Sunday, December 31, 2017

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Sunday... Last Sunday of 2017, And as usual, time once again for my weekly rant..

First, I do want to wish everyone a "Happy New Year".... The year 2018 will indeed be most interesting, and honestly I am deeply troubled by what the world is looking like at the close of 2017 and what will probably happen in this upcoming year.... 

I am usually not one for predictions, but what the heck... I have had some people over the last week ask me to put up an article about what I see happening in our sick world over the upcoming year, and I will oblige here with my own "14 points" of what I see in 2018:

First, I can see the US escalating the war in Syria by continuing to lie to the world and pour in a vast multitude of weaponry for their so called "Kurdish allies".  They are hell bent on making sure that the north eastern section of that nation never be returned to the Damascus government, and will defy the world and especially the Russians by allowing the formation of a "breakaway republic" with both theirs and Israel's military support, and then claim that "new republic" to be the rightful government in Syria as well.... It will only add to the chaos in the region and possibly further escalate the already bloody Syrian war into a full scale regional war...

Second: The Idlib provincial pocket of resistance against the Syrian government forces and their Russian/Arabic allies will collapse, and that entire area will be returned to Syrian government control by mid 2018.  And with that the other pockets on the western side of the Euphrates will also fall like dominoes, leaving the US illegally controlled bases at Al Tanf to contend with.....I predict that the US will not withdraw from that Al Tanf position, for they still believe it will be used as a launching point for trying to overthrow the Assad government by force as well as a staging area for their fraudulent "terrorist groups" attacks against the Damascus government...

Third: The US will continue to lie to the world in 2018 that they are in Syria to fight "ISIS".. But I predict that unless they can get a new false flag going to blame on Assad, the entire world (other than the brainwashed American citizens of course..) will finally wake up to the reality that "ISIS" is and always has been a massive fraud and is the US itself, and that the US is in Syria for nothing more than regime change!   With that, many other nations will finally no longer support the US debacle in Syria and FINALLY stop their own military and diplomatic support for the "overthrow of Assad"....

Fourth: There will NOT be a new Korean War in 2018, which I have already stated can not happen unless the US is now willing to go to war against China as well.... The "North Korean threat" has and will continue to be bogus, while the US continues to pour in massive amounts of military hardware into the region with the primary objective being not North Korea, but China.... Business for the military industrial complex with the sales of American weapons to nations such as Japan and South Korea will continue for the near future....

Fifth: With the sale of "defensive weapons" to the US puppet regime in Kiev, Ukraine, the stalemate in the war between the Kiev government forces and the eastern breakaway republics in the Donbas will be broken shortly with the Ukrainian military launching new attacks on the civilians there using these same "US defensive weapons"..... It will be a bloodbath, and we will see what the Russians will do to stop the massacre.... War with Russia anyone?

Sixth: The criminal Israelis will not only ignore the world and not give up their seizure of Jerusalem, but will accelerate their illegal settlement building in the occupied West Bank as well.... There will of course be continuing calls for new "peace plans" in Palestine, but they will be as bogus as all of the previous "peace plans", with the Israelis using them as stalling tactics while they continue to gobble up what is left of Palestine.....Basically there will be NO peace in Palestine, this coming year or in any subsequent year, unless the world wakes the hell up to the reality of the sickness of Israel and their sick desire to want it all...

Seventh:  The present US/Israeli attempt for "regime change" in Iran by launching these "protests" that we are now seeing in major Iranian cities will fail.... The US/Israel will of course try to sell to the world the Iranian government's arrest and cracking down on these obvious US/Israeli agents as "Tehran slaughtering civilians" via the Jewish control of the media, and a lot of people will fall for the bullshit.... However, I will predict that Iran will survive at least this upcoming year any danger from the US/Israel/NATO cabal and will draw even closer militarily and economically with Russia and China... There will be no military "attack" by the US/Israel against Iran, due to the danger of escalation of a full scale global war against Russia and China as well.... 

Eighth: The war in Yemen will continue well into 2018 and probably beyond....And I will predict that we will indeed see millions of people dying this upcoming year thanks to the genocide of the US/Saudi forces through imposed starvation.  I also predict that there will be some "outcry" from all of those deaths, but very little will be done to change the outcome....  The Saudis are indeed hell bent on winning in Yemen and at all costs, even if it means killing millions of innocent people in the process....

Ninth: The world economies will not collapse, at least for the upcoming year... The Jewish elite are still busy getting everything in place for their total control if and when they decide to pull the plug on the world economies, and will continue to fleece the world's people out of their assets in the meantime... Greed matters to these bastards and they are possibly enjoying the way that they are playing around with nations and are therefore not willing to pull the plug just yet.....However, we will probably see more of those "economic bubbles" burst (as by design by these same Jewish elitists) and we will probably see another of those "bail outs" occur to keep some economies artificially floating.... However, there will be a massive "correction" coming in the US "casino" aka "Stock Exchange" coming, and I will predict that it could be within the first half of this upcoming year that could cause a lot of upheaval in the US itself.... But remember again that this is all part of the Jewish plans for world wide economic upheaval as they work towards their ultimate goal of world domination...

Tenth: I predict more of those fraudulent "mass shootings" across America for 2018.... Yes, the criminals in charge as well as their compliant Jew spew media are still wanting to scare the American people out of their means of defence against evil, meaning their guns and other weapons, and will continue with their fear propaganda until they get their way.... But will the American sheep finally wake up and realize that these shootings are almost always frauds?  Doubt it, for by now too many Americans have indeed swallowed the "Kool-aid" and are too brainwashed and far gone....

Eleventh:  US President Drumpf will not be assassinated or forced out of office in 2018.... But he will continue to disappoint all Americans by failing to live up to his "promises" and instead continue to kiss Jewish hind parts.....

Twelfth: Any chance of seeing Hillary "Killary" Clinton be charged and thrown into jail in 2018 will not happen simply because that witch knows too much.... That creature knows who else in the US government is just as evil as she is, and therefore will continue to use that as a form of blackmail against other US government officials... Basically, if Killary is ever charged with anything, then she will spill the beans and the entire US government could come crashing down.....Therefore other members of the US government, and the compliant liars in the Jew spew media,  will continue to make sure she continues to walk free just to save their own asses...

