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Now The US Run Fraud Terrorist Group Called "ISIS" Has Aerial Drones? How And Where Did They Get These Drones From?

I have continued to read all the reports over the last few days about the continuing war in both Syria and in northern Iraq, and something very strange has been occurring that should have everyone asking some very hard questions...

The Jew spew media has been reporting over the last week about an increasing number of strikes by the US bought and paid for mercenaries and operatives called "ISIS" suddenly having aerial drones packed with explosives carrying out these assaults..... When I heard about these recent strikes, I smelled a rat and everyone should be also smelling that same read and asking this important question...

How in the hell did this group of "terrorists" obtain these aerial drones in the first place?   Lets face the facts here, for we have already seen this same group provided with brand spanking new Toyota trucks for them to rampage across the deserts, and they seem to be armed to the teeth with the latest in sophisticated American weapons, and the gullible sheep overlooked the obvious as to where those trucks and weapons came from, right? ... And now to boot these same murderers now have aerial drones as well, and nobody seems to want to ask how and from where?

OK, to answer the big question as to where and how these "terrorists" obtained these aerial drones, I want to turn to an important article from the Daily Sheeple online news site, at www.dailysheeple.com that is asking the same question, and the answer is not surprising to me at all.. First, here is that article, and I have further thoughts and comments to follow:


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isis wikimedia
by Cassius Kamarampi
On Tuesday and Wednesday, ISIS hit the Syrian Arab Army with drone strikes in the eastern Qalamoun Mountains and Syrian Desert. That’s right: ISIS is using drones now.
According to AMN:
“The terrorist group’s official media wing, Al-‘Amaq, released images before the attack and then the aftermath of the strike in west Palmyra.
This is not the first time that ISIS has used these types of drones; in fact, in the Deir Ezzor Governorate, the terrorist group often uses an unmanned aircraft to carry out attacks against the Syrian Arab Army in the densely populated neighborhoods of the provincial capital.”
Headlines from recent and not so recent warn about ISIS drones potentially launching chemical attacksairstrikes, and even exploding drones. However, they are mostly being used for gathering information.
While it has mostly been reported that ISIS is using hobby drones and less serious ones than the US, how long is it until they get a General Atomics Predator or Reaper drone replica?
After a leaked Hillary Clinton email tangibly admitted ISIS is being funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who the US supplies with weapons, it would be wise for us to question just how ISIS is able to acquire such things.
Why would ISIS be so determined to attack Syria as the US just happens to have wanted regime change in Syria for decades? We must question who is really funding them and what the situation is now with all the changes in the geopolitical landscape.
Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

NTS Notes: I will state it here clearly.......ABSOLUTELY these fraud "terrorists" have been obtaining these aerial drones indirectly (and directly) from the US itself through Saudi Arabia and Qatar (or in some of their US supplier airdrops)...And we can once again thank that evil witch that should be in a prison cell, Killary Clinton, for doing the criminal work a few years back to make sure that these weapons reach these "terrorists"....

Lets face reality here.... The aerial drones that are being used are mostly manufactured by DJI who makes the majority of the commercial grade aerial drones that we see around the world today....And in spite of the Jew spew media coming out with their idiotic reports that "ISIS" is "copying" these type of drones and is making "replicas"... That is nothing more than pure bullshit and a cover story to fool the gullible people to falsely believe that this rag tag group of mercenaries suddenly have become technically advanced to produce aerial drones and the sophisticated electronics on board...

OK, It should be obvious by now for anyone with even a bit of brain cells that this fraud ISIS "terrorist" group run and operated by the US itself has received delivery of these drones directly from the US and are now using them to try to turn their battle losses around...

AND the Jew spew media will now be further alarming the world through propaganda with the idea that this "ISIS" fraud now has drones everywhere and they will be using them for their terrorist attacks world wide.... The psychological effect will be enormous and continue to put the general public into a state of fear...

Honestly, what should be happening is a full investigation into the truth about HOW these "rag tag terrorists" obtained these drones.... But obviously the criminals behind ISIS do not want the sheep to know and will do their utmost to keep everyone in the dark and in "fear".....

More to come


The Truth About This "Immigration Crisis" In Europe: Conclusive Proofs Of Jewish Creation Of The Criminal European Union, And Their Plans For Europe's Destruction

I was sent a link to a report yesterday, asking me to take a close look at it and to consider having it up here as an article and something that everyone should be made aware of.... After reading this report, I knew it belonged here, and its facts are very shocking!

