Saturday, March 18, 2017

The Russians Are Coming? While The US Has Passed The Biggest Military Budget In History, The Russians Are Going To Massively Slash Theirs!

I was looking just the other day at the local trash Jew spew newspaper that of course pushes lies and propaganda to the gullible people in this town... But one article did catch my eye in the so called "editorial" section and it showed how very badly the sheep do NOT know the truth about both Russia and the Crimea.....

The article stated that 'Russia invaded (?) Crimea, and  they must give it back to Ukraine for Canada to "once again open up trade" with that nation.... I was so appalled and I could not believe that anyone in this nation could actually believe the slop that was written in this hit piece.. The author of this gibberish has absolutely NO clue about the reality of Crimea, and how the people of that peninsula decided and very legally to split from Ukraine through a referendum, and then to begin the process of reunification with the Russian Federation!  Then this piece of garbage had the nerve to say that Vladimir Putin was an "aggressor" and that he is a "danger to the planet"... What an absolute load of hogwash and garbage, and I again had to ask myself.."Who reads this slop?" and "Are Canadians truly this misinformed?"...

Well, I came across the following article that absolutely had me laughing about all of this Russia bashing, and "the Russians are evil" and of course the traditional "The Russians are coming"...For according to the following article from the Russia Insider website, at, apparently the 'EVIL' Russians are preparing for an invasion of Europe by actually cutting their military spending for the coming year!  First here is the link to that article here, and more thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, this article does indeed take a shot at all of the Russia "bashing" and how truly "evil" the Russians are by showing that Vladimir Putin is indeed preparing for this "invasion" of Europe by slashing Russia's defence budget!

I wish that people would get it... Russia is NOT this "evil empire" that the Jew spew media and other pieces of bullshit propaganda (including the local trash newspaper) are always trying to portray... It is indeed nothing but brainwashing to convince the gullible sheep out there that we must destroy Russia or the "evil" Russians will conquer the world!!!

Lets also again get the truth out to the masses about what really happened in regards to Crimea.. The Crimean people saw that they had NO future with the US puppet ruled Ukraine back in 2014 and they rightfully and legally voted OVERWHELMINGLY to separate from that fiasco and then voted afterwards OVERWHELMINGLY to rejoin the Russian Federation which they had always every right to do.... All of this bullshit that we see about how "Russia invaded Crimea" is that.. Bullshit, and again pure lies and falsehoods... People must be informed of the truth....

And again, as Russia has now been retracting their military budget, we find the criminal Drumpf regime in Washington going hog wild with spending the world's largest military budget on weapons of war and for invasion and destruction of innocent nations.... It again leads to the question then: Who exactly is the world's biggest aggressor and which nation is the one wanting to conquer the world?

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