Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Finally After Over 4 Years Of Lies, The Sandy Hook Shooting Fraud Has Been Busted! Take THIS Sandy Hook Believers!

I do remember, and so should everyone else, how the alternative media was almost torn apart shortly after the Sandy Hook fraud shooting of December, 2012.... From the moment that fraud was perpetrated on the American people, I and others in the REAL truth movement stuck to our guns and absolutely showed proof positive that this "mass shooting" was absolutely a massive hoax and operation carried out by the criminals in the American government to try to bring in gun control legislation and disarm the American peoples' last line of defense against tyranny...

Well, for over 4 years now and with the fraud crisis actors out there still making some serious money thanks to the fraudulent "Go Fund Me" accounts and other cash cows set up to get stupid people to give donations for "victims families", the fraud is now torn wide open with the following and very startling report that has come forward from Jim Stone's website, at In this report that I have in its entirety here, you will see the concrete evidence that the perpetrators of the Sandy Hook fraud are still out there and trying once again to create the lie that the fraud "elementary school" was somehow occupied by "students" for years before the fraud shooting of December 2012 occurred... Here is that report, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

BUSTED:Here is something that got wiped out of the original post about Sandy Hook below (I am posting this from a cyber cafe)

They have posted fake schedules and fake cover stories to cover for the fact no kids were at Sandy Hook from 2008 up until the shooting. They are doing this to "prove" the school was open. But this is easy to shred still, PEOPLE, PLEASE DO SCREEN CAPTURES OF THIS RIGHT NOW:This following article reads like a load of puff, and claims to be welcoming the kids in 2010. And Google has it indexed for 2010. And the paper says it is 2010. Sandy Hook welcomes kindergardeners in 2010 This is a lie, even though Google says it is real. HERE IS PROOF: dropped the "truth burial" ball, and shows the earliest posting of this report happened after the psy op, in November 2014. It got indexed regularly ever since.

SEE THIS. The first record of the page existing was in November of 2014. That simply does not cut it, and you will see the exact same anomalies happen with everything sandy hook related during the time frame between shut down and psy op because the school was closed, and all that exists is fake postings and Google complicity with "legitimate" dating to cover it all up. The Wayback machine was not sufficiently accounted for and compromised so (for now) the proof is there that the school really was closed.

In case there is anything wrong with the links, here is the copy paste version:

Fake posted years later report:

Wayback machine, confirming it was not posted in 2010 as stated:*/

There is a reason why they triggered a shutdown of my main computer when I was about to post. It had the battery in, the power supply hooked up, and there was no power outage or other problem. The screen simply went blank and all the work was lost. For that, I am going to slay them even worse, just wait. 

Because if they are that desperate over Sandy Hook, it means it is an achilles heel that can blow them to smithereens. I did not know this topic was that sensitive. Now it is time to dig.

I will update this more later.


I had a beatiful report on this that I spend a huge amount of time on, and when I went to post it the computer shut off! Someone shut it off. Now I don't have time to re-do it. Additionally, during the re-type I had to battle deletes!

Here is the gist of the report: The Wayback machine indexed the Sandy Hook web site. All indexing stopped in the spring of 2008 Because the school was shut down permanently at that time, to be demolished. This shut down and demolition order is something I covered at the time of Sandy Hook in detail. Sandy Hook was shut down because of asbestos problems.

Additionally, if you go to the indexing in the Wayback machine, it shows the days it indexed the last pages, but when you click them they are all deleted, because for the last two years on the Sandy Hook web site, it said the school was soon to be shut down and demolished and the Wayback machine is a totally fluid political tool that exists to fill a history expungement agenda, all the while it fronts as legit.

The Wayback machine indexed nothing from spring of 2008 until 2013, because there was no web site to index for a school that did not exist. Then, after the psy op, someone re-registered the Sandy Hook web site to prove the school existed, which is something anyone can do to any web site that has been abandoned. The Wayback machine can't tell the difference between the original web site and the hoax web site, so it indexes them as the same.

So here is the link to the Wayback machine that shows this. You can click any date that is within two years of the shut down, and the pages will be blank, but if you go back in time to before 2005, the pages work, and prove that this really is the web site for Sandy Hook.

There are trolls out there saying this is fake, but it is clearly not fake. It absolutely is the real web site for the same Sandy Hook that was supposedly shot up, and there really is a five year gap in updates that prove the school was not in operation prior to the psy op.

That's as good as I can do in 10 minutes fixing hours of wrecked work. REGARDLESS OF WHAT TROLLS SAY, THIS IS THE REAL SANDY HOOK WEB SITE, AND IT REALLY WAS SHUT DOWN FOR FIVE FULL YEARS because the building was abandoned and just waiting for one last use in a psy op.

NTS Notes:  Well, there you have it...The Sandy Hook "elementary school" was indeed a sham and had been actually shut down for YEARS before the so called "shooting" took place...

I will of course post up Jim's follow up reports on this breaking news when it becomes available....

I have long said that the "school" was in fact a "prop" used by the criminals involved for this exercise and they worked hap-hazardly to try to make the "school" look legitimate... But they blew it big time as others in the real truth movement and of course myself, all showed clearly that the "school" was a "toxic waste dump" that was unfit for human habitation and absolutely NOT even up to safety and health standards for children!

I again have stuck to my guns all of these years knowing that eventually the evidence that this "shooting" was a fraud would surface... As with every other so called "shooting" in America over the last decade at least, eventually the criminals involved do get exposed, and now people should see clearly that Sandy Hook was indeed a set up to screw the American people out of their weapons against their own criminal government...

And once again, I do want to take shots at those clowns out there in the "alternative media" that have been attacking others and myself for our stand on Sandy Hook.. .You all should be ashamed of yourselves and you are NOT fit to even be in this movement against evil... You are all sell outs and everyone that has had faith in you and your "efforts" should also be ashamed and should give you the boot!  And that especially means YOU, Mr. Midgetman from Idaho behind the fraud TUT website.. You are the WORSE of them all!

More to come



Kathy Bates said...

This may be useful for me. I have not heard of the website called Wayback machine. The graph shows me this:
2000 to 2007 activity every year
2008 to 2012 no activity at all
2009 to 2017 (current) activity
I do not see any reference to the name Sandy Hook Name which I would prefer to be visible, how do I connect the URL to Sandy Hook ?

I hope this Wayback machine works for UK domains, thanks

RickB said...

Will truth huckster Dopey Glenn or den-mother Spingola be the last to admit their error on Sandy Hook? Every time Glenn asks for donations hangs his hat on his blind stance on Sandy Hook.... and the Boston bombing, the dope shoots a big hole in his credibility of concern for truth.

Considering that Dopey is hard pressed for money, and huckstering as a truther brings little monetary reward, and that Dopey is so concerned about the oppressed Sandy Hook parents, he should start up a fund for them and collect from among his sycophantic fans.

Which... truth huckster, Glenn or Spingola, will be the last to admit they were wrong on Sandy Hook? My bet is on Glenn being able to run from the truth longer.

RickB said...

That is... Every time Dopey asks for donations, hanging is hat on his blind -no look at the evidence- stance on Sandy Hook... and trashing doubters... the dope loses credibility.

james ginn said...

Just the fact that the superintendent of school maintenance had to have lawyer with him while being questioned is proof enough that the Sandy Hook school was not in use before their fake massacre.