Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quebec City Mosque Shootings: False Flag Inside Job Conspiracy

I am puzzled.... I have been looking over some of the facts presented about this "shooting" at that mosque in Quebec City as the known liars in the Jew spew media are presenting, and I find myself asking so many questions and not getting so many answers in return!  Honestly, the more I am looking at this shooting, the more I see this as a set up, and this Alexandre Bissonnette character as the patsy to take the fall for this crime...

Look, I am NOT saying that nobody died in this incident... The evidence is clear that there were indeed some victims and deaths with this latest shooting... BUT the first thing that had alarm bells ringing off in my head was how QUICKLY the criminal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was in calling this event a "terrorist attack"!   In a normal shooting event, it takes time to ascertain how the event unfolded and who the suspects were before anyone can call it a "terrorist" attack, and lo and behold here we have Justin going on air and claiming it to be one within hours....

Then we have some real peculiarities about the shooting itself... ALL initial reports from survivors at the scene and even the first reports coming out of the Jew spew media, all stated clearly that there were at least THREE SHOOTERS.... To use 3 shooters for such an attack means that this was carefully preplanned and preconceived by someone who wanted this mosque shot up and to have people killed... However, within hours the story somehow changed almost by magic and now we have this 'LONE GUNMAN' idea and only one 'shooter" involved, Alexandre Bissonnette!  This sudden change from 3 shooters to only one should have everyone's red flags raised!

But I am perplexed by the supposed "lone gunman" shooter himself....There are so many questions about this Alexandre Bissonnete, including how a supposed college student got a hold of the guns they say he used to shoot up the mosque?   And supposedly, Alexandre was a timid well natured individual with no history of anger or madness to the extent that he would suddenly have a complete meltdown and attack a mosque!  Those facts also had me realizing that there is indeed so much more to this "shooting" than meets the eye...

Now, I want to present a link to an interesting article from a fellow real truth seeker, Aangirfan, who of course writes his blog over at www.aanirfan.blogspot.com... In his article, entitled "Quebec Mosque Attack - False Flag Inside Job Conspiracy" , you will see some great details on how this entire Quebec City mosque attack does indeed stink to high heaven... Here is the link to that report here:


Look, I again will not side with anyone that may look at this attack as being an entire hoax and claiming that "nobody died"... The facts are that periodically the monsters that do these fraud attacks have to have real victims and real deaths.... Such appears to be the case with this mosque attack...

In all honesty, I see this as a preplanned attack that involved a hit squad of at least 3 participants... I also do believe that this Alexandre Bissonnette character is innocent of this shooting, but they have conditioned and drugged this young man so badly that he will take the fall for this planned hit...

The big question here to me is... WHO BENEFITS?  I have always pondered what the criminals have to gain from these type of attacks, and apparently the first ones that benefit from this attack in Quebec are those who want to see Canada continue to be flooded with so many illegal migrant workers (What these "refugees" truly are..) and of course I do wonder what Justin Trudeau and his regime in Ottawa are to gain as well and what they will now do to the Canadian people to "protect" them from the nonsense "terrorist" threat.....

There is indeed so much more to this Quebec City shooting than meets the eye... I will continue to present reports here as more important information surfaces... So stay tuned..

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Quebec City Mosque Shootings: This Stinks To High Heaven - First Reports From Canadian Researcher, Penny, Calls Into Question This Shooting!

I am still recovering from my bout of severe throat/nose/ear infection and am slowly catching up today on what has been happening around our sick world... And lo and behold here comes yet ANOTHER "mass shooting", and this time it occurred at a Mosque in Quebec City, Quebec here in Canada....

The initial reports that the Jew spew media are throwing out as of today is that a "lone gunman" (always seems to be the case it seems..) went into a Mosque in Quebec City last night, while Muslim patrons were in worship, and proceeded to pull out a gun and shoot up to 14 people... The reports are that this "shooting" has resulted in 6 people dead and another 8 injured.....  I am still reading over so much of the details from the liars in the Jew spew media at present, and even what is coming fast and furious via the Alternative media, and as usual everything about this "shooting" does not make any sense at all.... And being an eternal skeptic and one that has already exposed so many of these fraud shootings before, I smell a rat.....

OK, I came across the following two reports that my fellow Canadian researcher, Penny, who of course writes "Penny For Your Thoughts" at www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com, that brings forward some serious questions about this "shooting" in Quebec City.... The first report that I have the link to here has the criminal Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, coming out almost immediately calling this a "terrorist attack" (How can he make that judgment so quickly when all of the details of this incident are not even out yet?)....  Here is that link:


OK, A few points that I find disturbing and what Penny also sees... Again, how can the Canadian Prime Minister open his big mouth and proclaim this as a "terrorist attack" even before the RCMP and Quebec City police have not conducted their own investigation?  And as Penny shows, I too found it disturbing and weird that the Jew spew media proclaimed this as an "attack against Muslims" even before all the details were officially released! And the TIMING of this attack absolutely raises so many red flags considering the moves by Drumpf with his immigration ban in America....

And here is the follow up report from Penny, where the reports suddenly went from a "few gunman" to the usual LONE GUNMAN scenario that we have seen too many times in so many fake shootings!  Here is the link to that report here:


OK, Now I have my suspicions entrenched that this is indeed another false flag event... The "lone gunman" story that the LIARS in the Jew spew media are spewing is bad enough, but the 'gunman's' antics AFTER the shooting should have everyone saying 'Hey wait a minute here!"...

AND as Penny points out, here we go with the "white privileged shooter" shooting up a Mosque of all things... I can just see the Jew spew media here in Canada now taking their usual pot shots at 'WHITES' for being to blame for this incident.....THAT alone has my red flags way up that this is indeed another fake shooting!

So, here we have this "Alexandre Bissonnette" character, with the same type of physical makeup as that phoney "Dylan Storm Roof" (What a great laughable name they come up with!) from the fraud Charleston shooting of 2 years ago  with supposedly NO background of any problems (none yet, but watch the Jew spew media create one..) supposedly go out of the blue into a Mosque and shooting like a marksman taking out 6 people and wounding 8 others?  And then he magically decides to 'feel guilty' some 17 minutes after this event, calls 9-11, and then cooperates and turns himself in?  I for one think this stinks to high heaven, and something else is afoot here!

Again, there is more to this Quebec shooting than meets the eye..... I am not dismissing the idea that anyone was killed in this incident, but I have my suspicions...... As more reports do come forward, I will indeed present that information here for all to see for themselves...Stay tuned..

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The TRUTH About President Drumpf's Ban On Immigration: It Was Written And Signed Into Law Under Soetoro's Regime, And To The Liars In The Media: Spare Us All The Theatrics!

It is so amazing as to what has been happening in the United States over the last few days... Incoming President Donald Drumpf has made good on several of his key platforms in his election campaign, and the crybaby so called "Liberals" across America are absolutely in a tailspin over this President actually doing what is necessary to try to "Make America Great Again"....

I too have been watching the liars in the Jew spew media as they spew their lies after countless lies about Drumpf and his policies.... It does make anyone that actually still watches their garbage to turn away in disgust and seek the real truths via the alternative media.... And of course for the last few days, the liars in the media have turned their venom against Drumpf into overdrive as he has come out and has via Executive Orders made it illegal to any immigrants from 7 key nations in North Africa and the Middle East to travel to, or even try to immigrate into the United States....

