Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal - New Updates On Situation, And Here We Go Again With Another Chemical Weapons Attack!

I have been watching so many things unfold over the last few days all over the world.... First and foremost we have the train station bombing in St Petersburg Russia just the other day where some 10 people were killed and dozens more injured... That attack has all the earmarks of the Israeli Mossad due to the simple question..."Who Benefits?"....But I will cover that in another article...

In the meantime, there has been a lot happening in Syria, especially with the push by the United States and Israel to fulfill their sick desire to have Syria broken apart... Few people still do not get it that the break up of every single one of Israel's Arabic neighbors has always been the sick desire of that evil psychotic state ever since their blueprint for their conquest of the Middle East written back in the 1980's called "Securing The Realm".... In that document, the psychos in Israel called for every single neighboring nation, including Syria, to be busted down to small "fiefdoms" that the Israelis would either conquer or control for their Greater Israel project... And they have never wavered from that blueprint and we see it unfolding right now in northern Syria with the push for this Kurdish state!

And therefore, I am not fooled by what is happening in northern Syria....The US has been playing a sick and twisted game where their Operatives called "ISIS" has now been directly "engaged" with the US backed Kurdish fighters in and around the "ISIS" controlled city of Al Raqqa... But what we are seeing is as much a sham as the "fighting" around the Iraqi city of Mosul, and is nothing more than a charade.... The facts are simple here, for with the failure of the sick Israelis and their American puppets to have Bashar al-Assad removed from office in Damascus, they have indeed resorted now to their "Plan B" which is to fall back to the "Securing The Realm" plan for the break up of Syria.... What indeed is happening now is for the establishment of an illegal Kurdish state in defiance of the legitimate government in Damascus, and a slap in the face of the Syrian people who have always wanted their nation to remain whole....

I came across the following article from a fellow Canadian real truth seeker, Penny, who of course writes the blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com, that does indeed see exactly what I see happening in northern Syria with the establishment of the illegal Kurdish state... Penny in fact wrote for the last few years that this was absolutely what was happening!  Here is the link to that article from Penny from just the other day, that shows how the US is indeed behind this illegal Kurdish state with their establishment of 5 air bases on that "stolen land" right here for everyone to see for themselves:


Again, kudos to Penny for foreseeing this criminal act by the US and Israel.... It is indeed a slap in the face for the Bashar al-Assad government and for the Syrian people....

So... What we are seeing is a charade in Syria, where in the southern part of that nation, the good guys, the Syrian army and their Arabic and Russian allies, have been making great strides in freeing the nation from the US/Israel backed "ISIS" scourge, while in the north the US and Israel have very diabolically been seizing territory to establish their illegal Kurdish state.... And the world continues to be fooled with the bullshit that this is all being done for the "fight" against "terrorism"!

But the sinister US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal always has more tricks up their sleeves, and from what I just found from the Southfront website, at www.southfront.org, is yet another play to try to remove Bashar al-Assad from power in Damascus... For according to this new article, apparently the US and Israel have once again launched a brand new "chemical weapons" attack on civilians, this time in and around the Syrian government held area of Idlib in northern Syria.... First, I have the link to that article that shows this shocking new development here:


OK, Lets get the facts straight here... These 'chemical weapons' attacks that have been alleged to have been conducted by the Syrian government are pure and utter BULLSHIT!   There is absolutely nothing to be gained by Bashar al-Assad gassing his own people... If he was ever to conduct such an atrocity, then the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal would have its excuse to march right into Syria and have him removed by force... Therefore obviously something else is going on here, and I smell the Israeli Mossad rats at it again!

When I first heard about this "gassing" and the alleged "planes" that conducted this attack, I remembered a few months back how the US was conducting "drills" using aircraft disguised as both Russian and Syrian combat aircraft... Therefore it would not be a stretch at all that the aircraft that dropped these chemical weapons were THOSE aircraft being flown by Israeli or US pilots!  This is how diabolical the cabal has become indeed....

Yes, here we go again with this "Bashar al-Assad gassing his own people" lie and bullshit that will be pushed as propaganda on the gullible people once again... I can guarantee that the Jew spew media will harp this lie like they did every one before it, knowing how short the attention spans are of the average American sheep that so quickly have forgotten how every previous "chemical weapons attack" has been proven to be a false flag...

Lets not be fooled here... The ultimate plan for the break up of Syria is absolutely unfolding right now with this criminal and illegal push for a Kurdish nation to be carved out of northern Syria.... That is bad enough, but now these same diabolical criminals in the US and Israeli governments have once again launched a chemical weapons attack and are hoping the public is stupid enough to believe that it was Assad that did the deed....