Right now, I want to present the following article, that comes from the "EnglishNews.org" website, at www.englishnews.org, and it shows clearly the facts about how the criminal Jews have indeed been behind the creation of the criminal European Union, and especially how their plans have always been to see Europe destroyed and to use this fraud "immigration" of these illegal migrant workers as their primary weapon of choice for that destruction... Here is that article in its entirety, with my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Article author: Asatro News Published: 6th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 6th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2014
A conclusive report on the undeniable & self-evident Jewish creation of the EU
One cannot completely and totally oppose the EU, without mentioning its anti-European agenda, the origins of which are undeniably and self-evidently Jewish, as are the staunchest promoters of a dysgenic, anti-European: 'United States of Europe', today and historically.
The way the EU is set up in terms of internal policy creation results intentionally in a situation whereby interest groups have more influence on the actions of the European Commission than do the national interests of each member state.
This is openly admitted in academia.
This means groups like the European Jewish Parliament, European Jewish Congress, the international ADL and numerous other Jewish-centric organisations and lobby groups led by singular individuals such as Moshe Kantor (co-author of the policy suggestion paper 'Model statutes for the promotion of Tolerance') have more influence than any singular nation state on the formation of EU Commission policy. The fundamentally anti democratic and anti European concept is sometimes actually stated as the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. This entails all of the genocidal and anti democratic foundations of the EU concept.
The democratic deficit (technocratic dictatorship) inherent in the EU is also openly admitted within academia. 
Not only is it admitted, it is stated that the lack of democracy was a deliberate part of the European Union, up until the formation of the European Parliament in 1979 this is self-evident, as from 1953-1979 the predecessor of the European Parliament was not even directly elected, neither was any part of the the EU as a whole in its prior formations, showing that the project for a federalist Europe, pushed by Jewish-Supremacists, was designed initially and intentionally without any direct democratic accountability, so that it could literally ignore and over-rule the opinions of the people of Europe to push 'integration' and the destruction of each unique European state and its people quicker.
-Like it still does to this day, in the same fashion that the Judeo-Bolshevik government of Russia and Ukraine ruled without any democratic accountability, resulting in the genocide of well over 100 million of its European population, including upwards of 7-18 million deaths in the Gulag-Achipelago and upwards of 14.5million deaths caused by deliberate periods of artificially created starvation or 'socially fair economic policies', particularly engineered by agricultural collectivization and regulations.
-Not dissimilar to the end-goal envisioned by Jewish-Supremacists for the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), which has already resulted in the economic closure of thousands of farms in the UK since 1973 and the destruction of tens of thousands of farms in Germany, France and all over the European continent since 1962.

Only Jewish-Supremacists intent on using a governmental structure to deliberately exterminate the people within its borders through demographic warfare deliberately constructs its own governmental structure to go against public opinion, as was the project for a federal Europe from the start.
In addition to this, by definition, creating a "single European identity" is genocide, what is not often stated is that this European identity, is designed to include no ethnic European element and thus pave the way for an actual genocide, that will make the Judeo-Bolshevik holodomor and USSR Gulag exterminations look insignificant in comparison.  
The Jewish 'founding fathers' of the genocidal-by-definition concept of the EU
Jean Monnet is considered the intellectual father of the European Union, he is also quite evidently Jewish, having been born into a Jewish merchant family, living in France, Jean Monnet spent his early life travelling around between trading centers for his families company and the rest of his life espousing and promoting a European federal state, with the aim of destroying the European people, he is openly called an 'internationalist' in academia.

The Jewish international pressure to enforce anti-white (masked as anti-racist) legislation into a future European federal state and the very idea to found a European federal state were clearly evident from as early as 1940, where Jews who "had been putting pressure on the Roosevelt Administration on this very point" (Fransen.F, "The Supranational Politics of Jean Monnet: ideas and origins of the European Community",Greenwood publishing, 2001, pp.54) were holding meetings with various future heads of state, such as post-war French Prime Minister De Gaulle, to force the acceptance of the idea of a European federal state into the political elite before they were even in government, in the same way academia forces pro-EU sentiments into future politicians when they are still students, except the minority of aware students like myself or past figures such as Margaret Thatcher.

The Jewish attempts to create a singular European state are although much older, dating back to the founding purpose of the entirely Jewish: League of nations, which also was the same governmental body (alongside our traitorous monarchy) which marked out the Mandate of Palestine. As always the genocidal ambitions of the Jewish people are clear and obvious for all to see in relation to Europeans and Palestinians alike.
Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894–1972) was an anti-European racist, he espoused that the founding purpose of a European federalist state would be to destroy the European people, not simply through reducing internal differences but through destroying Europeans entirely and replacing us with "a mixed race of Asians and negros"
This quote is a horrific revelation, one that has been covered up by the mainstream media and academia, even though Kalergi-Coudenhove is mentioned in lectures on the origin of the European Union, the majority white Politics students who study the EU in todays universities are evidently never told this fact, that the very same people they are taught advocated for a European federal state as early as 1925, did so for the primary, malicious, abhorrent and criminally genocidal aim of destroying our European people themselves.
Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the 1922 pan-European movement, with the support of B'nai B'rith, the Jewish international support agency for Jewish political interests, B'nai B'rith helped push Coudenhove-Kalergi and his vile, anti-European racist ideology into the political mainstream and the top of political circles. In 1932 Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi composed a preface for a new edition of his father’s condemnation of antisemitism and in Praktischer Idealismus, in which he said the following:         
"Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race... similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples...Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will... [become] a mixed race of Asians and Negros... through this artificial selection process."
The Coudenhove-Kalergi legacy is still strong in pro-European circles at the top of government, even though the average, naive pro-EU politics student has no idea of its existence, the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize is awarded to heads of state and technocrats who ruthlessly promote and extend the powers of the EU and in doing so facilitate and support continued mass-immigration into European nation states and between them in a malicious effort to "undermine national homogeneity".
Notably President Van Rompuy, otherwise known as the "Damp Rag" was awarded this prize. The Judeo-Bolshevik or Communist regime (Occupied East-Germany) educated Chancellor Merkel (a Christian-Democrat) was also awarded this prize in 2010 for working against the interests of Germany, in accordance with Jewish lobbying on immigration and further economic and un-constitutional EU integration. 

