Monday, July 17, 2017

FINALLY, Another Website Is Revealing What I Have Said For Years About Malaysian Flight MH17.... Malaysian Flight MH17 WAS The Last Flight Of Malaysian Flight MH370!

It has now been 3 full years since that ill fated last flight of Malaysian airline MH17 that was blown out of the sky over Ukraine purposely in 2014 to try to vilify the Russian Federation.... Luckily every excuse possible by the liars in the Jew spew media and our crooked governments about the downing of that aircraft fell to pieces within a few days... However to this day these criminals have not stopped trying to blame Russia for a shoot down that they conducted as a false flag operation!

But everything from day one about MH17 made no sense... And the more I dug into the evidence presented and what the initial responders to the crash site saw, I quickly concluded that MH17 was not only a false flag operation, but the aircraft itself was NOT as it seemed....In fact, I deduced from my own research that MH17 was in fact the last flight of that ill fated MH370 aircraft that "disappeared" over the Indian Ocean back in March of 2014!   I have stuck firmly to that fact using a lot of articles over the last few years hoping that others would also see this as reality... However for the longest time few believed what I was stating as fact... Until NOW, and thanks to a true truth seeker who comments at my blog "Wallflower" who sent me the following fabulous piece of information!

Right now, I want to present a most interesting new article that comes from the Veterans Today website, at where columnist Ian Greenhalgh presents startling new evidence that MH17 was absolutely in fact that last flight of MH370!   Here is that article right here for all to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

MH17 was really MH370

The United States is urging all the countries to cooperate on the probe into the crash of the Malaysian MH17 passenger airliner in eastern Ukraine conducted by the Joint Investigation Team, State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said in a statement on Monday.

WARNING: The video above contains many horrifically graphic images of decomposing and smashed corpses, do not watch if you are at all squeamish.
It is three years since a plane crashed into a field in Ukraine, a plane that the world’s co-opted and controlled media claimed was Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
I am now confident in stating that there never was a flight MH17 from Schiphol, that the whole story is a great stinking pile of bovine fecal matter and the truth is so shocking and disturbing that few outside the online conspiracy folks have dared to even consider it could be true.
The plane that crashed in Ukraine was, in fact, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that had disappeared months earlier. The plane was full of corpses – the passengers of MH370, murdered and their bodies preserved with chemicals.
Forget any of the media coverage, it is all lies and distractions, instead, go directly to the primary source – the Ukrainian people who were there on the ground and witnessed exactly what fell from the sky and ended up spread across the landscape.
The video at the top of this article reveals the truth in graphic detail, after viewing it, you will be left in no doubt that this was indeed MH370, complete with it’s cargo of decomposing Asian corpses. In case anything happens to the youtube version, you can also find this video at Liveleak.
Here is the accompanying text:
Narrator in possession of over 5000 pictures from Mh17 crash site point out numerous strange anomalies associated with the victims from MH-17.
1) Glowing fluorescent dye near 1st body
2) Strong smell of formaldehyde in air
3) Absence of blood on and around corpses
4) Bloated damp corpses
5) Victims not European looking- she states that most looked Asian
6) Strange dead birds, including a blue and yellow Macaw that is, ironically, the same color as the Ukrainian flag at the 3:10 mark. This is a tropical bird which makes one wonder why it was flying on a plane from Amsterdam to Southeast Asia. Normally, one would expect that such an occurrence may take place the other way round.
7) She states that the cell phone data had no 2014 photos, only photos from 2013.
8) Bluish/black lips on victims
9) She states the passports were all brand new and unused
The British tabloid rag The Daily Star, owned by Zionist Jewish pornographer Richard Desmond has labelled any notion that the official story is not true and that the corpses were stale as ‘outlandish conspiracy theories’, which should be taken as another confirmation that the Zionist criminals are keen to cover up their atrocious mass murder.
As we can see from the Sputnik article below, the US is deeply involved in the cover-up and along with Israel, is no doubt behind the whole MH370-MH17 saga.
What I wonder is why have the Russians and Malaysians not exposed this entire farce for the sick and disgusting fairytale it really is. The Russians must have all of the evidence needed to do so as they had days to examine the crash site and they must know at least as much as the locals in Donbass, which is plenty to be able to expose the whole thing.
On July 17, 2014, Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 was shot down by a missile in eastern Ukraine while flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 298 passengers and crew aboard the aircraft died in the incident.
“The United States will continue to support the efforts of the Joint Investigation Team and urges other states to cooperate fully in order to ensure those responsible are brought to justice,” Nauert stated. “As we and the Joint Investigation Team have said, Russian-led forces in eastern Ukraine fired the surface-to-air BUK missile — brought into sovereign Ukrainian territory from Russia — that took down flight MH17.”
Earlier in July, Amsterdam said the trial in the case of the MH17 crash would be held in the Netherlands. Ukraine and the Netherlands are planning on July 7 to sign an agreement on international legal cooperation that will entitle the Dutch side to hold trial, according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.
“We welcome the team’s recent decision to grant jurisdiction to the Dutch courts for the prosecution of those responsible for this tragedy,” Nauert added. “We have full confidence in the ability of the Dutch criminal justice system to conduct a prosecution that is comprehensive, objective and just.”
The Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) tasked with probing the crash announced in September that the MH17 airliner was allegedly downed by a Buk missile system, which was brought from Russia and after the crash returned there. However, Russia’s Almaz-Antey concern rejected findings in the probe, saying that three simulations showed that the missile was launched from the Zaroshchens’ke area, controlled by Ukraine’s army at the time of the downing.
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NTS Notes: OK, I know the naysayers will say that "Veterans Today" is a tainted website, and that some of their authors and articles can not be trusted.. But even those and others have to put out the truth from time to time and this article is dynamite.....

