Tuesday, April 25, 2017

9-11 Destroyed America - Great New Article From Paul Craig Roberts

I finally got the in-laws out of my way as of yesterday.. Yes, I spent so much of the latter part of last week spending time with family and relatives that came in for a "visit".... It did draw away from so many of my other projects, and especially my writings at this blog....

I also "missed" Jewish "Holocaust" Memorial Day yesterday, darn it all!   I wonder if others in the real truth movement did their "moment of silence" for those who have suffered from the Jewish criminals for their stand on wanting that part of our history properly researched and investigated.. I of course did look over several articles late yesterday and today both from and about many revisionists that are still under fire for simply asking questions about that part of our history... I for one will never ever give the "Holocaust" any credibility for I too have so many questions and as a Canadian am muzzled from putting in my own two cents worth of what I think of that "genocide", and I could face jail time in this nation for exposing the truth.....

Anyways.. I was sent an email just today asking me to take a look at the latest work by writer Paul Craig Roberts..... This one is most interesting, for Paul delves into what has happened to America since and due to that "attack" on America, and I do agree with many of his findings... Therefore, for this article, I want to present to everyone this important article here, that comes from Paul Craig Roberts' website, at www.paulcraigroberts.org, and is entitled: "9-11 Destroyed America"... I have it here in its entirety and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

9/11 Destroyed America

9/11 Destroyed America
Paul Craig Roberts
The events on September 11, 2001, changed the world. It was the excuse for the US government to launch military attacks on seven Middle Eastern countries, causing civilian casualties in the millions and sending waves of Muslim refugees into the Western world. The US government wasted trillions of dollars destroying countries and murdering women and children, while public infrastructure in the US deteriorated, Americans’ homes were foreclosed, and American health needs went unattended. 9/11 was also the excuse for the destruction of the protection that the US Constitution provided to ensure the liberty of the American citizen. Today no American has the protection of the civil liberty that the Constitution guarantees. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/04/20/freedom-democracy-tyranny/ 
On September 11, 2001, when a neighbor called and told me to turn on the TV, I stopped what I was doing and turned on the TV. What I saw was the two World Trade Center Towers blowing up. I had often enjoyed lunch in the rooftop restaurant in one of the towers across the street from my Wall Street Journal office. 
A miniscule by comparison frail aluminum airliner hit one massive steel tower and then another aluminum airliner hit the other. There were some plumes of orange outside the buildings. Then approximately after one hour, less in one case, more in the other, the two towers exploded floor by floor as they fell into their own footprint.
This was precisely the way the news anchors described what I was seeing. “It looks exactly like a controlled demolition,” the news anchors reported. And indeed it did. As a Georgia Tech student I had witnessed a controlled demolition, and that is what I saw on television, just as that was what the news anchors saw.
Later that day Larry Silverstein who owned, or held the lease on, the World Trade Center, explained on TV that the free fall collapse in the late afternoon of the third WTC skyscraper, Building 7, into its own footprint was a conscious decision to “pull” the building. Pull is the term used by controlled demolition to describe a building wired with explosives to be destroyed. Building 7 had not been hit by an airliner, and suffered only minor and very limited office fires. Silverstein’s statement was afterwards corrected by authorities to mean that the firemen were pulled from the building. However, many videos show the firemen already out of the building with the fireman stating that the building was going to be brought down.
As there is no doubt whatsoever that Building 7 was wired for demolition, the question is why? 
Because Americans are an insouciant and trusting people and confident of the inherent goodness of their country, years passed before even experts noticed that the official story stood in total contraction to known laws of physics, was in total contraction to how buildings collapse from asymmetrical damage, and could not have collapsed due to being hit by airliners as the buildings met all code requirements for withstanding airliner collusions. Many did not even know that the third skyscraper, Building 7, had collapsed.
Professor Steven E. Jones, a professor of physics at BYU, was among the first to see that the official story was pure fantasy. His reward for speaking out was to have his tenure contract bought out by BYU, many believe under orders from the federal government backed up with the threat that all federal support of science at BYU would be terminated unless Stephen Jones was.
Cynthia McKinney, a black woman who represented a Georgia congressional district in the US House of Representatives was either much brighter or much braver than her white colleagues. She raised obvious questions about 9/11, questions begging to be asked, and lost her seat.
Approximately five years after 9/11, San Francisco architect Richard Gage noticed that the three WTC buildings did not fall down in any way consistent with the official explanation. He formed Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, currently about 3,000 members. This group includes high rise architects and structural engineers who actually are experienced in the construction of skyscrapers. In other words, they are people who know what they are talking about.
These 3,000 experts have said that the official explanation of the collapse of three skyscrapers stands in contradiction to known laws of physics, architecture, and structural engineering 
In other words, the official explanation is totally impossible. Only an uneducated and ignorant public can believe the official 9/11 story. The US population fits this description.
A&E for 9/11 Truth is gradually gaining assent from architects and engineers. It is very difficult for an architect or engineer to support the truth, because the American population, which includes patriotic construction companies, whose employees fly American flags on their trucks, don’t want to hire architects and engineers who are “enemies of America aligned with Arab terrorists.” In America, if you tell the truth, you are in great danger of losing your customers and even your life.
Think now about physicists. How many physics faculties do you know that are not dependent on federal grants, usually for military-related work? The same for chemistry. Any physics professor who challenged the official story of 9/11 with the obvious fact that the story contravenes known laws of physics would endanger not only his own career but the careers of his entire department. 
Truth in America is extremely costly to express. It comes at a high cost that hardly any can afford. 
Our masters know this, and thus they can dispense with truth at will. Moreover, any expert courageous enough to speak the truth is easily branded a “conspiracy theorist.” 
Who comes to his defense? Not his colleagues. They want rid of him as quickly as possible. Truth is a threat to their careers. They can’t afford to be associated with truth. In America, truth is a career-killing word.
In America, truth is becoming a synonym for “Russian agent.” Only Russian Agents tell the truth, which must mean that truth is an enemy of America. Lists are being prepared of websites that speak truth to power and thus are seditious. In the United States today people can lie at will without consequence, but it is deadly to tell the truth.
Support A&E for 9/11 Truth. These are heroic people. 9/11 was the manufactured excuse for the neoconservatives’ 16 years of war crimes against millions of Muslims peoples, remnants of which now seek refuge in Europe. 
Neoconservatives are a tiny number of people. No more than a dozen are of any consequence. Yet they have used America to murder millions. And now they are fomenting war with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. The world would never survive such a war.
Are Americans so insouciant that they will stand aside while a dozen neoconservatives destroy the world?