There have been so many that have found new "outrage" against Donald in regards to his "passage" of what is claimed to be a new "immigration law"...BUT of course we are NOT being told the whole story about this "law" and the FACTS that this "law" was already passed very quietly under the previous Soetoro regime.... And to help people properly understand what this "law" is all about and what effect it will indeed have on the United States and the "7 nations" that the law affects, I want to turn once again to the following important report from my fellow Canadian researcher, Penny, who of course writes the blog "Penny For Your Thoughts" at www.pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com... This article, that I have the link to here, covers much of the details that you will definitely not find in the Jew spew media and tells the reality of how President Soetoro quietly passed the bill for this ban well over a year ago!  Readers, look at the following link carefully, and I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


OK, a reality check... SOMETHING had to be done to curtail the flood of illegal migrant workers (the reality of what these "refugees" truly are...) and what Drumpf has done is just ENFORCE this ban that Soetoro had passed but was unwilling to have it enforced unless his fellow Democratic stooge and murderer, Killary Clinton, became the President.....

I can guarantee that if Killary was already in the White House as the liars in the Jew spew media had wanted, then this BAN would have been hailed by those liars as the "right thing to do" and it would have been applauded by the so called "Liberals"... But of course now that Drumpf himself is only enforcing the ban which was already signed into law over a year ago, the Liberals and liars in the Jew spew media are now calling for Donald's head instead!

I also want to present the following link to an important article from the Antiwar website, at original.antiwar.com, that tells the bitter truth about this ban and how it was Soetoro's bill and NOT Donald's.... It also clearly says a message to the Liberal freaks and liars in the Jew spew media that they should spare us all the theatrics and see the truth as to WHO originally wanted this ban!.... Here is the link to that Antiwar article here:


NTS Notes:  OK, I again do not fully agree with some of the aspects of this ban of immigration into the United States, but something had to be done to save that nation from the flood of illegals and criminals that was indeed crossing their borders with impunity....

And lets face the truth here.. This is a ban for 30 days only... I am so surprised that the liars in the Jew spew media has been crying the blues saying that the ban is somehow permanent and screaming that the world is somehow about to end,  when it is ONLY for 30 freaking days!  But again you will never see that truth from these liars as they still try to put their fangs into Drumpf and his policies...And as Penny shows, it is being done purposely to whip up more dissension in America itself!

And yes, there is so much outcry about how this ban that Barry Soetoro actually signed into law focuses in on 7 nations in the Middle East in particular and yet leaves so many out.... One major headache that the ban in my opinion should have a bullseye on is of course the criminal state of Israel that has created so much of the refugee situation that we see today!  But again, that nation will continue to send its agents and misfits to the US with no action from the US Government....

The bottom line is this... There will always be some die hard crybabies across America that will not like these type of bans on immigration.... But those fools have not come forward with any alternative for the present time and something had to be done immediately to slam the door in the flooding of these illegal migrant workers (This is what most of them are.. They are NOT "refugees" at all!) coming into America.... A long term solution is needed, but at present until one is actually created this ban stays in place...

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 29th, 2017


Yes... It is Sunday once again, and as usual like it or not, time for my weekly rant...

I indeed got very sick over the last few days... I am one heck of a stubborn man and instead of doing the right thing and actually seeking some proper rest and possibly going to see a doctor, I decided to try to "tough it out" and keep popping alternative medications including Oil of Oregano... However,  on Thursday, things actually got worse as I got horrific headaches and soreness in my ears... By Friday, I had full blown earaches and my sinuses were so bad that I had a hard time breathing and even swallowing... I had to go and get it checked out, and lo and behold I was told I had a SEVERE throat infection coupled with both an ear and sinus infection.... I told the doctor about my history of bad sinuses thanks to my inheriting them from my mother, and he did not hesitate after checking out my symptoms in prescribing some Amoxycillin antibiotics.....

Again, I am indeed a stubborn mule and I have long been one to be against the use of antibiotics except as a "last resort"... And what I had did indeed become a need for that "last resort".... I am presently still having massive headaches and a bit of a real scratchy sore throat, but the antibiotics are now kicking in, and the fever and earaches have now subsided.....  The only side effect that I do not like from these antibiotics is severe diarrhea (not something pleasant to talk about...) and real drowsiness..... I am glad that as of this morning I am on the full mend and able to sit down and do this rant!

Well, temperatures here in the real central Canada (and not that place called Toronto) have returned to what is classified as "normal" for this being near the end of January.... The intense cold snap that plagued us here in these parts is at the moment "over", and I am crossing my fingers that we will not get some intense storms in the form of "Colorado lows" coming our way...... And yes, I still would love to have that idiot, Al Gore, and his gaggle of misfits and idiots come up here and see their lies about "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" for themselves....

One major development that I actually do want to applaud incoming President Drumpf about is how he has ordered his people to turn away from the Climate Change idiocy.... It does seem that Donald does indeed know the full truth that all of this "planet overheating" rhetoric from these idiots is absolute bullshit, and he is now refusing to further finance any new "Climate Change" regulations... I actually do applaud him for this, but sadly the idiot running this nation, Canada, is still wanting to go full steam ahead with his "Carbon Tax" fleecing of the Canadian people under the false belief that man made "Climate Change" is somehow real.... I am still hoping that the Canadian people do wake the fuck up and stop the Trudeau regime from pressing forward with their Carbon Tax fraud and simply point out how the US is squashing it!

Well, it is indeed over one week now with Donald in control in Washington, and we have the good and bad with his new Presidency.... The best good news is of course the destruction of the Climate Change bullshit, the suspending of so many of that crook Barry Soetoro's last minute "executive orders" in his final days as President, the building of the wall to stop the illegal immigrants from flooding into the US via Mexico, and his wanting to pull the US out of BOTH that fraud Rothschild controlled NATO and the Rothschild Jewish controlled "UN".... Those and a few other steps are the good news, and hopefully he carries through with these promises and want to stop the madness..

Now the bad news.... I for one have been deeply perturbed and angry at Donald's not yet understanding the real situation in Syria, and his wanting to impose fraud "safe zones" in that sovereign state.... Honestly, Donald cannot possibly be serious with this plan simply because there is NO WAY IN HELL another nation can try to impose their will or this type of action on another nation without creating a de facto declaration of war.... As I said in my article about this disgusting motion, these "safe zones" are a fraud and nothing more than creating "safe havens" for the US led criminal and evil "terrorist" groups that have always wanted Syria destroyed... And of course these "safe zones" would need some type of protection from outside interference which implies that the US military itself would have to "protect" these safe zones, which means US intervention and a full fledged war against Syria itself!   Honestly, this is a severe boneheaded move by the new US President, and I for one hope that when this action is fully examined, Donald will see the folly here and rescind this request...

One other bad news is of course the US wanting to push ahead to have the US embassy in that psychotic state of Israel moved from the city of Tel Aviv illegally to the city of Jerusalem... This is another boneheaded idea, simply because Jerusalem is NOT the Jewish capitol and is supposed to be a "shared" city between the Palestinians and the criminal Israelis... This move would symbolically give the fraud Jews in their stolen land the idea that they have the support of the US having their eternal capitol as Jerusalem, which is something that the Palestinians could never allow and rightfully so..... Politically this move could create further madness and cause more Arab upheavals and possibly generate a brand new Middle Eastern war...... Again, I do hope that Donald examines this closely and sees the folly of this idea....

I ran into so many people the last while that have come out and said "Donald Trump is no good"... And of course I ask these people again and again where they get their ideas about Donald from?  The answer is always from "the news", meaning the lying sacks of shit in the so called Jew spew media news outlets.... I have constantly told these people again and again to NEVER trust anything that they are seeing over their idiot boxes aka 'Talmudvisions' that have made it their policies to slam Drumpf at every opportunity.... The facts are that the Jew spew media has indeed their agenda, and that agenda appears to be full steam ahead  in destroying Drumpf at every chance they get.... And it is no wonder that people are turning off these idiots in droves...People are not stupid and they can clearly see who the liars are...

