Sunday, May 28, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, May 28th, 2017


Yes it is Sunday, and Memorial Day in the United States...Time once again for my weekly rant..

I want to reply to all of the hate comments that I received last week (and of course refuse to post at this blog)...  Many of these commentators have been blasting me for my stand that the Manchester Arena "bombing" was a fraud, calling me "heartless", and "uncaring" about the supposed victims... My answer to these asshole critics of my work is to basically get a life and look at the evidence of the hoax for themselves.. They should be asking serious questions instead of just accepting the bullshit thrown at them by the liars in the government and the Jew spew media...

Well, I figure I would spend the first part of this rant going over some interesting evidence that I have seen and read over the l last few days that shows the Manchester arena "bombing" to be a fraud and a hoax.... First, I found a shocking report that states that the city of Manchester's fire department was kept away from the scene of the supposed "bombing" a full 90 minutes after the initial blast which to me is not only shocking but shows that the fire department themselves were NOT part of the entire fraud and were purposely delayed from getting to "victims" to allow the perpetrators of this fraud ample time to clean up the "bomb scene" as well as to withdraw their crisis actors from the scene.. In fact, by the time the fire department was allowed into the arena, the firemen claimed that there was nothing for them to do for the "victims" were already long gone...Here is the link here to that startling report...  THIS is one of the best "smoking guns" of all that shows that this "bombing" was indeed a fraud...But there is still more...

Someone also sent me a few interesting videos that shows that many of the supposed 22 "victims" of this Manchester "bombing" were in fact NOT even at the Manchester "bombing"!   In fact I want to present the following video from "Dahboo77" that shows evidence of at least one of the supposed "victims" pictures used by the Jew spew media had died some 4 years previously.  Here is that video:

And yes, at least 3 of the pictures used initially by the Jew spew media in their "22 victim collage" that was sent everywhere were either already dead or were not even at this Manchester fraud attack!  This is another smoking gun that points to this being a fraud....  AND I must point out the strange fact that the big collage of those "22 victims" was out there within a day of this 'attack' by the Jew spew media, which should not even be possible until AFTER the British coroners were able to confirm the actual deaths of these "victims" and the "victims" families were able to identify the "victims" as their own children.... That could take, and should have taken, days at least, but voila there is that big picture of the supposed "22 victims" all prepped and ready to go for the sheep out there to absorb....

AND I was sent the following video just yesterday that supposedly was taken by a smartphone camera right in the Foyer area of the Manchester arena "bombing" right after the supposed "bomb" went off!   This is amazing footage and I have that video right here for everyone to see for themselves:

I have a few more questions thanks to this video... If this video is indeed legitimate, then where the fuck are all of the supposed victims?   The ridiculous reports claim that "22 victims" are dead while some "119 victims" were wounded from this "nail bomb", and yet do we even see these 'victims" in this video?  I did a quick count and all I see is around 15-20 supposed "victims" in that scene... And even if the visual from that camera covers at most 1/2 of the crime scene, then at most there are some 30-40 "victims" in total.... Therefore how in the hell does the government, media, and so called experts get off in claiming 141 victims in total?  ...

Another question that arises from this video is simple... WHERE is the blood?  22 People dead and 119 wounded and almost zilch for blood!  Need I remind everyone once again that the human body contains some 4.5 litres of blood, and even though the supposed bomb created shrapnel wounds as they claim, the floor in that foyer should be a bloody mess if 22 people were killed and 119 wounded!

OK, To some I may indeed be a "heartless bastard" for tearing this Manchester bombing hoax to shreds, but the truth is the truth... If those suckers are so brain dead that they cannot accept the fact that this is a hoax, then they deserve what the criminal government in London is now doing to them... And yes, lo and behold but since this 'attack' the British government has gone insane with their "crackdowns" on civil liberties and personal freedoms... They have basically turned Britain into a police state by putting soldiers armed to the teeth on the streets and stripping away citizen's rights in the process... I have read countless reports of how these fully weaponized thugs have burst into private citizens' homes all across Britain over the last week arresting so many without proper cause or warrants and throwing them into jails on trumped up and phoney 'terrorism" charges... Yes, Britain, you have been played and your own government has now turned into a tyranny....  So once again to those who have called me all kinds of terms for exposing this Manchester fraud, you deserve what you get for being mindless sheep...

Well, I could take up this entire rant with even more reports that expose the Manchester arena attack for the fraud it truly is, but there is so much else happening in our sick world that I want to touch on.... And of course while the world has been so neatly and purposely focused in on that fraud, we have some incredible things happening over the last week in Syria.... And the news is of course mostly good for the Syrian government forces as they have launched a major offensive in Homs Province both east and west of Palmyra... The good guys have in fact recaptured most of the areas now between Damascus and Palmyra itself and have advanced along the highways towards the Iraqi border...  They have the fraud of "ISIS" now on the run, and the only stumbling block from total victory in Syria is of course the United States...