OK, Paul does a pretty good article, but once again he fails to state the fact that it was the ISRAELIS, as well as their Jewish sayanim and Mossad operatives operating in America, and of course the poodles in the US government itself, that all worked together to pull off the 9-11 attacks that murdered 3000 innocent Americans... To this day, these monsters responsible for this crime have never been put on trial or have seen a day in a prison cell for this heinous act...

Paul does though show the same glaring inconsistencies that I and others have indeed noted about the fateful events of that day, and how it is clearly evident that the towers came down by controlled demolition.. However, once again even though he does mention "lucky" Larry Silverstein who of course was absolutely involved in the attacks of 9-11, he fails to mention the massive Jewish involvement everywhere that fateful day...

But he is indeed correct as to how that attack has put America on a perpetual war path in destroying innocent nations while wrecking the US economy permanently....And of course that perpetual war, primarily for the same bastard Jewish pricks responsible for the attacks of 9-11, continues to this day with many more nations targeted for destruction...

I though am not fooled at all by this "neoconservative" title that is always being used to label the criminals involved for the crime of 9-11, for the majority of them have indeed been revealed to be Jews and bent on Jewish interests and the Jewish want to use America as their weapon to destroy nations and murder millions...  Hopefully more people are indeed waking up to that reality...

And I will repeat it again as I have always done.. ISRAEL did 9-11, and I have found nothing to this day to show otherwise...

More to come



Unknown said...

...and of course...when the stupid American Goyim begin to have
their doubts, all they need to do is tune into "Daystar," get a
bellyfull of "Jeezus," and an option to buy a burial plot for their
remains on farmland in Jew-Occupied Palestine...

I hope the Yids use Jew excrement on these lands as fertilizers
for these stupid American Goys' final resting place as they await
their "rapture!"

hunt said...