OK, lets again get this straight... I am not yet sold on Drumpf, for I see him as being under Jewish control and with his Jewish 'son in law' that Jared Kushner, right there pulling on Donald's strings, the Jewish control does indeed continue.... This Jared Kushner to me is a Zionist Jewish scumbag and freak, who's only claim to fame is of course being married to Donald's daughter Ivanka (does not say much for good taste by her!) and he has indeed planted himself firmly in the party of Donald's closest advisors to make sure that Donald keeps that scumbag state of Israel's "best interests" first..... Therefore once again in spite of everyone thinking Donald as being different, the Jews are making sure that Donald is kept under their control...... We can always hope that Donald stops listening to his scumbag son in law, but that may be wishful thinking...

Well... There is not much to report about the war in Syria other than the fact that the good guys are still winning and are making some inroads in their newest attempt to recapture the city of Palmyra from the US bought and paid for "terrorists" called "ISIS".... It has been a slow offensive that is indeed moving easterly and the city of Palmyra may be recaptured by early February... Elsewhere, the Syrian government forces are continuing to clear out fraud "rebel strongholds" near Damascus and have launched some new offensives in Aleppo province towards the city of Al Bab.... And the good news this week was that the attempts by the fraud "ISIS" to capture Deir Ezzor have failed and the Syrian army there has regained much of their initial losses.....AND we have reports that the US airforce that has until now been bombing Syrian government forces and Syrian infrastructure is now actually bombing "ISIS" targets instead! .... It does appear that with the changing of government in Washington any more talk of having Bashar al-Assad 'removed' from power and Syria destroyed may be finally at an end...... We will see clearly over the next while if Drumpf is indeed a man of his word and actually joins Russia in actually fighting these 'terrorists'!

One thing that I did notice this last week have been the sudden reports coming out almost everywhere about the "humanitarian crisis" that is right now turning into a disaster in Yemen... All I can say is its about fucking time that the Jew spew media bastards and the criminal governments realized that their supporting of the criminal Saudi regime in their insane want to have Yemen subdued and its people genocided has indeed led to the massive outbreak of Famine that is now rampant across that innocent nation....The question now is it too late?  We are now witnessing thousands of people dying almost weekly from lack of food in that nation as the US and NATO have continued their illegal blockade of that nation in support of Saudi Arabia.... And obviously with NO food coming in, or actual food aid reaching the Yemen people, they are indeed now dying thanks to the US policies....I am crossing my fingers that Drumpf sees what is really happening here and stops this madness and shuts off the aid to the Saudis immediately!

Well.... Many people have written me and commented to me asking what the heck has just happened with Whitewraithe quitting our long time partnership?   And her last article over at her Pragmatic Witness website was not exactly a glowing report about the relationship that her and I had over the last 10 years.... I was as puzzled as everyone else by her reaction, and in several follow up comments I tried to set the record straight... I will explain myself here as well...... Whitewraithe has been an emotional wreck for a very long time... Her not able to find some decent work coupled by the actions and inactions of her immediate family has left her not only emotionally drained, but has caused her to suffer from very deep depression.... I tried for years to be a sounding board as well as an emotional as well as periodically a financial supporter for her, but after all this time I was at wits end and finally had to tell her flat out that she needed to solve the issues herself and to do what was necessary where she was, in Tennessee, to work out her problems there.... I could never do much being some 1500 miles away and after 10 years, I had had enough.....  Lets get this straight...Whitewraithe is absolutely a brilliant lady being a logical woman which is a rarity, as well as very articulate and well spoken...But she has allowed her emotions to get the best of her, and again coupled with the actions of her own family, she became self destructive and I could no longer handle it.....Heck, what else could I do?  I am deeply saddened by the ending of our association, and I do hope that when she is able to finally get things straightened out at home, she will contact me... I will never slam her, and I will not turn her away....

OK, I guess I have spewed along enough... I wanted to especially clear the air on what has happened with Whitewraithe in this rant and cross my fingers that she does understand where I stand.... Otherwise, it is once again time to touch on so many of those other subjects on everyone's minds in my closing "Last Minute Tidbits".......I see that on top of everything else, Donald Drumpf is now going full steam ahead on those major pipeline building projects that were "shelved" by his predecessor.  I say good for Donald, and to hell with the bullshit "environmentalists" that are now up in arms about these pipelines!............Drumpf wants to have an investigation into the voting fraud from the 2016 Elections, and the Jew spew media is all against it.  Therefore the investigation must take place for the simple reason that the LIARS in the Jew spew media are dead against it! Hopefully that investigation shows how all those 4-5 MILLION illegal immigrants in California were even allowed to vote and miraculously all voted for Killary Clinton!......I see that the British Government is NOT listening to the will of the British people and is now stopping at nothing to prevent the "Brexit" from the fraud Rothschild controlled European Union.  Hopefully the British people wake up to this atrocity by their own government and give them the heave ho...........I saw a disturbing report that the food chain in the North Pacific Ocean is now in full collapse and local officials have had the nerve to "not understand" why this disaster is happening.  I have one simple word for them to understand here: FUKUSHIMA........Democratic Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard, went to Syria over the last month on a fact finding mission for herself to get the truth about the real situation in Syria.  And she came home and told it straight to the criminals in Washington and the liars in the Jew spew media that it is absolutely the fraud terrorists that are doing all the death and destruction there.  Hopefully, Drumpf is indeed listening to what this intelligent woman has to say!.......Drumpf also wants to make the US military "great again" and is pursuing a massive amount of new money to be spent on upgrading the US military.  Many ask where the money will come from, and I say that the wasted 1.5 TRILLION dollar POS F35 fighter program should be scrapped and the money spent there could work nicely...........I see the numb skulls in the California legislature are wanting now to 'secede' from the US due to Drumpf in the White House.  This is a laugher, considering how much US federal money is so heavily invested in California and that some of California's power comes from other states.  Honestly, this is just more US liberal cry babies at work and this 'secession' is nothing but a bad joke........OK, just this last week we had another fake "terrorist" (?) attack, this time in Melbourne Australia, where a "radical" driver did some "donuts" in the middle of one of Melbourne's busiest squares on a Friday afternoon and supposed "ran over" some 3-4 pedestrians.  Luckily, Peekay Truth and others have been all over this latest fraud, and it again is absolutely a pure piece of bullshit garbage.  However, I do wonder what the crooks and liars in Canberra will now do to the Aussie people as a result of this "attack"?..........Quietly, the Jewish scumbag bankers are trying to take cash out of the equation for everyone's day to day transactions.  Hopefully people are becoming more aware of this insidious plot, for if these criminals take away cash for transactions, then they will indeed control the planet through their fraud credit and debt system with NO cash as a valid and real back up!.......Yet another reason to hate the lie called "Facebook".  Supposedly its founder, that Jewish Mossad agent Zuckerberg, has just tried to impose his tribal will on the people living in Hawaii by having his multi million dollar mansion built on Hawaiian sacred grounds.  Luckily the people of Hawaii have not put up with this criminal's horseshit actions and all of his plans to seize the land have fallen apart now.  Yes, how do you like your "Facebook" now, you brainless saps?..........NO Premiere League games until this Tuesday.  Arsenal is now in 2nd place and only looking up to leading Chelsea.  16 Games left and I am still crossing my fingers that they can take the title...... And with NO soccer this week for me, I have been asked about the 'big game" coming up between Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.  I would like to see Atlanta take Super Bowl LI, but I would not be upset by New England being victorious just to see Roger Goddell have to give the Lombardi Trophy to Brady and Bellicheck considering his actions against them in that laughable "deflate gate" fiasco..... And finally, I guess I will take my usual shot at the ridiculous Kardashians and their insanity.  The Paparazzi are once again focusing on Kim this last week and had some pictures of her sunbathing showing off her "perfect body".  I say that if anyone spent as much money on plastic surgery to keep their bodies in perfect shape, then they too could look as great as this skank.  Yes, America spins around these fakes and frauds, and sometimes I do wonder if the reports on these trollops and misfits is the real interpretation of "Fake News"?

Well, back to my medicine and some rest..... Again, I do hate to use antibiotics, but in this case I had no choice...