Proving that Jewish international lobby groups and awards groups use such prizes and international manipulation to force heads of states to work in accordance with fundamentally Jewish genocidal plans, rewarding those pathetic leaders who betray their nations, this is an empirically observable face and is thus beyond dispute or denial by any logical observer of the current inner workings of the manipulators and state leaders working complicitly at the center of the EUs genocidal rule .
Alteiro Spinelli (31 August 1907 – 23 May 1986) was another of the EUs foundational instinctive communists and anti-Germanic racists who is known as one of the several ideological "Founding Fathers of the European Union" within academia, alongside the likes of the ethnically Jewish Karl Marx and the aforementioned non-Germanic Coudenhove-Kalergi.
It will come as no surprise that Alteiro Spinelli was a member of the Italian communist party, he and another communist subversive by the name of Ernesto Rossi wrote what is known as the Ventotene Manifesto, which directly and openly advocates for a United States of Europe, in order to spitefully hold Germany and England down, under the facade of preventing war and overcoming the so-called 'German problem' (the problem from the Jewish perspective that Germany is innately dominant and brilliant and because Germany has in the past attempted to prevent Jewish power over Europe.)
World War 2 is used as the excuse for the expansion of the EU, under a facade of "preventing war between European states", in actual fact it is simply about preventing individual European nations, especially Germany and England from rising up against the Jewish aims of the European Union and past attempts to destroy our peoples, such as the League of Nations and as far back as the Romans. We had succeeded against these attempts throughout our histories, but by dragging us down and attempting to destroy our very existences, as Coudenhove-Kalergi's book "Praktischer Idealismus" outlines and admits in its genocidal hubris, the EU is a new form of an age old threat of war through immigration and destructive forced integration.
As with the legacy of Coudenhove-Kalergi, Spinelli's communist legacy is still worshipped and followed by Jewish fanatics and their gentile followers to this day, in the form of the Spinelli group in the European Parliament for example, led by subversives like Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Guy Verhofstadt.
Spinelli's aftermath also lingers like a foul anti-european odour in intellectual discussions within academia, although it is not often taught that Spinelli was a Communist subversive who was imprisoned for his communist subversion.
Deutsch is another one of the Jewish Founding Fathers of the EU:
"Karl Wolfgang Deutsch (1912–1992) was born in Prague in 1912 to Jewish parents" -(Wikipedia)
His mother was a Czech Jew elected to Parliament who was known for her anti-Nazi rhetoric and activities (or anti-germanic activities, because she as a Jew did not want Germanic folk to have a government that cares about our existences.)
Deutsch himself was dissallowed to return to university due to the sheer barbarity and genocidal ambitions of his vile anti-Germanic activism and statements.
Not only was the manipulatively named Karl 'Deutsch' a proponent of the anti-Germanic and anti-European federalist idea of a United States of Europe, he was also one of thousands of Jewish participants in the "San Francisco conference" that was crucial in the political implicit-agreement to found the United Nations in 1945, which the Jewish created war was used to justify, along with the Jewish European Union concept of integrating and destroying European nations, as articulated by Kalergi as early as 1925.
Karl Deutsch is also appealed to as a Jewish 'political scientist' on the subject of the EU, who also spent considerable effort in defiling modern concepts of nationalism and libertarianism in his time in academia. Jewish-Supremacists like Deutsch partook in the academic manipulation of public opinion (through manipulating the opinions of students, who then became key leaders all over Europe) on accepting or being passive towards such horrific concepts such as the EU and the UN.         
David Mitrany is another Jewish (yes the list goes on, it is infuriating) so-called intellectual who's modern teachings (that lie about and hide the true, genocidal reasons for) explaining EU expansion have been instrumental in ensuring pro-EU support of the political and academic classes.
"David Mitrany's strong internationalism, and ability to feel at home in Germany, Britain and the United States, was probably the result of being born Jewish"
David Mitrany (1888–1975) was a so called leading scholar in Political theory, specialising in explaining how the EU came into being and continues to expand, under a school of thought called 'international functionalism'("This internationalist tradition favoured integration ...and the development of international, rather than national, institutions as a solution to the human problems of want and war".)
International functionalism as a self-manipulating school of thought attempts to falsely-diagnose the reasons why the EU was founded and has since expanded to include 28 states and continues to grow in its domination of legislation (the EU produces 80% of all our legislation) and blames a complex series of abstract 'functional' reasons and factors rather than the the obvious reason: organised Jewish groups (as the records prove) pushing and promoting the EU for over a century, as is clear and obvious to anyone who can look outisde the controlled academic 'debate' (or facade) on the EU, or to those like myself who having been taught at university level can see straight inside and past the surface of what is being taught.
Ernst Bernard Haas (1924 – March 6, 2003) is a Jewish academic, who founded the 'neo-functionalist' approach to the EU in an effort to divert attention away from the Jewish origins of the concept and genocidal plan for a federal European union.
Haas was "born in Frankfurt in 1924 to a secular Jewish family" (like the majority of the founding teachers at the infamous Frankfurt school), he believed in undermining European states, especially Germany, for the intention of destroying and controlling them, out of sheer anti-European racial bigotry and supremacist delusions.
