. I saw some most interesting reports over the last few days where apparently the fraud of ISIS that should be beaten down like the dog they are has in fact, in spite of their constant defeats in both Syria and Iraq, been spreading and increasing their presence world wide.... The articles could not figure out how this is happening, and I have the answer for them; It is the US and their want to not let their fraud "ISIS" die.  The US government has been and will continue to send their "ISIS terrorists" everywhere world wide when they require "regime change" in a nation that defies US control.... We only need to look at the Philippines, where in spite of the massive push by the Filipino army to eliminate this fraud from Mindanao island, the "ISIS terrorists" are still there and strangely, in spite of overwhelming odds against them, still able to fight back.  This is due to the US continuing to send them support clandestinely..... Yes, what the reporters fail to say in their articles about how ISIS is not going away is the fact that the US is and always has been the creators and supporters of that fraud "terrorist group".  The only way ISIS will ever disappear is when the US government decides to put an end to them and that is not coming any time soon.....

Yes, there is a solar eclipse that will be seen across the central part of the continental United States on the late morning of August 21st.....And because I live in central Canada, I will not be able to see any totality, and only a partial eclipse..... I in fact am quite envious of my American neighbours, and I do hope that many that are in the path of totality do take part in the event... I was able to witness the solar eclipse of early 1979 from here in central Canada and I found it amazing.....I also do want to make the point that readers should not look directly at the Sun during the time the moon moves to cover its surface, and have the proper eye wear available for any observation..... And I want to mention that I am having a real good laugh at the 'flat earth' idiots out there that are now searching for their excuses to explain how eclipses even work on their "flat pizza" world... Their excuses have been a real hoot and shows clearly that they are indeed clueless rejects from clown college.....

One other note before I close this rant with my last minute tidbits.... I finally went to go and see a specialist this last week to take a look at the problems I have had for decades with my horrific sinuses... Well, the specialist took a real close look at my throat and especially my nose, and he came to the conclusion that I have a "Nasal septum deviation" that has caused any breathing through my nose to be almost non-existent these days... And that deviation along with my shitty sinuses may be the reason why I have been so prone to a vast assortment of ailments from sinus infections to horrific sinus headaches.... He recommended that I get surgery to correct and open up my nasal cavities and I am presently in the process of arranging that surgery....  Yes, I am stubborn and I have been my own worst enemy at times for not getting this corrected sooner.....But at least this may clear up so many problems and allow me to at least breathe a lot easier....

OK, onto my last minute tidbits...... While the world has been so diverted by this bullshit going on in regards to North Korea, the genocide of the people of Yemen is now in full motion.  Recent reports show that thousands of Yemeni people have already died from Cholera and other diseases linked to starvation and malnutrition, and the situation will only get worse in the upcoming weeks.  And yes, we can all thank the US and their support of the evil Saudis for creating this genocide!.......I see that while the world has been so focused in on North Korea, the criminal Israelis once again launched a fraud bottle rocket by one of their agents from Gaza back into Israel that has hit nothing.  And the Israelis have once again used this fraud "rocket attack" as their excuse once again to bomb the shit out of the entrapped people of Gaza.......Yes, I have been watching the reports about this "border incident" that is presently heating up between China and India.  Honestly, I cannot see these two nations going to all out war, as China has the more important issue of North Korea on its plate.  Hopefully the Chinese and Indians will do the right thing and sit down in diplomacy rather than start shooting at each other!........I see that the distraction of "RussiaGate" has fallen by the wayside for the moment due to the Jew spew media in America so focused on the North Korea fiasco.  But again, this entire "Russia Gate" is a fiasco in itself and a distraction to prevent the real criminal involved in the whole mess, Killary Clinton, avoid being put on trial for her criminal dealings with Russia as well as her crimes against humanity...... Yes, reports are now coming out crystal clear that the real estate bubble here in Canada has "popped" and I do wonder where Justin Trudeau and his cronies in Ottawa  are when Canada needs some economic guidance right now to prevent a full meltdown.   A warning for my fellow Canadians in regards to this economic mess: The worse is yet to come!.........I am sick of this bullshit of "political correctness" and I saw a report where there is a horrendous "video" online  at "Youtube" called "In A Heartbeat" that is an insult to humanity and should be BANNED at all cost.  This "video" shows two young boys partaking in anal sex between themselves, and I for one can not understand why people are not up in arms and demanding that filth be removed.  But we all know which "tribe" controls the shit called "Youtube" and we all know by now that they want to promote this filth as part of their sickness to destroy the family unit.   I will put it simply here: FUCK YOU YOUTUBE AND YOUR FILTH!..........As I said in my last rant, there is a petition going around that everyone MUST sign (I did, even though I live in Canada...).  It is calling for a '5 year moratorium' on the usage of vaccines in America due to the ever increasing evidence that not only these vaccines do not work, but actually do damage to the people stupid enough to take them.  That petition should go viral, and everyone must sign it immediately.........Someone asked me what I thought about the advent of Artificial Intelligence, and I for one am worried.  Any artificial intelligence could see mankind as the greatest threat to this planet's survival and may indeed work to have us all eliminated or subdued to save this planet from ourselves.  That sadly is a reality that nobody wants to hear.........Yes!  Premiere League soccer is back and the best thing happened two days ago where the Gunners beat Leicester City by the score of 4-3 on two late goals to pull out the victory.   This is good news for Arsenal, but again it is a long season.............And finally, to hell with the Kardashians this week, for I found something else just as laughable and yet disturbing.  Some Americans were approached on the streets of Los Angeles recently and many were asked to point out on a world map exactly where North Korea was.  Well, guess what?  MOST did not have a clue, and many pointed on the map at Canada!  It is to me so amazing on how most Americans are brainwashed by the liars about North Korea being this "threat" when many do not even have the foggiest idea where North Korea is!  Maybe Americans should actually spend the time getting a proper education before they think about bombing other nations?