More to come


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Real History Revealed: 12 Things You Were Not Told About Adolf Hitler And National Socialist Germany!

First.. On a personal note...I came down with a severe throat infection about mid week, and for the last two days I had to bite the bullet and see a doctor... Yes, it was that severe... And due to the fact that the infection spread into my ears and deeply into my sinus cavities, I was prescribed a dose of antibiotics.... Yes, I have been dead set against the usage of Antibiotics except as a "last resort" and in my case, it proved necessary.... I am now on the road to recovery....

Someone told me just today that yesterday was the day that the world is forced to "remember" the so called Jewish "Holocaust" of World War II..... And honestly, I am so glad that I missed it.... I for one cannot stand the fact that we are all forced to bow down to these criminals and "remember" their so called "genocide" when that "genocide" is NOT even allowed to be properly investigated and researched, especially here in Jewish occupied Canada, to PROVE that it is actually as factual as these criminals state..... To me, THAT is the real travesty of this "Holocaust remembrance" that yesterday entailed.... It is also so sad that countries such as mine have had the gall and the criminality to impose fraud "hate crime laws" that suppress and disallow "investigation" into the "Holocaust"... I again must therefore ask the simple and logical question:  "Why is proper investigation into the "Holocaust" not allowed?  Is there something that these criminals do not want us to discover if a proper investigation is launched?".... It again shows the fact that ..."Truth never needs laws to support itself, Only LIES do!"

OK, the subject for today is exposing some REAL history, and not the garbage that has been shoved into our minds due to the failings of the so called "education system" that has brainwashed so many for decades.... And I do absolutely want to focus once again on some aspects of the real truths about World War II and especially the real truths about Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany...

Right now, I want to present the link to a fabulous report that comes from the "Neues Europa" blogsite, at www.nseuropa.wordpress.com, that shows once again how badly we have been lied to about both Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Germany.... I have the link to that amazing article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes: I want to thank Cartier McCloud over at her website, "Hidden In Plain Site", at www.cartiermccloud. wordpress.com, for bringing this fabulous report to my attention...

The information provided once again blows big holes in all the bullshit that we have been brainwashed about Germany before and during the second World War..... And again shows how badly we have been lied to....

OK, Lets once again not pull any punches here...Adolf Hitler was no saint, and he did make some major mistakes and grievous errors that ultimately led to Germany's demise... But again I must point out that he NEVER had any policy, period, that called for the 'genocide' of any particular religious group and I again dare anyone to show the proof otherwise....

These are indeed some amazing points, and my being a man of science, I was especially drawn to points #1, where that shows WHY the Jewish criminal bankers did indeed launch World War II to have Germany destroyed and forced back onto their odious Usury system... And point #6 sparked my interest in terms of German scientists working on "Free Energy" systems and technology.  If the German nation had been able to succeed in harnessing "Free Energy" then it would have definitely doomed the Jewish grip on the planet by providing free energy to everyone... Therefore it is no wonder the Jewish scoundrels wanted Germany destroyed so badly and WHY to this day they constantly try to ram the falsehoods of "evil Germany" into everyone's brains though their fraud media...

So once again the truths about Germany and Adolf Hitler are there for everyone to see for themselves.... I will definitely continue to expose how badly we have been lied to in future articles here, so stay tuned...

More to come


Friday, January 27, 2017

The Truth About Vaccines: Robert F Kennedy's Devastating Quotes On Vaccines And The Center For Disease Control (CDC)!

It is now approaching the end of January, and as usual we have seen the seasonal "outbreak" of Influenza across this fair land.... Just the other day, I was at the local Supermarket and of course they have their own pharmacy that not only sells prescription and non-prescription medications, but also has their annual "flu shot" tables set up....

What I found disgusting was seeing so many people lined up like dumb ass sheep at that Pharmacy so willing and gullible enough to allow the criminals behind the big Pharmaceutical industry inject their bodies with pure poison in the form of a "flu shot".... But after years of trying to alert these fools that vaccines ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WORK, it has been a largely losing cause and all i could do was to walk away shaking my head in disgust.... I figured it was time for a new report on the truths about vaccines at this blog....

Recently, incoming President Drumpf actually has done the right thing in regards to vaccines and the entire vaccine industry... He has selected none other than Robert F Kennedy to spearhead some important research and reporting on the real truths about vaccines and their link to horrific "diseases" such as "Autism".... And right now, I want to present a most interesting and factual article from Jon Rappoport, through his blog at www.jonrappoport.wordpress.com, that absolutely tears the criminals behind Big Pharma and the entire fraud of "vaccines" to shreds... Here is that article, entitled: "Robert F Kennedy's Devastating Quotes On Vaccines And The CDC" for everyone to see here for themselves.. I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Robert F Kennedy’s devastating quotes on vaccines and the CDC


Robert F Kennedy Jr’s devastating quotes on vaccines and the CDC

Boom—how and why the CDC can foist toxic vaccines on the American people
by Jon Rappoport
January 26, 2017

From Kennedy’s video presentation, “7 Minutes on the CDC,” Anne Dachel (Age of Autism) has transcribed excerpts. This is explosive material, particularly because there is a chance Kennedy will head up an investigation of vaccine safety under Trump.

Kennedy understands the inherent conflict of interest at the CDC, which operates as a vaccine sales and marketing company, while at the same time posing as a neutral scientific body that assesses vaccine safety—AND OF COURSE, THE CDC PRESENTS AN EVER-EXPANDING SCHEDULE OF “NECESSARY” VACCINES TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
Think of it: the CDC has the power—backed by federal and state governments, and supported by the fake-news media—to buy and sell vaccines, while deciding how many vaccines the population should submit to. What salesman wouldn’t want to work for an outfit like that?

Here are Kennedy’s remarks. Read them, study them, and learn the truth:
“The CDC is a very troubled agency, and it’s not just me saying that. There have been four separate, intensive federal investigations by the United States Congress—a three year investigation, 2001, 2002, 2003, by the United States Senate, Tom Coburn’s committee, by the Inspector General of HHS in 2008, by the Office Integrity in 2014. All of them have painted the CDC as a cesspool of corruption, of an agency that has become an absolute subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry, and that has become a sock puppet, a spokesperson, a shill for the industry.”

“CDC is not an independent agency. It is a vaccine company. CDC owns over twenty vaccine patents. It sells about $4.6 billion of vaccines every year. And its primary metric for success in all the departments in the agency are vaccine sales. The groups, for example the Immunization Safety Office, where the scientists who are supposed to be looking at efficacy and safety in vaccines, they are no longer a public service…agency. They are subsumed in that metric: We have to sell as many of these things as possible. And so they do things to their science to make sure that nothing interferes—no information—interferes with sales.
“Now there are two divisions of the vaccine branch where we worry about the corruption. The first one is called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. That is the committee that makes the decision about what new vaccines to add to the schedule.”

“When I was a boy, I got three vaccines. My children got sixty-nine vaccines. It changed in 1989.”

“Why did it change in 1989?”

“Because in 1986, Congress, [was] drowning in pharmaceutical industry money—pharma puts more money into lobbying than any other industry—Pharmaceutical companies have more lobbyists on Capitol Hill than there are Congress people.”

“Do you think oil and gas has big influence in the Capitol? Well, that’s the next biggest. The pharmaceutical industry puts twice into lobbying, double the amount that the oil and gas, and four times what defense and aero space put in. So they control Congress.”

“In 1986, Congress passed the Vaccine Act, and there were good reasons for them to pass it. …At that time vaccine companies were being sued and were threatening to stop making vaccines. [Congress] said, okay, we’re going to insulate them from lawsuits. They made it illegal to sue a vaccine company in this country, no matter how reckless the behavior, no matter how negligent, no matter how toxic the product, no matter how grievous the injury to the child, you cannot sue.”

