Monday, August 14, 2017

Updated! Charlottesville Virginia Incident: What Really Happened And My Take...

Yes, there was indeed an "incident" in Charlotteville Virginia USA just a few days ago. that has claimed the life of at least one person in an apparent hit and run attack using a motor vehicle, that has sparked so much interest in everyone.... The Jew spew media has been all over this incident, claiming that it was an attack by a "white nationalist" that was attending a "ultra white nationalist "Nazi" rally" against innocent people... The liars in the media have been going almost nonstop over these last few days spewing out report after report about this incident in an apparent need to brainwash people and bury the real truths about this incident... Therefore once again, I do smell a rat here.....

I for one am really sick and tired of the liars in the media harping again and again that such rallies are run by "Nazis" for that stupid title has long been a lame excuse to call anyone that stands up for rights of some people either "haters" or "Nazis".... I will not hold any punches here, for we have seen so many times that these "White nationalist rallies" have been set ups by the criminals that actually want to have the rights of Whites destroyed.. They run these rallies not to support the rights of the White rally attenders, but to circumvent their rights and to make them look like bigots and haters.. And we can thank Jewish groups such as those run by George Soros as the financiers of these "rallies" for this twisted logic..... I have seen so many times that the people behind this "neo Nazi" or "Nazi" movement are none other than agent provocateurs or Jews!

OK, so what really did happen at Charlottesville Virginia last Friday?  Yes, there was a "rally" that absolutely was circumvented by those who wanted to see violence take place just to once again make it look like "White people are haters and racists"...... But of course while the "rally" was going on and the marchers were making their way through the town peacefully, cue the real troublemakers to make their appearance and begin the riots against these "White Nationalists"... Apparently the violence escalated (while the police in attendance did nothing to stop the escalation!) and the Jew spew reports showed that one "White Nationalist" supposedly "panicked", got into his car, and then proceeded to "mow down" some of the rioters!   This "attack" is of course what we see going on nonstop in the Jew spew media reports... But again, are we being told the truth?  Obviously not....

Right now, I want to bring forward the following clip from Jim Stone's website at, that shows that we are not being told the truth about what happened in Charlottesville, especially the fact that there was more than ONE car involved in this "attack"... Here is that clip:

About the so-called "attack by car" in Richmond

Here's what they are censoring: A couple of the Soros thugs attacked James Fields car with baseball bats. These attacks have been conveniently edited from the MSM scam machine. Fields only hits the gas AFTER his car got attacked, with the thugs breaking a tail light and the back window with a baseball bat. 

Additionally, two other cars rammed the crowd before Fields, and one of them (for certain) was a black woman! Since it is now legal to mow down protesters and use your car as a defensive weapon if it is attacked, Fields is guilty of nothing.Howcome the MSM is not talking about the other drivers that did the same thing? Were both black? Fields simply did what anyone would have done, and acted according to law.

But since there is a race hatred mantra to push, the MSM is saying none of this, and Youtube has entirely expunged the videos that show what really happened, thanks to their honesty and agenda free platform. If two other cars did the same thing before Fields, and the drivers were black, then what we have here is a media white wash, and an agenda push to frame whites as the villains, as usual. Let's see them mention the other two cars, which clearly hit people first. You won't see that, because they can't milk a "white supremacist" line from that!

OK, Jim has presented here some startling facts that people are overlooking.. Especially the fact that there was indeed at least TWO other vehciles involved, and apparently they were driven by BLACK drivers!  I can see now how the Jew spew media wants to avoid this reality and continue to try to frame the "white guy" only for this attack!

*Update! Jim has just posted another take on this Virginia car incident, and I want to present his latest  assessment here:

After watching the videos of the car incident in South Carolina, I am changing my post.

As it turns out, the guy who rammed the crowd is a probable JEW! I can totally see a Jew behaving the way this guy did, they are really bad like that and would freak out past the max with any threat. Let's see how much jail time he gets. That will provide the answer! It looks like a false flag. I don't think the guy driving was in the right at all. True, he got hit by a baseball bat, and that started it all, but his reaction was completely out of line, he could have accomplished the same level of safety by blaring his horn and driving forward at 10 mph, which people can't keep up with well but would allow the crowd to get out of the way.. He did not have to blast through the crowd at 40 mph. 

