Friday, August 18, 2017

Here We Go Again With Another False Flag, This Time In Barcelona Spain

We in the real truth movement have been right so far about almost every single false flag attack conducted by the Jewish elite and their minions over the last few years... It does seem however that these bastards will continue to do these operations every chance they get knowing that the majority of sheep out there still do not get it and simply are too stupid to see through their sick and twisted game....

We also knew that another false flag was coming.. These criminals want these operations to continue as their method of using fear propaganda on gullible people to further their aims at taking away everyone's freedoms and liberties... Well lo and behold, but just yesterday we have this "terrorist attack" in Barcelona Spain where the Jew spew media is now reporting some "13 people have been killed" and some "100 more injured"..... And once again I do smell a rat here.....

I want to present one of the best articles so far that covers a lot of facts and information about this latest "terrorist attack" in Barcelona Spain... It of course comes from Aangirfan's website at, and is entitled: "Barcelona False Flag", and I have it right here for my own readers to see for themselves.. I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Friday, 18 August 2017


Barcelona police, after the attack of 17 August 2017.
The police have now dismissed earlier reports of the Barcelona attackers taking hostages in a Turkish restaurant.

It is possible that the police are protecting the attackers?

Police linked to Madrid bombs

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack.

ISIS is reported to be run by the CIA and Mossad?

America created ISIS - Global Research .

'Driss Oukabir Soprano'

Driss Oukabir, whose passport was allegedly found in the white van, handed himself in to the police.

It has emerged that, like most well-known 'patsies', 'he had been under police surveillance'.

A report in the Guardian says that Driss Oukabir was arrested after he went to the police to report that his passport had been stolen.

The Guardian says that Driss Oukabir was not the driver of the van.

Mossad has a history of stealing passports.

Mossad's long history of clandestine operations.

Moussa Oukabir (right) and a friend. 
The authorities are trying to make out that 18-year-old Moussa Oukabir was driving the white van.

Fake Facebook accounts were set up to discredit Driss Oukabir and his brother Moussa.

The URL of a fake Facebook page contained the name 'Ayman.Arifi' instead of Driss Oukabir Soprano.

The real Driss' Facebook page was shut down.

Driss El Oukabir Soprano Facebook Photos


The police say that in Cambrils, a town south of Barcelona, they killed five alleged attackers at around 1.30am on 18 August 2017.

One of those who witnessed the chaos in Barcelona was Chris Pawley who had also been at Manchester Arena during the recent terror attack there.

Convicted drug dealer . Manchester Arena bomb survivor caught up in Barcelona terror attack

Missing in Barcelona - Julian Cadman.

The Kosher Nostra terrorists are reputed to be involved in kidnapping children.

After the attack in Barcelona.

The CIA warned local police that La Rambla, in Barcelona, could be the scene of a terrorist attack.


On 17 August 2017, a white van, reportedly rented, rammed into pedestrians outside a kosher restaurant on a busy street in Barcelona.

Kosher restaurants suggest Mossad?

At least 13 people were killed in what police described as a terrorist attack.

After the attack in Barcelona.

"The driver went on the run, and two other men ran into a nearby Turkish restaurant, theLuna d'Istanbul, armed with guns, according to local media.

"The two armed men entrenched themselves in the Turkish restaurant in Barcelona's city centre, and took hostages."

After the attack several armed people enter restaurant .

Barcelona white van.

The spooky lawyer and University of Glasgow rector Aamer Anwar was walking La Ramblas when he heard screaming.

Spain is a base for the families of Mossad spies who operate in North Africa and beyond.

Barcelona is a nest of spies.

One Mossad-CIA trademark is leaving a fake passport at the scene of their crime.

The police are said to have found a passport in the white van.

The passport  belongs to a Spanish national with an Arabic name (Driss Oukabir).

Theresa may refused to back Netanyahu on Iran, and she sacked the top Jews from her cabinet.

When the Kosher Nostra fell out with Theresa May, there were false flag attacks in Manchester and London.


The King of Spain and a rabbi.

Spain has a history of false flag terrorism.

The 1977 Atocha massacre, which was a part of neofascist terrorism in Spain, killed five people.

This massacre, linked to the CIA's Operation Gladio, was committed in Atocha Street near the Atocha railway station in Madrid.

Madrid 2004

Madrid Bombs - the work of the security services


Madrid Bombs
Rafa Zuher and Jose Emilio Suarez were involved in the Madrid bomb plot, according to the authorities. Spain's El Mundo newspaper said ...

Police linked to Madrid bombs?
The newspaper had published details suggesting the involvement of the security forces in the Madrid bomb blasts. The police are alleged to ...

Madrid Bombs
Police linked to Madrid bombs?

The police and the Madrid Bombs
According to Múgica, at a Madrid police station "the officers wanted to help the ABC reporters, but when the camera crew came, they didn't ...

Security services organised the Madrid bombs?
A headline in the Times, June 21 2004: 'Madrid Bombers Linked to Spanish Security Service.' "The man accused of supplying the dynamite ...

