Sunday, April 30, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 30th, 2017


It is indeed Sunday once again.... And time again to rant and piss off even more people in the process...

OK, Yesterday officially marked the "100th day" of criminal Donald Drumpf's Presidency over the Jewish occupied and formerly free United States of America... And honestly, what has he done so far to "Make America Great Again"?

I hear crickets chirping...

Well, I figure I would start this rant by tearing into this criminal and what he has done in his first 100 days in the Oval Office... His great accomplishments include:

- Increasing drone strikes against innocent civilians in Yemen.  Has launched more drone strikes in his first 100 days against this innocent nation than Barry Soetoro did in his entire 8 years previously as President

- Spreading American "democracy" by creating new wars of direct American involvement in nations such as Yemen and Somalia.

- Launching a very illegal missile strike against the innocent nation of Syria based on nothing but lies.

- Instead of working with Russia to clean up the mess that Killary created in Syria, he has increased American illegal involvement and has pissed off the Russians as a result.  Has put American troops illegally on the ground in northern Syria and is pushing hard for his lie of "safe zones" which is just a false term for breaking up Syria.

- Threatening Iran just like his predecessors.  And instead of trying to find a peaceful solution to the "Iran Problem" that does not exist and never has, he is obeying his Jewish prick controllers and is working on a broad range of new schemes to attack Iran for his Jewish controllers.

- Sucking up to Israel just like his predecessors.  Many hoped that he would care more about America, but here we find him wanting to suck the criminal Netanyahu's dick instead.

- Increasing the US military budget to an all time high while disregarding the plight of Americans at home.  Champagne corks are flying high with the businessmen and leaders in the military industrial complex in America.

- Placing Jewish criminals into his cabinet and his inner circle, instead of "draining the swamp" of Washington corruption as promised.

- Refusing to indict the arch criminal Killary Clinton for her massive and very long list of crimes against humanity.  Instead he has been hailing her for her accomplishments and has not budged on having any charges laid against this monster.

- Putting his criminal Jewish "son in law" Jared Kushner in his inner circle of assistants.  Kushner is Mossad and basically is now running the show in Washington DC.

- Threatening North Korea simply because he wants to act like a bully.  Will someone please explain to me why North Korea is somehow a threat?  Leaving North Korea alone has always been the answer to any "problems" with that nation, and yet here we have Drumpf saber rattling for the most idiotic reasons.

- Going back on his word to lift sanctions against Russia.  Siding with the Jewish pricks in control of Washington in falsely claiming that Russia "annexed" Crimea and that somehow Russia is a "threat" to the US.

- Backing away from his promises to get rid of that crud called "Obamacare".  So much for getting rid of this fleecing of the American people.

- Releases a new "tax plan" that instead of helping the Middle Class as he had promised during his campaign for President, actually helps the rich while hampering the Middle Class.  Well, so much for "tax reform"as he had promised, as it has turned into another in his long list of lies.

- Backing away from his promises to build a wall across the southern American border with Mexico which is so badly needed to at least slow down the illegal immigrant flood across that border.

- Coming "out of the closet" by admitting that he has always been a so called "Globalist" which in reality is a puppet for the Jewish elite.

And yes, there are many more "accomplishments" that I may have overlooked here.  I will leave it up to commentators to add to this list.... And yes, this is in just the first 100 days that this criminal has assumed power.  How do you like your "Make America Great Again" slime ball President now, my American readers?

Well, some commentators did not like my last article about Drumpf, especially where I said that I and others did have some "hope" that we may be wrong about this criminal and that the first 100 days in office were the time that we would finally see what he was all about... It was about giving him a chance and at least have some "hope" that he was somehow a "man of his word".....,Yes, we see after these 100 days that there is NO hope for America once again and this one is as bad a liar and a crook as his predecessors.....  And once again I will admit that I WAS INDEED WRONG in crossing my fingers that we may indeed have ourselves a decent President in spite of the worries....

Ok, onto other matters....  I noticed over the last while how even Paul Craig Roberts has been tearing into the Drumpf administration for its criminality.  But once again Roberts has failed to even call these criminals for what they really are... JEWS.... He has long been stuck with the "neocon" label that has always been false... It is the JEWS that were fully responsible for the 9-11 attacks that shocked an devastated the American people and propelled them into the never ending and very fraudulent "war on terror" which is nothing more than wars for Israel.  And it is the JEWS that absolutely make up almost the entire list of these so called "neoconservatives" 'that infest Washington, and continue to infest the power base in Washington under Drumpf..... I for one am hoping for the day that Roberts finally calls them for who and what they are and stops with this "neocon" bullshit...

