Friday, March 10, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: Troubling News As Turkish Forces Attack Syrian Troops In Northern Aleppo Province

Over the last week, we have seen reports coming out of Syria where the good guys, the Syrian government forces and their Arab and Russian allies, have been making steady progress eastward through northern Aleppo province... These same forces were able to basically rush into the void created by the US backed ISIS forces and have now reached the upper Euphrates river and thus have fully cut off the invading Turkish forces from making any further progress into Syrian territory...The net result has been having Turkey put out of the fight, unless the Turks now want to attack the government forces and possibly escalate the conflict....

Well, there was indeed some disturbing news today and apparently the Turks are not going to allow their forces to be contained in northern Aleppo province...For according to this report from the Southfront news source online at, there has been disturbing news that the Turkish forces have indeed now attacked the Syrian government forces west of the Turkish held city of Manbij.... First, here is that report for all to see here, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:


Syrian War Report, March 10, 2017
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The Turkish military targeted with rocket and artillery fires, positions for Syrian government forces and their allies in the western Manbij countryside, according to pro-government sources. Initially reports appeared that 8 members of the Syrian border guards were killed in the Turkish strikes, but there was no confirmation or denial from the Assad government.
Later at the same day, the Syrian state-run news agency “SANA” reported, citing a military source that “the Turkish shelling which targeted the points of border guards claimed the lives of a number of persons and wounded many others.”
If Ankara continues its actions in the area, this will easily lead to a major escalation in northern Syria.
Earlier this week, Syrian troops embedded with servicemen of the Russian Military Police and Special Forces have entered the areas west of Manbij, controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Pro-government forces entered the villages of Abu Hayj, Kur Huyuk, Kurt Wayran, Al-Bughaz and Jubb Al-Hamra. The full list of the villages set to be transferred from the SDF to the Syrian government still remains unclear.
The United States have dispatched units of marines from an amphibious task force to Syria to participate in the Raqqah advance. The units of the US Marine Corps reportedly include artillery batteries of the M777 155-mm howitzers, which should provide fire support to troops during the assault of Raqqa. In addition, additional units of marines will provide security for US servicemen, as well as will become a part of the logistic scheme for supply of the expeditionary forces.
As SouthFront predicted, the advance on Raqqah pushes the Pentagon to increase its ground involvement in the conflict because the SDF does not have enough military capabilities to retake the city from ISIS itself.

NTS Notes: I always knew this would eventually happen... The Turks have, of course, illegally entered sovereign Syrian territory last year under false pretences, and now they are risking an all out war with a Syria backed by Russia....

I have been wondering for a very long time what the Turkish goals have been in Syria, and apparently they are indeed hell bent in escalating this conflict... People so quickly forget that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said flat out months back that the Turkish goal was for the "overthrow of the Assad government" and he has never backed down from that statement since....

Therefore we may indeed see the conflict in Syria become even more dangerous with the Turks fighting the Syrians.....And with the US now committing combat troops on the ground to support their fraud ISIS forces ( I am not fooled at all by this false rhetoric that the US sent those troops into Syria to "fight ISIS, when the reality is that the US itself IS ISIS!) the situation could indeed get much much worse very quickly...

As more reports come forward, I will continue to show them here and to try to sort out and rationalize what is truly going on.... Stay tuned...

More to come


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