Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Are We Being Set Up For A New False Flag Attack? Threats By North Korea Against Guam Appear To Be Bogus, And Possibly A False Flag Attack!

I have been watching the local Jew spew media news over the last few hours going absolutely rampant with these newest reports that North Korea has been threatening to launch an attack against the American island of Guam in the Marianas chain in the central Pacific Ocean......  Here is an example of this latest fear mongering from the Guardian online news service out of the United Kingdom:

But being the true skeptic I am, I smell a rat.....It is completely illogical and absolutely insane for North Korea to threaten the United States, for as I have said countless times, it would lead to the destruction of the North Korean nation itself and the obliteration of the entire 20+ million people living there... It would be tantamount to suicide and I do suspect that there is something else afoot here!

Well, my suspicions may be correct about this "North Korea threatening Guam" being a fraud... For according to the following report from Jim Stone over at, the North Koreans themselves have NO official reports in their own local news about this "threat" against Guam, and therefore we may indeed be seeing a false flag operation in the works here... Here is Jim's own report:


At first, as usual, I fell for it like a SUCKER. But all anyone has to do is actually find their way to North Korea's official state newspaper - the Rodong Sinmun, and see what they are saying. One would think that if NK was threatening a nuclear strike on Guam they'd at least give passing mention of it on the state newspaper, but there's not a peep about it there.

So what we are probably facing with the "Guam threats" is yet another false flag, to justify a war.

And worse? Kim Jong does not even know it, or he'd be saying it is all false in the state newspaper that says August 10, which means it is super fresh. Yes, I believe the shadow government could easily mask this media event from Kim Jong, Google and all others are now spectacular masters of censorship, and anyone who wanted to warn Kim of what is going on via the phone would simply be cut off by the NSA. And they'd have "real" conversations with Kim, who was actually just voice cloning software.
It was difficult for me to find the actual official paper of North Korea, because there are many false fronts and every last search engine out there censored it. I had to follow a trail of articles across several web sites that talked about North Korea, and then found one that posted a screen capture of the paper's front page in Korean, that had the site address printed on it, and then manually type the site address and once there, select English.

FOLKS, NORTH KOREA IS NOT TALKING AT ALL ABOUT GUAM. THIS IS SUSPICIOUS AS HELL, AND IF A NUKE DOES GO OFF OR ANY SORT OF ATTACK HAPPENS THERE IT WILL BE VIRTUALLY ASSURED TO BE A FALSE FLAG. What would be new about that, anyway? What could be better than Guam for that, to boot? It's not like they have to nuke LA to kick it all off!

And they don't want you linking through to any real North Korean web site to see that North Korea is planning NOTHING AT ALL right now, and never mentioned Guam to boot!

NTS Notes:  Yes, all of this "fear mongering" is most probably for American public consumption and a way of using fear as a weapon against the American people to set them up for a false flag strike against Guam itself..

So why Guam?  Obviously the American government does not want a "North Korean missile" landing on an American city like Los Angeles, Seattle, or San Francisco, so they need a place that is far enough away from the continental United States and yet still part of American territory... And as Jim states, Guam of all places fits the bill nicely as it sits well within the reach of the present North Korean missile range...

I am putting this report forward as a warning that the war parties in Washington DC and the Pentagon do need their excuse to convince not only the American public, but the world itself, that their planned unilateral attack against North Korea is to be "justified"... And therefore we must be weary that a false flag operation against Guam may be unfolding... If it does happen, then we as the real truth seekers must be ready to alert everyone as to WHO is really behind the attack!

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Greg Bacon said...

It wasn't that long ago that South Korea was raising bloody hell about that one billion dollar THAAD missile system, threatening to have the USA remove the damned thing unless WE paid for it.

Now it looks like SK isn't raising so much hell about that system.

What a coincidence!

Unknown said...

Could it be possible that the Jew-S Yids may try to put this
on hold until the solar eclipse of August 21st in order to
grant a supernatural twist for the Yahoos down here? After all,
many of them are already buying into "flat-earth!"

Cloud said...

Here are the US Naval Base Installations located on Guam.

This one in particular...

...would be of interest if there is a 'false flag' operation. There is no way the US will destroy their own bases. But surely a false flag can easily be done according to what this installation does there, if Jim Stone is right.

Adrian Chetwynd said...

I believe your suspicion to be correct but not for your reasoning’s:

Northerntruthseeker said...

Greencrow has an interesting article over her own site as well that shows suspicion that there may be some linkage to what is also happening in the Philippines....

We should keep our eyes open... Something (diabolical) is happening here...

Unknown said...

I started hearing this morning from the Jew Media in the US that the North Koreans are going to fire the missiles into the waters around Guam as part of a test and the US will retaliate if actual damage is inflicted should something go wrong. This whole thing reeks of a false flag attack developing, was my first reaction.

The local Jew Media in Birmingham,Alabama have been behaving mighty peculiarly over the last couple of days. They are trying to get people to restore their bomb shelters left over from the Cold War and if they don't have one of those to build new ones. In preparation for a possibly immanent North Korean Nuclear attack. This is scary, because it makes me think that the false flag attack could involve more places than just Guam. But most likely it is just basic fear mongering in order to establish public support for an attack upon North Korea.