Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fort Lauderdale Florida Shooting HOAX: Proof That This Was A DRILL That Went Live!

I knew that the criminals that want "gun control" in America would eventually try to pull off one of these fraud "shootings" somewhere in America.... With all of the recent "shootings" happening elsewhere in the world, and with this being a new year, we knew that they eventually would slam the gullible American people with one of these elaborate and pre-planned hoaxes... And voila, here comes the newest fraud in Fort Lauderdale Florida Airport!

I have been pouring over the alternative media reports so far, and from the information that has come my way so far, it became obvious to me that we are dealing here with another of these pre-planned "drills" that went live yesterday morning in Fort Lauderdale.....This is strangely reminiscent of the fraud "Boston Bombing" of a few years back and again like then has used some piss poor "crisis actors" and some "law enforcement" that is absolutely sloppy.... Apparently the criminals are throwing these fraud "shootings" out and not giving a damn about making them in the least bit look real or professional!

I also have to love the names that they use for these actors involved ... "Scott ISRAEL".... "Esteban (Strangely similar to "Istanbul") SANTIAGO (Capital of Chile, one nation in the western hemisphere that supports Palestine!)... This may be reaching a bit, but just like "Anus and Anal" in the fraud Berlin truck attack, it seems they come up with these names to laugh in our faces!

First, I want to present a great initial summary of the events of this "shooting" in a video from Peekay Truth, out of Melbourne Australia, that questions so much of what we were originally told and shown via the Jew spew media outlets on the day of this shooting.... Here is that video for everyone to see here:

OK, The major point that I saw in this video was the apparent usage of piss poor crisis actors running across the tarmac at that airport WELL AFTER this "shooting" was already over!   And of course we find them all conveniently wearing running attire including running shoes! Now what are the odds of that?

Next, I want to present the following report that came my way that shows that the supposed "shooter" in this "event", Esteban Santiago was most probably set up to be the "patsy" for this drill.... Apparently, this "lone gunman" went to officials in Anchorage Alaska claiming that he was being programmed by the CIA for some future event and that through that programming these criminals controlled his mind.... Here is the link to that article for everyone to see here:

So, apparently we have a "lone gunman" that was set up and programmed to do this "incident" in Florida!

BUT there is something strange here... For the AIR CANADA flight that this "shooter" was supposedly, according to OFFICIAL REPORTS was on board, does NOT have him at all on any of the plane's passenger logs!  Here is the link to that important report here, and this more than anything else so far exposes this event as a preplanned and STAGED EVENT:

OK, this is a bit weird, considering if he came from Alaska USA through to Fort Lauderdale, USA, WHY would this "gunman" even be on an AIR CANADA flight at all?   Apparently, the criminals involved got very sloppy here once again....

Now, I want to present one major video that comes also courtesy of  Peekay Truth again that blows this entire event to hell... For according to the information from this video, apparently at least ONE Jew spew news outlet in America was given the script for this entire event and mistakenly put their report about this "shooting" out a full 4 HOURS before the event actually happened!  Here is that important video:

NTS Notes:  OK, I am calling it... And there will be those who will not like what I have to say... THIS was absolutely a staged event where most probably NOBODY has died..... It was almost guaranteed to be a pre-planned drill that went live... The only thing missing would be evidence that Fort Lauderdale had practiced for this event at least a few weeks before this event... If anyone has that evidence, I will present it in a subsequent article and therefore show conclusively that this was indeed a drill....

This, readers, is another in the long line of fake shootings that has absolutely been used to brainwash the American people with FEAR PROPAGANDA..... And sadly with the Jew spew media going hog wild in vain attempts to brainwash gullible people, the suckers out there will fall for it again!

The bottom line... This Fort Lauderdale "shooting" is once again clear and utter BULLSHIT!

More to come



greencrow said...

Hi NTS and as another coincydynk....Fort Lauderdale is only about 300 miles away from President-elect Trump's Mar a Lago Resort/Retreat. Probably Trump flies out of the Ft Lauderdale airport on a regular bases....subtle threat from his newfound enemies in the "intelligence" services? I think so!


torus said...

How about a post-Christmas sing along? ala Bing Crosby, to the tune of "It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas".

"It's beginning to look alot like last year
Everywhere you go
Take a look at the MSM, they're bullshitting yet again
With candied brains and cow patties that glow..."

Okay, forgive me for that. But, "Esteban Santiago" sounds like a character from a really lame Western film.
"Do you know who will ride into town at dawn to strike fear into the hearts of all? (E minor C-H-A-R-A-A-A-N-GGGGG on guitar....)

Happy New Year.

Hemp4Shemp said...

What gives this away is the report of accuracy with head shots. Smacks of paramilitary or military.

Unknown said...

This is in reference to the scene that Peekay shows in front of the terminal, where he says this may have been staged. I saw the exact same scene from a different angle on ABC News. The people behind the cars across the street were clearly visible on the video I saw. I busted out laughing when I saw a man laying on his back on the sidewalk with his hands under his head obviously enjoying the sunshine. When he notices that he is on camera he acts startled and then half jumps up and on his hands and knees scampers behind a car. Close to him a woman in some sort of security uniform then starts positioning people behind the cars. Then I shouted out loud "This whole thing is complete bullshit".
Just this morning, also on ABC News, they were saying that the authorities are beginning to have doubts about this not being a terror attack, because they have uncovered evidence that the gunman may have connections to ISIS.

R said...

there is a funeral today of a woman that died down there. How can you possibly think it wasn't real when families were affected and people are getting buried?

Unknown said...

If you're speaking of Olga, it doesn't mean she got killed at the airport. So far no other funerals. Terry Andres will have "celebration of life service" on Feb. 4th. I doubt there will be a body viewing.

Unknown said...

It appears the so-called victims are real people according to web info. Addresses and relatives line up. The question is, did they really die? If so, how did they die and where?

Unknown said...

This whole thing does not make sense. Why were people routed to run across the tarmac in the open unless it was for a photo op. Why didn't people have carry on luggage? If you have been on a plane lately you know practically everyone has at least one carry on bag . I only saw a couple of people with luggage. This makes no sense. I also wonder why everyone was wearing spandex? I would always wonder when I flew why people would wear heels and mini skirts to travel, but all the people you saw on the news had no luggage or purses and were ready to run a marathon in gym clothes. What I saw in the video doesn't match my travel experience from the past 15 years.

Unknown said...

None of this adds up for me. Why would they take people out of a plane or baggage claim and have them running across to tarmac in the open? Why doesn't anyone have carry on luggage? I saw very few and if you have flown anywhere lately practically the whole plane is carrying at least one bag. Every overhead is jammed, so why don't 90% have carry on luggage instead of maybe 10% ? I agree with the other person questioning their 'jogging attire'. I used to fly every week for 15 years and I can tell you this is not right.

life on the water said...

Neither of the videos are no longer available. Can they be seen through another site?