Lets face the truth here about all of the bullshit "news reports" about this "Battle for Raqqa".  It is pure unmitigated propaganda bullshit!   I gave everyone the truth here at this blog about how the US had evacuated their "ISIS" fighters from Raqqa months ago and have repositioned them around the Syrian government held town of Deir Ezzor..... Therefore everyone should be asking the big question here:  WHO are the US/Kurd alliance fighting in their highly propagandized "Battle for Raqqa" then? If ISIS is long gone, then the city of Raqqa is basically empty of any "terrorists" and an "open city", and yet here we have the liars in the Jew spew media putting out reports and videos of this "battle" for the sheep to absorb?   Yes, the smell of bullshit is very intense here!

I found several reports most interesting over the last week that showed how the US has in fact murdered far more Syrian civilians over the last while than the Syrian government forces and their Russian and Arabic allies combined.... This is indeed a travesty and shows how everyone has again been lied to about this "war on terror" and the "war against terrorists" in Syria itself.. The truth is of course that there is and has never been a "war on terror" in Syria simply because it is the excuse used by the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal to attack and murder innocent civilians.....

Well, a few days ago we had that bombing of that busload of Coptic Christian followers in Egypt, and lo and behold but just the other day the fraud of "ISIS" has taken responsibility for that attack that has murdered some 25+ innocent people...And now that the fraud of "ISIS" has taken "responsibility" for that atrocity, we know that it was the US-Israel behind this attack.... And for what purpose?  Well, we have already seen the Manchester city fraud being blamed on "radical Islamic terrorists" and now we have the Egypt bombing to also blame on "radical Islamic terrorists".  This is all part of the master plan by the criminally insane Jews to have ALL of Islam vilified to build up for their long planned war between Christians and Muslims... These monsters want this war so that they can have their enemies slaughter each other with them sitting on the sidelines collecting Shekels from financing such a war and then when the war is over and both sides decimated, they will be the lone survivors of the entire war and will dominate what remains of our planet.... And yes, these bastards are truly this diabolic and sick......

And of course strangely very little attention has been paid to what has suddenly happened in the Philippines where the fraud of ISIS was injected onto the southern island of Mindanao to begin a nice little US/Israel criminal cabal war against President Duterte's government.... And the reason for ISIS in the Philippines?  Well, my last article about this new proxy war by the US showed how Duterte has turned against the US for their want to continue to dominate the Philippines and has also kicked out the criminal Rothschild banking scum that has enslaved his nation to their debt based Usury banking system.... Sending the Americans packing is actually minor compared to pissing off the criminal Rothschilds and those monsters have of course retaliated against the Philippines by ordering their minions to send 'ISIS' in to stir up trouble, kill some civilians, and start the process for overthrowing the Duterte government in Manila.... Yes, these bastards never want their slave nations to escape and their plan is to force the Philippines back under their control.... I again must also reiterate that the US will probably also send in some hit squads to have President Duterte assassinated as their second option to replace him with a US controlled puppet....

Well, there you have it... A few major key points to cover for this rant.... I have been so goddamn busy these last few weeks taking care of some business and family and personal needs, that I feel a bit burned out.  My "better half" has suggested that I take a break from so many of my projects on the go and from this blog, and I may actually follow her suggestion...  I am tremendously STUBBORN though and I find my writings at this blog to be an outlet to let off so much steam..... I will let everyone know if I do decide to take a bit of a "vacation break" well ahead of time....