Morocco - recruiting ground for the CIA and MI5. MI5 had a Moroccan-born agent who 'investigated' the 7/7 London bombers and the Madrid ...

A few hours before the Madrid Bombings, NATO carried out a terrorism exercise in Madrid. (Translate this page) Former Secretary General of ...


NTS Notes:  OK, Here is a simple guideline for everyone that tells us that these "attacks" are set ups and false flags... Wait until the fraud US "terrorist" group known as "ISIS" takes responsibility!  And yes, late yesterday came the report that was all over the Jew spew media that "ISIS" did take responsibility for this Barcelona operation... .With that we therefore can conclude without a shadow of a doubt that this was indeed a set up and absolutely a false flag attack...

The question that everyone should be asking is this... WHY Barcelona Spain and WHY at this time?.. .Well, the answer is simple.. Barcelona is of course in the Catalonia region of Spain and everyone should be well aware by now that the Catalonians are going to vote as early as this fall for their independence from Spain itself.... Therefore this operation in Barcelona absolutely works for the benefit of the Madrid government to crack down on the Catalonian "separatists" and to prevent that vote for independence from taking place....

There is also the issue of course in regards to Spain's rapidly deteriorating economic situation and the possibility of massive unrest and upheaval in that nation shortly... Therefore this false flag can also give the Madrid government their "crisis" necessary for them to crack down on their own people, take away more of their own freedoms and liberties, and strip them of any abilities to resist government forces when the economy collapses.... Yes, the timing of this "false flag" is indeed too perfect...

I am once again looking for more answers and more evidence of this being a fraud, and once again call on readers to present any evidence they come across and I will do my diligence in getting that information here in further updates.....But I am not swaying from my perspective here in calling this for what it is; Definitely a False Flag operation...

More to come


*Well, this did not take long.. Here is the first "update" for this article, and it comes from Jim Stone's website at Here is Jim's take on this fraud here:


August 17 2017 at 10:45 PM CST



Mexican media is asking hard questions about Barcelona, and how yet another passport was so conveniently found in the van.

The 10:30PM (CST) Diez En Punto (10 En Punto) which airs on Univision and is the most highly regarded Mexican newscast just reported that the Morroccan that is being blamed went to the Moroccan embassy to report his passport stolen, and confirmed that he reported it stolen before the van attack took place. Mexican Media openly stated that it was a frame up, because it is documented that the Morroccan man DID NOT HAVE HIS PASSPORT AT THE TIME OF THE ATTACK.
Diez En Punto then asked the hard question: Since it is proven this guy did not have his passport at the time of the attack, as confirmed by the embassy which did not issue a new one yet and received word directly from him that it was stolen days before the van attack, Mexican media is questioning why on earth the authorities are insisting on saying he was the one who did the attack.
It is then obvious to conclude from what they said, that Barcelona is a proven, sewn up in a body bag intelligence agency fronted false flag that the elite don't want to let go of, because the authorities know damn well the embassy issued a statement that confirmed he did not even have a passport to leave in any van, - oh so conveniently to follow the script of the miracle passport so perfectly (time and time again), - yet they are not backing off on their accusations against a now known to be innocent man.

AAAAAND that's what communists do, because they know that a news broadcast in Mexico is not going to make it to Morocco, and to accomplish an agenda they will murder ANYONE. They are not creative enough to move away from "the perfectly clean passport on top of the ashes". They will take care of the questions by killing anyone it takes to accomplish it. And what would their agenda for yet another vehicular attack be? FULLY MANDATED SELF DRIVING VEHICLES.


Hi Jim, I am living in Barcelona. I do not find the mexican news you are talking about. Could you please publish the link, if possible? It is very important for us here. Thanks, Peter
My response: It might be the biggest newscast in Mexico. Certainly the most nicely presented. Here is a Bing link. If that's not good enough, try Google with the same search terms (I now boycott Google) Diez en punto is a television newscast on Univision. Last night they said there is no way the Moroccan guy is guilty, because it is proven (and acknowledged by the Moroccan embassy) that he did not have a passport to leave in the van. This is a major bombshell, and Diez En Punto is highly credible. Probably the best I have seen in Mex.

If you are not getting this information where you are, through whatever news source, IT IS CENSORED, there is absolutely no mistake about what this newscast said and there is no possible way they messed this up.

Diez En Punto is the only newscast that does not consistently upset me, they actually do real independent reporting and are not just a drone outlet for AP. And they NAIL IT, if they said this, it is golden.


RickB said...

I am weary of da jooz and their paranoic machinations... Can we be rid of them soon?

Ban judaism now please.

Unknown said...

The American media are reporting that there were two other attacks in Spain launched in coordination with this one. One of them resulted in five terrorists who were wearing fake explosive vests being killed by police. If these attacks were actually what they claim them to be, then what kind of sense can that possibly make?

Northerntruthseeker said...

I saw that too, Randall... And I wonder if part of that is their usual "disinformation" tactics to throw a lot of people off course...

Northerntruthseeker said...

Rick, we can only hope.. But they are entrenched so firmly in so many aspects of our society, that it may take a full scale revolution to get rid of them...