AND NOW THE HUGE PROBLEM WITH IT ALL:Why no airbag deployment? He hit the van hard enough to deploy the airbags. This is suspicious, and reeks of a probable pre-meditated intelligence agency style setup. In some cars it is possible to disable the passenger airbag, (mine has that, you disable it with the ignition key) but what about the drivers side airbag? Additionally, after such a big impact, most cars have a sensor that shuts off the fuel pump, and you have to manually push the switch to start it again. This whole thing reeks, I don't know what else to say, other than that if the driver was not doing a job, he's a first class prick. Oh, I jest - it takes a real dink to do a job like that to begin with, so either way, he's not a nice guy.

NTS Note: Honestly, I am like Jim in that I am still searching for the answers, and I too can see the tribe behaving the way this driver supposedly did... However, there may be more to this than meets the eye, and more information is still coming out even now about this "driver"....

I also came across this most interesting report from Mike White, over at his website "Tomato Bubble" at, that backs my idea up that this entire "rally" was staged by the very people who want to once again vilify white people, and calls into question the entire "vehicle attack" that does appear to be staged!  Here is the link to Mike's report here for everyone to read:

OK, now I hope that readers can understand why I smell a rat here... This is too perfect for the criminals that want to once again vilify and destroy the whites of our nations..... And I am truly perplexed by the videos that the Jew spew media has been releasing from this "incident" ...Some of them look so staged, much like all of those false flag "attacks" that we have seen right across America over these last few years.. .And luckily at least one Youtube user has been able to get past the criminal Youtube censorship group and has released a video that calls into question this "attack" by claiming that it appears to be staged and apparently involves crisis actors!.. Here is that video here:

Well, there you have it... My take is simple.. The timing of this "attack" is just too perfect, and to have it happen at this "White Nationalist rally" is just too perfect for the Jewish criminals that want to see the rights of white people destroyed....

And of course with the Jew spew media going round the clock 24/7 with their 'reports' about this 'attack', we all should be weary and question this incident fully and rationally..... And to finally top off all the reports that I have presented, I want to show how the Jew spew media is now making the driver of that vehicle, James Alex Fields, into a "Nazi supporter" by making the ridiculous claim that he became a "Nazi" after a "school trip to Dachau in Germany" a few years back, and claiming that he thought "Nazis were real cool guys".... Talk about setting up the patsy for this attack!  Read the link to this outrageous report here:

Now you see what is happening here?  The Jewish media is working at brainwashing the idiots that watch their bullshit networks to make this out as an "attack" by a crazed "white nationalist" and will continue to bring forward the most stupid and outrageous reports to make this James Alex Fields out to be some type of psychopath!

I for one am not fooled at all by what is happening here... This is all part of the continuing push to vilify white people and to push the fraud of "diversity" down our throats...  And from what I have seen and read over these last few days, this is exactly what is happening!

As more real truths about this "incident" come forward, I will do my best to bring them forward here.. I also again call on readers to send me what material they do find that has not been "censored" by Youtube or Google.... I will present all new evidence here for all to see.... And stay tuned, for there is more to this story than what meets the eye!

More to come


*Update, August 14th, 2017:  THIS is interesting... Supposedly the police force in Charlottesville were ordered by the Mayor of Charlottesville to STAND DOWN and do NOTHING in regards to this  march and the subsequent riot!  Here is the link to that report here:

AND... Here is another interesting update from the Government Slaves website, where the author is calling this 'attack' a staged confrontation!  Here is the link to THAT report here:

This backs up what I and others are seeing here... This was a staged event and the gullible sheep out there have fallen for the criminals' trick once again...

*Update, August 15th, 2017: Jim Stone over at has been all over this "incident" and has now put up an amazing set of articles that show that this Charlottesville "attack" was a SET UP and was conducted by some of the worse "Liberals" around and especially those who are supporters of Killary Clinton (Imagine my lack of shock here...)... I will not cut and paste those updates, but will recommend that readers take a gander and realize that this was indeed a major operation as I and others have long suspected!


Cloud said...

Thanks North for the info that chimes with what I also feel. What angers me are the fools that fall into this trap. I'll send what else I can find on this same-ole-just-another-day episode.

Too bad Peekay is not on this...

BuelahMan said...

I can't find the source to the two other cars running into people at Stone's or anyone else's site.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Usually Jim Stone is pretty spot on, Buelahman...

Maybe one of the readers will give us a follow up that shows Jim to be right.. That or Jim will have the link up at his site soon...

Northerntruthseeker said...

Notice to readers.... I have just updated the article with some additional information from Jim Stone... He is now seeing this for what it is, another false flag attack!

Unknown said...