The build up for war against the innocent nation of North Korea continues in spite of signs that the US has 'backed off' and will somehow try "diplomacy" to cool the rush to war.... Yes, I for one am deeply concerned that with all that fire power, the US carrier battle groups, and other weapons of war amassed along the borders of North Korea that a 'false flag' will take place to blame North Korea and get the whole mess off and running..... And I must repeat again that North Korea has not threatened or is a threat to anyone.. The proper policies in regards to Kim and the North Koreans is to simply leave them the hell alone... Kim has been labeled as a "war monger" and a "psycho" by the Jew spew media for so long, and because we all know these pricks in the media are always lying their asses off, I would properly assume that Kim is in fact no fool and does not want war at all... And in regards to his nuclear weapons?  Lets be serious here.  If Kim Jong-un is that stupid to even attempt to launch a nuke against the Americans, South Korea, Japan, etc, the retaliatory response would have his nation turned to molten glowing green glass and the tens of millions of North Koreans slaughtered in the process... I would therefore state it here that Kim is no fool and he knows that to launch a nuclear attack is suicide......  It is my belief that this rush to war against North Korea is being pushed for another reason and it may indeed be at least partially due to the fact that North Korea does not have a criminal Rothschild Jewish prick running the banking system there......

Well, the news continues to be good out of Syria in spite of the US and Israel continuing their arming and full support of the fraud "rebels" and "terrorists" that want that nation subverted... I noticed that the almost 24 hour false rhetoric of "Bashar al Assad gassing his own people" has died off much like the previous times in the past, and apparently while the world's Jew spew media has concentrated so much attention now with the trouble in Asia, Bashar al-Assad and his forces have continued to clear large areas of Syria from "terrorist" control.... The advances by the Government forces have been centered around Homs province and around Palmyra these days, clearing out "rebel" and "ISIS" so called 'strongholds' and recapturing oil and gas fields....... And of course the news gets even better with the Russians now sending their forces directly into the fray to help with these new advances.  Yes, I will state it once again that Assad will win this war unless the US/Israel/NATO criminal cabal tries another dastardly false flag to try to turn the tide.... That, or the only other worry is of course direct invasion of Syria itself, and in that regard we have not heard much over the last two weeks about those supposed American forces that have been "building up" in neighbouring Jordan for such a planned invasion.

Just the other day, I decided to get together once again with the usual group of colleagues and 'friends' that I used to always get together with, over at the local Tim Hortons restaurant for some coffee and to chit chat... It was indeed so nice sit down with them, and many had asked where the hell I had been for weeks... I honestly did not have the heart to tell them that I had avoided them for a while due to their "political views" that I have found to be so foreign to my own.... My knowing the truth about our sick world and the bastards responsible for its troubles has caused me to change so many perspectives over years and to see even the people around me in a whole different light... I guess that happens when you do finally wake up and see how the world really works!  Well, anyways, there I was sitting there and laughing and talking, and as usual the discussion turned to "politics" and everyones' views of the world... I of course sat there stunned as usual as many of them continued to parrot the lies that they heard over the Jew spew media brainwashing networks about how "evil" Kim of North Korea was, or that "Assad gassed his own people and is such a terrible butcher"....  I had learned by lesson by now and decided to just nod my head or smile instead of putting in my own two cents worth..... OK, I will be honest here that I find that I continue to go to these little coffee shop sit down sessions these days as a way of observing how BADLY everyone, and especially my fellow Canadians, have been so badly brainwashed by the bullshit they watch and hear.... It also reinforces my belief that what I present at this blog and try to convey to others is worth the effort......

