Thursday, April 6, 2017

Syrian False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack: Calling Bullshit On The Lies Coming From Our Crooked Governments And Media!

I am truly sick and disgusted by what I have been witnessing over the last few days thanks to this latest false flag "chemical weapons" attack in northern Syria.... Just this morning for example I decided to open up the local piece of trash rag that is published locally as a "newspaper" and what I read in the so called "Editorial section" was appalling... EVERY single article in that section coming from so called "renowned" writers was nothing but propaganda hit pieces directed at Syria, Russia, and mostly against Bashar al-Assad, for this fraud "gas attack" in Idlib province in Syria... Every bullshit article was so full of lies and falsehoods, that I almost wanted to vomit... But of course EVERY single one of these "writers" was, and no shock here at all, Jewish!  I again knew that we all have our work cut out for us in getting the real facts out about this obvious set up and false flag......

One thing that has bugged me about this supposed attack was how the liars in the Jew spew media and so called "experts" were all screaming that the "chemical" used was a nerve agent known as "Sarin".... But after watching the supposed videos put out by the fraud "White Helmets" group showing the victims and the "removal" of these supposed victims, I was puzzled... I did some further reading up on Sarin gas itself, and what I found was something that indeed shows that we are dealing with a fraud... Every single article that covered the handling of Sarin states clearly that the nerve agent was extremely dangerous when in contact with human skin... And yet, when we watch all of the videos put out by that fraud White Helmets group, we see them collecting the bodies and injured people WITHOUT using any protective clothing, or any Hazardous material uniforms!  And we do not hear of any of these "White Helmets" dropping dead from being in contact with the surroundings that were still full of Sarin residue to boot!

I want to share the following very important video that comes from Youtube user "MattyD 4Truth" that absolutely backs up what I am stating about the nature of Sarin gas, and clearly shows, through a link to an article from the Duran website at that blows massive holes in this entire gas attack fraud, and actually calls for the liars in the Jew spew media to apologize to the world for lying their asses off... Here is that video:

And luckily I came across the following article from the Macedonia News online service, at, that further shows how these fraud White Helmets were indeed involved in the production of this false flag... The article rightfully states that these White Helmets should get another Academy Award for their terrible acting skills in handling the supposed victims' bodies without any chemical weapons resistant gear... Here is the link to that article:

OK, Since yesterday's article at this site, I have clearly shown that the Syrian government did indeed destroy ALL of its chemical weapons storage well over 3 years ago... And yet here we have the Jew spew media and our compliant Jew run governments pushing this BULLSHIT once again that Assad gassed his people... And sadly there is still the majority of people out there swallowing this poison without an ounce of real critical thinking... Sad is an understatement...

Well, I am been tracking so many reports coming over the alternative media sites to find out if anyone has some important information to share that further blows holes in this "Chemical Weapons" bullshit... And there has been plenty.... And right here I want to share some of the articles links from some of the real truth seekers out there...

First, here is a link to a new article from Greencrow, over at "Green Crow As The Crow Flies" at, that puts forward the idea that President Drumpf has now surrendered to the criminal Jewish psychos that control America and has done a complete 180 degree turn in his stated support of Syria and President Bashar al-Assad, in stating that this 'attack' was 'real' and that he may indeed be propelling the US into a war against the innocent nation of Syria... Here is the link to Greencrow's report here:

OK, I have always supported Greencrow's work, but I would state that I look upon Drumpf as ALWAYS being in the pocket of the Jewish scoundrels and that he was absolutely put into the White House to do their bidding... I do agree with her that there may indeed be some extra incentive in place by way of "blackmail" to make sure that he obeys his Jewish masters.....

I also see that another Canadian truth seeker, Penny, over at "Penny For Your Thoughts" at, has also been on top of this fraud as well... And I want to present the link to her latest work covering this bullshit here where that evil US "ambassador" to the United Nations fraud, known as Nikki Haley, has been an absolute embarrassment to the US and the world in her harping and pushing over the last few days for the UN to "sanction" and vote for action against Syria, or that the US would "go it alone" in taking care of Syria!  Here is the link to Penny's article here:

To me this Nikki Haley is an insult to anyone's intelligence and nothing more than an evil warmonger... I truly hope that the members of the UN have had enough of her tirades and will NOT call for action until all facts and evidence is presented... I can guarantee that once the real perpetrators of this crime are exposed, the UN will rightfully NOT call for an attack on Syria, and therefore further embarass both the US and of course the psychotic state of Israel that want an immediate attack!

And of course, I see Greg over at "Goon Squad" ( has also seen what I am seeing, especially with the fraud "White Helmets" handling of the supposed "victims" of this "chemical weapons" attack, and has written a very fine article as well to cover this fraud in detail... Here is the link to Greg's article here:

I did notice one thing in Greg's article that I overlooked.. A video where one of the supposed "victims" of this "gas attack" magically opens her eyes (Ooops!) and thus blows this entire fraud right out of the water.. Here is an article that contains that video here:

OK, obviously the "victims" in that video were told to keep their eyes shut while the camera was rolling, but one obviously decided to peek to see if the video was completed and basically opened up her eyes a bit prematurely.. OOOPS is indeed an understatement!

Again, should we be surprised here?  We have seen so many of these fraud "attacks", "shootings" etc take place everywhere, and every time the criminals behind these frauds BLOW IT big time!  This chemical weapons fraud in Syria is just the latest, and honestly has now become the most dangerous due to the fact that our criminal governments want to push this lie to have a war launched against Syria itself...

One other thing before I do close this article... I am again standing behind my stance that there was indeed a Syrian air strike in Idlib province.. BUT it was NOT to drop chemical weapons on civilians, and instead was launched to take out a most evil chemical weapons facility run by the fraud "rebels"..... That attack was indeed successful in eliminating that facility, but the psychos in the US/Israel/NATO cabal cannot let one of their set backs go to waste, so they have rebranded and relabeled that attack as of course a "chemical weapons" attack on civilians launched by Bashar al-Assad..... BUT now we all can see the reality and hopefully we can do our best to spread the real truth to everyone...

In conclusion... This 'chemical weapons' attack in Syria is clearly 100% unadulterated BULLSHIT!

More to come


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Unknown said...

I agree that it was a fake but I have come across some reports who claim that a number of children were murdered in order to make it look real.

There is another potential danger here that is being overlooked, and it has to do with North Korea. Some Washington officials have all but said that as soon as they take care of Assad they are coming after NK, perhaps even before then. The danger I see is the NK leader sees what is happening to Assad and knowing that he is likely to be next he decides to beat Washington to the punch and starts launching his missiles while he still can.

There is another element that further complicates the crises. Some Republican leaders, and the Jew Media is giving ample voice to them, are claiming that God has given the United States the mission of punishing evil for him. So their attack upon Assad was because of this God-ordained mission. They are making it plain that it isn't going to stop with him either because it is an ongoing mission. So the world is also having to deal with religious fanatics whose God-ordained mission is to travel about the world punishing evil. I am reminded here of an old Roman saying. "Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad." They obviously have the last part well in hand you have to admit.