Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Updated! Has Philippine President Duterte Gone Insane? Inviting Criminal US Into Philippines To Attack US Created And Fraudulent ISIS Forces, And Now Claiming He Is The US's "Humbled Friend" (!)

Everyone with even the least bit of common sense understands by now that the so called "terrorist" group known as "ISIS" is a complete fraud and a sham... .The entire group consists of US bought and paid for operatives and mercenaries and was created some 5 years ago with only one goal in mind... As a weapon of US interests for 'regime change' in any nation that the US places them!   We have already seen the dirty work of "ISIS" in nations such as Syria and Iraq, where these US operatives have cost the lives of so many innocent people..... Luckily the US push for "regime change" in those two nations by using their phoney ISIS "terrorists" has failed for the moment...

And of course everyone should be up to speed by now in regards to the latest US introduction of their phoney "ISIS terrorists" on the Philippine island of Mindanao, where that US group of operatives have now been fighting a pitched battle with Filipino government forces in the Mindanao city of Marawi.... The US most definitely injected these "terrorists" into that city with the long term goal of having Filipino President, Rodrigo Duterte, overthrown and a more "US friendly" regime put into place in the Capitol City of Manila.... And as of right now, that battle against these "ISIS" forces is still ongoing in Marawi and it has cost the lives of hundreds of innocent Filipino civilians......

BUT today I came across a few most interesting articles, where supposedly the US itself is about to commit aerial drones into the Philippines to fight these "ISIS terrorists" in Marawi!   First here is the link to an article from the Southfront website that covers this most interesting escalation in the phoney war against ISIS in the Philippines right here:


OK, when I read that report, I had to do a 500 mph face palm.... I am indeed wondering if President Duterte has suddenly lost his marbles or is there something else that is going on here that he would allow these criminals into his nation?   Well, lo and behold, I found the most interesting link from an article at Russia Today that I found to be outrageous!  For according to this article, that I have the link to here, Duterte met with the criminal US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, and has been quoted as saying that he is now the US's "Humble Friend" (!) .. Here is the link to that article here:


OK, I honestly am thinking that President Duterte has suddenly lost his mind or quite possibly someone from the US got to him and has forced him to suddenly change his tune in regards to his recent hard line against US criminality.....

I do wonder if anyone in the Philippines has sent Duterte the memo concerning the reality that ISIS is indeed a fraud and is only a tool of American interests?  

It is so sad that what Duterte has done now is to leave himself wide open for elimination at the hands of the criminal US government!   I wish that someone would give him a history lesson as to what has happened to other "friends" of the US such as Muhammar Gadaffi or even Saddam Hussein!  Honestly, with a "friend" like the US, who needs enemies?

More to come


*Update, August 8th, 2017:  Well, apparently the news that Duterte has suddenly fallen under American influence may be a bit premature... For according to the following link from The Duran website, Duterte has NOT agreed to allow the US into his nation to "bomb" their ISIS fraud terrorists, and apparently the US has "backed down" from committing airstrikes against their own "terrorists" operating on Mindanao island, and the initial reports that they were going to conduct airstrikes in the Philippines were indeed false.... Here is the link to that report here:


I for one am glad that Duterte has not (yet) allowed the Americans into his nation, for doing so would definitely lead to his own overthrow....  BUT it still troubles me that he met with that criminal, Tillerson, and has supposedly stated that he is 'friends' with the US.... Again, we have seen throughout recent history how much that "friendship" has meant...


Cloud said...

"I smell a rat"...as you always say. Just when I did a 500mph face palm after reading,

...I came to read what you had up. So, I smell two rats and it ain't the truth. What are the odds that these blatant incoherent and psyop ridden pieces of dung on the same day just happen to be the truth, and happen to involve special forces aid to counter IS? I believe there has been more hijacking into alternate news by the Pentagon.

FC said...

BREAKING: Philippines DENIES reports that US may intervene in Marawi against ISIS


Cloud said...


Unknown said...

Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see if anybody having to do in any way with the US Government is a source. The ZioAmerican Government of the Jew States Of ZioAmerica IS "BIG BROTHER" George Orwell wrote of in his book "1984". Whether or not he fully realized it himself. Read Orwell's "1984" and "Animal Farm" as well as Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World"; then blend them together and you will have exactly what the USA NOW IS.