Sunday, April 9, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 9th, 2017


Sunday once again, and of course time for my weekly rant..

Lets start this off by laying it out as simply as possible... Donald Drumpf is an IDIOT and a warmonger.... There... I said it....  This man is nothing but a stooge for big Jew interests and his Jewish masters.. He was indeed selected by these evil bastards to be the President in November 2016, and he is doing exactly what his masters dictate him to do... And right now they told him to "destroy Syria" and of course Drumpf replied "Yes Master"....

I had several comments come across the last few days once again accusing me of once being a "Drumpf supporter" and in one case, the comment was full of the usual slurs and insults saying that I was a 'fucking idiot' for my "love" (?) of Drumpf... I will clear the air here once again, and freely admit that I was much like anyone else in just wanting tosee IF the man was more action than just the usual garbage talk. I wanted to wait and see if he showed his "true colours" before passing judgment... And of course the reality finally came out some 77 days after his inauguration that he was as bad a warmonger as the four idiot Presidents (not sure about Reagan...) that preceded him.....

Lets face the reality that is Syria... The US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal have always wanted that nation destroyed and turned into a puppet for their interests.. Israel of course had their eyes on Syria for decades, for not only stealing its rich mineral and oil reserves, but of course to fulfill its sick dream of the Greater Israel project by having a lot of Syrian territory for its selfish want for the land from the "Nile to the Euphrates".....What stood in the way for Israel was not only Assad's defiance, but the people of Syria themselves.  And what the heck, for the slithering Jewish freaks would have simply had most of the Syrian people killed anyways, because according to their twisted religious cult, everyone other than the Jews are nothing but subhuman.  Therefore so what if thousands if not millions of Syrians are exterminated along the way..

And of course the US has always had its eyes on Syria for primarily not only its oil wealth, but for the need for their dastardly long planned pipeline to feed oil from the Persian Gulf region to markets in Europe.. And again, we have Assad standing in the way and not wanting these criminals to build a pipeline across Syrian territory without the approval of the government of Syria or the Syrian people themselves.  But what the heck, the US solution is to create several fraud "terrorist" groups, and to create a nice little civil war in Syria itself.. They had hoped that by this time their "terrorists" would have unseated Assad in Damascus, but the Syrians have shown their loyalty to their President and their nation and have indeed fought back... And with Russia's help had basically won the war against American and Israel criminality!

Lets face the facts again.  The American push into northern Syria to "aid" the Kurdish forces was not going as smoothly as expected or as rapidly as planned, and the Syrian government forces were ready to launch new offensives to get rid of the "terrorists" in Homs province and to possibly push eastward from Palmyra to free the Deir Ezzor pocket.  And of course the other fraud "ISIS" offensives run by the US operatives in Homs were a dismal failure as well... Something had to be done or the entire "Syria project" for the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal would have finally collapsed... The situation was unfolding rapidly for the cabal and defeat of their sick dream of having Syria destroyed was indeed at hand, and therefore they needed some type of false flag or pretext for direct intervention..

Well, I called that fraud chemical weapons attack in Idlib province right almost from the moment it occurred... The reality always was that the Syrian government air force did indeed carry out an attack using Russian build Su22 fighter bombers against a "secret" rebel chemical weapons facility and successfully destroyed that facility.... And I do suspect that destruction did release some chemicals into the local environment, possibly killing some of the rebel forces and a few civilians that were exposed to those airborne chemicals... This assault was a disaster for the US backed rebels, but the US criminal government and the Jew spew media could not let this set back go to waste, and therefore they concocted this bullshit story that 'Assad once again gassed his own people' hoping the gullible fools out there would swallow this horseshoe without any rational thought.  And it worked splendidly, considering the low attention span of Americans that quickly forgot that Assad had destroyed all of his chemical weapons stores back in December 2013!