Another Neo-functionalist manipulator was Leon Lindbergh, among other manipulators who divert discussions of the EU away from the obvious international Jewish lobbying and intellectual and governmental corruption causes are Stanley Hoffmann and Andrew Moravcsik, who all espouse a federalist EU, and who deliberately divert the discussion of the origins of the EU into pointless academic circular discussions about economic causal factors, when the reality is visibly and undeniably as a result of Jewish lobbying, intellectual and governmental corruption efforts, motivated by sheer anti-European and especially anti-Germanic racist, in-fact genocdial hatred, that emanates from these Jewish 'scholars' and 'intellectuals', who terrorized and pressured European academia and therefore all future (mainstream) government officials into accepting their account of the history and rationale behind the EU.
The entire academic facade on the EU has been controlled by Jewish Supremacists, David Mitrany himself is an ethnic Jew of Romanian origin, it is clear that this control of the EU debate ensures all elected politicians (as they all go through the same pro-EU classes at university as I am going through right now) leave university with the same world-view of the EU and are taught that EU expansion is natural and good, when in fact, as history has proven, and this article details, it is un-natural, and is gradually enacting an un-deniable genocide of the European people.
The Jewish control of academic discussion through the Jewish self-promotion or creation of 'leading-scholars' on the subject, whose artificial authority is then used to dominate all discussion on the EU, prevents and is preventing my fellow students from finding out the truth about the EU, through discovering its self-evident Jewish origins and then contrasting that with the fact that the EU is destroying our race, nation, economy, military, environment, history and culture.
The academic false-dichotomy between the Jewish theory of international functionalism or neo-functionalism and the Jewish theory of inter-governmentalism is set up to deliberately deny students the possibility of discovering the genocidal, and anti-democratic truth behind the EU, and the fact that these theories exist only as a facade to prevent students from seeing the truth about the EU is testament to that.
This is important as it is the fundamental reason as to why our entire political establishment supports the EU, as they have all been educated in the Kalergi-Coudenhove, Jean Monnet or David Mitrany schools of thought about the processes and purposes of further genocidal EU expansion.
The reality of expansion of the EU and its origins cannot be explained in either the Neo-functionalist, international functionalist or inter-governmentalist approaches, why? -Because all of these theories cannot work because they ignore the single biggest causal factor: Jewish international lobbying, and the systematic and generational corruption of politics through academic by these 'Jewish-intellectual' appointed 'Jewish Intellectuals'. As a result of this self-denial of the truth, none of the above theories and their modern proponents are forced to admit that all of their theories are 'incomplete' or practically insufficient. 
The reason academia cannot analyze and come to an agreement or even a coherent theory about how the EU has maintained so much support as a concept through all of the Political class and then as a reality since the 1950s, is because academia, through Jewish activism in literally occupying academia as much as Jews occupy Palestine, is intrinsically part of that reason why the EU retains political support and why it even had support as an artificial concept back in the 1920s.
Academia is also disallowed, by the Jewish intellectual and physical occupation that exists within it, from discussing the self-evidently and undeniably ethnically Jewish ideological founding fathers of the federal European Union and their racist anti-European motivations and anti-German ethnic obsessions.
Thus the (epistemically flawed) mainstream arguments analyzing why the concept of a European federal state was created in the first place, why the EU now exists in the form it does, why it finds so much support in the political elite and decreasing support among the general public, are prevented from getting anywhere near the truth, by being diverted by the false dichotomy that exists in academia, between two Jewish ideological schools of thought: neo-functionalism and inter-governmentalism. These two theories are the Jewish chains that imprison and enslave the teaching and explanation of the history and existence of the EU in academia and thus in all post academia professions.  
In essence: The Jewish-authored theories dictate the type of question asked about the EU and thus dictate the type of answer that academia is allowed to find.  
The Jewish ideological anti-Germanic and thus anti Noble-European sentiment is clear, as it is openly admitted in several so-called mainstream (Jewish authored) textbooks and "key" academic papers, that the EU was about containing the 'German problem'.
The racist double standards of the liberal cowards in academia is obvious, in that if instead of the 'German problem', German was replaced with Jewish ('Jewish problem'), all these liberal academic staff would complain and call it anti-semitism, but when Jewish-Supremacist lecturers and tribally-appointed lecturers have manipulated the entire debate and staff selection criterion into literally focusing and legitimizing anti-Germanic racial political ideas, they do not even notice, let alone complain. 
At its core the EU is anti-Germanic and anti-Noble-European, this is the truth.
All these Jewish theory's divert around (in order to maintain generational support for) the EU in wave after wave of students, who then go on to become political staff and politicians who take this Jewish created false-dichotomy to Westminster or Brussels with them, resulting in the horrific, culturally and racially genocidal expansion of the EU, despite even periods of so called 'Euro-sclerosis' or natural public increases in Euro-skepticism.
The EU is an undemocratic anti-European, degrading institution.
The Council of ministers drives through legislation, at the behest of interest and lobby groups, regardless of the opinions of national states and their population, with the rubber stamp of the European Parliament doing nothing but debating in futility on legislation it cannot substantially alter if the council of ministers so desires. 'Supra-national actors' play a major role in the formation of EU policy, and Jewish supra-national (above national or 'international') actors indeed created the entirety of the EU, and every prior format it existed as and the very concept of a United States of Europe as early as the 1920s, arguably even since 1866 with the creation of the failed 'Latin monetary union', again driven by Jewish-Surpemacists, which collapsed in 1927, which coincided with the main start of efforts to establish a Europe wide federal state as articulated in genocidal terms by the likes of Coudenhove-Kalergi, as aforementioned.