The facts are simple, especially from the video... The bodies pulled from the aircraft were already long dead and most were preserved using formaldehyde.... That and others smelled like rotting corpses which you would expect from bodies that were pulled from cold storage and then thrown onto the aircraft to be crashed in the Ukraine...

And then we have the big mystery as to where all the "Europeans" that were supposed to be on this Malaysian flight MH17?  As the video shows, the first responders to the crash site pulled ASIATIC bodies only from the wreckage and found NO Europeans at all... And it must be noted that the vast majority of the passengers on MH370 out of Kuala Lumpur were indeed Asian.....

Lets get the facts straight here... Malaysian flight MH370 was indeed hijacked and flown to Diego Garcia... Once the passengers were offloaded from that aircraft and murdered, the Boeing 777 was repainted to look like one of the transports that go in and out of Diego Garcia and the aircraft was flown within a few days to the US... From there, the first attempt at using that aircraft for a false flag operation was concocted and the aircraft was flown off to be used as a flying bomb to blow up the delegation gathered in The Hague Netherlands in late March that was meeting to discuss the Iranian nuclear deal.. That failed due to the Dutch air force intercepting the flying bomb and forcing it out of Dutch air space where it landed at a US military air base in Europe.. The criminals decided to try false flag #2 and also a method of destroying the bodies and evidence from the MH370 fiasco, so the plane was loaded with the dead corpses from the MH370 operation and flown off to Ukraine disguised as "MH17" where it was blown out of the sky to try to blame Russia....  MH370 disguised as MH17 crashes taking the bodies and the last evidence of MH370 with it!

I do not have all of the finishing pieces to the puzzle yet.. As there is yet so much more to this sad tale.. But suffice to say, Veterans Today has now discovered the same reality that I discovered a few years back... All I can say is "Better late than never"!

More to come



greencrow said...


First of all, as a general impression, isn't it a coincidence that all this information is coming out of the woodwork NOW? I mean first, the information about the Russian destroyer saving the Liberty (RT would never have allowed the mention of the Russian destroyer unless it had been preapproved) and now this series of photos showing that some of the bodies on MH17 at least, were in an advanced state of decomposition? You and I agreed from the beginning after the crash of MH17, that MH370 and MH17 were connected and likely the same plane. I believed the first reports from the Ukrainian witnesses on the ground about a stink coming from the bodies, lack of blood and evidence of advanced state of decomposition.