I will not go into detail here about why that "chemical attack" on civilians is so wrong and misleading.  Suffice to say that Drumpf himself definitely knew that the media and his spin doctors were spinning their web of lies, and rather than come out and tell the world that it was NOT Assad that did the deed, he went and did exactly what his Jewish masters demanded and launched that cruise missile attack on Shayrat air base in Homs province.   It was indeed an unprovoked attack, based on nothing but lies and falsehoods, and has now exposed Drumpf himself and the US as war mongers and pure evil.....The US government and the liars in the Jew spew media will continue to trumpet this attack as a "success", but in reality it is a severe propaganda defeat for the US itself and rightfully so!

And I have seen so many reports about how that 'attack' was in fact a dismal failure militarily due to the success rate of these cruise missiles only being around 40%.   That failure could very well be associated to the Syrian air defence systems and especially their electronic warfare capabilities thanks to Russian built equipment!  If it does prove to be the electronic jamming capabilities of Assad's defence systems, then that cruise missile attack on that air base is basically a defeat for the US!  It also means that any further incursions into Syrian air space could meet the same fate, which does not bode well for US and Israeli manned aircraft that may be involved in future assaults into Syria....

The real question now becomes.. Where does Drumpf go next with this change in his "policies" concerning Syria?   Considering he basically has hurled the US into a war against Syria without US congressional approval, it means that he can be considered a "loose cannon" and will dictate the next move himself or by consultation only with some of his closest military 'advisors' .... And lo and behold, but there are fresh reports that claim that Assad has now "bombed" that same town that he allegedly did his 'gas attack' earlier last week. This latest "bombing" is of course pure and utter bovine excrement! And there are some reports coming in as of this morning that some US military units were observed moving into southern Syria from neighbouring Jordan, and other reports that the US Navy is once again gearing up for more "missile" strikes....  We will indeed find out soon enough, and I will bring new information forward at this blog when it does happen....

I cannot understand the mentality of the average American when it comes to this unprovoked attack on Syria.. I have checked out so many comment sections in so many articles covering the cruise missile attack into Syria, and the majority of commentators are showing their ignorance and stupidity in applauding this assault on another innocent nation.  Most have stupid comments like "Assad is finally getting what he deserves", and "Way to go, Trump, kick the sh** out of Syria".   I honestly did a massive face palm when I read such stupidity coming from brain dead people... It was also troubling to see so few comments at all that opposed this act of war, and in most cases those few intelligent commentators were "shouted down" by the mob of ignorant brain dead fools..... I for one am so disgusted by the sheer ignorance of the average American sheep and how they have all been so easily brainwashed and manipulated!

Well, other than all the news entered around Drumpf going to war illegally in Syria, there has not been many reports about what has been happening elsewhere... But I did see that we now have another "terrorist" attack in Europe, this time in Stockholm Sweden where apparently an illegal migrant worker decided to use an automobile as a weapon and mow down some patrons killing 4 people in the process.  Honestly, considering what a mess Sweden has become due to its allowing its own destruction by opening up its borders to these illegal migrants, this type of attack was a long time in coming... Yes, many Swedes should now open their eyes to the reality of this migrant invasion, and possibly turn against their own crooked government for opening up the flood gates for these criminals to come waltzing in.   For if the people of Sweden do nothing, then I can guarantee that there will indeed be more attacks in the future that will make this one in Stockholm look tame in comparison!

One other note before I go onto my last minute tidbits... I decided just a few days back to spend some time once again at my local "Tim Hortons" restaurant here in central Canada with that same group of colleagues that I had not seen in quite some time... Well, things started up smoothly, but as usual the small talk at the table turned to politics and then one of the guys blurted out about how "Assad went and gassed his own people again"... I again decided not to say a word as most of the table got into the conversation about that fraud event, and I was so shocked to listen to how these people were so duped by the propaganda pushed out by the liars in the media... All I heard was "something had to be done about Assad", and how "terrible" that fraud attack was..... I began to realize just how powerful the propaganda and brainwashing was even here in Canada, and quickly realized that it was not only the average American that was so easily duped, but Canadians as well.... Well, I finished my coffee, and left the table shortly afterwards... I then realized why I had stayed away from these people for all this time, for I simply could not take their ignorance any longer!  It also made me realize how quickly you do lose so many friends and colleagues once you see how the world really works and where the real evil is.....

