Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This Is Revolting: Report Shows More Than 1500 Children Dead In 2 Years Of Yemen War! (Not Including Those Dead From Famine)

I am very appalled by the actions of the criminal US President, Donald Drumpf, in regards to his actions against the innocent nation of Yemen... I stated in my weekend rant that I found it most revolting that he has actually made the situation in Yemen so much worse than even his criminal predecessor, Barry Soetoro, with his increase in the number of drone attacks on civilian targets... That and his administration sending "more aid" to the criminal and murderous regime in Saudi Arabia means that the people of Yemen will continue to suffer from the carnage inflicted upon them....

It is bad enough that the US has been so deeply involved in Yemen, and that they have aided in not only the destruction of the nation, but the mass killing of innocent civilians... But the following report that I stumbled across today, from the Yahoo News online website, at www.yahoo.com, was so sickening that I absolutely wanted to make sure that I presented it here for everyone to see for themselves... For according to this report, some 1500 innocent children have already been murdered in Yemen over the last two years thanks to the brutal attacks and massacres being conducted by the Saudis... First, here is that report and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

More than 1,500 children dead in two years of Yemen war: UN


The UN children's agency UNICEF said that by March 10, at least 1,546 children were killed and 2,450 others maimed in Yemen
The UN children's agency UNICEF said that by March 10, at least 1,546 children were killed and 2,450 others maimed in Yemen (AFP Photo/Mohammed HUWAIS)
Aden (AFP) - The conflict in Yemen has killed nearly 7,700 people, including at least 1,564 children, since a Saudi-led coalition intervened on the government's side two years ago, UN agencies said Monday.
The UN children's agency UNICEF said that by March 10, at least 1,546 children were killed and 2,450 others maimed in Yemen.
Of those killed, 1,022 were boys and 478 were girls while 46 were of "unknown sex", UNICEF said in a statement.
During that same period 1,801 boys and 649 girls were wounded while 1,572 boys were recruited to serve as child soldiers, said UNICEF.
In March 2015, a Saudi-led Arab coalition mounted an air campaign in support of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi whose authority was being challenged by Shiite Huthi rebels.
The rebels overran the capital Sanaa in September 2014 forcing Hadi to seek first refuge in the southern city of Aden and then exile in Saudi Arabia.
Loyalists backed by the Saudi-led coalition have driven the rebels out of five southern provinces which they had seized, including Aden, in the summer of 2015.
The UN's World Health Organization said the conflict has killed nearly 7,700 people and wounded more than 42,550 since the coalition intervened.

NTS Notes: Honestly, It is so fucking sad to see innocent children suffer at time of war...

Please note the important fact here that this report does NOT include the many tens of thousands of men, women, and children, that have died in Yemen thanks to the famine created by the US, NATO, and of course the Saudis, cutting off important food supplies to that impoverished nation....

Yes, Donald Drumpf does have a lot of explaining to do... He claimed in his campaign late last year that he would stop all of these illegal wars that the US has been involved in for decades, but instead he has actually increased American brutality..... Well, again America, how do you like your new President now?

And again, Canada is not getting off "scott free" for this, for the criminal regime in Ottawa under Justin Trudeau has also been heavily involved in Yemen by their sale of massive amounts of military hardware to the criminal Saudis... Therefore it is not only American weapons that have been murdering these children, but Canadian made ones as well....

As I said before, I am hoping that more people do open their eyes to the reality of what has been happening in Yemen and purposely being kept out of the Jew spew media.... The people of Yemen deserve the right to decide their own future and not to be brutalized and starved to death by foreign intervention!

More to come



greencrow said...


I recently looked into why exactly the US was fighting this destructive proxy war on little Yemen. I found out this:


The US has taken over the strategic Yemen island of Socotra and is building one of it's biggest military bases ever there. Here is another report:

Isn't it amazing what you DON'T read in the lying M$M???


Unknown said...

There is a certain demonic logic to all of these attacks upon the Yemeni civilians, but more especially upon the children. It is quiet understandable if ones goal is the destruction of the Yemeni people. Kill the children and you kill the future. Kill the women and you prevent the children from being born at all. Quiet frankly it reminds me of what the English once attempted to do in Ireland. Prevent the little boys from becoming warriors by killing them before they're old enough to bear arms. Kill the little girls before they are old enough to give birth to more warriors. You see the perverted logic behind this strategy? There are no doubt a number of highly significant reasons for the destruction of Yemen. But I for one have been long convinced that the deliberate extermination of the Yemeni people is one of them. The known evidence makes my conclusion a quiet logical one don't you think?

My best guess as to the motivations for the ongoing genocide revolve around Israel's need for land on which to settle their excess population. If you think about it, even if they are ultimately successful in exterminating the Palestinians and taking all of their land, sooner or later that isn't going to be enough and they must expand further. Yemen is the poorest country in the entire Middle East and may be seen by them as a relatively easier mark for their purposes than other places.