The ECSC was designed not in order to benefit the economies of Europe, but in reality, as admitted in academia, it was an effort to remove the control of core industries essential for heavy industry and to 'place them in the hands of international agents', especially the German Ruhr coal mining area.
This was enacted under a facade of preventing war, by 'confiscating' resources essential for war, and putting them in the hands of impartial international-governmental bodies, in order to literally make it impossible for European nations to go to war, not just against themselves but against the newly formed Jewish state, a line of anti-European 'logic', that is followed today with institutions like the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank which can crush an European nations finances within hours, as it routinely does to Greece, it also set up a system of redistribution from the wealthy Germany, Sweden,Denmark, UK and France to the proportionally less productive (wealth is a measure of productivity) mediterranean EU countries.  
The European Court of Justice and European Court of Human rights, are instrumental to the anti-European European Union, under the facade of human rights and 'justice', they rule in accordance with the EU constitution and European convention on Human rights, not in accordance with real natural rights or real justice, they in their effect do nothing other than rule against governments and individual groups that attempt to slow down or obstruct further expansion of the political hegemony of the EU.
They care nothing for rights or justice and are legal bodies that ensure the destruction of European rights and European nation states and the people within them, gradually ruling by ruling. Every aspect of the EU and in all its prior formats from the ECSC and EEC have sought to do nothing other than to pursue the anti-European ideology of their Jewish founding fathers.
Timeline of the expansion of the creation and expansion of the anti-European genocidal EU:
1948: The European union of Federalists, led by Jews and their corrupted European followers outlined the 'need for a European union' following on from prior private meetings.           
1948: US marshall aid program put as one of its requisites: that European states seek further integration. 
1948: Israel declared as a state, Jews then have their own homeland, from which they can freely spite Europe without regard for the conditions internally within European states. 
1949: Council of Europe convened its meeting and the "Schuman proposal was issued" 
1949: Israel recognized as a state by the Jewish-Supremacist dominated US government, that also pushed for the creation of European internal integration efforts. 
1951: The European Coal and Steel community came into existence after the 1951 treaty of Rome, which openly states its aim was to create a 'technocratic revolution':
 "to lay the foundations for an ever closer union among the European peoples. By establishing a common market and progressively approximating the economic policies of member states" 
 The treaty of Rome sought to remove barriers to the Marxist degeneration plan of ensuring free movement of peoples, capital and goods inside Europe to undermine the homogeneity of Europe ensuring a dysgenic situation and slowing down technological and scientific development by reducing competition between states, that had previously been the engine for the success of European innovation. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18519395 
1957: Treaty of Paris, outlining what Winston Churchill* advocated: "a United States of Europe" 
*It is well known that Winston Churchill's financial debts were written-off by Jews after a substantial Nick Griffin-like debt accumulation in the 1930s, resulting in his obedience throughout the rest of his life, Winston Churchill also wrote in his autobiography, near the end that "the Jews always get want they want in the end", Winston Churchill was a depressed, stroke-afflicted pessimist, warmonger and war-criminal, who betrayed the English people and all European people by advocating for a "United States of Europe" 
1965: the EEC (prior verion of the EU) pushed for control of its own budget, showing its tyrannical objectives, this was defeated by the French President De Gaulle's boycott that created 'Empty chair crisis' that created the "Luxembourg Compromise", which is why the EU moves between two Parliament buildings in Brussels and Luxumbourg at huge expense to us.
1967: De Gaulle Vetos the UK EEC application, saving us from so much damage that would have occurred had we joined the EEC that early instead of in 1973
1973: UK, Denmark and Ireland join the EEC, under a manipulated pro-EU political class, all at the same time after international Jewish lobbying, starting the destruction of North-West Europe inside the EEC
1987: Single European Act: creation of a single market, a further removal of trade duties
1992/3: Treaty on European Union /Maastricht Treaty: created a singular European security and Foreign policy, overriding national interests and created the Euro, replacing gradually the native currencies of successive member states of the EU
1995: Schengen Agreement: the removal of immigration controls in numerous EU member states
1997: Treaty of Amsterdam: preparation for the genocidal expansion of the EU, bringing in South Eastern European nations into common borders with Germanic, Nordic and Frankish Europe.
2001: Treaty of Nice, enforcing the CFSP (Common Foreign and Security Policy)                   
2004: Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe (TCE); rejected for its totalitarian measures of establishing an EU constitution by the French and Dutch in 2005, it never passed.
2009: Treaty of Lisbon (Reformed treaty) A version of the EU constitution re-packaged from the failures of the TCE in 2004/5, enforcing an effective EU constitution by stealth. The EU now makes 80% of laws and has increased immigration inside the EU to genocidal levels by over 2800% (by removing all of the internal borders of each of the 28 member states, now including Romania and Bulgaria). 
2011: The European Jewish Parliament established
2013: The rise of UKIP and majority anti-EU sentiments all over Europe