OK, I guess that is enough of the biggest issue for the day, and it did indeed swallow up much of this weekend's rant.... But again there are other issues going on around the world that should be addressed, and I will give them my usual 2 cents worth here in my closing "Last Minute Tidbits".....There have been reports that while the US is gearing up to escalate the situation in Syria, almost simultaneously they are moving forces into place for some type of assault against North Korea.  It is bad enough that Drumpf is pissing off Russia with his actions against Syria, but is he also hell bent in pissing off China by moving against North Korea?  Lets face reality here, for the US is not equipped for a war in both the Middle East against Russia and a war against China, and if Drumpf is that insane, it could spell defeat for the US very quickly.  And if defeat is staring the US in the face, how soon would they turn to nuclear weapons? ...... I saw an article last week where some military experts in the US are NOW calling the F35 fighter program a fiasco.  My question to them is of course, what took them so long to see the reality?   A trillion dollars for a piece of shit that is useless in any type of combat is too much in my opinion........I saw a report where Sears department stores in both the US and in Canada is about to declare bankruptcy.  I can see why, for there is indeed a Sears in the local mall that I usually travel to, and the store at most times is empty of shoppers!  Yes, we are indeed into a very 'deep' recession, but the reality is that this is a full blown depression........I see where war monger Killary Clinton is now "praising" Drumpf for his assault on and going to war against Syria.  That figures, for that disgusting creature is a mass murdering freak of nature, and most probably would have gone to war against innocent Syria herself shortly after she would have become President......I saw a report yesterday where the US launched an air assault outside of the Syrian city of Al Raqqa where they killed some 20 innocent civilians.  But of course the Jew spew media overlooked that act of cold blooded murder, for what the US does of course to murder civilians is "good", while they continue to portray Bashar al Assad, who has not murdered civilians, as "bad".......I am of course disgusted by the Canadian government under that idiot, Justin Trudeau, for not taking the rightful stance of condemning Drumpf's actions against Syria.  Instead, that idiot gave Drumpf Canada's "support" for his criminal action!  Well, just like Drumpf, Trudeau is also an IDIOT!.....And "Le Dauphin", as Greencrow likes to call Trudeau, is still pushing hard to impose his fraud Carbon Tax on the gullible Canadian people.   And as I said before, most Canadians will bend over and take this new tax without an ounce of thought.  And I thought only Americans were stupid?........I for one am shocked and surprised that the criminal state of Israel has not used this American attack on Syria as their opportunity to crack down once again on the innocent Palestinian people like they had done so many times in the past.  But that war has only just begun and there is still time for the psychos in Israel to act, knowing that world attention is so focused elsewhere........Anyone notice how all this talk about Drumpf and the fraud "Russia gate" bullshit has so quickly disappeared from the liars in the Jew spew media?  And how they have suddenly switched from attacking Drumpf to praising him for attacking Syria?  My, but how two faced and truly despicable these clowns truly are!..........Arsenal plays Crystal Palace today, and the Gunners are still 7 points out of 4th place in the table for a Champions League berth.  But time is running out with only 9 games left for the Gunners, and again I can guarantee that if they fail to make it to the Champions League, the demand for Wenger to step down will be louder than ever!........Someone asked me last week about whether I have heard from Whitewraithe or not.  Well, it has been well over a month now since she gave her good byes to our partnership,and honestly I doubt if I will ever hear from her again.  And that to me is sad indeed.......And finally, again I will forego the usual closing bashing of the Kardashians once again, for laughing at the Flat Earth knuckleheads is more fun!   I actually asked one of them in a comment section over at Youtube to please tell me exactly how big their "miniature Sun" was if it was only 3000 miles up.  And he quickly answered with "32 miles in diameter".   Now knowing Physics and especially the principles of nuclear fusion, I explained that the flat earth miniature "Sun" was an impossibility, for if it was only 32 miles in diameter as they claim, then it would have exhausted its nuclear fuel through the process of nuclear fusion within a few million years.  And yet all evidence shows that the Sun and this planet are at least 5+ billion years old.  Therefore, right away the flat earth idiot idea of a "miniature" Sun only a few thousand miles up is destroyed through Physics and logic.  When I gave that clown that information, he refused to even listen and went on a strange tirade about me being a "Scienter" (What ever that strange term means?).       Yes, this definitely shows how truly ignorant and stupid these flat earth idiots are!   But I will continue having fun here with their idiocy in future rants, so stay tuned...