Thirteenth: The fraudsters behind the "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" fraud will call this upcoming 2018 the "hottest year on record" just like they have lied about every single "hottest year on record" in the past... And in spite of the fact that this winter of 2017-2018 will in fact be one of the coldest winters ever, the slime balls in the Justin Trudeau regime here in Canada will ram through their fraud "carbon tax" swindle on the Canadian people and every Canadian will suffer from that fleecing starting in 2018...... I can see more and more people waking up to the reality that Global Warming is a massive swindle, but most of our governments are already falling in line and supporting the lie simply because they can see "carbon taxation" as a massive cash cow to line their own pockets...

Fourteenth: Bloggers such as myself will continue to come under fire in 2018, and I will predict that Northerntruthseeker will probably be shut down by my "violation" of their "standards and codes of conduct" very soon....   This is all part of the suppression of real "freedom of speech" and of course the Jewish want to take full control of one of the last bastions of real truth in our world, aka the Internet.....  Unless more people do take a stand and push back against the suppression of freedom of speech, most of what we all see via the Internet and especially alternative news and real truth seeking sites will disappear and soon....

Well, there you have it... My 14 points aka predictions for this year... I may have left out a lot of other details and of course other possible predictions, but those are the ones that first crossed my mind while typing this rant.   If anyone has anything to add or finds contention with my points, the comment section is open at all times....

I finally came down with a bit of a head cold these last few days, but apparently I dodged that major bout of "flu" that I told everyone earlier this week has afflicted other members of my family...  Apparently this time around, my taking in more Vitamin C and Vitamin D has paid off and presently I am on the road to feeling so much better... But in the meantime with this being New Year's Eve, I have to get down to doing some more home cooked meals for my family, and therefore I will cut any further main articles in this rant short... I again want everyone to have a safe and happy New Year....

Well, here are my usual last minute tidbits to close this rant........I saw a most interesting article where supposedly (and I was not aware of this..) but 'transgender' freaks of nature are going to be allowed to compete in the upcoming Winter Olympic games this February and will NOT have to be "tested" to verify their genders.  This is to me an abomination, simply because the real athletes that will be affected are of course the real female athletes.  It is absolutely unfair and basically may finally destroy the entire Olympics all together.......A new report came forward just the other day where the Syrian government forces once again have stated that the US has once again been caught transporting their fraud "ISIS" forces out of Deir ez-Zor province to safety on the northeastern side of the Euphrates River.  Yes, this once again should show the entire world exactly WHO runs and controls this ridiculous "terrorist group".......Russia has apparently sent a ship loaded with liquified natural gas to the UK to prevent the British citizens from freezing to death due to their own bout of "global warming".  Yes, the Russians have indeed come to the rescue of the British by doing this great service, and I wonder what the criminals in the US government have to say for themselves for not offering any help to the Brits?...........NOW some so called "scientists" have changed their tune and are now predicting that the world is entering a "new ice age" instead of "overheating".  I have to laugh at these idiots, for what we are witnessing is not a new 'ice age" but Sol going quiet as it enters a "solar minimum".  There will be NO new "ice age" but instead it will get cold across the planet for the next decade at least.......... I see that my former colleague Whitewraithe has endured the "wrath" of the criminals behind Wordpress (almost as bad as the bastards running Google Blogger), and had her Pragmatic Witness archive site "shut down" temporarily last week in the same manner that this site was shut down two weeks ago as well.  Yes, the criminals behind these groups absolutely want to suppress the truths and destroy so many people, including myself, that want the truth being told......I also saw where the criminals behind "Facebook" are now doing their own censorship by shutting down "Facebook accounts" of those who stand up to Jewish criminality.  Again, I have to ask why anyone in their right mind would ever want a "Facebook" account in the first place considering the fact that it is a spy network and now is committing illegal acts of censorship?..........I saw an article the other day where Microsoft's new Artificial Intelligence" program was allowed to actually think for itself, and one of the first things it identified was that the Jews are indeed the major problem on planet Earth, AND get this: The program identified Adolf Hitler as a great man and praised him and his efforts!  Supposedly the people at Microsoft were not too happy at these results and shut down the entire program.  Yes, the truth does come out, and even artificial intelligences can see the real problems that we all face....Someone asked me about "Bitcoin" once again last week, and all I have to say is to look at exactly who is behind that fraud.  The Jewish power elite want to get people off of cash and they want to use that and other crypto currencies as part of that aim....... OK, now that the Christmas "spending spree" is supposed to be over, I was wondering how the local mall was doing in the aftermath.  And, as I expected the mall was not empty (with the intense cold outside) but there was NOBODY buying anything at all.  Yes, the Christmas shopping season was expected to somehow save the Canadian economy, but things did not go as they expected.  Therefore expect some major economic upheaval coming soon...... Some people have asked me what it is like living here with outside temperatures at around the -35C range, and all I can say to them is that guys like me stay INSIDE a lot, and do not venture out unless we absolutely have to.  And yes, the temperatures are expected to get even worse here over the next while especially with January lows approaching.  Yes, Baby, It is indeed cold outside....... Arsenal is playing West Brom this morning, and I again crossing my fingers for a Gunners win.  With teams like Liverpool and Chelsea holding onto Champions League positions, it is important for Arsenal to keep pace and hopefully see one of those teams tumble.......... I got a bit of flak last week for calling Taylor Swift a psychopath, and I will correct myself here.  She is in fact a psychotic freak with severe mental issues.  There, hopefully that clears the air..........And finally, I really want to avoid the Kardashian skanks, trolls, and trollops, for at least one more week since it is the festive season.  But fear not, for they will still be my primary target for ending these rants starting in the new year.   And maybe in 2018 my question about why the American people are stupid enough to actually love these useless pieces of garbage will finally be answered...

Again, have a safe and wonderful New Year everyone...

More to come


Friday, December 29, 2017

Updated - Baby, Its Cold Outside: "Global Warming"? Not A Chance With Record Cold Snap Now Putting That Lie Out Of Its Misery

I have received several emails, and have seen some other real truth seekers put out some of their own articles, about the near record "cold snap" that has now engulfed almost all of Canada, and the United States as well....  I figure I would chime in on what is really happening with this intense cold and how it indeed should put the lie of "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" out of its misery once and for all time...