I read an article from a seemingly respectable and knowledgeable scientist saying that atomic bombs simply don't work.
Can anyone else confirm this?
I am inclined to believe him because I am sure that, given the psychopathic nature of all world leaders, if the they did work the world would have been anhilated half a dozen times already. Can anyone confirm or deny this guy's

Unknown said...

Unknown says, "Go for it, NTS! These
chickenshit Jews know the day of
reckoning is at hand. When the
situation in Venezuela arrives here
in USofA, the Goyim will know who
to hang when there is no more beer
in the fridge, the ATMs don't work,
and the only thing left to eat are
zoo animals, dogs, cats...and
ultimately...ROAST YID!"

Unknown said...

The term Neo-Conservative was invented decades ago to mislead people about a very particular group of people. That is to conceal who and what they really were. First off they are all Jews with duel US Israeli citizenship. The other is they are all former Trotskyists. Who have changed the name of their philosophy but left it otherwise the same in substance. It is fundamental to understanding them that they are understood to have nothing to do with the sort of Communism practiced in the Soviet Union for example. What we see now in the US is the sort of "Communism" they practice. Once Stalin expelled them from the Soviet Union because they were undermining and trying to take over the country for their people they developed a pathological hatred for the USSR and for Stalin. They then transferred their base of operations to the United States and began to be the dominant voice in the US Government during the Reagan years. It was they who invented the term "Evil Empire" to describe the Soviet Union. We Americans, that is those who were paying attention, failed to understand that the "Communist" takeover of the US wasn't being conducted by the USSR et al, but instead by the followers of the Jew Trotsky who had been expelled from the Soviet Union. It was a brilliant move on their part because they got us to go after the wrong people while they were left free to work behind the scenes to gain power. They did expose a few genuine Soviet spy's in the United States but that was meant to undermine the hated USSR not protect the USA. It was they who infiltrated the American Civil Rights Movement and made it what it was in reality, not what people who weren't there think it was. (In actual fact this is a very long, complicated, and convoluted story impossible to follow without access to certain obscure sources from the American South and from former members of the Russian Communist Party. I've only touched on the high points so to speak.)

The undermining of Hitler's and Stalin's Non-Aggression Pact, the Soviet invasion of Western Europe which Operation Barbarossa forestalled, the disastrous war for both countries which followed between them, and the eventual rape of Germany, would not have been possible without the behind the scenes manipulation of the Soviet Government by the Trotskyists while they still welded power there. This was what finally lead Stalin to expel them from power and begin the expulsion of the Jews from the USSR, which resulted in his eventual assassination. He saw that they would destroy the USSR unless he got rid of them. Now we have the same crowd having taken root in the US. One shudders to think what a disaster for the human race their next war is going to be, considering what they have caused in the past.

Unknown said...

Unknown - They are the ones who wrecked the Mexican economy and caused the mass migration from that country into the United States. I look forward to the day when the Goyem finally realize who caused the mess that the two countries find themselves in.

Anonymous said...

"...but once again he fails to state the fact that it was the ISRAELIS, as well as their Jewish sayanim and Mossad operatives operating in America..." And he never will. You see, Paul used to be, again "used to be" a big shot in the criminal Ray Gun administration. Therefore, he still retains a modicum of respectability. Nevertheless, Paul has been reduced to writing a few blog pieces and appearing from time-to-time on the Mellonhead Jonesky show. But there's always hope that maybe on day he will rise like a Phenix from the ashes and will once again take his place among the family of Hill sitters. Not likely...but maybe. So as not to besmirch what little standing he has left he always makes sure that he never utter the WORD lest he really be cast into the outer darkness from which no man returns...ever [or never] again.

Unknown said...

Thanks Randall Hilburn..I see only one solution for this problem...
...and may it light the sky from sea to shining sea...


Unknown said...

From to sea to hellish sea! That is the only way to send
the hellish Jews to back to whence they came. They can
only find peace here:


Unknown said...

G.T. - He was part of the most corrupt administration (Reagan's) this country had seen up to that point with the exception of Ulysses Grant's. For a long time he operated as a virtual mouthpiece for Donald Trump. Perhaps he hoped that Trump would reward him with a position.

Unknown - Sooner or later it is going to have to happen.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I too have watched Roberts over the years, and how he has started to change his tune and look at Washington now with no blinders on..

BUT I am still waiting for the day that he finally calls these criminals for who they really are.. A bunch of psychotic murderous Jews...