More to come



Anonymous said...

NTS...Unfortunately, Reagan was a war monger of sorts. He invaded the tiny island of Granada and covered-up the gun-running during the war between the Sandinistas and the Contras in El Salvador. This debacle became know as the "Iran-Contra Scandal". The guns were funneled to the Contras and Col. Oliver North was Reagan's cats paw.

"Reagan's conviction that the Soviet Union lurked behind all the world's evils led him to embrace a series of unsavory allies on the principle that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." In the name of anticommunism, Reagan supported the regimes of brutal authoritarian dictators like Haiti's Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier and the Philippines' Ferdinand Marcos. He supported the white supremacist government of South Africa in its efforts to suppress the country's growing anti-apartheid movement. He funded and armed right-wing "death squads" that rampaged through El Salvador and Nicaragua, massacring leftist foes and innocent civilians alike. He sent lethal weaponry to both the Islamic fundamentalist government of Iran and Iraq, at a time when Iran and Iraq were at war with each other. (And in the course of secretly sending arms to the Iranians, his administration broke the law and found itself engulfed in the greatest scandal of the Reagan Era.)"

Yes, drugs and old lady Reagan did these adverts that said: "Just Say No"! So the lot of them were a bunch of blinkin' hypocrites. Reagan was also a Bohemian Grove attendee. The only president who never started a war nor fired a shot during his entire administration was Jimmy Carter. Looking back many "historians" believe Carter was weak. But, then again, any president who doesn't start at least one war is considered "weak".

Unknown said...

Here is one reason...the 24/7 TV perpetual of Christian/Judao hogshit
"Daystar" has brainwashed the American Goyim to the tune of if Russia
decides to nuke the likes of them into oblivion then that will be OK
because that will only be God's "rapture!"

My only regret is that being an unfortunate inhabitant of North America
I will have to roast right along with them as well...

BuelahMan said...

And for the last, last minute tidbit>

BuelahMan was right.

Anonymous said...

These Televangelist butt wipes are all the same. Another great example is that fat fraud "pastor" Hagee and his Israeli flag-waving congregants.

Yeah, it seems that Russia has always been the boogie man. That whole "Cold War" business was nothing but theater. Everyone needs to be scared about something...all the time. These bloody stinkin' wars will never cease until Israel is wiped off the map and fractional banking is destroyed which ever comes first.

As far as roasting goes we'll all roast. Right now the UK, as you know is being overrun by "immigrants" this "peaceful" bunch of scum are taking over a good portion of England: the city of Manchester is now nearly all muslim. In Wales it's not too bad...yet but our day is coming. And that Jewess Barbara Specter brags about it. Just type in this bags name in Jewtube and you'll get to listen to her condescending vomit. She's a scoundrel of the first rank.

This pretty much sums it up:

Unknown said...

There is an interesting article on Veterans Today site posted yesterday. It relates that 34 of the 59 missiles fired were shot down by Syrian Air defenses. They actually have audio and video of some of it. With only 20 "hitting" the airfield that means that 5 missed altogether. From watching the film and considering the inaccuracy of the missiles that "got by" the Syrian Air Defenses I would have to stand by my earlier statement about something also interfering with their guidance systems. Score one for the Syrians; this was a defeat for the US.

