Thursday, April 27, 2017

Did President Drumpf Just Blink? Drumpf Apparently Climbs Down On China And North Korea - No Military Action Threatened!

I have been trying to keep up with all of the war threatening rhetoric these last few weeks, especially with all of the posturing by that criminal US President, Donald Drumpf, in regards to North Korea... I have looked at this "conflict" with North Korea very closely, especially with all of the reports over the alternative media, and have been wondering WHY the US has been so hell bent on a war at this time? And especially WHY North Korea at all?

We have seen all of the Jew spew media reports over the last while trying to picture North Korea as some type of "evil" nation that according to these criminals "must be destroyed" for the insane idea that North Korea is suddenly a "threat" to the US itself.... I and others that seek the real truths were all deeply puzzled by this sudden rush to war against a nation that has not threatened anyone and in fact is not a threat at all?

Well, according to this latest report coming from"The Duran" online website, at, apparently the criminal US President and his warhawk cabinet have now apparently "blinked" and are stating that they are not wanting military action at all against North Korea, but instead will seek the "ending" of North Korea's supposed "clandestine" nuclear weapons program through diplomacy, and sanctions... Here is that article right here for my own readers to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

BREAKING: Trump climbs down on China, North Korea. No military action threatened

After weeks of threats of unilateral military action, joint statement by US Secretary of State Tillerson and US Defense Mattis appears to call that option off.

Following weeks of threats and bombast, with wild talk of the US fleet closing in on North Korea, of the US taking ‘unilateral action’ to stop North Korea’s ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programmes, and after the entire US Senate was called for a briefing in the White House – which in the event produced precisely nothing and which lasted all of 14 minutes – the US today after the briefing announced a policy of more of the same: of trying to stop the North Korean nuclear weapons programme through “sanctions and diplomatic pressure”.

This is set out in a joint statement following the briefing made by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and US Defense Secretary James Mattis.  The statement reads as follows
Past efforts have failed to halt North Korea’s unlawful weapons programs and nuclear and ballistic missile tests. With each provocation, North Korea jeopardizes stability in Northeast Asia and poses a growing threat to our Allies and the U.S. homeland.
North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is an urgent national security threat and top foreign policy priority. Upon assuming office, President Trump ordered a thorough review of U.S. policy pertaining to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (D.P.R.K.).
Today, along with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford, we briefed Members of Congress on the review. The President’s approach aims to pressure North Korea into dismantling its nuclear, ballistic missile, and proliferation programs by tightening economic sanctions and pursuing diplomatic measures with our Allies and regional partners.
We are engaging responsible members of the international community to increase pressure on the D.P.R.K. in order to convince the regime to de-escalate and return to the path of dialogue. We will maintain our close coordination and cooperation with our Allies, especially the Republic of Korea and Japan, as we work together to preserve stability and prosperity in the region.
The United States seeks stability and the peaceful denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. We remain open to negotiations towards that goal. However, we remain prepared to defend ourselves and our Allies.
There is no hint here of military action against North Korea save in self-defence ie. following an armed attack by North Korea on the US or its allies.  About that no one of course has ever had any doubt.
Certainly there is no suggestion here of military action in response to North Korean ballistic missile or nuclear tests, much less of pre-emptive military action to prevent such tests, and the statement suggests that those options, if they were ever seriously considered, have now been ruled out.
Though the statement says that “past efforts have failed to halt North Korea’s unlawful weapons programs and nuclear and ballistic missiles tests”, what it proposes – “pressure [on] North Korea ….by tightening economic sanctions and pursuing diplomatic measures with our Allies and regional partners” – is the same policy pursued by previous US administrations.
Either wiser counsels have prevailed, and President Trump has been talked out of whatever dangerous military action against North Korea he had planned, or the various threats and military moves of the last few weeks were never intended seriously, and were just a bluff.  If so, then as discussed previously, the bluff was called on Sunday, when China’s President Xi Jinping telephoned President Trump and warned him that China would not change its policy because of US threats.
The extent of the failure of the attempts to bluff China into taking tougher action against North Korea is illustrated by one telling fact: the statement does not even mention China – much less make demands of it – even though China has been the centre-piece of the diplomacy for weeks.
Whatever the truth of the matter President Trump has acted wisely if, as appears to be the case, he has pulled back from military action.
If he was bluffing – and that has to be by far the most likely explanation for his actions – then his bluff has been called, and he has been taught an important lesson, which is that with China one should never bluff.
Hopefully he will learn that lesson, and act on it in future.

NTS Notes:  I for one am wondering... What in the fuck just happened?  We saw all of the news over this last week about how the US was warning North Korea about its "missile tests" and its "nuclear program" and all of the bombastic threats of "unilateral action" against that "rogue" nation, and now suddenly these criminals almost do a 180 degree turn and are claiming that they will seek "diplomatic means" to end this non-existent threat from North Korea?  Am I missing something here?

I notice how the author asks if  Drumpf was somehow bluffing in regards to this rush to war with North Korea and possibly China as well?  I too wonder what is the mindset of Drumpf that he so carelessly follows the criminal war hawks and Jews that infest his cabinet and inner circle for their lust for war?  But duly noted as well, apparently China did call his "bluff" if this is the case and they indeed were abiding by their agreements with North Korea and would have defended that nation if they were attacked!

I for one have been wondering why this entire fiasco happened in the first place?  We all know that North Korea as well as Syria and Iran are the last nations on planet Earth that do NOT have a Jewish Rothschild centralized and most criminal banking system... But even that made no sense to attack and destroy North Korea at this time and risk all out nuclear world war just to force that central bank on that nation... Something else must have been driving this rush to war in the first place.....

BUT I am indeed glad like most everyone else should be that there is no conflict on the Korean peninsula, at least for the moment... However, in spite of this statement that diplomacy will be used to cool down this rush to war, there are still those American aircraft carrier battle groups in the vicinity as well as those joint US/Japan/South Korean "war games" that are to commence shortly.... We could still see a "false flag" that will conveniently be blamed on North Korea to get the war started..... So stay tuned, for there is more to this story than meets the eye...

More to come



Unknown said...

Indeed so! It is much easier to suck Jew (holohoaxing)
diarrhea thru a straw than go eye-to-eye with any
nuclear-armed nation....especially one without a Rothschild
-Jew central bank! No doubt Drumpf's mouth must now smell
like the cesspool that it is!

greencrow said...

Apparently it was all about installing more US missiles in SOUTH Korea. Manufacturing the consent of the sheeple in the US and South Korea.


Unknown said...

greencrow - That missile system is primarily directed against China and the Chinese know it and have let it be known that they don't like it. It is analogous to the "defensive" missile systems being placed in Eastern Europe to protect Europe from Iran which are actually intended for use against Russia. The only people being fooled by all of this are the sheeples of the US and SK. The Drumpf Regime is playing a dangerous game here in that NK may consider it such a threat that they will launch an attack before it is actually in operation. I am now beginning to get reports that the missile system isn't going to be operational anytime soon at the quickest. It is obvious that NK is the excuse not the reason for its deployment.

Unknown - Good point!