More to come



anonymous said...

I am apalled and outraged over the current events transpiring on the world stage, courtesy of our Sabbatean Frankist rulers, and while I'm aware of my country's complicity in all of this (USA, Inc.) it must be stated that it is not representative of our wants or desires as a people/nation. Anyone that's paying attention knows that presently, there does not exist a Rothschild Central Bank in North Korea or Iran. That was the prime motivating factor in the U.S. attacking Iraq (the oil was merely icing on the proverbial cake). The ongoing propaganda facilitated via news & other media outlets was precisely designed to elicit that specific response, and that being the (FALSE) narrative of Iraq being an imminent threat. The military had already destroyed their research facilites, so there wasn't any WMDs. Same propaganda machine hard at work, this time prepping us for another BS war, predicated on more lies. People protested the Bail Outs for the criminal cartel of Bankers and that did zero in the way of achieving anything positive. Instead, peaceful protesters were attacked, tazed, pepper-sprayed & beaten by police then arrested and detained. Our govt. is bought & paid for. They do not represent us collectively. They exist to serve the agenda(s) of the ruling elite. I'd also like to point out that ISIS is a CIA/Mossad creation and not just an entity created by USA, Inc. Same affiliation, but with a distinction. The massive influx of refugees into European countries as well as to the U.S. and Canada is courtesy of the Sabbatean Frankist Jew, George Soros and company. The same POS that financially backed BLM (NOT because he gives a sh*t, but in an effort to create more chaos, in addition to controlling all sides). How many more souls need to be harvested in their ongoing war-for-profit genocide? "Order from chaos" is the motto for their NWO.

I'm a newbie here and I appreciate your efforts! Best of luck w/your procedure!

vish92m said...

You are missing the big thing here.

Conventional Oil peaked in 2005 and next year Al Gore came up with his scam. Why do you think there was relentless push for global warming and reducing carbon and funding phony Elon Musk?

We may hunderds of trillions of barrels underground but all of it is useless, unless you have low lifting and refining costs. Also, the shale boom is a scam funded with QE to prop up the facade for a couple more years since shale has a decline rate of 50-70% in the first year itself and hence suffers from Red Queen Syndrome. Conventional has a decline rate of 6-8%.

Hence the key problem is we are running out of conventional/light/sweet/cheap crude oil.

Why do USA only attack countries which are oil rich since 2001? Remember that Britain participated in Iraq and at the same time North Sea was in terminal decline.

Why do you think oil price peaked in 2006-2008?

Why do you think there was a sudden push for climate change in the same period?

Why was sanctions on Iran lifted in 2016? It was done to get more oil to the world.