First, I want to of course cover some of the media outlet reports that have come forward over the last while that have been reporting on this "unusually cold snap" that has engulfed most of North America... The first report, that I have the link to, comes from the Global News online news service out of Canada, and I have the link to that report here:

Second, I want to present here the following link to a report from the Australian news service that does a pretty good job in covering this intense cold snap that has hit all over North America... Here is the link to that report here:

For those who want to understand the intensity of this cold snap, I will give them what I am seeing right here in central Canada...

Over the last week alone, temperatures have absolutely plummeted to an extreme that I have not seen in decades... The overnight lows have fallen from around -5 Celcius (thats about 23 degrees fahrenheit for my American readers..) to around -35 Celcius over the last few nights (thats... -30 fahrenheit for you Americans!), and "wind chill" factors, which incorporate the effect of winds causing temperatures to feel much colder, have made the outside temperatures feel like -45 Celcius! (thats -49 fahrenheit).... It has been again absolutely brutal, but the worst is yet to come...

There are now weather forecasters that are calling for temperatures to further plummet coming the end of this year, with daytime highs no better than -30 Celcius, and get this... overnight lows of around -40 Celcius without even factoring in the wind chill effect....  Yes, Baby, it is indeed cold outside....

And do not give me the bullshit that this cold is only affecting North America... For this record cold snap has also hit Europe as well, with brutally cold temperatures causing havoc all over that continent...

Someone sent me a link to a report that just came out of the UK TODAY saying that the UK could see temperatures falling like a stone over the next few days, with intense cold and snow on the way:

So... What does this all mean?  Well, for starters, those who still believe in the fraud of "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change" and especially the LIE that this is the "warmest year on record" can finally be put out of their misery... .I have said for quite some time that with our Sun, Sol, having a diminished output of solar radiation while it approaches what is called a "solar minimum", these intensely cold winters are here to stay for at least the next decade!

Now, a reality check... This intense cold does not mean that we are now entering a "new ice age" as some so called "Scientists" are trying to speculate... Sol goes through several cycles including a 44 year cycle of increased/diminished solar output.. That coupled with another cycle showing Sol approaching a "solar minimum" means that it will indeed be very cold for at least the next decade.. BUT after that point in time, solar output should increase and we will see an increase in temperatures and understandably warmer winters... These cycles are natural, and have NOTHING to do with the bullshit of "man caused global warming".  I for one am not surprised that this is happening at all, as I have long predicted this in many previous articles here at this blog...

One other thing, and I want most of my fellow Canadians to understand this as well... Our crooked government under that heinous Justin Trudeau has indeed signed Canada on board for the fraud of "Carbon Taxation" which has been largely based on the fear factors generated by this "Global Warming" scam... Now that we see the reality that the planet is NOT "overheating", the scam of "Carbon Taxation" must be defeated and prevented from fleecing the Canadian people before it is put into law..... Time is of the essence, for most provinces in Canada are about to put "Carbon Taxation" into effect in the upcoming year, and once this "law" is put into effect it is nearly impossible to have it rescinded.....

Yes, Baby, it is indeed cold outside.. I for one have tried to avoid as much travel or being outside in these -30C ot -40C temperatures as much as possible... But a "new ice age"?  I put as much faith in that farce as I have in the Global Warming scam!

More to come


*One other update: I saw this link from a report coming out of the US that states that yet another blast of cold Arctic air is coming starting in the new year... Here is that link:

Yes, the worst may be yet to come with this intense cold snap......

Opioids And The Crisis Of The White Working Class

Every day up here in central Canada, I read report after report about people dying from "Opioid overdoses" and I have long wondered about exactly WHO would be behind such a diabolical and sickening epidemic that presently is killing so many Canadians that it has become a major nationwide crisis..... Well, what I am about to present here answers that question, and it may shock a lot of readers....

Right now, I want to present a most important report that comes from Kevin MacDonald, courtesy of a great real truth seeker, Lasha Darkmoon, from her website at The article is entitled: "Opioids And The Crisis Of The White Working Class".... I have it right here, and I do recommend that everyone read it carefully and understand exactly what group of criminals are the ones that have created the Opioid crisis in the first place.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Opioids and the Crisis of the White Working Class

An Abridged Version  by Lasha Darkmoon
LD:  Kevin MacDonald’s important article, complete with charts and scholarly footnotes, can be read in its entirety HERE. This abridged version of Professor MacDonald’s original 5000-word essay is followed by a short video I have added as an afterthought, together with an extended reflection of my own arising out of reading MacDonald’s brilliant exposé of the dark forces at work in the background of this human tragedy enfolding before our eyes: “The Opioid Epidemic and the Jewish Family behind it.” [LD]
A sense of betrayal seems to lie just behind today’s political discourse—a feeling of being left behind, a suspicion that those at the top, in media, corporations, politics, academia, and finance, have motives and goals at odds with those of the broader population. Put simply, Americans of all backgrounds fear and loathe a hostile elite. Political memes like “the Deep State,” “the 1%,” “Drain the Swamp,” “the Davos Set,” and “Masters of the Universe” each capture this feeling of alienation, suspicion, and helplessness.
Recently, the phenomenon of “The White Death” has entered the public consciousness and received comment by mainstream and elite sources. In a nutshell, working class Whites are dying at an increasing rate, whereas most studies show the mortality rates of non-Whites decreasing. For working-class Whites, almost every indicator of social dysfunction and depression are increasing: they are committing suicide; they are using drugs more often and with damaging results; they are failing to establish families; they are sleeping more and watching more television.
The opioid crisis is an intense expression of this broader phenomenon.
The past two decades have witnessed a major increase in the use of prescription opioids as a means of pain management. Abuse has become rampant and a black-market economy has arisen. The most common of these drugs is oxycodone (marketed under the names OxyContin and Percocet); and the synthesized drug fentanyl, which resembles heroin and morphine in its potency.
As the New York Times reports:
The current opioid epidemic is the deadliest drug crisis in American history. Overdoses, fueled by opioids, are the leading cause of death for Americans under 50 years old — killing roughly 64,000 people last year, more than guns or car accidents, and doing so at a pace faster than the H.I.V. epidemic did at its peak.
Fatalities resemble those of a World War. Some 250,000 people, mainly Whites, have died as a result of the abuse. The journal STAT has estimated that some 500,000 might die as a result over the next decade.
A lot of the discussion centers around research by economists Anne Case and her husband, Nobel-winning Angus Deaton claiming that the increase in mortality comes from “deaths of despair [that] come from a long-standing process of cumulative disadvantage for those with less than a college degree. The story is rooted in the labor market, but involves many aspects of life, including health in childhood, marriage, child rearing, and religion.”
My basic theory here is that it’s not really about despair. I argue there are two things at work here: one is the decline in our culture generally brought about by the 1960s’ counter-cultural revolution affecting health in childhood, marriage, child rearing, and religion. But added to that is a very specific situation involving opioid drugs that in turn is linked to academic researchers willing to falsify data for financial gain, a corrupt pharmaceutical industry, especially Purdue Pharma owned by the Sackler family, and lax government regulation of drugs because of manipulation by the pharmaceutical industry.
A 2016 article in the New York Times elaborates on the findings of Case & Deaton based on their examination of 60 million death certificates from 1990–2014, but pins the blame squarely on opioids, not on alcohol or suicide.
The problem for the White working class is a greedy pharmaceutical industry that has manipulated government regulating agencies and mainstream opinion in the medical profession. A fundamental problem in dealing with this now is that the cat is out of the bag. These trends toward increased mortality over 1999 levels will continue no matter what the government does about OxyContin. Increased regulation simply forces addicts into heroin and other illegal drugs. The latest data show that deaths from drug overdoses continue to increase, now around 65,000 per year, despite increased government regulation.

