Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: FANTASTIC News Today As The Ancient City Of Palmyra Has Been Liberated!

I have not reported for the last while on the ever changing situation in Syria, for I have been waiting for some very good news to come forward... And today, I can report on some truly fantastic news here...

I came across the following report from the Southfront online news source, at, where just in the last few hours, the ancient city of Palmyra in the heart of Syria in Homs Province has FINALLY been liberated once again from the scourge of the US bought and paid for murderous mercenaries and CIA operatives called "ISIS".... First, here is that article here for everyone to see for themselves, and I have my own thoughts and comments to of course follow:


Click to see the full-size map
Click to see the full-size map
The Syrian army, backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have liberated the ancient city of Palmyra from the ISIS terrorists, the Kremlin spokesma, Dmitry Peskov, announced on March 2 citing Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s report to President Vladimir Putin.
The Syrian army has also reportedly taken the Palmyra Airport. However, sporadic firefights are still reported there.
The map above provides a look at the military situation in the area according to preliminary reports.
Russian media say Syrian army servicemen have begun examining the historic part of Palmyra with the aim of demining the city.

NTS Notes: Yes, this is indeed fantastic news... And an absolutely great victory for the good guys, the Syrian government forces and their Russian and Arabic allies....

And this is a black eye for the US and its criminal "terrorist" operatives in Syria known as "ISIS"... With the liberation of Palmyra, these bastards have been beaten once again and their vain attempts to try to bash Syria into submission has been given another setback...

One thing that I was looking for over the last while is... Where is the Jew spew media reports about this great victory?  Of course they are all now left once again looking like the FAKE NEWS that they truly are, and will try to find some "excuses" for this victory for Bashar al-Assad....

I have also noticed the other day all of the reports about this "Syrian air strike" on US backed "rebel forces" operating in northern Aleppo province.. And I look at it as a facade simply because these US backed "rebel forces" are a mirage and are indeed much the same criminals as these fraud "ISIS" forces... AND I have been looking for any proofs that may indeed show that it was an actual "Syrian air strike" that took place and that this "strike" actually hit "rebel forces"... Believe it or not, and no shock here, as there is no substantial evidence of any such "air strike" and no proof that it was even carried out by the Syrian air force... What this appears to be is once again the liars in the US government trying to find any "excuses" to vilify the Syrian government, and obviously a big fat lie....

So... Now that Palmyra has been regained, I sure hope the Syrians take the next step and continue their offensive towards either Deir Ezzor, or towards Al Raqqa.... The fact is that these fraud "terrorists" are now on the run, and the Syrians should take advantage of this situation and give them a severe beating!

More to come


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Greg Bacon said...

Bravo to Syria, but this insanity isn't going to stop. The West along with SA/Qatar and Israel will keep up their illegal and immoral invasion of Syria, because no one will stop them. Russia will to a certain extent on the battleground, but there's no one to stop them with the law, since the law no longer exists for the people, only the rich and protected.