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Something Big May About To Happen: Reports Of Possible Smallpox Outbreak In Refugee Camp In Bulgaria (They Could Not Get Their Zika Virus Scare To Work, So This Is "Plan B")

We all remember how last year we had the "Ebola virus outbreak" in Africa that definitely was an attempt to weaponize this very serious disease and possibly have it spread world wide... Well, even with the best research going on in that Bill Gates funded Bio-weapons laboratory in Sierra Leone to try to turn Ebola into a full communicable disease and possibly use it for a world wide epidemic, the criminals were highly unsuccessful and the Ebola virus "scare" fizzled out...

Next they tried another round of "pandemic" with earlier this year trying to get the Zika virus, which has long been known to hit a lot of people in the tropics and equatorial region, weaponized and possibly get a lot of people so frightened that they would line up like gullible sheep to accept the latest and greatest "vaccine" into their bodies... Well, after the initial scare and then falsely trying to attribute "Zika virus" to a rash of brain shrinkage amongst newborn babies (proven to be caused by the vaccines and not the virus itself..) that also fizzled out.....

Well, it did not take long before the criminals would try again to get stupid and gullible people to panic..... For according to this latest report from the Superstation95 website, at, apparently there has been confirmation of a Smallpox outbreak in a refugee camp in Bulgaria!  Here is that report, and there is something very suspicious about this "outbreak" and I will discuss that in my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

The camp, known as the Harmanli facility, is located near the Bulgarian border with Turkey and has been in operation for a number of years. Of the 3,000 current residents, most of whom are looking to move on to Western Europe, 128 of them have been diagnosed with serious illnessesfrom skin diseases to viral infections and even small poxreports Die Welt.
News agencies in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia are calling the lock down a quarantine and raise concerns of a potential epidemic within the camp; those on the ground deny that the diseases are spreading rapidly throughout the population.
Many of the migrants who traveled through Turkey to Bulgaria come from Syria where a strain of a flesh-eating skin disease had become rampant; though there are no reports of it in the camp, authorities remain cautious.
The quarantine was initiated in reaction to a protest by nationalists who raised concerns that many of the migrants were spreading diseases and harassing locals in the area. Protests were held by nationalists around the country in recent weeks including in Sofia, Jambol, and the Black Searesort town of Varna.
As the Balkans and other nations have secured their external borders against new waves of migrants, Bulgaria has become the last stop for many who come illegally from Turkey and the Middle East. The European Union (EU) reception centres for migrants in Bulgaria have become totally full as an estimated 13,000 are currently stranded in the country.
After the election of new Bulgarian President Rumen Radev and the resignation of the centre-right government under now-former Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, its is thought the country may adopt a more independent migrant policy.
Bulgaria is one of the poorest nations within the EU and at the forefront of the migrant crisis. Earlier this summer, the government demanded  €160 million to secure its border with Turkey. Despite the lack of funding, some Bulgarian citizens have taken it upon themselves to patrol the border.
One such man is Hristo Atanasov who heads the “organisation for the protection of Bulgarian citizens.”  The group, and others like them, patrol the borders in their spare time looking for migrants and turn them over to police when apprehended. The patrol insists they have had great success with what they term “healthy walks” along the border.

This is no Accident: Smallpox was "Eradicated" except for Bio-Weapons Labs

The last cases of smallpox in the world occurred in an outbreak of two cases (one of which was fatal) in Birmingham, UK in 1978. A medical photographer, Janet Parker, contracted the disease at the University of Birmingham Medical School and died on September 11, 1978,
In light of this incident, all known stocks of smallpox were destroyed or transferred to one of two WHO reference laboratories which had BSL-4facilities — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States and the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology VECTOR in Koltsovo, Russia.  Since 1984, these two labs have been the only ones authorized by the WHO to hold stocks of live smallpox virus.