This all started with Purdue Pharmaceuticals, owned by the Sackler family—described by the New Yorker as “the family that built an empire of pain.” This is an amazing and very depressing story.
Originally, OxyContin-type drugs were used only for severe pain — as continues to be the case in Europe, so their use was quite limited. Purdue’s program was to get OxyContin prescribed for even minor pain. Part of that was to claim that OxyContin was less addictive because it was timed-release, but simply breaking the pill up before swallowing negated the timed-release and they were well aware of that. Their promotional materials emphasized their humanitarian motives—what could be more high-minded, after all, than relieving pain without fear of addiction?
Purdue essentially created a very large community of people who benefited financially from prescribing opioids. They set up and funded organizations that lobbied for more aggressive treatment of pain by treatment with opioids. Millions were funneled into organizations like the American Pain Society and the American Academy of Pain Medicine and Purdue’s own advocacy group, Partners Against Pain, as well as to medical professionals willing to provide data supporting the movement. Purdue hired an army of sales reps to promote opioids to all medical personnel, from doctors to physician assistants. A consistent part of the pitch was to minimize addiction rates. Purdue claimed addiction rates were less than 1% by cherry picking studies that did not examine the effects of long-term use. Other studies often showed much higher rates, as high as 50%. This misrepresentation was at the root of the $600M judgement against Purdue obtained by the US government.
The original study claiming very low rates of addiction was in 1986 by R. K. Portenoy based on 38 patients.
Portenoy, of Metropolitan Jewish Health System in New York City, gained renown in the 1980s and 1990s for advocating consideration of opioid painkillers for patients with chronic pain of all kinds, at a time when such use was discouraged. In the 2012 WSJ interview, he conceded that research had not backed up the effectiveness of opioids for these types of pain and that the risks of addiction and other adverse effects were greater than he previously had indicated.
Portenoy also maintains financial relationships with opioid drugmaker Purdue Pharma, as well as other scores of other pharmaceutical companies, many of which have pain offerings: Afferent, Cephalon, CNSBio, Covidien, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Mallinckrodt, Grupo Ferrer, King Pharmaceuticals, NicOx, Prostraken, Shire, Solvay, Wyeth, Xenon, Archimedes, Baxter, Calloway, Flamek, Fralex, GW Pharmaceuticals, and Pfizer.
Once Purdue showed how much money could be made, other pharmaceutical companies jumped into the market. When confronted with data showing that addiction rates were much higher, Portenoy recanted his strong claims but still maintained that opioids were a great treatment for non-cancer pain. And in any case, the damage was already done.
Propublica to their credit has taken a major role in showing how doctors and various organizations benefit from the pharmaceutical industry. It’s a pervasive problem in all areas of medicine, but quite often it’s because they promote drugs that don’t really work compared to placebos. They are not killing tens of thousands of people. Nevertheless, the lesson is to stay away from prescribed drugs as much as possible and do thorough investigations before taking anything. This is an incredibly corrupt industry from top to bottom and it goes way beyond being a specifically Jewish problem. However, the opioid epidemic is in large part a Jewish story.
When it comes to pain management, Propublica emphasizes the roles of two Jewish physicians, Scott Fishman and Perry Fine, prominently associated with the American Pain Foundation which got 88% of its budget from Purdue and other pharmaceutical companies. Fine has been funded by at least a dozen drug companies and Fishman has had relationships with at least eight companies, including Purdue, for which he was a consultant, paid speaker and recipient of research support. They claim that all this financial remuneration did not affect their opinions. And if you believe that, you are an idiot.
The FDA also played an important role, for example, not reviewing Purdue’s promotional literature which included a video that claimed addiction was “very rare”; this was eventually removed, but the damage was done. And of course, even if addiction rates were low when patients used the drug as their doctors intended, many quickly learned to break the tablets up and snort it or inject it. Again, becoming addicted is more likely to occur in people who have less impulse control—those in the lower part of the bell curve.
Purdue left no stone unturned. Hospital accreditation groups also played a role. Hospitals were required by the feds to administer questionnaires to patients recording their pain experience on a 10-point scale, and were threatened with loss of accreditation if they were found to be allowing too much pain.
In 2006, it became mandatory to poll discharged patients about whether their pain had been adequately assessed and treated during their stay. The change was put in place by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services acting on recommendations of the Joint Commission, the national nonprofit health care quality organization that accredits hospitals [which was funded by Purdue. The results of these surveys are posted online and they contribute substantially to how the Joint Commission ranks hospitals.
The results of these surveys can affect whether or not a hospital is eligible for Medicaid reimbursements, so scoring poorly can affect a hospital’s bottom line. In 2012, the Affordable Care Act made this connection even more direct when it gave Medicare the ability to withhold a portion of hospital reimbursement if patient satisfaction scores were low.
Unsurprisingly, under this regime, the number of opioid prescriptions increased dramatically. Worried that their survey scores would be low for not treating pain aggressively enough (and under pressure to address this), doctors began liberally prescribing opioids.(Jeremy Samuel Faust, ‘The Untold Story of America’s Opioid Addiction’)
Esquire’s Christopher Glazek writes:
Flush with cash, Purdue pioneered a high-cost promotion strategy, effectively providing kickbacks—which were legal under American law—to each part of the distribution chain. Wholesalers got rebates. Pharmacists got refunds. Patients got coupons for thirty-day starter supplies. Academics got grants. Medical journals got millions in advertising. Senators and members of Congress on key committees got donations from Purdue and from members of the Sackler family.
They flew doctors to “seminars’ in fancy vacation destinations. Doctors who didn’t get on board were offered speaking fees to endorse OxyContin. The feds finally sued Purdue in 2007, with Purdue pleading guilty to felony charges, admitting that it had lied to doctors about OxyContin’s abuse potential.
Under the agreement, the company paid $600 million in fines and its three top executives at the time pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges—after thousands of deaths as a result of their actions. The executives paid $34.5 million out of their own pockets and performed four hundred hours of community service. It was one of the harshest penalties ever imposed on a pharmaceutical company but how can one take it seriously when the people responsible got away with pleading guilty to misdemeanors at a time when by 2001 Purdue was selling $1 billion of OxyContin yearly.
In total, Purdue Pharma has made $35 billion, and the Sackler family walked away with around $13 billion.
Misdemeanor pleas for being responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people while walking away with billions.
Perhaps the height of cynicism was in 2010, when Purdue reformlated the drug to be less easy to snort—very near the end of its patent on the original version. So it got more years of patent protection.
So the Sackler family is in the clear and is now posing as great humanitarian philanthropists. It’s well known that opioid addiction in mothers has a devastating effect on newborn babies.
Opioid withdrawal, which causes aches, vomiting, and restless anxiety, is a gruesome process to experience as an adult. It’s considerably worse for the twenty thousand or so American babies who emerge each year from opioid-soaked wombs.
These infants, suddenly cut off from their supply, cry uncontrollably.
Their skin is mottled. They cannot fall asleep. Their bodies are shaken by tremors and, in the worst cases, seizures. Bottles of milk leave them distraught, because they cannot maneuver their lips with enough precision to create suction.
Treatment comes in the form of drops of morphine pushed from a syringe into the babies’ mouths. Weaning sometimes takes a week but can last as long as twelve. It’s a heartrending process.
Christopher Glazek, ’The Secretive Family Making Millions from the Opioid Crisis,’ Esquire, October 16, 2017,, accessed December 7, 2017.