Well, I guess that is enough of what I wanted to get off my chest for this week... I have so much on my plate this coming week and will continue to try to get articles up here at this blog at every chance I get.... In the meantime, I guess its time to close this rant with my usual "last minute tidbits"......Someone asked me last week if I have heard anything at all over the last month from Whitewraithe.  I guess she no longer wants anything to do with me, and sadly that "ship has sailed".....I knew that Israel would eventually start its illegal land grab of Palestinian land, and yes last week they announced a further "15000" illegal homes to be built in occupied east Jerusalem.  When will people finally wake the fuck up and see that these bastards will continue to steal the land until there is nothing left for the Palestinians?  And people have the nerve to question me when I say that the Palestinians have to fight back and fight back hard against these evil pricks........Yes, last Monday was indeed "Holocaust Memorial" day, and damn it I missed the whole thing.  Honestly, as I said in a previous article, there should be a day of remembrance for those who have suffered from these Jewish criminals and their incessant lies.......Again, Canada will officially legalize Marijuana for personal usage on July 1st, 2018, and some people have asked me my opinion.  I say its about fucking time, and that I fully support the idea of having it legal and controlled along the lines of alcohol consumption.  And personally, I have not touched the stuff in years, and may or may not purchase or consume it in the future.  But the choice will be there, as well as anyone else living here in Canada........I saw a video the other day that shows the fact that Carbon Dioxide is NOT a green house gas as the liars behind the Global Warming fraud have falsely preached.   I for one concur and I have said it for years that CO2 is not a green house gas at all and is in fact essential for life on this planet.  I will probably have a new article shortly up at this blog to cover the findings in that video.......It is 'tax day' here in Canada, and just like the American one on April 15th, my income taxes have to be 'filed' by the end of today.  I still cannot understand how most people do not know that "income tax" is just as illegal here in Canada as it is in the United States.  But just like in America, try not having your "income taxes" paid and see what happens.  Yes, the Jewish criminals behind this fraud absolutely have their agents ready and poised to jump on anyone that does not submit to their illegal taxation........Russia reveals that it has built the world's largest nuclear submarine, and all I can say is: So what?  But I did notice that the Jew spew media pushed out their news about this latest Russian "booga booga" as another vain attempt to vilify Russia.   What next?  Russia building a "death star"?.........Hey, at least some interesting news out of Canada as that Housing Market Bubble in Toronto is finally bursting.  I do feel sorry though for the poor suckers that bought homes there just before this big pop!........Will someone please tell that idiot Nicki Haley to shut the fuck up!  Honestly, every time this bitch opens her mouth, she shoves not only her foot into it, but her whole body as well.   And again this is the best the US could come up with to be their UN representative?  I can just imagine other nations laughing their asses off behind closed doors at this clown........So let me get this straight.   It fell on the French to come up with a bullshit report about Assad's "supposed" gas attacks in Idlib province earlier this month, and they could find nothing "tangible" or "valid" to try to blame Assad? Apparently the Americans could not come up with a good lie so they threw it at the French to give it a try, and they failed as miserably....... And speaking of the French, I see that La Pen is now in a run off against that criminal Macron for the Presidency.  Lets be honest here, for I will state that La Pen is either Jewish herself or is in their pocket already.  There is no way that the damn Jews will give up their control of France, and if La Pen tried, then she would have already been dead a long time ago........ I see that Arsenal is playing Tottenham Hotspur this morning in the North London Derby, and this is a MUST win for the Gunners if they have any hope in somehow still making into the Champions League for next year.   I am of course still having that slight "hope" for this team, and if they lose then Wenger has to be out at the end of the year......And finally, it is time once again to leave the Kardashians alone and to take another shot at the laughable numbskulls behind the "flat earth" bullshit.  Someone from that group said to me that I was lying when I said that this planet spins at about 1050 miles per hour (1700 km per hour) and I tried to explain the laws of gravity and inertia to this individual.  This fool dismissed my science and physics, calling them bullshit, and and on top of other insults called me a "Scienter".  Again, I must ask, What in the fuck is a "Scienter" and is that even a word?  Yes, these brainwashed idiots are out there and again they show how the education system these days is failing our youth.   And in regards to flat earth rejects, I do not know whether to laugh or to cry at their idiocy.  And here I thought the Kardashians were bad enough?

More to come



Anonymous said...

Good grief, NTS, after reading what you wrote about Drumpf's first 100 days Americans have about of much hope that their country will change as they do winning the "Publishers Clearing House" Sweepstakes. Say, I have a great Idea, why don't those of us who follow your writings pool our resources and buy a large plot of land in the Yukon and set-up shop. :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear NTS, I notice that you didn't post my comments about Paul Craig Roberts. But as I will again reaffirm Paul has been an Israel Firster and always will be despite his bona fides from the Ray-Gun era. Let's face it, Ray-Gun was a crook just the same as all his predecessors save Kennedy. When one goes against the Jewish Mob one is done for. I'll wager Drumpf doesn't have a portrait of Kennedy in his office, most likely a portrait of Bibsie. Like the old Elvis Presley tune: "Well, we're kissin' cousins and that makes it all right, all right, all right...." Yeah, okay, I'm showing my age.

Unknown said...

I was aware of Drumpf's background from professional experience and personal research so nothing he has done has to the slightest degree surprised me. He has always been a member of the Kosher Nostra and he behaves just like one would expect a member of it to behave. I tried to warn people.

Making a new start deep in the wilderness sounds like a winner to me. My ancestors did it when they left County Somerset round about 1700, and once again when the Confederacy was defeated. I really do hope some day to do so before I get too old. Trying to save this country as it now exists is like beating a dead horse.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Gwaredd... I post everything that you send my way.... I checked and rechecked and I have not blocked any of your comments..

If it is missing, please resend it if you can and I will indeed post it...

I am of course leaving it up to anyone to add to that list of Drumpf's 'accomplishments" for the first 100 days... If anyone has something to add, I will update the listing accordingly...

DinduNuffins said...

I hope you have plenty of articles on here of what Barrack "INSANE" Obozo and his destruction of the very fabric of this nation as well.