This war in Syria is far from over, and we may still see more twists to come... Stay tuned..

More to come


*Update April 4th, 2017... Apparently, I have spoken too soon, for the facts behind the chemical weapons attack in Idlib are finally coming to light... Apparently, according to the following article from the Tass news online news source at www.tass.com, the Syrian air force did attack in Idlib province, NOT to injure civilians but to DESTROY a chemical weapons facility in that province!  First, here is the link to that Tass article here:


This definitely makes sense now... There was indeed a Syrian air force strike in Idlib, but it is NOT as the liars in the Jew spew media will try to portray.. Instead it was an attack to again destroy a chemical weapons facility that would have produced deadly chemicals to be used against the Syrian people....  

I do wonder where the liars in the Jew spew media will now go with this "alleged" chemical weapons attack?  Stay tuned to find out...



Jody Paulson said...

I've seen a lot of pictures of children being treated for "Sarin" on Twitter, but there's something really screwy about that ... doctors are treating them with their bare hands! Sarin can be absorbed through the skin! http://jpaulson.blogspot.com/2017/04/syrian-gas-attack-false-flag-or-hoax.html

Unknown said...

They have produced another picture of a man rolling around on the ground like he is in agony while someone is spraying him with a hose pipe allegedly to wash the sarin off of of him. Like the pictures of the children being treated you can't prove anything by the pictures. I have received training in dealing with victims of sarin gas when I was in the military, and I hate to disappoint anybody (sarcasm) but these people don't act like victims of sarin gas. Genuine victims would be relatively stiff but also constantly twitching is the best way I could describe it. (I had forgotten all about that training until I read Jody Paulson's comment. A hearty thank you to her from me.) Unless the Russians had confirmed the release of the gas I would insist on the whole thing being a hoax. The pictures being plastered all over the media certainly are.

Both the mainstream media and the Trump regime are screaming for the removal of Assad. With the United States doing the honors. Taken at face value, always risky when you are talking about comments of American politicians, I would have to say that these sounded like promises as opposed to just empty threats if you know what I mean. They have been threatening Russia as well as they are accusing them of being indirectly responsible for the attack threw their support of Assad. They are vowing to take out Russia too if they try to interfere with them taking out Assad.

The Drumpf crowd is also screaming for Obama's blood as they are saying he is also responsible for the attack because he was soft on Assad and the Russians. As an American I am getting sick and tired of the orange haired rich boy blaming Obama for all of his frequently self-inflicted problems and screw-ups which are actually due to his own corruption and incompetence. I have never had anything but loathing for Obama but I know when someone is being made a scapegoat because somebody has a personal vendetta against them. Drumpf is a big one for getting revenge on people who have crossed him.

Now for the method to all of the madness. The US has essentially a fake economy which is on the verge of being collapsed by the real world. Drumpf can no longer keep it propped up with bullshit talk. So he has to take this country to war in order to keep peoples minds off of the collapse of the hoax economy. Dying empires have always responded in that way. This one is different in that it is liable to take everybody with it into oblivion.

If I am correct, let's hope I am not, this is the beginning of WW3.

Unknown said...

I have seen more videos which compels me to add to my last comment. Some as I said are obviously fake while others I am seeing might actually be genuine. One thing the American news media will sometimes do is use films of an earlier real incident to support years later a fake one. They obviously figure people have forgotten about its earlier use so they can get away with recycling it. This incident is obviously a combination of real, false flag, and hoax.

I have always asked myself just why the Syrians attacked the facility knowing what was likely to happen. Unless that is they had been misled into thinking it was something else. That anyway is my suspicion.

Just this morning the Jew Media is claiming that Assad also used Chlorine Gas. That is asinine because nobody has bothered with that gas since the Germans used it in I believe 1915 or 1916 if my memory serves me right. Simply put it is to unreliable, short lived, and easy to counter to make it an effective weapon, even against civilians. Furthermore, Chlorine Gas attacks first the eyes and then the respiratory system, so you are going to get an awful lot of blinded people and a smaller number of people with respiratory problems from its use. I have seen absolutely no cases of either at this point. I have been accidentally exposed to CG (No serious harm because I just ran away from it.) so I am familiar with its effects.

For me the CG hoax(?) serves as a smoking gun so-to-speak. Because it proves that this incident absolutely shouldn't be taken at face value. Maybe they thought that they could get away with it because most people are really not familiar in any detail with the gas, except that it sounds really bad. Or maybe they're just a bunch of dumbasses.