In 1986, the WHO first recommended destruction of all virus, and later set the date of destruction to be 30 December 1993. This was postponed to 30 June 1999,then again to 30 June 2002. Due to resistance from the U.S. and Russia, in 2002 the World Health Assembly agreed to permit the temporary retention of the virus stocks for specific research purposes. Destroying existing stocks would reduce the risk involved with ongoing smallpox research; the stocks are not needed to respond to a smallpox outbreak. Some scientists have argued that the stocks may be useful in developing new vaccines, antiviral drugs, and diagnostic tests; A 2010 review by a team of public health experts appointed by the WHO, however, concluded that no essential public health purpose is served by the U.S. and Russia continuing to retain virus stocks. The latter view is frequently supported in the scientific community, particularly among veterans of the WHO Smallpox Eradication Program (1958–79).
Thanks to widespread vaccination programs in EVERY country of the world, as smallpox became effectively eradicated and the number of naturally occurring cases fell below the number of vaccine-induced illnesses and deaths, routine childhood vaccination was discontinued in the United States in 1972.  Vaccination was abandoned in most European countries in the early 1970s. Routine vaccination of health care workers was discontinued in the U.S. in 1976, and among military recruits in 1990 (although military personnel deploying to the Middle East and Korea still receive the vaccination).
Smallpox was declared "eradicated" by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1979
By 1986, there had been no cases of Naturally-Occurring Smallpox anywhere on this planet for years, so routine vaccination ceased in all countries. (The photographer and another person who contracted the disease in 1978 caught it at a laboratory.) 
The two last remnants of the virus that causes smallpox reside in government laboratories in the United States and Russia.  Those are the ONLY two places on this planet where the Smallpox virus could have come from.  At least, the only two AUTHORIZED places which still had the virus.
So the question now is, how did this new confirmed Smallpox infection occur and why did it take place in a "refugee" traveling from Turkey to Europe?  
This could very well be a case of state-sponsored bio-terrorism.  But who would do this?  In whose interest is it to infect Europe with Smallpox?


Transmission occurs through inhalation of airborne variola virus, usually droplets expressed from the oral, nasal, or pharyngeal mucosa of an infected person. It is transmitted from one person to another primarily through prolonged face-to-face contact with an infected person, usually within a distance of 6 feet (1.8 m), but can also be spread through direct contact with infected bodily fluids or contaminated objects (fomites) such as bedding or clothing. Rarely, smallpox has been spread by virus carried in the air in enclosed settings such as buildings, buses, and trains.

Prognosis: Often Fatal.

A case of smallpox, 1886
The overall case-fatality rate for ordinary-type smallpox is about 30 percent, but varies by pock distribution: ordinary type-confluent is fatal about 50–75 percent of the time, ordinary-type semi-confluent about 25–50 percent of the time, in cases where the rash is discrete the case-fatality rate is less than 10 percent. The overall fatality rate for children younger than 1 year of age is 40–50 percent. Hemorrhagic and flat types have the highest fatality ratesThe fatality rate for flat-type is 90 percent or greater and nearly 100 percent is observed in cases of hemorrhagic smallpox. The case-fatality rate for variola minor is 1 percent or less. There is no evidence of chronic or recurrent infection with variola virus.
In fatal cases of ordinary smallpox, death usually occurs between the tenth and sixteenth days of the illness.


No drug is currently approved for the treatment of smallpox.  If an un-vaccinated person receives a Vaccination within three days of becoming infected, they have a much better chance of survival, but since symptoms do not show up for up to TWELVE days, most people who are not already vaccinated are going to have a very tough time surviving.

This is a major, MAJOR story.   SuperStation95 will continue to monitor the situation and publish additional stories as information becomes available.  It may be a wise precaution for folks to spend a few dollars and obtain some N-100 filter masks to keep at home and in cars in case this virus "somehow" finds its way out of the refugee camp.  This stuff is deadlier than Ebola and spreads by air.  
SuperStation95 does NOT sell filter masks, but as a public service, above this news story we list sellers on who do sell such masks, for anyone who thinks it wise to have a few just in case.  Scroll up to the top of this page to see the filter masks available.

NTS Notes:  OK, here it is in a nutshell..... If this is indeed proven to be Smallpox, then something big may indeed be about to happen, and we may indeed be watching the beginnings of a new planned world wide pandemic....

The fact is that Smallpox has indeed been entirely irradiated since the 1990's and the only viruses on the planet are stored in bio-weapons facilities all over the planet...

Therefore, this "outbreak" stinks to high heaven, and has every indication of being done purposely....

Obviously, this outbreak is intentional, and I would definitely state it here that this was done absolutely to not only scare the populace, but to have them all line up like dumb ass sheep to take in the more deadly vaccines that will be promoted very soon to "combat" this outbreak!

Yes, the criminals that want both world control and a massive world wide population reduction are indeed diabolical... They failed to get their Ebola virus or their Zika virus weaponized to create a world wide pandemic, so now they are turning back to good ol' Smallpox that has indeed in the past wiped out so many innocent people....

I will be keeping tabs on this story and will bring more reports on this important news when it comes available... Stay tuned..

More to come


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