Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester England Arena False Flag Bombing: More Reports Showing Evidence Of A Set Up And False Flag!

I have been sent a few links already from some commentators showing proof of this Manchester arena "bombing" as being a set up, and I want to thank them for their due dilligence... Again, if anyone has any more follow up information that exposes this thing for the fraud it truly is, feel free to send me the links and I will post them here...

I found the following report from a fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Greencrow, over at "Green Crow As The Crow Flies" (www.greencrowasthecrowflies.blogspot.com), and I definitely want to share it with my own readers.... The article is entitled: "Israeli Spokesperson Promotes Manchester False Flag As Distraction From Seth Rich Murder Story" and I have the link to Greencrow's article here:


NTS Notes:  As is common with most of these false flags, the timing seems too perfect and yes they do sometimes appear just in the nick of time as a "distraction" from happenings elsewhere across the planet!

And of course we have that disgusting and most ugly Jewish creature, Rita Katz, once again out there promoting this Manchester "attack" as being the works of the US-Israeli creation called "ISIS".... Therefore we have this fraud SITE group also involved in this false flag and thus proving that this "attack" in Manchester was indeed a set up!

I personally have not delved into the Seth Rich murder case that is right now running rampant across so many alternative media sites as well as several Jew spew media outlets.. But needless to say, Seth Rich was most definitely murdered and the Clinton crime family definitely has its bloody hands all over this one...

And... I have indeed been watching the liars and shills over at the Jew spew media in action with their lies and falsehoods about this Manchester "attack"... One of the biggest liars out there is always that so called news network called "CNN" that I have long seen as a Lying Jewish mouthpiece of garbage..... But today I came across an interesting article with a strange "twist" to this false flag tale... For according to the Information Liberation website, at www.informationliberation.com, apparently some of the brainiacs over at CNN are labeling this Manchester false flag as a "Right Wing False Flag" carried out by "Right Wing Extremists" to vilify Muslims!   Here is the link to that article here:


OK, here is my take on this "Right Wing Extremists" garbage promoted by the liars over at CNN...The fact is that these so called "refugees" that are still flooding into the UK are mostly incapable of working, and instead are put onto the UK's overburdened social assistance programs. The result is that many of these fraud "refugees" have caused a massive upsurge in crime rates across the UK..... Therefore their influx into Britain has been an unmitigated disaster much along the same lines of the "refugees" and "illegal migrant workers" that has destroyed so many nations across the European continent... Therefore leave it to CNN to link this "false flag" attack in Manchester to "Radical Right Wingers" wanting to rightfully stop the flow of Muslims into the UK...Yes this is indeed a most interesting twist to this false flag by the liars over at CNN indeed!

But of course CNN had to change its tune of course as the criminals responsible for this false flag had to go back to their tried and true "Muslim extremists" MO that they have used in most of these fraud false flags before..

OK, One other thing that has bugged me so far about this Manchester "false flag" is ... .What is the real motive and/or the real agenda behind this attack? And to help people understand what the "agenda" may be in regards to this Manchester "attack", I want to turn to a video that was just released today from Morris108 that is entitled: "What Is The Manchester Agenda?" right here for everyone to see:

NTS Notes: To me, this Manchester false flag has the agenda of generating even more fear in the gullible populace so that gullible people will once again surrender their rights and freedoms for the fraud of "security" from these "evil terrorists".....The criminals in charge have used this agenda in every false flag attack that we have seen even before the 9-11 attacks and will continue to do so until either they are defeated by those who see through their games, or they will will have their police state where we are nothing but their slaves....

There is so much more yet to come about this Manchester false flag, and I will continue with my reports here to expose the truth about this fraud... Stay tuned..

More to come



torus said...

Greetings. Yes, 5/22. In occult circles 11 is regarded as the "high number" of "magick". Manchester is just one of 9/11's impotent children. As Trump grovels before the "holocaust" and insists on our collective need to "never forget", the battle of "Gag and May gag" continues. It was Chertoff who equated the questioning of the official story of 9/11 with holocaust "denial". The arbiter of consensus reality can dish up mass murder and blame it on two planes and the world bows in obeisance. That same arbiter can spew contrived and fake mass murder, and the world bows in obeisance yet again. Aside from the internet, there are no dissenting voices. Everywhere I go I seem the same looks of quiet desparation.

Unknown said...

Can someone draw Attention to the Similarities that are becoming Soooooo familiar in these "Events" ?
1/ Lone gunman, bomber, Driver etc etc
2/ Almost instant identification of the "Suspect"
3/ Previous "Drill" at the site/location
4/ Swift elimination of said "Suspect" (Dead men tell no tales)
5/ Rapid arrests of known associates of the now VERY SILENT so called attacker, with subsequent trickle of releases and "Dead End" enquiries ???
6/ Lack of CCTV images, the UK has the most cameras of most any Country we are told, surely the the lobby/train station of a major Arena would have CCTV coverage?
7/ The 24 Hour a day TV news and media coverage of this to the exclusion of ALL other stories getting a look in ! (Seth Rich et al)

Too many Questions are left unanswered whilst the USUAL rhetoric and speculation is presented as FACT...............

No wonder there are such a lot of WEB blogs, entries and videos calling out "FALSE FLAG" and "PSYOPS" ............

Ho Hum, we will just have to wait and see what else happens I guess ? I hope people will remember that the world is still a good and wonderful place and that EVIL is a minority pursuit.

Lots of Scare Mongering going on it seems, wonder who has the most to gain ??????