In the same timeframe, Saudis decided to unveil Vision 2030 and Aramco IPO.

Hedge accordingly with Gold,Silver and Ammos once petrodollar collapses, all currencies will collapse. Considering the Iran and Saudi play, it can't take more than 2 years.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Actually, you are missing the big point about oil itself... This "peak oil" fraud has been a scam since the planet is actually very rich in petroleum... The problem is getting to the massive amounts of oil that are untapped due to the cost of deep drilling compared to conventional drilling technology...

Look up some of my articles concerning the peak oil scam and how the Russians proved the scam by being forced to develop deep drilling technology themselves to supply their needs...

Also the key is not oil as the driving issue for invasion in the Middle East, but the Greater Israel project that the scumbag Jews have wanted for their want for hegemony over the entire region..

Northerntruthseeker said...

And anonymous, it is not this "sabbatean frankist" ruling "class" that controls the planet, but the TRIBE of phoney Jews who worship their phoney god.....

vish92m said...

Seems like you did not read my comment correctly.

I said we are rich in petroleum but all that matters is the lifting and refining costs in energy as well as monetary terms.

Oil Age will end for two reasons:

1. Affordability -> At $147 economy fell apart in 2008. So, the max affordability is somewhere close to $100.

2. Energy costs -> If it takes more than 1 barrel of oil to get 1 barrel out, the process won't work.

Also, you are well advised to read upon the definition of peak oil. Hubbert factored in Shale, Tar sands etc. Peak Oil is when the global production of light/sweet cheap oil hits a high.

Here are the facts, refute me if you can:

1. Ghawar has a water cut of 45%. They need to pump in 8MB/d to get 5MB/d. Remove the water Ghawar is dead. When Ghawar dies, Saudi dies and so does the world. Saudi's are trying teritiary techniques like CO2 injection since 2009. Saudis have doubled their rig count, yet their output has not increased by 2x. Why?

2. Burgan has been in decline with a decline rate of 14%. Kuwait may only have 24 billion barrels in reserves as per internal documents.

3. We consume 96MB/d or 35BB/Annum crude oil. So, the discoveries being touted eg: 1billion barrels etc will last for just 11 days.

4. Look at the balances sheet of oil companies, none of them has made a profit on fracking. An industry widely profitable is now saddled with debt and low profit.

5. Russia has an organic decline rate of 19%, to avoid that they drill 5000 wells a year to reduce the decline to 2%.

6. Why was CIA so concerned about oil in JOE2010 report if there was plenty of oil?

7. We only considered light sweet crude 20 years ago, now we have sour/heavy etc variety. Why?

8. Why everyone wants to drill in the Arctic when it is so hostile and expensive. Clearly we have plenty of oil?

9. Why even the shale play. Oil is plenty according to you?

It is game over & the wolf is at the door this time.

You are advised to read ourfiniteworld and energyskeptic. Also, for the coming monetary system read roacheforque.

anonymous said...

I was attempting to make a distinction by classifying them as Sabbatean Frankists (who have a connection to Freemasonry/Luciferianism), rather than lumping all of them into the same category for obvious reasons. Jews typically always defend/promote other Jews & are instilled from their youth that, "to be a Jew is to be a Zionist." Not every Jew subscribes to those beliefs, however, nor do all Jews worship Lucifer, practice Kabbalah or believe everyone other than Jews to be subhuman, so yes, there is a difference. And given the revelations of Hitler being a crypto-Jew and the Nazis being their creation (too many others to list) isn't it fair to say that we've all been manipulated and intentionally deceived, or do you suppose they were all in on the conspiracy? Also, I d/k how to address the second portion, in that, being Hebrew and being Jewish are not one and the same, although it's falsely promoted as being synonymous. As for the, "phoney God" remark, I'm not quite sure of how you intended that to be taken, either~whether you're meaning 'their' God is phoney or God in general is fake/not real? To each their own..
There are too many examples to mention, but just our DNA alone should give one reason to pause. Our DNA is far superior to that of it's artificial, man-made counterpart (internet) so, to suppose that it appeared on it's own out of no-where &/or nothing, to then somehow self-assemble and function as it does requires a leap of faith as well, although you're certainly entitled to believe whatever you like. JSYK, it was never my intention to pick a fight w/you, much less to annoy you in any way (honestly). I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on certain aspects.