“You know how badly the pharmaceutical industry behaves when they are being sued, when there’s a whole bar of lawyers who spend their whole life looking for ways to sue the pharmaceutical industry and tell these stories to juries, and how many billions every year are won from that industry.”

“What do you think would happen if all of a sudden, all the lawyers disappeared, all the class action suits, all the multi district litigation, all the depositions, all the document searches, the discovery? Just gone. Nobody can sue. You can make anything you want.”

“And then they made it so that it was much easier to get a vaccine on the schedule than it was to get a pharmaceutical into the market. There’s no double blind placebo studies. They’re all fast tracked into the market place.”

“The decision is made by this group, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. And you’d hope that the people who would serve on that committee would be kind of nerdy scientists who are narrowly focused on public health outcomes, but that’s not who they are. The people who serve on that committee, almost all of them, have strong financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.”

“I’ll give you an example of how this committee works. In 1999, Paul Offit sat on that committee. And when you go to this committee, when you go to their meetings, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is in one room, and then there’s a press deck in the next room. You have a whole bunch of seats there with guys who look like me, in suits. 

They’re Wall Street analysts, pharmaceutical analysts. They’re waiting to hear the decision. And as soon as they come out and announce which new vaccines they put on the schedule, those guys run out in the hallway and get on their cell phones, and you can watch the stocks spike. So it’s become an economic enterprise.”

“Paul Offit sat on the committee in 1999 that added the rota virus vaccine to the schedule. 

He owned a patent to a rota virus vaccine. He was then able to sell his vaccine to Merck for $186 million. He pocketed something around $29 million. He’s never allowed anybody to ask him exactly how much, but according to the formula that they use, he would have gotten at least $29 million.”

“That caused a little bit of a scandal in Washington, and the Inspector General of HHS was sent to investigate it. They did a complete investigation of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and what they found, what they concluded was what he did was not illegal under CDC rules. Sixty-four percent of the people who sat on that committee had conflicts that were similar to Paul Offit, and ninety-seven percent might have conflicts because the rest of them never made out their conflict of interest forms. And nobody ever made them do it.”

“It’s very difficult when those kinds of shenanigans are going on. The American people have faith that all of these new vaccines that were added, beginning in 1989, are put there solely because this committee is concerned with public health.”

Got it? This is four years’ worth of university political-science curriculum in seven minutes. Well, the actual title is politicized science.

Every American who can read should read it.

This is what is really going on at America’s number-one public health agency—the agency that is also a corporation.

This is war against the American people from within.

NTS Notes:  As usual, WHY am I absolutely NOT surprised by these amazing and devastating findings?

I have said for YEARS at this blog that vaccines absolutely do not work, period, end of discussion... We have been fooled and brainwashed for decades by CRIMINALS in our own governments, the pharmaceutical industry, and of course the media, with the lies that vaccines are "good for us", but the reality is that vaccines absolutely do not work and in fact weaken our immune systems as well as generate some horrific diseases such as Autism!

I too have been shocked by the findings that clearly show that the amount of vaccines given to gullible people increased from as little as 3 to now beyond 69 (!) starting in 1989.... This is in fact a crime against all humanity, and once again it was done for nothing more than pure profit and to purposely have immune systems destroyed!

OK so once again the facts are there that vaccines are pure poison and should be avoided at all cost... But again I am full of disgust that the majority of people simply will not listen to the truth.... It is indeed a war against the American (and Canadian) people from within...

More to come


Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Syrian War To Free Itself From The Evil US/Israel/NATO Criminal Cabal: A Disaster In The Making As President Drumpf Expected To Sign Bill Authorizing Illegal "Safe Zones" In Syria!

I have been like most everyone else in holding my reservations about incoming President Drumpf and his policies.... I said it was going to be "wait and see" if he continues the criminal actions of the previous regimes and continue to supply and support the criminal murderous and fraud "terrorists" that are doing so much damage to foreign nations, especially Syria.... Many said that he was going to make drastic changes and actually STOP the criminal US involvement in trying to have the innocent nation of Syria destroyed.... But knowing full well that Drumpf has said that he has "Israel's back", I indeed was worried that he would not change the direction that the US was going in regards to Syria and may actually make the situation worse..

Well, it did not take long for Drumpf to make a serious error in regards to Syria and its sovereignty... For according to the following very important report from the Activist Post website, at www.activistpost.com, apparently Drumpf is going to sign a bill in the US Congress calling for the creation of very illegal "safe zones" in the sovereign nation of Syria!  First, here is the link to that article in its entirety for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  OK, Lets not pull any punches here... If Drumpf is stupid enough to sign this into action, then this will turn into an unmitigated disaster and could indeed lead to further escalation of the conflict within Syria itself...

The idea of creating "safe zones" in a FOREIGN and very SOVEREIGN nation is absolutely against every aspect of international law and basically is an open declaration of war against that nation.... The legitimate and very legal government under Bashar al-Assad in Damascus is NOT at all supporting or calling for these "safe zones" within their own nation, and for the US to try to impose these zones is indeed an act of WAR!

As one of my fellow Canadians, Penny, over at Penny For Your Thoughts, says about this outrageous act... How in the hell will the US "enforce" these fraud "safe zones"?  The ONLY way that they can somehow stay "safe" is to have them under the control of the US Military themselves through either direct intervention into Syria or by the illegal imposition of "no fly zones" over sovereign Syrian territory... Once again, this therefore leads automatically to the US ILLEGALLY coming into Syria and that again is an open declaration of war on Syria itself!

It is also therefore no wonder that the Russian Federation is reacting to this possible move by the US by refusing the creation of these fraud "safe zones".... And if the US is stupid enough to carry out this plan, then it could lead to war with Russia itself!

OK, This is indeed a DISASTER for President Drumpf if he signs this diabolical "bill".... I for one am crossing my fingers that someone with common sense comes forward and alerts Drumpf that this is a very bad idea and that he should NOT sign the bill, period.... For if he does, then we finally will see that Drumpf is indeed absolutely NO better than his predecessors....

More to come


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Exposing The Apollo Moon Landing Fraud: Excellent Post From Zerohedge Asks Some Hard Questions About The Validity Of Project Apollo

It is again time to go back to my roots.... As I have stated many times, I got my first exposure to how corrupt and evil this planet truly is, and about FAKE NEWS, when I was exposed to the reality that the manned missions to the moon, aka Project Apollo, by NASA was an absolute LIE back in my University days in 1979..... And as I stated before, I struggled for years and was constantly ridiculed and laughed at for my stance that this so called "Man's greatest achievement" was an absolute hoax and a detriment to everyone on planet Earth.... Only now with the full advent of the internet and everyone able to research the details for themselves is it now perfectly clear that NASA did indeed lie its collect asses off between 1968 and 1972 with their faked manned missions to the moon....

It has been very slow though in regards to many other researchers and even those in the alternative media to grasp the truth about Project Apollo.....AND I was alerted just the other day to a most important article from the Zero Hedge website, at www.zerohedge.com, that asks some very important mathematical questions about Project Apollo that absolutely should have more people opening their eyes to the truth about that massive fraud....The article comes from the writer who calls himself the "Hedgeless_Horseman" and is entitled: "I Like Velcro And Used To Drink Tang, But About The Moon, Was NASA Really Full Of Horseshit?" and is a must read by everyone, especially those who are still not convinced of the reality that mankind never went to the moon... I have the link to that article here, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  OK, I have long been researching the entire validity of the so called "Saturn 5" rocket as the vehicle for transporting that ridiculous contraption known as the "LEM" to the moon... In many previous articles at this blog, I have shown clearly that the so called "LEM" was much too small, too ridiculous in its entire design, and was absolutely NOT suitable at all for the so called lunar landings.... Basically it cost the US taxpayers some 7+ BILLION dollars in 1960's money for Grumman to develop and build that ridiculous contraption and I firmly believe that Grumman absolutely made out like bandits and provided a piece of junk that would never work as we have been falsely led to believe...