This morning on the American Mainstream Media (Good Morning America)they showed an aerial video of the incident as it was actually happening. There was indeed another vehicle, it looked like a large SUV as near as I could tell, that was also running over people. I saw that with my own eyes. I did think to myself that what they were showing was contradicting the words they were saying at the same time.

Cloud said...

Confirming Jim Stone I spent some time at:

If you have the time he breaks it down systematically and understandably...the videos are long but full of info. One needs to start from the beginning because he adds to it everyday loads of factual and investigated stuff. He even has drone video footage.

Video 1) Aug 12, 2017 Charlottesville Attack: A Strategy of Tension
Video 2) Aug 13, 2017 Charlottesville Attack: Brennan Gilmore - Witness or Accessory?
Video 3) Aug 13, 2017 Who is James Alex Fields Jr.?
Video 4) Aug 14, 2017 Two New Videos Expose the Nature of the Charlottesville Destabilization Event (drone video @ 17:44)
Video 5) Aug 15, 2917 Charlottesville Cops DO NOTHING as Wrecked Dodge Challenger Drives By

Unknown said...

A man by the name of Spencer is one of the primary organizers of the White Nationalist Demonstration. I have seen a number of genuine National Socialist sites warn people that he is a front man for the Jews.

Unknown said...

NTS - Sorry I am breaking up my comments but I am having to do two things at once.
I wish I could show you exactly what I am talking about. But anyway, one of the flags at the demonstration/riot was the flag of the National Socialist Party which is also known as the National Socialist Movement. That is an organization started by a Jew by the name of Frank Joseph. It is a Jewish front group. They have rewritten their history in order to conceal their true origin. But only a year ago they were still claiming F.J. as their head, although they obviously weren't admitting what he was.

Unknown said...

Charlottesville, Virginia is nothing but a Jews game on both sides. Being played to reinforce Jewish control of this formally independent country.

The Left-Wing Antifa Mob that actually initiated the violence is of course an instrument of the Jew boy Soros.

The so-called Black Brigade Anarchists that were the ones responsible for the violence and destruction of property out in Berkeley, California a while back are also present in Charlottesville and are doing the same sorts of things. There are videos of it on television. Their jobs are actually to be agents provocateurs wherever they show up.

The so-called White Nationalists there are all fanatical Trump supporters and we all know what kind of lackey for the Jews that he has shown himself to be. I do not exclude David Duke from my attack. For all of his condemnation of the Jews he has insisted on being a part of the Republican Party for years, which is by far and away the most Pro-Israel of the two major American political parties. Now he has aligned himself with Donald Trump and these Jewish Front Groups.

Incidentally the modern day KKK, which isn't the original organization of that name, is in actual fact a branch of Freemasonry. I've had Freemasons who thought I was one of them admit it in my presence.

The Blood & Soil organization are amongst other things a group of Ultra-Fundamentalist Christian fanatics. That alone makes them a danger to anybody that disagrees with them.

There are widespread destruction of Confederate Monuments going on at full speed across the Southern States as Big Brother (Who just also happens to be a member of the tribe. Sarcasm.) begins to erase True Southern History from human memory. Here in Birmingham, Alabama where they are forbidden by state law from actually removing the Confederate Monument, they have instead enclosed it in a great wooden box and have stationed police to keep people away from the monument.

There are two purposes for what is happening in Charlottesville. First it is used as an excuse to erase True Southern History and replace it with a false history more pleasing to the Jews. The other is it is giving the authorities the excuse to crack down on legitimate White Nationalist and National Socialist organizations that are beginning to pose a serious threat to the Jewish control of the United States.

Unknown said...

The American Mainstream Media makes frequent mention of as a source of "facts" an organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Frequently they don't even gather information themselves, instead they just regurgitate what they are given by their sole source the SPLC.

This organization is run by a very rich and powerful Jew lawyer named Morris Dees. It is in actual fact subordinate to the ADL, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Threw that it has connections with the state of Israel and the MOSSAD. It also works hand-in-glove with law enforcement within the United States, as well as the CIA. It is where they get their evidence against various so-called hate groups.

There is an interesting sidelight to all of this. While its targets are normally White people and groups, there are actually cases where they have designated certain Black-Nationalist organizations as 'Hate Groups". In those cases it is because they have come to be critical of the Jews.

There are also cases of them labeling as haters and dangerous Neo-Nazi's people whose only crime was exposing and criticizing the Corporatist control of this country. I personally know of a BLACK MAN who they labeled a dangerous Neo-Nazi because he spoke before a meeting of mostly White people on the subject.

Unknown said...

Bingo! Have you noticed Albert Pike's statue is still up in DC?