NTS Notes: Well, read it and weep... Especially for my readers right now living in Europe!

Just in case anyone wants the direct link to this article... Here it is:


Yes, for years now I have seen the diabolical nature of the so called "European Union", and I have called it a Jewish Rothschild controlled entity for years as well... Many may not have liked my straight forward telling it like it is, but this article proves that fact beyond any shadow of a doubt...

Yes, the time line of this article does end with the publishing of this report in 2014...But we all can add to this time line to see what has happened in 2015 and 2016 with the FLOODING of all of those migrant workers into Europe for the planned destruction of European nations...

So there we have it... The real truths about this sinister plan for the destruction of Europe through the Jewish controlled European Union... It is so sad to watch so many European nations actually committing suicide now by this influx of these non-European migrant workers, and YES that has been by design....

Well, what can we do about it?  The best thing that can happen is for this report to be seen by EVERYONE.... And for people, especially those living right now in Europe, to wake the hell up and take their own criminal governments to task for their part in that destruction.. Either that, or force those governments OUT, for the survival of European nations and culture is definitely at stake....

More to come


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Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, February 26th, 2017


Sunday, and the last Sunday in February... And time again for my weekly rant!

First, I always feel that I need to apologize to my readers each and every time that I have had to take a "leave of absence" from this blog and putting up articles here... But once again, I have been tied up with so much personal and family business needs these last few days, that posting any new material here has been few and far between once again.... Once everything is cleared up, and I am hoping soon, I am crossing my fingers that I will be able to stay on top of major news articles and post up my thoughts on them here....

OK, I once again must take my shots at the Flat Earth numbskulls that have indeed made me their target over the last while, as many of those rejects from clown college have had nothing better to do but to try to flood my comment section with their verbal diarrhea and absolutely atrociously stupid idiocy....I have of course always either sent their comments to the "spam" pile, or have outright rejected them... I again have no time for stupidity and ignorance, and anyone that is gullible to fall for this "Flat Earth" nonsense needs to seriously either get a life, or read exactly what I put up about the truth about that "movement" in my last rant.... Basically need I remind these fools that they are being played as idiots?

Well, it is now a month since President Drumpf's inauguration as the 45th President of the United States, and I still see the so called "liberals" not getting it?  I have stated many times that these people are nothing but gullible fools and idiots, and that they do not understand that the so called "leaders" of their protests against Drumpf are indeed operatives and have been hired by none other than Dr. Evil himself, George Soros, to create havoc in America... And yes these fools are indeed "all over the map" when they are questioned as to exactly what they are "protesting" about... Many just do not get it, and it shows the gullibility of many Americans that they will blindly follow anyone without even understanding who they are following and for what!

And.. I need not remind everyone that I am NOT a firm believer in Drumpf himself, for I do indeed see him as a Jew controlled pawn... Look, must I remind everyone as to WHY I call "Trump" by his family's original name before they changed it, aka "Drumpf"?   I stated clearly that until I see this person as truly a "saviour" for America, I will not give him the title of Trump, period.... And as I said before, I have yet to see ANYTHING that this new President has done that has altered that stance...

One of the most ridiculous things that Drumpf did when he became President was to give his cabinet a full month to come up with an idea on how to "defeat ISIS"... Well, it has now been over a month since the January 20th inauguration, and have we seen anything coming from Drumpf's own cabinet on how to 'defeat' this fraudulent "terrorist group"?   And it has now been a full month, and is anyone noticing that Drumpf himself has NOT done the one thing necessary to actually "defeat" the US bought and paid for mercenaries and CIA operatives that make up this fraud of "ISIS", which is to just shut down this CIA operation!   Shutting them down would "defeat" ISIS within a few days!  But has Drumpf actually done that?  Of course not, and it shows proof that Drumpf is all talk and no action, especially in this fraud 'war on terror'.....