My theory is somewhat different from yours, I believe, because I believe that the victims of MH370 (or some of them) were stored in the cargo compartment of MH17 and that there were live victims on board as well.

Looks like we MAY be in for a lot of long-time mysteries being solved...we can always hope, anyway.

We need to get a good translation of what the Ukrainian women are saying.

Northerntruthseeker said...

True, Crow...

But you missed the gist on how MH370 got into Europe:

This was the criminal attempt at attacking the Iranian summit in The Hague, and luckily that "cargo" plane was diverted out of Dutch airspace... However, unlucky for us all, these same creatures now had their flying bomb in Europe ready for their next false flag attempt....

Northerntruthseeker said...

And... Understand that the video was actually first put out way back in October, 2014... Only now to be "rediscovered" by the VT people... A bit late for my liking...

Here is the link to the original video with english subtitles by "Peter Pan":

I have stuck to the MH17 = MH370 for years and have yet to be proven wrong on this one.... Now the evidence is there for all to see and finally VT has picked it up as well....

Northerntruthseeker said...

But you are right about the victims of MH370.. after all being "disposed of" at Diego Garcia, they were put into cold storage.. My guess is that the perps of the MH17 plan figured they needed bodies for their MH17 false flag, and they figured they could finally get rid of the evidence from MH370 at the same time....
It is the Jew way of doing business by "killing two birds with one stone".....

greencrow said...


The link

doesn't work. Do you have another copy of this link?


Northerntruthseeker said... Article on summit plane "cargo plane" attack... is link to Youtube video by Peter Pan....

Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... Link works fine.... I tried it several times and each time I got to the video with the english subtitles....from October 2014!

Greg Bacon said...

The world is being run by amoral, sadistic psychos--like Hillary--that take pleasure from giving others pain, so no evil is too sick for them.

wallflower said...

Hi North

My first thought about the decomposing corpses was the presence of virus or plague implanted. I surely hope not...but I don't put anything past this nightmarish activity. I wanted to confirm what you had found some years back... because the facts you gave were right on. Let's hope (and I pray) that the Dutch Authorities do not bow to this evil, and finally bring true "just"ice as the US State Dept spokesperson Heather Nauert proclaimed...[“We welcome the team’s recent decision to grant jurisdiction to the Dutch courts for the prosecution of those responsible for this tragedy,” Nauert added. “We have full confidence in the ability of the Dutch criminal justice system to conduct a prosecution that is comprehensive, objective and just.”]... TO HANG THEM WITH THEIR OWN NOOSE! So sad for the families that suffered so long waiting for word of their missing loved ones whereabouts. May their souls RIP.

greencrow said...


the CNN link morphs into a notice that there is a "worm" on the link

The You Tube link still does not work for me.

Strange. Is this the way the Internet is going to shut down bloggers?


Northerntruthseeker said...

How about this one.. Zero Hedge has an article as well about this March 2014 incident where a 777 "cargo plane" was diverted out of Dutch air space:

And yes, that Boeing 777 was never identified to this day and information about where it went has never been stated.. It simply fell off the face of the Earth due to no reports since...

Dojocho said...

I dont understand the comment about the tainted website of As a former Spec Ops I find they are the only ones telling the actual stories that other wont publish. If you look at their track record they are on target 90% of the time. In regards to the 2 planes...of course it was the plane there were not 2 planes....The bodies were filled with formaldehyde and bloated when they hit the ground ..most of the video from the donbass people confirmed it.......but the elite have had them scrubbed from the internet. The elite are never held accountable for anything so it doesn't really matter nothing will come of this crime.....just another example of the satanics that run the world.

Northerntruthseeker said...

The authors at Veterans Today have been labeling the criminals in charge as "Zionists" instead of looking at the whole damn tribe as nothing more than trouble makers and criminals... And until they can use the term "Jew" as the bastards who are wrecking our planet, I will continue to label them as suspect...