According to the mainstream media in the US Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah have issued a joint statement saying that any further attacks against their ally Syria by the US will be met by force.

If all of this gets the Drumpf Regime to back down it will be a good thing. I find it particularly encouraging that the Putin Government issued a joint statement with Hezbollah. Everybody knows that has to really piss-of Netanyahu and Israel. Maybe there is hope for Putin after all.

Now for the down side. In many ways Drumpf is just a spoiled little rich boy used to always having his way. He can't handle being embarrassed. He may try to attack North Korea to make up for his humiliation in Syria. Remember we are talking about a juvenile rather than an adult in Drumpf. As far as the American military leadership is concerned they just want to blow somebody to bits to prove that they are the baddest hombres on the planet. Welcome to the Donald's Wild West Reality Show everybody!

Anonymous said...

Everything I know of Putin tells me that he's the only true statesman on the planet. He's taken a lot of crap from the U.S. and the EU where they've trying to bait him for a few years now but he's managed not to fall into the trap. I know a lot of chaps distrust Putin but I'm not one of them.

As far as Drumpf goes you may want to give a listen to this. Robert David Steele is a former CIA agent who really get's it about those Zionist psychopaths. This is really worth a listen:

Unknown said...

Randall Hilburn you have a point! Reagan was humiliated by
Hezbollah/Hamas attack that blew up over two hundred Marines
in Beirut in '83. To regain his composure, he decided to
invade a little-known tropical backwater called Grenada.

It is now almost thirty-four years ago, and who among the
young remembers and/or even gives a damn?

Anonymous said...

Unknown, just to set the record straight, I'm the one who exposed the Reagan "legacy" based on the NTS comment that he wasn't sure about Reagan's past. Sorry to be such a stick in the mud but Mr. Hilburn didn't mention Reagan in any of his commentaries.

Unknown said...

In between Beirut and Grenada there was another incident if you recall. The Soviets had deployed a single motorized rifle brigade to Cuba for maneuvers. Reagan started screaming about Soviet aggression so he tried to send a large force to Guantanamo Bay. But the whole thing got called off when the cameras that were filming it, it was discovered, didn't have enough light to record the event. It being done at night. Subsequently the Russians finished their maneuvers and went back to Russia. I tried to tell people that was what was going to happen, but they had gotten to caught up in the Presidents bullshit to believe me. It was only then that somebody came up with the Granada idea. Which if you remember turned into a near debacle. I agree that the whole thing was intended as PR for Reagan who had been embarrassed before the world.

I've repeatedly tried to warn members of the younger generation about the likelihood of a Tonkin Gulf type of incident that will lead their generation into disaster like the original one did mine. They look at me like I am some kind of lunatic because that is all ancient history to them and therefore of no consequence. Now I leave them with their high-tech fantasies and say to myself, "Alright you geniuses you're going to have to learn the lesson the hard way. I'm done with the lot of you."

Anonymous said...

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." Yeah, I've tried the same thing but their too busy staring into their smart phones. The phones are getting smarter and the starers are getting dumber. I'm with you, to hell with 'em.

Unknown said...

"Governments will always try to corrupt their populations because corrupted populations are easier to control. Once that has been accomplished there has never been a single case in all of human history where a nation has succeeded in turning things around." (I don't remember who first made that observation.) I have watched the Jews corrupt the American people ever since the 1960's and they have been spectacularly successful at it. Now my concern is with the tiny few who have managed to stay above their corrosive influence. The rest are just to far gone. Mainly because they have never been exposed to anything else but that influence until their fundamental characters have been set in stone.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Actually I was doing a bit of "tongue in cheek" in regards to Ronald Reagan.. For I am well aware of Reagan and his nice little war against Grenada, his illegal bombing of Libya, his Iran Contra scandal, etc, etc....