OK, time to finish this rant with my usual "last minute tidbits"....... First and foremost, I saw all those reports about the US having as many as 3 carrier battle groups in position around the Korean peninsula very shortly.  I still look at it as "sabre rattling" for the US and nothing more than a propaganda stunt.  Kim Jong-un has done nothing wrong, has every right to see his nation defended from the US and others, and as I said many times should just be left alone.  North Korea is NOT a 'threat' to anyone and has no intentions of "attacking America" as the Jew spew media portrays........I have noticed how that fraud "Russia-Gate" is still going strong with the Jew spew media and once again I am calling it for what it is, a "diversion" and "fluff" to keep the American people away from some of the real criminal actions by their own government.  And as a matter of fact, as more and more digging is done to try to find "evidence" of this Russia-Gate fraud, the more the investigators discover the reality that the Clinton crime family were indeed the real recipients of any Russian aid during the last American 'election' cycle!.........And speaking of the Clintons, I saw some reports again about how Killary is still going on and on about how she actually 'won' the last election.  Yes, this insane psychopath is still out there and still spewing her dribble every chance she can get......And speaking of Killary, I can hardly wait until the evidence comes out that shows that she is responsible for the death of Seth Rich.  When that happens, I do wonder what this psycho will do and what the liars in the Jew spew media will do as well?  And yes, that day is definitely coming as long as the Seth Rich investigation is not ruined or tainted.......I see that criminal President Drumpf went to the Vatican after he sucked some Jew dick in Israel to meet with the Dope.   And not much happened in this first meeting, other than Dope Francis pushing Drumpf to ease his stance on the fraud of "climate change".  Honestly the Dope is part of the criminal controllers who want the entire world to bow down to their 'climate change" agenda, which is so sickening.   I for one hope that Drumpf, in spite of his other lies, keeps his word to have the US's climate change fraud agenda shelved and permanently.....And speaking of Drumpf, I saw some reports where supposedly he has no intention of lifting the stupid 'sanctions' against Russia claiming that they will not be lifted at all until Russia "gives back Crimea" to Ukraine.  I honestly cannot believe that people continue to be this stupid from not even realizing that the Crimean people themselves voted to secede from Ukraine and that Russia never ever "annexed" that peninsula as the Jew spew media continues to promote falsely!.......As a Canadian, I have been wondering over the last while where in the fuck Justin Trudeau has been?  There has been little reporting about this clown over the last while other than his continuing push for the Canadian provinces to bend over and accept their fraud carbon taxation.  Sadly we as Canadians are now seeing the truth about Justin that he is as bad for Canada if not worse than the previous clown Stephen Harper was.......And speaking of Canada, little attention has been paid over the last week about the fact that the housing bubble in Toronto has now begun to burst as I had expected.   And with the expected crash, there indeed could be a massive financial crisis here in Canada as well.  I sure hope most Canadians are aware that if that happens the criminal banks will indeed grab all of their life's savings to save their asses from default.  It will also be interesting to see what Justin Trudeau does when that happens.......Little reporting has come out about the continuing war in Yemen and especially the brutal war by the criminal Saudis against that nation's civilians.  And yes, the famine is now in full swing as thousands are indeed dying from starvation.  We can thank the Saudis and the Americans for that travesty of course, and now that the US has given the Saudis even more weapons to kill Yemen civilians, the slaughter there will only intensify..........I again want to ask the idiot "flat earth retards" out there to not even bother sending me their "comments" to this blog for I will never publish their bullshit.   Yes, I do look at flat earth idiots as retards, or nothing more than the victims of the failed US education system.........I see that Arsenal saved a bit of their dismal season by defeating Chelsea Blues yesterday in the FA Cup final by the score of  2-1.  This may not be enough to save Arsene Wenger's job as coach though, and supposedly we find out this Tuesday if the organization will keep him around for next year.  IMHO, he has to go.........And finally, I guess I will take my usual shot at the stupid and idiotic Kardashians once again. I found a shocking report that came out last week that showed that skank #1, Kim herself, is reportedly worth $69 MILLION dollars!  I could not believe it and had to do a face palm when I saw the reports.  This shows how being a cheap braindead skank does appeal to the braindead American idiots out there that support her idiocy.  Yes, America, this thing has made millions off of you suckers and will continue to make more millions for doing absolutely nothing of any value.  Isn't America great?

More to come



Unknown said...

The Jew Media in the US has been showing a photograph of the alleged bomber just moments before the "bomb" went off, provided to them by the Manchester Police Department. Which is being touted as proof of the correctness of the official story. It is laughable to say the least, because it is so obviously an extremely poorly done product of photo-shopping. The background and surroundings are all sharp and clear while the individual is all out of focus. It is obvious that two different photographs have been combined.

They are also showing a film of the alleged bomber taking out the trash from his apartment in Manchester a couple of months ago as further proof of the correctness of the official story. Allegedly it was taken by undercover police who were keeping him under observation. This one is positively asinine to a rational mind. It doesn't prove anything about anything. But it certainly begs the question as to why they were so interested in filming him taking out his trash.

torus said...

Insightful lyrics from a Canadian socialist. Although he lacked the insight to see the capitalist/communist nexus, he none the the less articulated brilliantly the dealings of the IMF along with other crimes being perpetrated by "American" capitalists in Latin America. The end result of course being the "mob rules" and viva the "revolution", which will only incur further intrusions of the police state.
There once was a time when "pop radio" broadcasted insightful lyricism and not the shit-stained ramblings of skanks like Ariana Grande.

Bruce Cockburn's "They Call it Democracy"

"Padded with power here they come.
International loan sharks backed by the guns of market-hungry military profiteers whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared with the blood of the poor.

