Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Updates On Situation, And Apparently The US Claims It Will Stop Funding "Moderate" Rebels

I will be out the next two weeks, and I figured that before I start my vacation, I would take a look at the situation in Syria as it stands as of today.... It will be interesting to see after the next two weeks as to how far the good guys, the Syrian Government forces (SAA) and their Russian and Arabic allies, will have progressed in their attempts to not only free Syria for the Syrian people but end the diabolical US/Israel/NATO cabal's attempt at either having the nation destroyed or dismembered into smaller "fiefdoms" that will be easily dominated by the psychos in Israel.....

Well, first I want to bring forward an update on the advances of the SAA in regards to their attempt to push eastward to relieve the government forces still holed up in Deir Ez-Zor..... Right now, I want to present the latest news from the northeastern front as the SAA "Tiger" forces and allied troops are pushing steadily eastward from their start off point almost a week ago at Resafa... Here is the link to that article where the SAA has not only been making steady progress along that front but has liberated as many as 15 oil fields held by the US fraud "ISIS" forces in the process:

OK, I have been looking at some of the map updates of the situation in Syria, including some of the "maps" that are constantly presented to the public about exactly who controls what in this war... The Jew spew media reports are of course very skewed and inaccurate in their maps (Yes, purposely as to not show the fact that the SAA is winning this war), and I found that many over the internet are inaccurate as well... However, one map that I found most interesting and lo and behold is actually a pretty good assessment comes from none other than Wikipedia... And for those who want to see that map, I have the link here:

I was trolling around this evening while gathering some information for this article, when I found some startling information this evening where apparently the US government has announced as of today that supposedly they will no longer "fund" their so called "moderate rebels" operating in Syria... First, here is the link to that report here:

OK, I read this report and several others, and all I can say is... NOT SO FAST.... The US is still bound and determined in their want to make their Jewish masters happy by having Syria either destroyed or broken up.. .Therefore there is more to this claim that the US is 'withdrawing" their support for their "rebels"....

And apparently, there is indeed more to this than meets the eye, for Penny over at Penny For Your Thoughts has come forward with another article where apparently she has been proven right (and myself as well...) that the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal are going ahead with their "Plan B" for the dismemberment of Syria into smaller  'nations" by the US criminally and illegally rushing in more military and building more illegal bases in northern Syria for the formation of an independent Kurdish state!..... Here is the link to Penny's article here:

Yes, this is the real game that is happening right now.. The US is basically lying to the world now with their claim that they are no longer going to send aid to "moderate rebels", when in reality they are shifting that illegal support and military hardware into the Kurdish held territory in northern Syria to help set up an illegal Kurdish state... This action will indeed, as Penny shows, further destabilize the entire region and could lead to the further break up of Syria itself which is exactly what the diabolical maniacs in Israel have always wanted since their "Securing the Realm" blueprint released way back in 1982!

Yes, the situation in Syria is still very volatile, and the SAA is continuing their push eastward to secure more Syrian territory... But of course with the collapse of the fraud US 'ISIS', the scoundrels in the US/Israel/NATO cabal have always a "Plan B" or even a "Plan C" ready to be put into action... And apparently the US now throwing its full weight into the illegal establishment of a Kurdish nation carved out of Syria is the new game in town....

I will have further updates when I come back in two weeks time.. It will be interesting to see how far the SAA will have progressed during that time frame and to see where this Kurdish abomination goes...

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greencrow said...


Have a great holiday! Re: Syria, the US and Israel are setting up bases in Syria in the hopes that they can carve out a "homeland for the Kurds". The only problem with this scenario is that eventually they will have to seek recognition from the UN for such a homeland. As Israel has found out re the Golan Heights...the UN will never recognize such a theft of land from Syria. So what will happen is exactly what has happened in the Golan...the land has been held in limbo for decades. Of course, if some calamity were to happen that would destroy the UN...then all these lands would be "freed up", right? And THAT is why the US keeps appointing clowns like Samantha Power and Nikki try and undermine the UN.