Yes, the Zerohedge article does focus so much on the fuel requirements for the Saturn 5 and its cargo to get to the moon and back... But, as I have previously stated, the Saturn 5 rocket was never built to work as it has always been claimed... .I have researched before some amazing facts about the Saturn 5 and its F1 engines that have been claimed to be able to generate "1.5 million pounds of thrust" each.... And I found these claims to be outlandish and impossible due to the simple fact that these rockets could never reach that reported thrust due to a serious problem that all rockets have called the "pogo stick" effect that causes such massive vibration in the engine cowling and housings that they would tend to explode!   Evidence has come forward over the years that these rockets were NEVER powered up to the "7.5 million pounds of thrust" for the 5x F1 engines on the Saturn 5, but were underpowered and the entire Saturn 5 could barely achieve low earth orbit at best!  Here is an article from the Aulis website, at www.aulis.com, that explains the problems of the F1 engines on the Saturn 5 rocket in detail here:


The evidence that the Saturn 5 was barely able to achieve low earth orbit can be found here in this Aulis article from www.aulis.com that shows evidence that the velocity of the Saturn 5 rocket that was said out loud during launches and stated in "official" NASA records is again nothing but hogwash... The reality is that these craft were seriously underpowered and could NEVER have had the velocity to break out of Earth orbit.... Here is the link to that article here:


The facts are simple here... The Apollo missions to the moon were indeed one of the greatest frauds and hoaxes in all history.... The facts are that NASA spent some 40+ BILLION in 1960's US dollars to basically LIE their asses off to the American people and the entire world.... Sadly, there are still millions of suckers out there that cannot fathom the idea that this was a massive fraud due to the intense brainwashing and propaganda that they have been exposed to for decades.....

We have come a long way over the last few decades with more people waking up to the reality that our entire history is full of lies and bullshit..... I can indeed hold my own head up high knowing that for 37+ years I have known the reality of these fraud Moon missions and have never swayed from the truth....

And again, about these "flat earth" numb skulls that are out there "poisoning the well" in regards to exposing the lies of NASA and their faked Moon (and Mars) missions... People that use common sense and logic can see the game you are playing and that you are indeed trying to discredit the rest of us.... We are not fooled, and again I have no time for your ridiculous games.... You know where you can stick your "flat earth" silliness!

More to come


*Update January 24th, 2017:  Several of the flat earth idiots have already tried to put up comments here.. I rejected them of course... One of them has even tried to call me a "Jew".... It is to laugh and shows how ludicrous these agents truly are!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fort Lauderdale Florida Shooting Hoax: Great Video Exposes How They Did The Scam!

It has now been almost a full three weeks since the latest fraud "shooting" in America... I am of course talking about the so called "shooting" in Fort Lauderdale Florida, back on January 7th, 2017, where it was alleged that some 5 people were "killed" while another 6 were "seriously wounded".... I have looked over the facts since that drill that went live went into motion, and I have found NOTHING that shows that this was a real shooting... In fact the more anyone looks at the evidence, the more they can clearly see that we are dealing once again with a massive hoax!

Peekay Truth out of Melbourne, Australia, has been all over this hoax from the moment it took place, and has released a plentitude of fabulous videos on Youtube.... I have also presented several of his videos on this fraud here at this blog..... AND now, Peekay has just released a fabulous video that summarizes the Fort Lauderdale fraud and shows clearly how the perpetrators of that fraud pulled it off.... I want to present that video right here, entitled: "How They Pulled Off The Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting Hoax", for everyone to see for themselves.... I have my own thoughts and comments as usual to follow:

NTS Notes:  The evidence is now clear... The Fort Lauderdale 'shooting' was indeed a massive fraud and only the latest in a long line of fraud shootings that we have seen happen in America for the last 5 years at least...

I again must point out how the criminals behind this fraud once again used some of the sloppiest and worst crisis actors imaginable.... The actions of these clowns is so laughable and yet the majority of Americans will look at the FAKE NEWS Jew spew media outlets show these actors in action and believe that this shooting was actually real!   Apparently the criminals involved just do not give a damn that they are easily exposed simply because the gullible people will swallow this horseshit without any thinking...

Honestly, I do wonder what will happen now that the ultra criminal Barry Soetoro is now out of the White House and President Drumpf is now in charge..... Will these criminals try another fraud shooting soon to once again use fear propaganda on gullible idiots?  We shall indeed see....

One other note... I snuck over and took a look to see if the biggest fraud in this truth movement, the midget man from Idaho that runs the 'TUT' website, had the guts to cover this fraud and tell the truth that it was a sham and a massive hoax... And believe it or not, but once again that fool has avoided this fraud just like the evidence that Sandy Hook, that he claims was 'real', was a fraud as well...  But honestly, what would you expect from an operative and a shill?

More to come


Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Real Truth About Those "Women's Marches": None Other Than Dr Evil Himself, George Soros, Was Behind Those Fraud Marches Across North America! No Shock Here!

I did indeed catch some of the Jew spew media reports from yesterday about all those controversial "women's marches" that were staged right across North America... Many of these so called "marches" were supposed to be protests against incoming President Drumpf and his supposed and very fraudulent "hates women" agenda that does not exist.... I and others have carefully noted all of the incoming President's policies and statements, and I found NOTHING at all in his actions or statements that should have the ire of women across America... Therefore there has to be something else to the agenda and someone else wanting these women to "protest" across North America...

Well, lo and behold, but the truth is finally out in the open...For according to the following article from the New York Times website, at nytlive.nytimes.com, apparently none other than the most evil creature on planet Earth (next to that insane slime ball Benyamin Miliekowski aka "Netanyahu") Dr Evil himself, George Soros, is the one that financed the groups that fomented these marches!   First here is that article right here for everyone to look over for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Billionaire George Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington

What is the link between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the Women’s March? Turns out, it’s quite significant
Billionaire investor George Soros. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
In the pre-dawn darkness of today’s presidential inauguration day, I faced a choice, as a lifelong liberal feminist who voted for Donald Trump for president: lace up my pink Nike sneakers to step forward and take the DC Metro into the nation’s capital for the inauguration of America’s new president, or wait and go tomorrow to the after-party, dubbed the “Women’s March on Washington”?
 The Guardian has touted the “Women’s March on Washington” as a “spontaneous” action for women’s rights. Another liberal media outlet, Vox, talks about the “huge, spontaneous groundswell” behind the march. On its website, organizers of the march are promoting their work as “a grassroots effort” with “independent” organizers. Even my local yoga studio, Beloved Yoga, is renting a bus and offering seats for $35. The march’s manifesto says magnificently, “The Rise of the Woman = The Rise of the Nation.”
It’s an idea that I, a liberal feminist, would embrace. But I know — and most of America knows — that the organizers of the march haven’t put into their manifesto: the march really isn’t a “women’s march.” It’s a march for women who are anti-Trump. 
As someone who voted for Trump, I don’t feel welcome, nor do many other women who reject the liberal identity-politics that is the core underpinnings of the march, so far, making white women feel unwelcomenixing women who oppose abortion and hijacking the agenda
To understand the march better, I stayed up through the nights this week, studying the funding, politics and talking points of the some 403 groups that are “partners” of the march. Is this a non-partisan “Women’s March”?
Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association, a march “partner,” told me his organization was “nonpartisan” but has “many concerns about the incoming Trump administration that include what we see as a misogynist approach to women.” Nick Fish, national program director of the American Atheists, another march partner, told me, “This is not a ‘partisan’ event.” Dennis Wiley, pastor of Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ, another march “partner,” returned my call and said, “This is not a partisan march.”
Really? UnitedWomen.org, another partner, features videos with the hashtags #ImWithHer, #DemsInPhily and #ThanksObama. Following the money, I poured through documents of billionaire George Soros and his Open Society philanthropy, because I wondered: What is the link between one of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors and the “Women’s March”? 
I found out: plenty.
By my draft research, which I’m opening up for crowd-sourcing on GoogleDocs, Soros has funded, or has close relationships with, at least 56 of the march’s “partners,” including “key partners” Planned Parenthood, which opposes Trump’s anti-abortion policy, and the National Resource Defense Council, which opposes Trump’s environmental policies. The other Soros ties with “Women’s March” organizations include the partisan MoveOn.org (which was fiercely pro-Clinton), the National Action Network (which has a former executive director lauded by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett as “a leader of tomorrow” as a march co-chair and another official as “the head of logistics”). Other Soros grantees who are “partners” in the march are the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. March organizers and the organizations identified here haven’t yet returned queries for comment.  
On the issues I care about as a Muslim, the “Women’s March,” unfortunately, has taken a stand on the side of partisan politics that has obfuscated the issues of Islamic extremism over the eight years of the Obama administration. “Women’s March” partners include the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has not only deflected on issues of Islamic extremism post-9/11, but opposes Muslim reforms that would allow women to be prayer leaders and pray in the front of mosques, without wearing headscarves as symbols of chastity. Partners also include the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which wrongly designated Maajid Nawaz, a Muslim reformer, an “anti-Muslim extremist” in a biased report released before the election. The SPLC confirmed to me that Soros funded its “anti-Muslim extremists” report targeting Nawaz. (Ironically, CAIR also opposes abortions, but its leader still has a key speaking role.)
Another Soros grantee and march “partner” is the Arab-American Association of New York, whose executive director, Linda Sarsour, is a march co-chair. When I co-wrote a piece, arguing that Muslim women don’t have to wear headscarves as a symbol of “modesty,” she attacked the coauthor and me as “fringe.” 
Earlier, at least 33 of the 100 “women of color,” who initially protested the Trump election in street protests, worked at organizations that receive Soros funding, in part for “black-brown” activism. Of course, Soros is an “ideological philanthropist,” whose interests align with many of these groups, but he is also a significant political donor. In Davos, he told reporters that Trump is a “would-be dictator.”
A spokeswoman for Soros’s Open Society Foundations, said in a statement, “There have been many false reports about George Soros and the Open Society Foundations funding protests in the wake of the U.S. presidential elections. There is no truth to these reports.” She added, “We support a wide range of organizations — including those that support women and minorities who have historically been denied equal rights. Many of whom are concerned about what policy changes may lie ahead. We are proud of their work. We of course support the right of all Americans to peaceably assemble and petition their government—a vital, and constitutionally safeguarded, pillar of a functioning democracy.”
Much like post-election protests, which included a sign, “Kill Trump,” were not  “spontaneous,” as reported by some media outlets, the “Women’s March” is an extension of strategic identity politics that has so fractured America today, from campuses to communities. On the left or the right, it’s wrong. But, with the inauguration, we know the politics. With the march, “women” have been appropriated for a clearly anti-Trump day. When I shared my thoughts with her, my yoga studio owner said it was “sad” the march’s organizers masked their politics. “I want love for everyone,” she said. 
The left’s fierce identity politics and its failure on Islamic extremism lost my vote this past election, and so, as the dawn’s first light breaks through the darkness of the morning as I write, I make my decision: I’ll lace up my pink Nikes and head to the inauguration, skipping the “Women’s March” that doesn’t have a place for women like me.
EDITOR’S NOTE: This story has been updated to include a statement from the Open Society Foundations.
Asra Q. Nomani is a former Wall Street Journal reporter. She can be reached at asra@asranomani.com or on Twitter.

NTS Notes: WHY am I not surprised or shocked that this evil and most wicked man is the one that financed these protests??   That alone should say to everyone that these "protests" were indeed a fraud, and that these "marches" were conducted to try to whip up propaganda against incoming President Drumpf... Luckily, most of these fraud "protests" fizzled out and they were indeed unsuccessful..

Look, lets get the facts straight here... Donald Drumpf is NO saint, and his past is indeed controversial...  He has had many women in his life and there is a distinct possibility that his dealings with some women has not been saintly.... But what would anyone expect?  Perfection?   EVERY President throughout history has carried some baggage into the White House, but now thanks to the digital age, every single wrong doing from anyone's past all they way to their childhood can be brought out in the open and thrown in that person's face.... We saw that happen during the horrid American political circus of a campaign for the Presidency and we all know that the Jew spew media would desperately try to find anything they can to fling at Drumpf.... Therefore again, what else is new?

Lets also face the facts here... This evil and sick bastard, George Soros, has already said that he would do everything necessary to try to get Donald Drumpf out of the Oval Office... He has also already financed so many protests and riots across America before under the Soetoro administration and luckily those too have fizzled....

I am truly hoping that most women that read this blog understand exactly what has been going on here, and what the REAL purpose of those "protests" was all about.... And that they should not fall for this type of pure propaganda and attempted brainwashing ever again!

More to come


Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 22nd, 2017


It is Sunday once again, and again time for my weekly rant...

We FINALLY have had a reprieve from the intense cold that has gripped this part of central Canada for the last few weeks....Over the last week we have had daytime temperatures rise to above normal for this time of year which is typical for January in these parts of Canada... And again this does NOT prove man caused "Climate Change" to be real by a long shot... In fact temperatures are again expected to fall and will be below normal for the end of January right through to mid February....

One good piece of news with this "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" fraud is the fact that incoming US President Donald Drumpf has already taken steps to halt the fraud in its tracks.... Apparently he is prepared to take the US out of all of these "Climate Change" accords and kill the Paris agreements for "carbon reductions" in America... This is indeed great news and shows that at least ONE world leader is not suckered in by the bullshit of "Climate Change"..

However, up here in Canada, apparently it is still full steam ahead as the Justin Trudeau regime is all set to impose their fraud "carbon taxation" on the Canadian people as predicted.. In fact, in some Canadian provinces that "tax" is already in play and some Canadians are indeed paying dearly for that folly and being fleeced..... One example that I have not talked about until now is how a couple in Alberta was recently sent a bill for $100 Canadian for "carbon taxes" from having one of their dead relatives cremated!   Rather than pay that outrage, they went to the Canadian media and that action forced the funeral home that charged that outlandish "carbon tax" fraud to back peddle and the bill was 'adjusted' to only a $10 "carbon tax" for that cremation!   But even that $10 charge is outlandish and nothing but a criminal fleecing..... And it is only the prelude for things to come for all of Canada....

Yes, President Drumpf is now the 45th President of the United States, and in spite of the rhetoric from the liars in the Jew spew media that his inauguration would be a disaster, it went off with very few problems... All of the talk of riots and demonstrations fizzled out, and a near record crowd of well wishers did indeed flock to Washington DC to watch his swearing in.... And to top that off, one of Drumpf's first orders of business was indeed to freeze the so called 'Obamacare" fraud health act that has already ruined so many American lives.... Drumpf is indeed keeping several of his promises that he made during his campaign, and we will see over the next while if he does keep all the other promises in his attempt to "make America Great again"....

I have had some commentators say that my calling Trump "Drumpf" is wrong and that I should call him by his proper last name... I again will state that Drumpf has always been his family's true last name and that the name was changed to "Trump" back in the early part of the last century,  most probably due to a lot of anti-German hysteria that had gripped America at that time.... I will state that I will indeed start calling him "Trump" if he does live up to his hype and actually makes many of the changes for the better for all of America... I am not yet sold on this person being the great saviour that most Americans truly want to believe since we have all heard this rhetoric about previous Presidents being the ones to solve America's woes and in each case, other than President Kennedy, turned out to be nothing more than slaves and minions for criminal Jewish interests.....