Who rob life of its quality, who render rage a necessity.
By turning countries into labour camps, modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom. Smile at the ladies and shake hands with the fellows. And it's open for business like a cheap bordello.

North. South. East. West.
It's kill the best and buy the rest.
It's just spend a buck to make a buck.
You don't really give a flying-fuck about the people in misery.

Cynical sinister instrument that makes the gun into a sacrament.
The only response to the deification of tyranny by so-called "developed nations" idolatry of ideology.

I've seen the loaded eyes of the children too.
Trying to make best of things the way kids do.
One day you're going to wake from your habitual feast to find yourself staring down the throat of the beast they call the "revolution".

And they'll call it democracy..."

Unknown said...

Torus - That was positively a brilliant piece of work. Thanks big time! 100% in agreement too. For me it is all about the "Working Poor" of my people. The White Ruling Class is every bit as bad as the Jews; that is why they are so frequently found working with and intermarrying with each other. The "Working Poor" of Latin America have precisely the same enemies as the "White Working Poor" of the United States. Indeed it is the same people who have their heals on everybody's necks regardless of the race or residence of the Poor. Yet these Plutocrats want the Poor to blame each other for their circumstances and hate and kill each other accordingly. Rather than risk them coming together against the common enemy, the Plutocrats themselves. Long Live The Revolution! Provided of course it is the right revolution against the right people.

John Doe said...

Re: "I again want to ask the idiot "flat earth retards" out there to not even bother sending me their "comments" to this blog for I will never publish their bullshit. Yes, I do look at flat earth idiots as retards, or nothing more than the victims of the failed US education system."

Dear NTS,
Einstein was once asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive. Einstein’s reply was – “I don’t know. You will have to ask Nikola Tesla". Yet, they don't teach about him in schools. And he is the one who created foundation to all today's technology we use. Let's not be part of the evil suppressing the truth about our reality.

Nikola Tesla Greatest Secret EXPOSED 2017 The One Thing He Said That NOBODY Mentions

Tesla knew Gravity was just a bogus theory

In 1931 another scientist - professor Auguste Piccard (Swiss Physicist, Inventor & Explorer) took the first ever balloon flight high above the Earth to the stratosphere and discovered a "flat disk with upturned edge". In his pressurized aluminum gondola he reached 51.775 feet about 10 miles above the Earth. This is his story, a story which has been omitted from our "global" education system.

For the original article, see page 23 of the "Popular Science" magazine from August 1931 and watch the archival documentary:
Professor Piccard And His Flat Earth Discovery

Now compare the above real scientists to a stand-up comedian Bill Nye the Science Guy who said - “I took astronomy from Carl Sagan” (excerpt from the entertaining yet informative video “Flat Earth Cartoons #1”).

Have a good day.

torus said...

Thanks Randall! BIG time thanks to Mr Bruce Cockburn. I typed those lyrics from memory and may have inadvertently botched the order a little. I purposely omitted the chorus, which goes;
"IMF, dirty MF!
Takes away everything it can get.
Always making certain that there's one thing left - keep them on the hook with insupportable debt."
I'll venture that "They Call it Democracy" is the most artistically insightful, politically motivated, song ever written.
Even the "MF" is WAY ahead of its time if we consider "MF" as the street term, "mother fu*ker". Written at a time when Rap wasn't even a fetus, or even a zygote.
We have to come together as they are now in FULL RETARD mode to divide us based on ethnicity etc.

torus said...

And you've "clarified" the debate by posting contradiction.
In the highlighted "our reality" link, Tesla says; "Earth is a realm, it is not a planet. It is not an object, therefore it has no edge." That comment lends some credibility to Earth being a spheroid. Yet Piccard testifies that it is a flat disk with an upturned edge. With no disregard for Tesla's technical genius, I do sense a bit of "riffing" on his part, if not intoxication.
Flat or spherical, Earth is indeed an "object" and it's being objectified on youtube to the point of nausea. 9/11 is the real issue of these times, and we can all concur that TWO planes FLATTENED three skyscrapers, and that "mind control" is a piece of cake for the perpetrators. It's one reason why the flat earth debate is passe and redundant. Even with the power of the internet, 9/11 has proven that the Web is no threat to chief arbiter of consensus reality, TV. We haven't been able to muster the collective will, coherency, and courage to expose that patently absurd sham know as 9/11.

Unknown said...

Torus - We have to have a new system that respects the genuine ethnic identities amongst people while at the same time preventing the Plutocrats (Capitalists) from playing the workers off against each other. This requires direct contact as well as some entity all sides trust to mediate differences that do occur. It also means the workers must own AND MANAGE the means of production themselves. The Italian Social Republic in Northern Italy which existed towards the end of WW2 was at least something along these lines. It gives one sort of a starting point in the search for an answer.