Because of this sort of thing, the Sackler family has been especially motivated to make people think they care about children: “Several have made children a focus of their business and philanthropic endeavors.”
And because they are such wonderful people they have donated to high-profile institutions, always with their name on it.
So we have the Sackler Galleries at the Royal Academy Of Arts in London; the Sackler Wing of Oriental Antiquities at the Louvre; The Arthur M. Sackler Gallery at the Smithsonian, Washington, and the Sackler gallery in Ashmolean Museum at Oxford University, The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute for Biological, Physical and Engineering Sciences at Yale, and the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at Tufts.
There is effusive praise from the beneficiaries. Tufts spokesperson said:
“It would be impossible to calculate how many lives you have saved, how many scientific fields you have redefined, and how many new physicians, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers are doing important work as a result of your entrepreneurial spirit. You are a world changer.”
So the Sackler family are being praised for saving lives at a time when the opioid epidemic they started has claimed the lives of over 250,000 mainly White people.
One wonders if the Sacklers would have attempted to engage in such a campaign in Israel.


by Lasha Darkmoon
The Sackler family has amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune through Purdue Pharma, a drug manufacturer widely accused of helping to launch the opioid epidemic that has destroyed the lives of millions of Americans, mostly working class and lower middle class Whites. The Sacklers, a plutocratic Jewish clan, are reported to be worth 14 billion dollars; no judge in America would risk his career, if not his life, by daring to put such elite Untouchables behind bars. This is in spite of the fact that Purdue Pharma, the Sackler family’s pharmaceutical company, has been found guilty of criminal deception and the destruction of millions of lives in an opioid epidemic of unparalleled proportions.   
Over the last 20 years, more than seven million Americans have abused OxyContin and 250,000 have died of overdoses. The drug changes the chemical composition of the brain, causes extensive liver damage, and acts as a gateway to heroin addiction. Withdrawal symptoms—including acute anxiety, frequent vomiting, and constant aches and pains—can be horrendous.
The drug was sold to the public on a “marketing lie” in medical journals, many of them owned by Purdue Pharma, the developer of the drug. This was the false claim that only two pills were needed per day to give total pain relief, one pill early in the morning whose effects would last 12 hours, and another pill before bedtime which would give pain relief all night. In fact, this was an outright lie which was pushed by Purdue Pharma’s sales reps. It managed to deceive tens of thousands of doctors into overprescribing the dangerous drug to their patients. Instead of getting the desired pain relief, patients became hopelessly addicted to the drug and needed ever increasing doses to survive, often being driven into heroin dependency, death by overdosing, and suicide as the only way out of their nightmare existence. (Here is a picture of a drug addict ravaged by Oxycontin, one of the many casualties of the Sackler empire). Like many other opioids, OxyContin can be used as a heroin substitute.
In addition, many doctors were “blackmailed” by Purdue Pharma by having their names listed in medical journals for refusing to prescribe the dangerous drug to their patients. They were thus held up to public obloquy by being presented as backward and uncaring doctors who were denying their patients much needed pain relief. It will come as no surprise to learn that the Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, had already bought up many of these same  medical journals in which OxyContin was touted as a miracle painkiller and in which doctors who refused to prescribe it were named and shamed as bad doctors.
This quote will provide additional information on these scandalous abuses by Big Pharma, abuses they have managed to get away with so far owing to their vast financial resources and elite networking connections:
“The Sackler family has amassed a multi-billion dollar fortune through Purdue Pharma—the drug manufacturer widely accused of helping launch the opioid epidemic. Generous donations have allowed the family name to appear prominently at numerous prestigious art galleries and medical research institutions, but a month-long DCNF review did not turn up a single addiction treatment center named “Sackler,” nor any that had received contributions from the billionaire clan.
OxyContin—a breakthrough opioid-based painkiller and Purdue’s largest revenue source—generated about $35 billion in sales from between 1995 and 2015, according to Forbes. The drug is widely considered a crucial player in sparking the opioid epidemic and made the Sacklers the 19th-richest family in 2016 America, with a $13 billion net worth.
Note that  the number of American deaths in a single year (2016) from opioid overdoses (64,070)—all traceable to one Jewish family—is more than the total number of deaths during the entire 19 years of  American involvement in Vietnam (58,220). See here.
It has been estimated that on a global scale 100,000 people die from OxyContin abuse every year. Countless others moreover are sucked into heroin addiction as result of their initial experience with OxyContin. The total number of White Americans who have died owing to the opioid epidemic has been estimated at 250,000—which is more than four times the number of Americans who died in the Vietnam War.
It needs to be emphasized here that the $600 million fine levied on the three Jewish executives working for Purdue Pharma constituted a mere drop in the ocean compared to the company’s total revenues of $35 billion over the years. The company was known to put aside a substantial but easily affordable percentage of its vast revenues for bribes, kickbacks and charitable donations designed to improve the image of the Sacker family as cultured and compassionate philanthropists. All these outgoings, including the $600 million in fines, could be regarded simply as “business expenses”. It is therefore highly unlikely that these three Jewish executives suffered any real hardship as a result of their seemingly “stiff” fines. In real terms, they probably lost almost nothing; it was peanuts.

