Friday, April 7, 2017

The US War Against An Innocent Syria: Updates On Situation... And Was That Tomahawk Cruise Missile Strike As "Spectacular" As The Liars In The Media Portray?

Ever since that war criminal and absolute IDIOT Donald Drumpf (Now does everyone understand why I call this clown "Drumpf"?) launched an ILLEGAL cruise missile strike against Shayrat airbase in central Homs province in Syria, I have been reading so many articles closely, and especially those coming from the alternative media, to both assess the damage and to try to figure out the big question: "WHY when the supposed "chemical weapons" attack in Idlib is being exposed more and more as a fraud and a false flag?".

I have been most interested in the "results" of that missile strike... And apparently the Jew spew media hype that has been filling everyone's heads since last night with bullshit that the strike was "successful" is not as it seems... For according to the following report from the Southfront online website at, apparently only 23 out of 59 tomahawk cruise missiles launched from those two US destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea actually hit the air base!  Here is the link to that article here:

OK, I may not be a military expert, but for a strike of this magnitude to only have a 40% success rate would actually be considered a disaster for the US military!  It also does beg the question about what the hell happened to the other 36 missiles that either turned out to be "duds" or missed the target completely?

Here is a reality check.. The Tomahawk cruise missile is indeed based on 1980's technology and severely outdated... And the facts are that the more modern Russian made cruise missiles are far more accurate and deadly, as explained here in how last year in October several Russian cruisers stationed in the Caspian Sea launched 26 cruise missiles aimed at only military targets in "rebel" held areas of Syria and had an almost 100% success rate in destroying said targets.. Here is that article here as a reminder to my readers:

OK, I brought forward this question about the "inaccuracy" of the American cruise missiles to hammer home the fact that in reality they are indeed quite accurate and that I can guarantee that several of those missiles that "missed" the base purposely hit civilian targets causing massive "collateral damage" and killing innocent civilians....And apparently, even the criminals in the Jew spew media have had to admit that civilians did die in this strike... Here is an example from the Telegraph online news service in the UK that does "admit" that some "4 children" died in that missile strike:

Yes, even with all of the hype about the "success" of this illegal strike and the nerve of calling it a "military strike", there had to be an admission that innocent lives were indeed lost... I can guarantee that this "4 children" is a lie and the death toll for civilians will be much much higher!  AND again even though the Tomahawk missile is indeed an outdated device, I can guarantee that many of those other 36 missiles did NOT miss their targets at all, but were purposely aimed elsewhere in and around that base.... And we must remember that to purposely target civilians is indeed a war crime....

One other thing about this missile strike... .I have been perplexed about WHY that particular base in Homs was attacked at this time?, Well lo and behold but the truth can be revealed... For according to this report from the Express online news service out of the UK, apparently the fraud US backed "ISIS' forces have indeed now launched a new offensive in Homs province in the wake of that US cruise missile attack.  Here is the link to that article here:

Readers, there is NO coincidence here that the fraud of ISIS has now launched that attack.. I can guarantee that it was coordinated closely with the US attack at Shayrat airbase, for that airbase was where Syrian and Russian planes have been launched to pulverize these fraud terrorists on the ground in Homs province!  Now that those air attacks have been subdued thanks to the evil US government, ISIS has been able to launch that offensive without fear of retaliation through the air...

Yes, this attack at Shayrat is by no accident, and has all the signs of being preplanned WELL BEFORE that fraud "Chemical weapons" attack in Idlib province... The fraud chemical weapons garbage may have been the smokescreen necessary for the criminal US government to conduct this operation!

Lets not be fooled here any longer... Donald Drumpf is an idiot and nothing more than a Jew run shill and puppet... He is fully aware of his actions and has indeed been planning this and future attacks against Syria.....I therefore am so sickened that there may be fools out there that are somehow cheering on these crimes against humanity and cheering on their "hero" Drumpf for more!

There are still so many twists to this latest crime against the nation of Syria... And as more material becomes available, I will indeed bring them here as soon as I can for everyone to read and see for themselves.. Stay tuned...

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Unknown said...

A short time ago I viewed a Russian aerial film of the aftereffects of the attack. Judging from what I could tell it looked like the missile impacts were scattered at random all over the place. One hanger looked like it had taken a direct it. Others also looked like they had been damaged but by near misses and glancing blows. At least one looked like it hadn't been hit. There were many impacts in open areas. At least some aircraft sitting alongside the runways were unharmed. It looked for all in the world to me like the base had been hit by a barrage of large caliber unguided rockets. I know what that looks like. Something is wrong with this whole picture. We're not being told something.

This next is speculation mind you. Could it be, judging from what I could see, that something had interfered with their guidance systems resulting in them coming down all over the place like unguided rockets. Maybe our Russian et al friends did do something and they don't want to attract to much attention to it. Of course Washington is never going to admit that the Russians et al just screwed them royally. This may be the reason for the somewhat subdued response from Russia et al. Maybe they feel that they have got the situation under control so to speak. Again this is just speculation.

greencrow said...

Makes sense to me Randall. Something is not right when you get less than 40% accuracy at a million $ per missile.


Unknown said...

Greencrow. There are reports in the American mainstream media just this mourning that Syrian aircraft are still operating from the base and that there was, from Syrian Government sources, reports of a total of 6 military and 9 civilian deaths as a result of the raid. Damage there certainly was but it obviously wasn't of a critical nature. That combined with the relatively low number of casualties from such a large raid as well as the low accuracy from such a proven missile system tells me that the raid must be considered to be an overall failure.

Penny said...

Hey North!
Just wanted to thank you for reading and linking to my work at the blog
I've been so busy digging up news and reading news articles all over that this is the first chance I've have to get out and about

I do think the US is going to expand this war in Syria-

Hemp4Shemp said...

NTS: Think broken arrows. Cruise missles can carry nuclear payloads.