And about the major promise the Drumpf made about "draining the swamp"... I have to ask my American readers in particular how well that is going?  Have we actually seen any 'draining' taking place?  The facts are that more and more we are NOT seeing this move to get rid of the criminals that make up that swamp, for many have now taken hold and are actually driving American policies once again.... Yes, Drumpf came in with so many expectations that the American people dearly needed to fix their nation, but once again he is proving to be as bad as previous Presidents, and it is business as usual as the Jewish criminal elitists continue to maintain their control over that formerly free nation....

BUT... And I will repeat..BUT I do have to give credit where credit is due for Drumpf when it comes to calling out the situation in Europe with the illegal migrant worker crisis that is destroying so many European nations for what it is.... And he indeed hit the bullseye when it came to Sweden... AND I should not remind everyone to take a look at my last article on the truths about Sweden and why that nation has now been destroyed.. I will state it clearly here once again that the destruction of Sweden and other nations across Europe is indeed by Jewish criminal design as they are indeed following their plans as laid out in their disgusting Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to the letter.... AND apparently these criminal bastards may be indeed holding every European nation hostage through nuclear blackmail...

I am indeed stating the obvious here that the explosives planted at that Swedish nuclear facility that were discovered in 2012 are the "tip of the iceberg" as other nations that have nuclear power facilities, especially Germany and France, also have these same explosives planted by the Israeli Mossad in place... If those nations refuse to go along with the destruction of their nations through this forced allowing these illegal migrants to flood in, then the Jewish power elite will set off those explosives and make the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Japan look tame by comparison.. Yes, it is indeed blackmail, and maybe its about time the people of Europe do wake up to this truth and actually do something about their Jewish criminal controllers?   President Drumpf himself does indeed see what is happening in Sweden by the criminality of these illegal migrants and he absolutely wants that to NOT happen in America...And yes, I will give kudos to him for telling it like it is here....

Well, the "civil" war in Syria is of course continuing with no end in sight... The battle for Al Bab is finally over with the Turkish forces gaining control over that city in northern Aleppo province... But luckily the Syrian government forces are now in the area of Al Bab, and any further expansion in the illegal intrusion by Turkish forces into Syria would now have them facing the Syrian army... It does make us all wonder what the heck the Turks are even doing there in the first place?  And I must point out how several times in the past the Turks actually did allow the fraud "ISIS" forces to escape from key towns, which does make one wonder if Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey is actually playing a dangerous game with the Syrians and the Russians, while at the same time trying to create the illusion of cooperation with them!

Meanwhile, I am now waiting for the good news about the recapture of the ancient city of Palmyra in central Homs province in Syria by the Syrian government forces and their Russian allies... It has now been almost 3 months since that fraud of "ISIS" was able to capture that important city, and during the last 3 months we have once again seen many reports about that fraud "terrorist" group destroying so many ancient relics in that important historical city...There have been some that have said that the destruction of ancient artifacts and relics in both Syria as well as in Iraq has been done on purpose so as to destroy real history and have it substituted with fraudulent history... There may be some truth about that, and the one "tribe" that may be in fact behind this need to destroy history is of course the criminal Jews who have NO real history except the bullshit they promote in their fraudulent religious books....  And in regards to Palmyra, I am hoping that the Syrian army does recover that city and absolutely very soon... For not only its strategic importance for the freeing of all of Syria, but again for its historical significance!

I have again once in a while turned on the Jew spew media from time to time to see what these incessant liars have to say.... We all had hoped that since their exposure of being purveyors of lies and falsehoods that they would suddenly try to apologize to their audiences, try to clean up their acts, and actually try to put the  truth out..But to no avail, for what I have indeed been seeing is once again so disgusting, and apparently rather than actually try to tell the truth, many of these fraud "media outlets" have raised the stakes by putting out more lies than ever before!  Honestly, how anyone with even one brain cell can stand to listen to their madness for even one minute, is beyond me...

The one thing that I found to be an abomination this last week is how the so called "search engine" called "Google" has now come out and is doing outright censorship to so many online alternative media sites... Apparently, it is not good enough that these criminals actually try to tell the truth, but they too are now doubling down and are trying another diabolical plan by shutting down the truth....Yes, there have been so many sites out there, such as "Natural News" online, that now when you "Google" it, you get a 'warning' label across the top of the site.. AND apparently some other sites that do tell the truth are no longer reachable by using Google at all!   OK, maybe it is about time that everyone give "Google" their statement that they will not take this bullshit, and NO longer use it for any searches, period... I do recommend so many others such as "Duckduckgo" as a search engine that does not practice this terrible criminal act of censorship.... Basically, if Google wants to play this type of disgusting game, then we can all give them the "middle finger" and hopefully eventually have them change their policy or have them shut down all together...