Effects of cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and OxyContin (a heroin substitute)
It may be mentioned in passing that there are far more dangerous opioids available than heroin, the synthetic derivative of morphine. Fentanyl is 50-100 times more potent than morphine. Even more dangerous than fentanyl is Carfentanil, 10,000 times stronger than morphine and sometimes used as an elephant tranquilizer. Available on the black market, it can be mixed in with heroin to increase its potency to an unimaginable degree. People who enter a room in which this drug has been stored can die of an overdose simply by inhaling the particles in the air. Finally, there is grey death, the deadliest opioid of them all, a dangerous potpourri of other opioids unpredictable in its potency. It is almost impossible to consume it without overdosing.
This short video featured below will give you an idea of the full extent of the opioid epidemic in America vis-à-vis the basic facts and figures it presents. However, the fact that it fails to mention the Sackler family even once is highly significant. There is no mention here either that OxyContin, Purdue Pharma’s  largest revenue spinner, has made the Sackler family the 19th richest family in America with a net worth of $14 billion. Nor is there any hint here of a successful court case against Purdue Pharma, resulting in the conviction of three Jewish executives and a fine of $600 million.
All these important facts, in addition, have been carefully swept under the carpet by the mainstream media. Concealing from the public the significant fact that the perpetrators of these pharmaceutical crimes have been Jewish, and that their victims have mostly been working class White Americans, has been a top priority at all times. Failure to mention the J-word even once in this video below is more than an accidental omission. It is a politically correct and despicable act of moral cowardice one can only deplore.

VIDEO  :  4.37 mins 

NTS Notes: I do want to thank Kevin MacDonald, and of course Lasha Darkmoon, for bringing forward this most important and factual article..

WHY am I not shocked by the findings in Kevin MacDonald's report?  The damn tribe of Jewish nefarious criminals have always been behind the drug trade and the drug cartels, and they absolutely do control most facets of "big Pharma" as well....  It therefore should be absolutely no shock to anyone that they are making BILLIONS of dollars by administering these poisons to unsuspecting victims and doing NOTHING to stop many of them dying from overdoses...

It is also no shock to me that many of the victims are in the "white working class"... The Jewish plans according to their very sick and most disturbing "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" documents for their world domination absolutely calls for the wiping out of the Caucasian aka "white" race... They will use all means necessary to achieve that aim, and using their poisonous drugs as a method absolutely makes sense in their twisted minds....

Please spread this important article around... The findings are indeed very true and yet very disturbing... The more people understand the real reasons for this Opioid crisis and the real criminals behind the entire epidemic, the better...

More to come


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Important Health News: The Great Virus Hoax In Modern Medicine

*I have been extremely busy this week, especially with time being spent with family and friends to celebrate this time of year... I decided to take another of those "me days" yesterday and NOT do any  blogging or read much coming off the Internet.... I am doing my best at getting articles up here when I can, so please bear with me....

Just the other day, a family member came down with "flu like symptoms" and has been under the weather since... I figure it may be only a matter of time before I come down with this ailment, and have been upping my daily dose of Vitamin C to combat the disease and hopefully avoid getting sick... And with that, I figure I would fire off at least one article at my blog concerning the lies about our modern medical establishment... And what I found the other day is very revealing and I want to share that important article with everyone here....

I want to present here this most important article from Jon Rappoport's Blog, at, that shows once again how much the criminals behind big Pharma and other "health organizations" have been lying their asses off about so many of the 'diseases' that we have been subjected to for the last few decades at least..... The article is entitled: "The Great Virus Hoax In Modern Medicine" and is absolutely a must read by everyone... I have it right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The great virus hoax in modern medicine