OK, Did I watch the inauguration?  Yes, and what I did find disgusting was how the Jew spew media took every opportunity to try to shoot down Drumpf and to try to picture him as corrupt and a danger to America.... Even up here in Canada, the so called "news" was taking pot shots at Drumpf at every opportunity and to try to picture his incoming Presidency as doomed to failure.... It was indeed disgusting, but everyone must remember that the Jewish elite does indeed control the media and they will continue to blast away at Drumpf to try to brainwash people into the belief that he should not be the President..... BUT as Buelahman has said, this again may be part of the big game that these criminals are playing, and that their plan has always been to have their man, Drumpf, in the White House..... I again must point out that no one for over the last 1/2 century has been in the Oval Office without the seal of approval from the Jewish power elite, and if any of their minions as President was to ever turn against them, they would simply have him or her assassinated..... I still say that it will be wait and see for everyone to see exactly what Drumpf does stand for....

Well, the news out of Syria is still a mixed bag.... The good guys, the Syrian government forces are now on the offensive again in their newest attempt to recapture the city of Palmyra.... That is good news... The bad news is that the eastern Syrian stronghold of Deir Ezzor, that has been surrounded by fraud "ISIS" forces for a few years now, has been under constant attack by these frauds and the pocket of Syrian forces in that stronghold have been under siege for the last week.... Apparently "ISIS" is trying to make up for their loss of Aleppo by having that pocket destroyed... But the Syrians have been holding firm, have been receiving resupplies from airdrops, and have now pushed the fraud "ISIS" forces back..... Coupled with the impending recapture of Palmyra that will probably happen as early as this coming week, these are more defeats for the criminal US/Israel/NATO cabal in their vain attempts to have Syria destroyed...

And of course with the change in administration in Washington DC, there has indeed been many of these "rebel" strongholds across Syria now willing to surrender or seek amnesty with the Syrian government forces.... Apparently as I stated before these fraud "rebels" are now fully aware that incoming President Drumpf will not give them the massive support that the outgoing criminal President Soetoro was so willing to give..... Again, we will see how President Drumpf does indeed handle the situation in Syria and if his administration finally puts an end to US support for the fraud terrorists and rebels that have been destroying that innocent nation and killing so many civilians in the process...

I have been a bit perturbed by what I have been seeing in the so called 'truth movement' over the last while, and some of the problems stem from some of most esteem members calling on others to end their usage of anonymity... They are claiming that for some members, including myself, to remain mostly anonymous is hurting our efforts against the Jews..... I say they are wrong, for the basic fact that it has indeed been our ability to remain anonymous that has allowed us to  be able to come forward with our information and to tell the world the truth, without the repercussions against us or our families if these criminals knew who we are... One prime example is of course myself, as a Canadian... If the Jewish criminals and their minions knew exactly who I am and what I do for a living, I would be basically toast.. These monsters would attempt to destroy my family and my livelihood and would go all out to see me labeled by the Jewish controlled Jew spew media as a "hater" and of course the big lie of being an "antisemite".....And as a Canadian, I need only point out how some great Canadians were already destroyed because these Jewish pricks knew exactly who they were... The biggest prime example would be Ernst Zundel..... And even today, I only need to point out how Arthur Topham has had his life turned into a living hell by these Jewish pricks, and in a large part due to them knowing exactly who he is!   Therefore, for some of the "leaders" in this movement to call those who wish to remain anonymous "cowards" is foolish and without logical reasoning...

Apparently the knuckleheads in the "flat earth" society are at it again, and have tried to target me for my stance that they are indeed fools and idiots... I keep on telling them that if the shoe fits, then they wear it so well.... I again am not going to hold any punches back with those rejects from clown college, and again must point out that the entire 'flat earth" scheme has indeed been a ploy by the US government to discredit the alternative media... The "flat earth" clowns have mostly been out there to "poison the well" so to speak mainly in the exposure of the lies of NASA and their faked Apollo Moon missions..... Many have had the nerve to claim that mankind never went to the moon simply because the 'world is flat', which of course is an attempt to discredit the moon hoax movement...  I again will state clearly that these clowns should be avoided at all cost, and I will continue to reject any of their comments made to my articles at this site... I have no time for fools and idiots...

Well, for a change I decided to make this rant for this week just a bit shorter than usual.... The primary focus of so much attention this last week was of course the inauguration of the newest US President,and so much news elsewhere was put on the 'back burner'.... But of course, I will once again touch on many of those important subjects right here in my usual closing "last minute tidbits".......The war in Yemen is continuing unabated and of course the reality of that conflict is once again missing from the Jew spew media.  The Saudis are NOT winning this war and the Yemen people are still fighting while a true humanitarian crisis in the form of a massive famine is now unfolding.  And of course we can thank the US government for creating that crisis.  There is hope that incoming President Drumpf will put an end to the US support for Saudi Arabia and actually alleviate the crisis, but all we can do is of course wait and see...........I have not reported on the continuing disaster out of Fukushima Japan for a while, but there is nothing new to report other than the disaster is NOT under control and still going as strong as ever.  The net result of inaction for the last almost 5 years now has been to witness the slow death of the north Pacific Ocean due to radioactive nucleotides released from the failed reactors.  It will again be "wait and see" if incoming President Drumpf's administration turns any of its attention to this calamity or continues the policy of "nothing to see here"..........New medical reports have come out over the last two weeks showing a definitive link between the chemicals in vaccines to the catastrophic rise in cases of Autism across the globe.  All I can say here is "Its about time!" and remind everyone to avoid taking any vaccines into their bodies at all cost........A report states that the criminal Jewish Rothschild family of thieves has more wealth than 75% of the entire planet.  I wonder if you will ever see THAT truth from the mouths of the liars in the Jew spew media..........Now that Drumpf is the President, I do wonder what will be done with all those US and criminal NATO forces that were "rushed" to the Russian Federation border, expecting a nice little war with Russia before the inauguration?  Honestly, what a stupid waste of time, money, and idiocy!.......Maybe one good reason to like Drumpf as President is because Dr. Evil himself, George Soros, apparently absolutely hates his guts. Hey, anyone that Soros hates must be someone to like right?........I do wonder now with Drumpf in the White House, if that crooked murderous freak, Killary Clinton, will indeed be finally investigated for her crimes against humanity?  We can only hope and cross our fingers.  This traitor and murderous does indeed deserve to rot in hell for her crimes.........OK, how do we sum up the 8 years that America has suffered under President Barry Soetoro?  Lets just say that I was right in saying good riddance to bad rubbish, and it may take years to undo the damage that homosexual freak did during his tenure.........I do wonder that now that Barry is not in the White House any more, if his boyfriend Michael will finally come out of the closet?  Maybe now America is ready for the shocking truth about the former so called "first lady"?.....Well,  I finally spoke to Whitewraithe just the other day.  She is still much the same and suffering from some depression from not being able to secure any decent employment over the last year.  And sadly she has decided to end our joint efforts until she is able to find improvement in her personal life.....  Hopefully with the changes that Drumpf is wanting to make,things will improve for both her and other Americans in much the same financial state of despair..........Arsenal played Burnley and won by the score of  2-1 this morning...That and with Tottenham tying Manchester City yesterday, the Gunners moved into 2nd place in the table as of today, with only Chelsea ahead of them.  Many key games are yet to come and I am still crossing my fingers that the Gunners can overtake Chelsea and win the championship..........OK, I guess I will close this shortened rant for this week with my usual look at the rejects known as the Kardashians.  This week we find skank #2 Khloe supposedly rumoured to be spending time with Cleveland Cavalier's centre Tristan Thompson.  All I can say to Tristan is to run, and I do mean run as fast as you can away from that trollop.  Getting involved with those rejects has destroyed so many lives, and this man would be a fool to be involved with such a piece of garbage.  But once again, most Americans have their lives revolve around this family of misfits, and it shows how America is indeed a failed nation that so badly does need to be rebuilt.  Drumpf does indeed have his work cut out for him to make America great again....

More to come