Wednesday, April 12, 2017

While The World Focuses In On Syria, Things Are Getting Red Hot Over In Korea!

We have been watching as the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal continue to sabre rattle against the peaceful and innocent nation of Syria... The criminals in charge of our crooked governments are all clamouring for the ouster of Bashar al-Assad and the imposition of a "pro-western" puppet government just so these criminals can have not only Syria's vast mineral wealth, but a nice little pipeline across Syrian territory to boot....

It has been so disgusting to watch the LIARS in the Jew spew media continue their almost nonstop propaganda and lies that Bashar al-Assad "gassed" his own people, and it has been an uphill and seemingly losing battle for all of us in the alternative media to try to get the real truths out concerning the truths about Syria... It is so disgusting even for myself to see all the brainwashed idiots up here in Canada swallow the lies of our media and government without any thought and common sense...

But while so much attention has been focused in on Syria and the push for a war of conquest of that innocent nation, far little attention has been focused in on Korea and the ridiculous rush to war by America there.... I figured that for this article at least, I would pay some attention to the troubles on the Korean peninsula, and the real threat of a nuclear war there....

The situation in Korea has in recent days gone from bad to much worse, as the US has now moved the Carl A Vinson (CVN70) carrier strike force into the western Pacific Ocean, and has moved as well several missile carrying destroyers as well as the USS Ohio nuclear submarine, with its 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles on board, into position in the waters of the Japan Sea adjacent to the Korean Peninsula.... I want to present the following video that comes from Al Jazeera, that describes this massive movement of force by the US Navy towards North Korea, and describes in some pretty good detail how this entire crisis has escalated to the point now that war with North Korea could happen within days..  Here is that video:

OK, The truth is that the US has long had its eyes on North Korea, not only for their perception of "regime change" but to put themselves firmly in position on the border with China under the ridiculous perception of trying to "contain" that nation itself......

But of course the reality is that the criminals in charge of the US, the Jewish power elite, absolutely have wanted North Korea subdued and or destroyed, as well as Syria, and Iran, due to the fact that these three nations are probably the last 3 nations on Earth that do NOT have a Jewish controlled Usury based banking and currency system.  

It should make sense to everyone therefore as to why these three nations above everywhere else have been pictured as an "axis of evil" simply due to the fact that they have defied the Jewish push for world domination through their crooked debt based banking system!

And... Yes, we may be heading headlong into a major conflict, for the news today out of Pyongyang North Korea is not good, for according to the following report from the Express online news service out of the UK, apparently the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, has called for the immediate evacuation of the entire population of the capital city, Pyongyang, itself, in preparation for a major war with the US... Here is the link to that article here:

Lets face the facts here... North Korea has never been a threat to anyone... Their economy is a shambles and honestly is incapable of launching any attack against South Korea or anyone else... The leadership there has long known that the real threat to their nation has always been the US that wants to have that leadership overthrown, a pro-western puppet regime brought in, and of course the imposition of the criminal Jewish Usury banking system to enslave the people.... This is why the North Koreans decided over a decade ago to pursue their nuclear weapons program to give themselves a credible defence against the US.....

It has been the Korean nuclear weapons, possibly as many as a dozen, that has given Kim his deterrent against American aggression to this point in time.. And it is a fact that Kim is the type of leader that would indeed use those weapons if necessary to protect his regime as well as his nation.

And therefore it does boggle the mind as to why the Jewish criminal US President, Donald Drumpf, has now been pushing for a major war on the Korean peninsula rather than continue the policy of leaving North Korea alone?    Any attack by the US at this point would lead to a retaliation with nuclear weapons by North Korea at not only the US carrier fleet, but against several targets in South Korea as well as Japan..... And the BIG QUESTION still remains as to how China would react with a major war using nuclear weapons right on their very doorstep!

Honestly, is Drumpf this insane to risk a war against North Korea that could mean the lives of millions of innocent people lost in the process?   I hope the American people do wake up and see what is happening here, for things could go from bad to worse in a heartbeat very soon...

I will of course be keeping tabs on this situation and will bring further updates when they become available... Stay tuned..

More to come



Unknown said...

The gentleman speaking from China touched on an element of this crises that many are overlooking. It involves Korean unification. Back before the US started in on all of the talk of doing a regime change and NK responded with their nuclear weapons program something very interesting was going on. There was increasing contacts between the Koreas over them forming a single country with a "communist" north and a "capitalist" south. The US would of course have to withdraw from the peninsula to make this possible. This would obviously eliminate Korea as a springboard for potential actions against Russia and China. They would also lose control of an economically very valuable vassal state. Then Washington started in with the whole regime change threats. Tensions have been high between the Koreas ever since, mainly stirred up by the US. The US by stirring up this crises prevents the peaceful reunification of Korea and thus the end of Washington's control there. They do want it reunited, but only if they are in control. It is possible, not certain, that Drumpf is just trying to keep the tensions going and thus prevent the reunification independent of the US. Rather than necessarily actually intending an attack. But as was made plain in the Al Jazeera report that is an extremely dangerous strategy. Because things could easily get out of hand.

Unknown said...

Although I'm glad you're invested in the truth about the goal of removing free banking institutions, your views on nuclear weapons, is... inaccurate.
Have you considered that nuclear weapons don't actually exist?
The first thing your mind will jump to after hearing that question, is: but Nagasaki, Heroshima....
Those "nuclear wastelands" are completely livable, and have been since almost immediately after they were bombed.
Watch this well informed documentary on the subject:

If the New World Order wanted a reasonable excuse to invade one of the last free countries on earth, nukes would be the best way to go about it.
With the amount of "facts" on nuclear weapons, it is much more reasonable to believe in boogeyman and other evil creatures of the night.
Once you understand nukes are a weapon of fear, not mass destruction, you begin to see the cracks in official news stories.
Why would North Korea protect itself by threatening nuclear war? The world knows well that even fake WMDs are excuse enough for the US to invade, and nobody will care in the end if they never actually existed.
So, is Kim Jung Un on the NWO payroll, paving the way for a western takeover? Or is western media propagating nuclear weapons tests, in favor of a much more benign truth.

Before you write articles that basically endorse what the NWO is trying to do, question everything!!!!
This "nuclear threat" does not add up, and the more people believe in it, the more war seems likely.