Well, I received a most disturbing email earlier this week from Whitewraithe, who has now accused me of not only not supporting her, but somehow "stabbing her in the back", and that apparently I am now her "enemy" (!?).... I was so shocked and perturbed from that email, and I wondered to myself why she has now gone to this type of assault on my character?  I helped to support her for almost 8 years, both emotionally, and financially at times, and now she has decided that I am suddenly an "enemy"?   Honestly, and I have stated it so many times at this blog that I have NO ill will on her at all and I will not slam her, period, and therefore her sudden action against me is most disturbing.... I had been warned by others to be careful because of her severe depression, and maybe I should have listened.... Again, I have nothing bad to ever say about her, for she is an intelligent and most logical individual, with one heck of a good heart... However what she is doing now is absolutely appalling and unfounded...  I sent a reply back to her to not contact me at all until she comes to her senses... I am still waiting, and I may be waiting for a long time.... Will I receive an apology at all? I doubt it.... I therefore do wish her good luck in her future endeavours....

Well, I guess that is enough for the moment... I again will be spending a lot of time over the next while trying to clear up a lot of personal, business, and family needs... I want to thank everyone for their patience and their continuing support of the work I do here... In the meantime, I guess I will move onto my usual last minute tidbits to cover what I may have missed this week...... The United States continues to send the Carl A Vinson carrier task force up and down the South China Sea off the coast of China this last week, I see.  Yes, the warmongers and war hawks in the Drumpf cabinet are indeed playing a danger game, and I truly hope these morons are not this stupid to try to trigger a nice little war against China itself.  All this over the rights of ownership of some islands that the United States has absolutely no business trying to meddle into..... I see the situation in Yemen may have just gone from bad to worse for the civilians, as the Drumpf government has now pushed for the shutting down of the only port left in southern Yemen that is still able to take in emergency food aid for the people of Yemen on the verge of famine.  I truly hope that Drumpf is not taking this action, for it could mean the deaths of millions of innocent people!........Yes, the situation in Ukraine is now definitely escalating towards renewed conflict between the militias in the breakaway eastern republics and the Ukrainian army itself.  As I said before, unless something is done to alleviate this situation, we will be seeing an all out assault by the Ukrainian army against civilians and it will be a blood bath.  Sometimes I do indeed think this is exactly what those murderous criminals in Kiev want!.....I saw a report this week where a teacher in Ontario, here in Canada, was forced onto "administrative leave" for trying to tell her own students the truth about vaccines and how vaccines did not work.  Believe it or not, but she did not do that during classes, but posted those truths on her social media accounts. And she got put onto administrative leave for that?  Sometimes I think that Canada is just as bad if not worse than the US for their thought police and their wanting to suppress the truths! And YES, I will state it here again the fact that
VACCINES ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WORK AND DO MORE HARM THAN ANY GOOD!.  Take THAT, Canadian thought police!.........I see that this "Russia bashing" by the liars in the Jew spew media is going on strong, and sometimes has gotten almost psychotic with their lies.  Yes, they are still out there trying to claim that Russia is somehow this 'big bad menace" that is threatening to "invade" Europe.  I honestly have to laugh, for the Russians have NO intention of ever "invading" Europe, for their government and especially Vladimir Putin, knows full well what an economic and social basket case Europe has become......The Academy Awards bullshit show is on later tonight, and honestly I am sick and tired of that Jew run piece of filth.  And to make matters even worse, this year they are going to somehow "honour" those criminals and murderers that make up the phoney "White Helmets" that have done so much damage in Syria, and should in reality ALL be in jail!  And yes, so many foolish and stupid people will tune into that garbage....One commentator asked me if I was wrong about the NASA probes not being on Mars simply because maybe I am wrong about the density and pressure of Mars' atmosphere.  I replied that if I am wrong and Mars' atmospheric pressure is higher than reported, then NASA itself is once again lying to the world.  I am still waiting to this day for anyone to show how conventional parachutes would even deploy in a 4 millibar atmosphere such as Mars, and I am still waiting........Arsenal's game against Southampton yesterday was postponed with a make up date pending.  In the meantime, all is not well with the Gunners, as I read several reports that unless the Gunners are able to make a run in the standings, Arsene Wenger may be out.  Yes, these are rumours, and we shall see what happens with 13 games left in the table.....And finally, a shot once again at that priceless bunch of retards, skanks, trollops, and misfits, that make up the Kardashians.  The paparazzi has once again been going nuts with pictures of skank #2, Khloe, spending time with NBA player Tristan Thompson, especially with that skank with her plastic body in bathing suits.  Honestly, if I was Tristan, I would run and run now.  Getting mixed up with these has beens has ruined so many lives, and I hope Tristan is not this stupid.   But hey, once again America has this idiotic love affair with these skanks that I cannot understand..... And yes, I have about given up on blasting the Kardashians, and maybe starting next rant I will start blasting someone else.  And someone said that I could always start taking shots at the Flat Earth numbskulls, which indeed would be good for a few laughs.  We shall see...

More to come