The great virus hoax in modern medicine
“It’s a virus, but we just can’t find it.”
by Jon Rappoport
December 27, 2017
“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a UFO, it’s a virus from outer space.”
My previous article detailed: cooking up fake threats of viruses from outer space. This could be the next “UFO disclosure” coming on the heels of recent Pentagon reports of alien craft in the skies.
Now let’s come back to Earth.
Here is the basic background. If researchers say they’ve found a new disease caused by a virus, they’re saying people who have the disease have the virus in their bodies.
These people must have the virus. Otherwise, they don’t have the disease. Remember that.
I’m now going to detail two examples where VERY embarrassing information surfaced about so-called viral epidemics.
One: Swine Flu, the big epidemic of 2009.
The CDC was calling for all Americans to take the Swine Flu vaccine. Remember?
The problem was, the CDC was concealing a scandal.
At the time, star CBS investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, was working on a Swine Flu story. She discovered that the CDC had secretly stopped counting cases of the illness—while, of course, continuing to warn Americans about its unchecked spread.
Understand that the CDC’s main job is counting cases and reporting the numbers.
What was the Agency up to?
Here is an excerpt from my 2014 interview with Sharyl Attkisson:
Rappoport: In 2009, you spearheaded coverage of the so-called Swine Flu pandemic. You discovered that, in the summer of 2009, the Centers for Disease Control, ignoring their federal mandate, [secretly] stopped counting Swine Flu cases in America. Yet they continued to stir up fear about the “pandemic,” without having any real measure of its impact. Wasn’t that another investigation of yours that was shut down? Wasn’t there more to find out?
Attkisson: The implications of the story were even worse than that. We discovered through our FOI efforts that before the CDC mysteriously stopped counting Swine Flu cases, they had learned that almost none of the cases they had counted as Swine Flu was, in fact, Swine Flu or any sort of flu at all! The interest in the story from one [CBS] executive was very enthusiastic. He said it was “the most original story” he’d seen on the whole Swine Flu epidemic. But others pushed to stop it [after it was published on the CBS News website] and, in the end, no [CBS television news] broadcast wanted to touch it. We aired numerous stories pumping up the idea of an epidemic, but not the one that would shed original, new light on all the hype. It was fair, accurate, legally approved and a heck of a story. With the CDC keeping the true Swine Flu stats secret, it meant that many in the public took and gave their children an experimental vaccine that may not have been necessary.
—end of interview excerpt—
It was routine for doctors all over America to send blood samples from patients they’d diagnosed with Swine Flu, or the “most likely” Swine Flu patients, to labs for testing. And overwhelmingly, those samples were coming back with the result: not Swine Flu, not any kind of flu. NO SIGN OF THE SWINE FLU VIRUS.
That was the big secret. That’s what the CDC was hiding. That’s why they stopped reporting Swine Flu case numbers. That’s what Attkisson had discovered. That’s why she was shut down.
But it gets even worse.
Because about three weeks after Attkisson’s findings were published on the CBS News website, the CDC, obviously in a panic, decided to double down. If one lie is exposed, tell an even bigger one. A much bigger one.
Here, from a November 12, 2009, WebMD article is the CDC’s response: “Shockingly, 14 million to 34 million U.S. residents — the CDC’s best guess is 22 million — came down with H1N1 swine flu by Oct. 17 [2009].” (“22 million cases of Swine Flu in US,” by Daniel J. DeNoon).
Are your eyeballs popping? They should be.
In the summer of 2009, the CDC secretly stops counting Swine Flu cases in America, because the overwhelming percentage of lab tests from likely Swine Flu patients shows no sign of Swine Flu virus or any other kind of flu virus.
There is no Swine Flu epidemic.
Then, the CDC estimates there are 22 MILLION cases of Swine Flu in the US.
The CDC will lie about anything it wants to. It will boldly go where no person interested in real science will go.
It will completely ignore its mandate to care about human health, and it will get away with it.
And CBS will conveniently forget how it aided and abetted the CDC, by censoring real news, and instead opted for egregious and titanic fake news.
Two: the great SARS epidemic of 2003.
A few basic official “facts”: Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) includes the following symptoms—cough, fever, fatigue, sore throat. It originated in South China. It is caused by the SARS coronavirus. SARS is unique. It is a newly discovered condition. The coronavirus is newly discovered.
I saw holes in this presentation. For example, the SARS symptoms are indistinguishable from ordinary traditional flu or other non-specific illness that has been known about for centuries.
I kept going.
The SARS coronavirus was purportedly discovered by World Health Organization (WHO) researchers working in ten labs linked by a private closed-circuit communication system. No outside researchers were given access.
The WHO researchers very quickly found the unique and never-before-seen coronavirus, and they labeled it the cause of SARS. At that point, virtually every virologist in the world stood up, saluted, and never questioned the finding, because to do so could earn them an ejection from The Club.
From that point on, no statistics were released that demonstrated how many diagnosed SARS patients had the coronavirus virus in their bodies and how many didn’t.
But months later, a prominent World Health Organization microbiologist in Canada, Frank Plummer, wandered off the reservation and spoke with reporters. What he said, in a series of statements, was shocking.
Plummer basically admitted that many of the newest blood samples from SARS patients coming into his lab showed no trace of the SARS coronavirus.
Independent researcher par excellence, Jim West, has preserved some of Plummer’s quotes.
Plummer: “We are finding some of the best-characterized [SARS disease] cases are negative [for the SARS virus]. So it’s puzzling. As is the fact the amounts of virus we are finding, when we find it, are very small—only detectable by very sensitive PCR [testing].”
“Once you conclude that this coronavirus is the sole cause of SARS then you move into a different phase and you move to test only for it. . . to the exclusion of other things. And I think. . . at least based on what we’re seeing in Canada. . . it’s a little early to do that…”
It was early, and also very late. SARS was already being hyped as the next big epidemic. The World Health Organization had issued a travel advisory against flying into Toronto, a supposed hot bed of the disease—costing the city billions in tourist dollars.
Finally, as with the Swine Flu, SARS was dropped like a hot potato and the virus hunters moved on, seeking the next big thing.
Arguments can be made that scientists never isolated either the SARS or the Swine Flu virus, never found it, never confirmed its existence. Or, if one wants to say these two viruses actually exist, they were never proved to cause any illness or damage at all.
Con. Hoax. No pandemic. No epidemic.
In fact, people who were ill and showed symptoms were suffering from various causes, none of which involved the viruses named by researchers.
“We found the viruses, we identified them as the cause of two distinct diseases…and now we can’t find the viruses in people.”
But don’t worry, be happy. The researchers know exactly what they’re doing. They’re brilliant. Trust them. They care about you.
You can delve further into the subject of “missing viruses.” For example, read the Christine Johnson interview of a scientist from the Australian Perth Group, “Does HIV exist?” Andread my article that examines whether anyone has ever isolated the Ebola virus from a human being.
Viruses as specific causes of diseases are a main pillar of so-called medical science. Were that pillar to collapse, through acknowledging that a number of diseases have no traceable viral cause, the whole landscape would change.
Researchers would be forced to investigate nutritional and environmental causes, for example.
A collection of familiar “flu-like symptoms,” labeled with one disease-name, would be seen to spring from a number of different factors, and not the same factors in different people. So the chosen single disease-name would dissolve into dust.
Three: Will the next UFO disclosure be “biological threats from outer space?”
I return to the subject of my previous article—UFO disclosures—to emphasize a vital point. We are told that researchers have found UFO metal that resists all attempts at analysis. They don’t know what these metals are composed of. Well, reporters have gone to university “experts” in chemistry, who all say this is absurd. It’s easy to analyze any alloy in the universe. The experts are banding together to form a consensus, based on conventional principles.
On the other hand, if the next UFO disclosure warned us of something at least as far out as mysterious alloys—strange and dangerous viruses from outer space—virologists would think twice about demeaning those claims. Why? Because, in that community of professionals, any and all assertions about disease-causing viruses are treated with respect. Virology is a field where actual evidence of causation is ignored. Whoever, from a position of influence, can sell a virus story is an automatic player in the game. Especially if money will flow for research. And when it comes to viruses, there is always money to be had.
Mysterious UFO alloys? Ridiculous. Mysterious viruses? Wonderful, let’s launch research. Evidence these viruses exist and can cause disease? “Who cares? We can simply say they exist and we can simply say they cause diseases, and we can attach names to those diseases and sell the names to the public.”
Welcome to the show. Welcome to the game.
Consider Pellagra. In the first half of the 20th century, in the US, there were three million cases. 100,000 people died. Researchers at health agencies insisted there had to be a germ at the bottom of it. They looked and looked and looked.
Meanwhile, other researchers found out Pellagra was mainly a deficiency of niacin. They were pushed into the background. “A bunch of whackos. Pay no attention to them. The cause has to be a germ. We’re the germ people. We’re in charge of the research.”
Finally, after 100,000 deaths, most of which were unnecessary, the “experts” grudgingly admitted, “Yes, it’s a niacin deficiency.”
Welcome to the show. Welcome to the game.
Human lives lost? Not a factor. Not a concern.