Lets not also forget that the truth surfaced sometime ago that Ronny was in fact a closet homosexual.. His marriage to Nancy was therefore a farce to begin with and obviously done for political gain.... And of course we are all well aware of how Nancy and her cohorts actually ran the US government for the last two years of Ronny's Presidency for his Dementia had taken over turning him into basically a drooling idiot...

Northerntruthseeker said...

And Buelahman... Stop gloating!!!! LOL......LOL.......

Yes, one of our trusted allies from Tennessee, Buelahman, did indeed warn us all early on about Drumpf... But many of us were still hoping, and we had our hopes dashed very quickly....

Human beings are always looking for something to pin hopes on... It is too bad that we cannot put that hope into our leadership!

Unknown said...

During his last term, rumor has it that his "Star Wars"
missile shield was a fantasy based on his White House viewing
of the original George Lucas franchise that came out back in '77.
This fantasy (bluff) DID pay off, because Gorby backed down at the
Reykjavík peace talks! Reagan's dementia had moved to the point where
fantasy and reality were a coalescence managed somewhat by
Nancy's Tarot card readings. To think that nuclear Armageddon
could have been the result of Nancy drawing the wrong card is
indeed sobering, even after all these years. Even today,
military experts say there is no defense against such an ICBM
onslaught, should it ever occur.

Anonymous said...

NTS...You know, I felt bad after I posted that because it made me come off as a smart-arse. It really didn't make any difference who posted what; the only thing that matters is that the truth comes out.

Anyway, I really didn't know that about Reagan being a drooling idiot...I mean during the end of his term, and the fact that he was a closet poofter. I know that Nancy and her "Just Say No" was the stupidest thing I ever heard. She should have said YES, then maybe she wouldn't have needed all those astrologers and, as Unknown said, Tarot cards.

I seem to recall Wilson's wife managed the ship while Woody was off doing his knitting. You chaps sure have had a lot of crazy wiggers for president. Of course, we've got no room to complain. Looking back at all the PM's we've had....Even David Lloyd George, a fellow countryman, had a few snafus of his own.

Are any of you chaps familiar with a blighter named Ryan Dawson? I just got nicked for 20 quid from this tosser.

Unknown said...

Ronnie being a homo is a new one on me. But that would explain why Nancy had an ongoing affair with Frank Sinatra that lasted for decades up until the time he died. One does have to relieve the tension.

To a significant degree Reagan is a PR creation. Never more so than when it comes to economic questions. His administration was the most corrupt one the US had had up until that time, with the exception of that of Ulysses Grant (alcoholic). I come from what used to be a major steel producing center. He gave many millions of taxpayer dollars to the local steel mill allegedly to modernize the plant. But the entire sum was spent by giving bonuses to management. No one was ever called to account for that one. All of this time he was busy eliminating the social safety net claiming it was communism and accusing its beneficiaries of being a bunch of deadbeats. In spite of the fact that many legitimately needed help. While he was pouring public funds into welfare for the management of private corporations. In the midst of the so-called economic good times under Reagan unemployment back home reached 32%. In the worst part of the Great Depression it had only reached 37%. I tried to warn people that the country couldn't afford his massive expansion of the military budget but they were to brainwashed by the constant propaganda to listen. Just like I tried to warn them the whole Star Wars scheme was nothing but a colossal boondoggle he was using to funnel money to his pals amongst the defense contractors and which would turn out to be of no military value. Sure enough, he is the President who has the honor of actually bankrupting the country. Since then the whole thing has been nothing but a house of cards. Professional experience taught me that last part. Sorry for taking up so much space but I do love to unload on that lying S.O.B. Reagan.

Yes G.T. we have had some pretty pathetic excuses for human beings as US Presidents all to often. I'm afraid that the one we have right now is going to turn out to be the worst of the lot, with the likely exception of Abraham Lincoln who was also like Drumpf a megalomaniac and pathological liar in the pockets of the banks and corporations.