NTS Notes:  It has been amazing to see how much the criminals behind "big Pharma" and of course our own governments have been promoting the latest and greatest "outbreak" due to "viruses", and how the sheep out there believe what they read and hear and quickly go out to get the latest "vaccines" to fight these diseases....

I wrote many articles here at this blog years back concerning the LIES about the "swine flu epidemic" that was causing so much unwarranted fear in the sheep out there.... And what Jon Rappoport shows only vindicates what I and others were saying years ago, that the "swine flu pandemic" that was being sold to gullible people was nothing but a massive hoax and swindle!

And of course even now we see the liars in the media and of course "big Pharma" squawking about this season being possibly the "worse flu season in decades.."... The result is once again even more people falling for the lies and lining up like dumb ass sheep to take their "vaccines" that do NOT WORK.....

I too have been wondering about these "viruses" that are reported to be the carriers of these "diseases" and have looked at other sources for so many ailments... We are subjected these days to horrific chemicals and other poisons in our environments, and the resultant poisoning from exposure to these sources could indeed be the real cause of so many ailments...

Again, there are better methods for combating "diseases" than panicking and lining up like dumb ass sheep to be injected with poisons... Better hygiene is a good start, as well as eating more healthy foods... That and of course taking important vitamins and mineral supplements to keep our bodies as healthy as possible....

More to come


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

At This Time Of Year, With All Of The Christmas, New Years, Celebrations - Remember The People Of Yemen That Are Brutally Suffering Thanks To The US And Saudis!

Well, I just spent the last two days visiting the inlaws, outlaws, family, etc, etc... And honestly I am wiped out...... I did my usual Christmas feast this year, and I cooked "up a storm" with a wide variety of food and delicacies...... It was a tremendous success, but so much of a drain and so time consuming... But it was worth it as my family absolutely loved it!

Yes, Christmas was indeed yesterday, and I could not help but to think of those in need this time of year, and those who have been suffering greatly around the world thanks to the criminality of the United States government as well as other brutal regimes.... And of course with that in mind, I cannot stop but to think about the people of Yemen, who are right now suffering greatly at the hands of the criminal Saudi regime, and are on the verge of genocide through starvation thanks to the US/Saudi criminal and illegal blockade of the entire nation...

With that in mind, I want to present a new article that comes from the Fort Russ website, at, that absolutely shows the reality of life in Yemen thanks to the US/Saudi blockade... I have that article right here, entitled: "Watch Heartbreaking Footage Of Yemenis Scouring Though A Garbage Dump To Find Food" and do pay attention to the facts shown in the video enclosed... I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

WATCH heartbreaking footage of Yemenis scouring through a garbage dump to find food

December 26, 2017 - Fort Russ News - Paul Antonopoulos

HUDAIDA, Yemen - Severe food shortages mean some have turned to rummaging through rubbish dumps and eating what they find to survive, as footage filmed on Tuesday from the port city of al-Hudaydah show.
With the ongoing civil war and Saudi-led blockade leaving many people unable to receive aid, the UN has reported that more than 8 people in Yemen are on the brink of famine.

One citizen, Yahya Hassan, explained, "We are here looking for food, we have no work."

Yemen is also suffering a cholera outbreak due to a lack of medical supplies. According to International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) the number of cholera cases has reached one million.

Last Wednesday, the Saudi-led military coalition announced earlier via its state news agency that the Red Sea port of Hudaydah would be reopened to allow for the arrival of food, aid and commercial fuel. 

The decision followed an attack made by Houthi rebels on Riyadh, when they reportedly planned to hit the Royal Palace with a ballistic missile. The missile was reportedly intercepted by Saudi Arabia.

NTS Notes: I was sent this article via email, and I do want to thank the friend for sending it to me, as it definitely fits into what I have been saying about what has really been happening in Yemen for years now..

Yes, what we see in that video is only a small part of the reality of life for the Yemeni people... And we can again thank the US government for supplying the weapons and the support for the criminal Saudi regime to conduct their brutal attacks on the civilians as well as to block any humanitarian aid from reaching the people...

The reality is that this is only the beginning.... The entire plan now by the Saudis is to absolutely subdue the Yemeni people through brutal starvation and biological warfare... These criminals want to see MILLIONS of Yemen's people starve to death just to impose a puppet regime in S'ana.....

Yes, this is a time for Christmas and New Years celebrations.. But we must always remember the reality in nations across the planet where people have to endure this type of ghastly daily life to survive...

More to come